Sunday Top Five – Movies

I have been offline for the past couple of days – travelling back to Sydney from my month long SE Asia trip. But I am back now and ready to get back into it.

After last weeks top five on music – which some slightly misunderstood as being multiples of fives – this weeks Sunday top five is movies.

Here is my top five:

  1. Star Wars
  2. Blade Runner
  3. Grosse Point Blank
  4. Delicatessen
  5. Donnie Darko

So – what’s your top five?



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  1. Gee, very hard to narrow it down to five, however:

    1. Playtime by Jacques Tati
    2. Lost Highway by David Lynch
    3. Mulholland Drive by David Lynch
    4. Fargo by the Coen Brothers
    5. Blue Velvet by David Lynch

  2. Actually, I reckon that Dennis Hopper gave the best performance of his career in Blue Velvet…

  3. Joni..wonderful to have you back..but why is it that you have to ask these difficult questions.

    Lord of the Rings
    The World’s Fastest Indian, with Anthony Hopkins doing a very creditable interpretation of Kiwi Burt Munro.
    I love SHREK, but probably because of Antonio Banderas and big soppy eyed Puss in Boots.
    And then just because I have to choose, The Man from Snowy River because of Bruce Roland’s wonderful music.
    And Lawrence of Arabia again because of the music but also the wonderful cinematography, beautiful images.

  4. Agree, it’s hard to narrow down to just five, but here goes:

    1. Oh Brother, Where Art Thou? – Joel Coen.
    2. Reservoir Dogs – Quentin Tarantino.
    3. The Cook, The thief, His Wife and Her Lover – Peter Greenaway.
    4. Pulp Fiction – Quentin Tarantino.
    5. Natural Born Killers – Oliver stone.

  5. min

    On the flight back from Singapore, I watched the start of Lawrence of Arabia a couple of times for the opening music – just for you.

  6. Much easier than the music one IMO
    1 Platoon
    2 Die Hard
    3 Butch Cassidy and The Sundance Kid
    4 Donnie Darko
    5 Romeo and Juliet (Baz Lurmann)

    Min, the Shrek Movies are great and probably the best of the Dreamworks Animations but Pixar beats them hands down IMO. Pixar hasn’t made a bad movie yet. The best thing about them is their attention to detail, particularly in their observations of animal behaviour and the way they humanise the characters.

  7. Oh thank you joni. I hope that you did deep breathing during the crescendo ;-))

  8. My top five looks like this:

    1. Chariots of Fire
    2. Zoolander
    3. The Godfather II
    4. The Sting
    5. A Few Good Men

  9. Absolutely Dave55. Agreed, excellent things from Pixar. However I do appreciate the work of Antonio Banderas who in my opinion did an excellent job in Evita. But then I also love Peter O’Toole’s interpretation in Man of La Mancha, which the critics canned.

  10. 1. The Dambusters (and where is the new film Peter Jackson?)
    2 Sixth Sense
    3. Saving Private Ryan
    4. Gladiator
    5. Traitor

    mmmm….happy with that for the moment but there are some great movies out there, Gawd you ask some awful questions, joni!

    Min, yes – The World’s Fastest Indian – we lend our copy to everyone and they have no idea what’s coming… 🙂 great to see their faces when they bring it back and talk about it!

  11. One Flew Over The Cuckoo’s Nest
    The Blues Brothers
    Pulp Fiction
    The Shawshank Redemption
    Lord Of The Rings

  12. 1. Tender Mercies
    2. Taxi Driver
    3. One Flew Over The Cuckoo’s Nest
    4. Lawrence of Arabia
    5. Requiem For A Dream

  13. Ross Sharp,

    What? No Eraserhead by David Lynch, or Liquid Sky?????

  14. Favourite Horror – The Exorcist ( uncut )
    Favourite Comedy – Flying High
    Favourtie Drama – The Shawshank Redemption
    Favourite Sci Fi – Alien
    Favourite Animation – Batteries Not Included
    Favourtie Thriller- Fatal Attraction
    Favourite Action – Die Hard

  15. Lynch never really did it for me, Reb. I don’t dislike his films, I’m just not all that interested in his stuff. And I loathed “Liquid Sky”.

    The last film I saw that blew me away (figuratively speaking, that is) was “The Lives of Others” and more recently, “Gone, Baby, Gone” was a complete surprise (Yes, I know the Ben Affleck factor would turn many off, but by God, he did a great job as director on that, and she hould do more directing, less acting).

    Right now, I’m getting right into television series – “Deadwood”, “Dexter”, “Battlestar Galactica” and currently “The West Wing” (I’m halfway through season 3 and have fallen in love with C.J. … swoon). Looking forward to “Mad Men” which I might buy for myself at Christmas.

  16. You loathed Liquid Sky??

    And we’re still talking to each other???!!!!!

    I liked the original TV series of Battlestar Gallactica, with Commander Obama (or something like that) who looked like Lorne Greene.

    I also like the TV series of Logans Run and Buck Rogers in the 25th Century.

    Did you ever watch the british pyschadelic 60’s show “The Prisoner” with Patrick McGoohan?

  17. Likewise Shawshank Redemption..or anything with Morgan Freeman in it.

    And TB, yes Dambusters. And also Reach for the Sky as a small portion of the life of Douglas Bader. For those who haven’t heard of him, lost both legs in an airplane crash, learnt to fly again to be involved in Dunkirk and later a POW at Colditz Castle. A very interesting life.

  18. Yep. Loathed it. Sorry ’bout that.

    I don’t remember any of those series, but I have a couple of friends who are nuts about “The Prisoner” which I haven’t seen. I think that may have been the time in my life when I was in a reading frenzy (early to late teens, science fiction mostly) and not watching much tv.

    But, from the same vintage, “Land of the Giants”, “Time Tunnel”, “Twilight Zone” and re-runs of the old George Reeves “Superman” were always faves. And “The Bugs Bunny Show”. To this day, Daffy Duck remains my most influential role model and a giant among men ducks …

  19. Oh yes, I remember Land of the The Giants, as well as Voyage to The Bottom of The Sea.

    All those Irwin Allen greats!

    They really should put them back on the telly again.

    I particularly enjoyed land of the giants, especially when they were fumbling around with gigantic cotton reels of thread.

    Which reminds me of that movie “The Incredible Shrinking Man”

    ahh memories….

  20. Ross

    My favourite was yosemite sam, reminds me of politicians always shooting his mouth off and coming off second best.

  21. Land of the Giants and Lost in Space were my faves

  22. Ok Joni. After much debate and discussion over a weekend beer and barbecue, the selection is thus, in no particular order:

    A Clockwork Orange
    Blues Brothers
    Lawrence of Arabia
    A Day at The Races, A Night at The Opera, Go West, trilogy.
    Lord of the Rings

  23. With nowhere else to put it, and apologies for being off topic. I would like to announce the safe arrival of first grandchild Amelia Carol A, born in Cairns at 10.03am today.

  24. Congratulations Min!

    You must be overjoyed! I’d even be prepared to give you a big hug (not sure about a squishy one though)…


  25. Congratulations Min and family.

    A little bundle of joy for you to fuss over, especially being the first grandchild.

    How much did Amelia weigh ?

  26. Woohoo Min…. great news!

    And in other news, joni goes in for shoulder surgery on Friday afternoon.

  27. Thank you for kind wishes. No idea what Amelia weighs yet as son phoned just after the bonding time and prior to the weigh-in ;-))

    Reb..come within a 2 meter radius and then you are in for a squishy hug. Youngest daughter E runs a mile too.

  28. Dear Joni…will be thinking of you. We are going up to Cairns for a couple of days, end of this week and I won’t have internet access. If it’s any consolation I have ulnar tunnel syndrome in my left hand..and as the fates allow, of course I’m left handed. Not a hope in hades of doing anything about it this side of Chrismas so am just choofin’.

  29. Weight?

    What I fail to understand is why people want to know intimate details like how big the kid’s head is..

    It’s like so “how much agony did you go thru?”


    I’m happy just knowing that the kid is alive and healthy, and leaning towards a centre-left political persuasion.

  30. Reb. Don’t be a spoil much the baby weighs is a matter of product identification.

    And yes, all the ins and outs re the labour too.

    Absolutely no idea about left-right persuasion as Amelia will no doubt make up her own mind. However as one auntie has a degree in coastal management, is a muso and the other auntie is doing her PhD in extraction of hydrogen from algae, then Amelia may indeed be influenced by cultural factors.

    However and just for the moment we’ll just go with hugs, cuddles and all that sort of mushy stuff. And reb, you’re invited..true dinks.

  31. This was hard…went by decade or such again…thought i’d wait so as not to disrupt the flow.

    Oftenbark , ‘Brazil’ almost made my list….and ‘The Shawshank Redemption’ Shane…and ‘Taxi Driver’
    & ‘One Flew Over The Cuckoo’s Nest’ Ross…and ‘Reservoir Dogs’ & ‘The Cook, The thief, His Wife and Her Lover’ Tony…and ‘Blue Velvet’ Reb…& ‘Platoon’ Dave 55…and ‘The Godfather’ movies & ‘The Sting’ Benjamin..and great list kittylitter tho I reckon the Kill Bill series better than Pulp Fiction.

    And joni, Delicatessen is one of my faves…must do a foreign film list oneday.

    Here goes:

    Pre – 1940s:

    Metropolis (1927)

    Nosferatu, eine Symphonie des Grauens (1922)

    King Kong (1933)

    Frankenstein (1931)

    The Wizard of Oz (1939)


    Rope (1948)

    Citizen Kane (1941)

    It’s a Wonderful Life (1946)

    Enfants du paradis, Les (1945)

    The Treasure of the Sierra Madre (1948)


    Sunset Blvd. (1950)

    Rear Window (1954)

    On the Waterfront (1954)

    Forbidden Planet (1956)

    The African Queen (1951)


    Lawrence of Arabia (1962)

    2001: A Space Odyssey (1968)

    Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf? (1966)

    Fail-Safe (1964)

    Planet of the Apes (1968)


    Alien (1979)

    Apocalypse Now (1979)

    Jaws (1975)

    The Exorcist (1973)

    Tied: A Clockwork Orange (1971)/ Close Encounters of the Third Kind (1977)


    Raging Bull (1980)

    Once Upon a Time in America (1984)

    Blade Runner (1982)

    Do the Right Thing (1989)

    Tied: The Shining (1980)/ Die Hard (1988)/ The Thing (1982)


    Miller’s Crossing (1990)

    Goodfellas (1990)

    The Silence of the Lambs (1991)

    Saving Private Ryan (1998)

    Se7en (1995)

    2000s up to 2006

    The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring (2001)

    Memento (2000)

    Oldboy (2003)

    Donnie Darko (2001)

    Requiem for a Dream (2000)

    so many great films left on the sidelines…sigh.

  32. nasking. I feel embarrassed, but how could I forget The African Queen. Nothing like the scene of Katharine Hepburn coyly saying Ohh, ohh as she picked the leeches from old Bogie.

  33. nasking

    Nice work. Although I must say that I always preferred Aliens to Alien. The first 2 Terminator movies are also worthy of an honourable mention (T2) nearly made my list.

    Shawshank (the best Steven King movie adaptation IMO, closely followed by the Shining and Green Mile) and The Sting are close calls as well (forehead slap when I read them and realised I’d forgot to enven consider them) – both favorites of mine.

    Kinda surprise Breakfast at Tiffany’s and Cassablanca didn’t make anyone’s lists.

  34. Why do you do it! Of course the Green Mile. One of Tom Hank’s best and I can’t think of the name of the actor who played Coffey.

    I suppose that I should throw in Rainman where Tom Hanks according to Wikpedia plays a ‘selfish yuppie’..umm. Excellent work as usual from Dustin Hoffman.

  35. Whoopsie..of course I meant that Tom Cruise played the selfish yuppie in Rainman.

  36. “Nothing like the scene of Katharine Hepburn coyly saying Ohh, ohh as she picked the leeches from old Bogie.”

    Too true Min…& Bogies reaction when he realises he’s covered in leeches is downright hilarious.

    Dave55, I agree that ‘The Green Mile’ is wonderful…as is Alien 2…in fact, unlike some, I love all the Alien films. And the Terminator ones.

    As for the best adaptations of Stephen King, I reckon yer right to include Shawshank, Green Mile & The Shining…but i’d also add The Langoliers (1995), Misery (1990), Stand by Me (1986), Firestarter (1984), Carrie (1976), “Rose Red” (2002) , Hearts in Atlantis (2001), “The Dead Zone” (TV series)…


  37. Blood Simple (1984) by the Coen Brothers is another fave, a rivetting thriller, superb pace, lighting and camerawork…

    and speaking of Cruise I have alot of time for him in Risky Business (1983), probably uncool to say so these days & the underwear scene has been way overused…but i loved the mood shifts & use of Tangerine Dream’s music at the time.

    Talk Radio (1988) for the intense, claustrophobic scenes & Withnail & I (1987) – blood hilarious – are also well worth seeiing.

    The 80s has some superb offerings if you dig deep:

    Das Boot (1981), The Elephant Man (1980), Raiders of the Lost Ark (1981) , Nuovo cinema Paradiso (1988) , Full Metal Jacket (1987), Back to the Future (1985) , Come and See (1985),
    Ran (1985), Platoon (1986), Gandhi (1982), Scarface (1983), Fanny och Alexander (1982) , The Untouchables (1987), Jean de Florette (1986) , Paris, Texas (1984), Wings of Desire (1987) …to name a few…

    the IMDB site is great for reading up on films.


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