Qantas Airways?

Is it a pure coincidence that immediately after the departure of Geoff “I am worth it” Dixon, we find out that Qantas and British Airways are in talks.

The BA/Qantas tie up is likely to be just one of many considered over the next few months and would most likely see both airlines retain their separate identities, be separately listed on their respective stock exchanges  – but be run by a single management organisation.

The airlines would also then be able to significantly cut operation costs by merging activities such as ticket sales, administration and other back-office areas.

And I am sure that these cost savings will be passed onto us, the consumer and not into the pockets of the executives.


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  1. …and that last paragraph is, one hopes, your usual tongue in cheek, statement, joni… 😆

  2. Me? Never.

  3. How funny.

    This headline over at

    “Air New Zealand dissapointed by Qantas BA deal”

    I think what they mean is “Air New Zealand totally rooted by Qantas BA deal”

  4. Qantas is a great airline; everyone that works for this Australian icon should feel great pride.

    Airlines are capital intensive, the equipment is expensive. Unless the aircraft are utilised to about 110%, the airline looses money. Rationalisation of the airline industry has occurred worldwide. Qantas has courted several suitors, but BA looks the most compatible.

    I think it is a great opportunity for Qantas to be one of the senior partners in a great worldwide airline.

    Good luck to them

  5. Well at least a large percentage of qantas cabin crew will have no trouble speaking “the queens’ english”.

  6. Wasn’t BA in a failed partnership with QANTAS a few years ago?

  7. Sans Blog – BA had a 25% share of Qantas for about 5 or 6+ years. It wasn’t that it was a failed relationship, it was that BA needed the money, so they sold out.

    This merger would be entirety different

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