Healthy COAG Money

This weekends COAG meeting has ended with an extra $15 billion in extra money for the states. 

Some of the detail are:

  • An extra $1.1 billion for healthcare training
  • And extra $750 million for hospital emergency departments
  • $400 million for social housing and homelessness
  • And increase of $22.4 billion in health funding for the next five years compared to the previous agreement

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The Sunday Top Five – Music

To lighten the mood (again) at the blogocrats, here is this weeks top five list. Now what do I call them: records, CD’s, albums? And what do we call them now that you can just download a full thingamejig?

Anyway – what is your top five list of music? This can cover all types of music, but is restricted at the moment to a collection of songs (a separate Top Five Songs will come at a later date).

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