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Posted by Kevin Rennie

Americans for Limited Government is a U.S. organisation that believes “that the bigger you get, the better it is for all of us who value individual liberty, constitutional rights, and the free enterprise system.”

They’re not talking about the size of government, but rather the blogging community they’re putting together.

I received this email earlier in the week and their Net Right Daily email yesterday. At first I thought it was a practical joke but it’s probably conservative spam. Perhaps they are more than a bit confused about the nature of my blog.

For Immediate Release Contact: Adam Bitely
November 24th, 2008 Phone: (202) 689-9266

Dear Fellow Blogger,

It is my distinct pleasure, as the president of Americans for Limited Government, to invite you today to become a key member of the exciting new conservative “bloggers central,”

At ALG, we recognize the critical role you as a blogger play in gathering, assimilating, and disseminating news and commentary. And I, personally, am deeply grateful to you for taking the lead in fighting some of the most important battles our country has faced over the past decade, and more.

That’s why I am so pleased to announce that is providing bloggers like you, the mainstream media, politicians, and other opinion leaders free, instant access to nearly 60,000 conservative blogs nationwide. And counting.

As a complete service bureau, NRN provides you a wide new array of blogger opportunities. As a featured blogger on NRN, you will be able to post your own blogs and interface with other like-minded bloggers nationwide. You will soon be able to “claim” your blog and customize your blog profile.

Information on NRN – blogs, as well as Twitter feeds — will be divided by state, as well as by issue, to make it easy for you and others to access. NRN will also include a sophisticated search engine function and will soon have the capability for you to subscribe to customized email blog feeds on your topics of choice. Stay tuned, for these features will soon be online!

And all of that is just the beginning. In fact, I have asked ALG’s Director of New Media, Adam Bitely, to follow up on this note with a letter of his own providing you the exciting details on how NRN can help you grow your own blog.

Above all, we want to make sure NRN is all that you, an important member of the conservative blogosphere, want it to be. So, as you visit, I urge you to please give us your input on how to make it the valuable asset we are committed to providing, at absolutely no charge.

Thank you for all that you are doing. I look forward to hearing from you.


Bill Wilson
President, Americans for Limited Government


Americans for Limited Government is a non- partisan, nationwide network committed to advancing free market reforms,private property rights and core American liberties. For more information on ALG please call us at 703-383-0880 or visit our website at

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The claim to 60,000 bloggers may be a bit exaggerated. Adam Bitely’s twitter is currently following 2000 people and has 777 followers. Not quite bigger than Texas.

This “Conservative Bloggers Consortium” should be a source of endless nonsense for Andrew Bolt, Thoughts on Freedom, A Western Heart and similar Australian conduits of conservative and libertarian ideas. Anyway they’ve just had 8 years of very limited government in America. A real success story. Oops, shouldn’t use irony – they’d never understand.


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  1. Are they trying to convert we free thinking Aussies to wet our pants when we speak of the free world and the Liberty Bell. Imagine us all being like the children of the empire with an endless self centered/self opinionated and inward looking way of life. I suppose that after the Rodents grovelling they think of Austria (oops sorry George Dubbya), that’s Australia, and just another state like the Rednecks of the deep South. Please leave us alone and get on with thinking you are the only country on this planet.

  2. Kevin

    Hope you are sending it to Piers Akerman

  3. It appears to be astroturfing by one Carter Clews, as registrant of your nominated site (sourcewatch on him here).

  4. LOL, It appears that they’ve misread your own blogging intentions to quite some degree Kevin; hilarious!

    I think that they generally make a lot of indignant noise, always convinced of leftist meeja domination (GMAFB!) & conservative victimisation, so much so that they wrongly imagine their own following to be much larger than it is in actuality. I like to think that most people are moderates who can commonly see through the ideological bent of the left & right loudhailer fringe-dwellers.
    You’re right though, this will provide endless chattering nonsense for the likes of Bolt et al. Currently he sources his hysteria from such lofty sources as Powerline & Mark Steyn.
    Conservative networking eh? based on your good self receiving an email in their preliminary recruiting drive I’d say that they’re well off target before they’ve even begun.

    Just what the world needs right now, more free market crusaders & religious moralisers.
    Interesting to note the growing perception of relevance of the blogosphere though. Pity that it seems to polarise debate much more than it adds to it, on the whole.

  5. Legion@3

    ASTROTURFING is a very appropriate label for what Carter Clews seems to be up to; nice dissection.

  6. Well spotted Legion. Carter Clews has quite a pedigree.

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