Midweek Mayhem!

Welcome to Midweek Mayhem,

The  place where we (supposedly) get to talk about anything and everything.

It also happens to be New Year’s Eve.  Traditionally I’d be well pissed by 9.00pm. But that won’t be happening tonite.

For some, like scaper, New Year’s Eve is a time for reflecting on one’s achievements during the year, and perhaps to ponder upon what one would hope to achieve in 2009. The fact that scaper will be doing this with “nine inches” in his hand is, perhaps, what one could describe as “a bonus.”

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Unhappy New Year: Jobless heading for 1 million

There’s a decidedly chilling feature about what’s in store in 2009 and frankly I tend to agree with this unemployment prediction.  Whether or not government actions will help soften the blow is a matter of speculation simply because we now have on average higher housing prices and personal debt levels  as well as lower personal savings rates than the US and UK .

Jobless heading for 1 million

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No 1 Cricket tragic dumped – Australia cricket slumps

We have just had our first series lost since 1992-93 – Howard rose lazarus-like in 1995 to take over the leadership of the Liberal party and then onto being PM from 1996 till 2007 – which were the golden years of Australian cricket.

Coincidence? I think not.

Personally I blame the failure of the Aussie cricket team on all of those darstardly nasty Howard Haters who impolitely dumped Howard from the front bench of Australian politics.

I hope you all feel good now!


Update: Maverick has requested this clip

Happy Thread

I have tried, honestly, to find a good news story that we can comment on, but no luck. And I think we need some lightness to makes us all a bit happier (with all the doom and gloom in the world at the moment).

So – if anyone has any good news or can bring to our attention any good news stories, please put them here.


(PS – was tempted to put up happy feet on here, but resisted the urge)

Due to overwhelming demand!


2009, the year ahead…

2009 is the Year of The Ox

2009 is the Year of The Ox

You’re really got to hand it to the Chinese.

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Stories from Gaza.

Code- named ‘Operation Cast Lead’, news station, Al Jazeera predicted that approximately 1000 Gazans have been killed or injured at time of blogging. BBC reported at least 227 casualties with at least 700 wounded while AP figures are at 230 dead with more than 400 wounded. In the last report, 100 tons of bombs are utilised in the first nine hours of bombing while at least 20 airstrikes are recorded in the first hours of Sunday.

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Top Five – Guilty Music


Image created by www.wordle.net

Image created by http://www.wordle.net

This week we are going to reveal our guilty music – this is the music that you will deny listening to in polite company. 

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