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Never Mind The Frolykz, here’s Weekend Wonderland!!

Good morning everyone and welcome to Weekend Wonderland.

It’s been a pretty rough week, what with the situation in Mumbai and the weather in Queensland, amongst other things.

As joni has alluded to, I think we could all do with some cheering up! So for a change, how about we keep this weekend’s thread politics – free?

Maybe it would be timely to get acquainted again; maybe share some recipes, family stuff and what we’ve got planned for the weekend?

Last night I watched the new X-Files movie on DVD and it was absolutely awful. Without a doubt one of the worst movies I’ve ever seen. At the end of it, I just wanted my two hours back. Half a star from me.

Anyway, tonight we’re having dinner with some fiends who have a free range chicken farm, so that should be eggselent!

So pull up a chair, settle in, and get typing!

This week’s music is well…simple…



187 Responses

  1. Is it going to be a pleasant dinner? – what having it with “fiends”. hehe

  2. And I thought that my taste in music was iffy.

  3. “fiends” oh dear …. I let the cat out of the bag!

  4. But at least you have people to go see. I am stuck in Manila for the weekend – and to make it worse it is a long weekend. So I will probably come to the office for a few hours each day. Watch vicariously the blogocrats frolyk and play.

    The boyf started his job this week at Myer – and is amazed at some of the questions he gets asks. Saying that he said it was so sweet earlier this week, and elderly couple came in to buy matching slippers. awwwww

    And he got back his uni results for his second semester. Two HD’s and two D’s. What a swot! I reckon he sits at the front of the lectures and tutorials going “Ooo ooo – Miss Crabapple… I know I know”. hehe

    And so to start the weekend – I am going to treat myself to the buffet dinner – where I will need a trolley to wheel me to my room after I attempt to double my body weight at a single sitting.

  5. Very big CONGRATULATIONS to the b/f. An amazing effort! Yep, he probably received the 2 HDs and the 2 Ds due to charm and goodlooks.

  6. And his assignment editor! He should get some of the credit too – even if he did not understand half of what was written.

  7. “And I thought that my taste in music was iffy”

    Well it makes a change from Neil bloody Diamond!!

  8. I remember reading one of you guys thanking someone for a butter chicken recipe. Just wondering if I can get a copy of it.

  9. Reb although I don’t mind a little Hot August Night (in fact the only thing reasonable plus spunky that Diamond ever did)..I am most definitely a Simon and Garfunkle fan. Plus Australian Folk/Rock Revival.

    And also Gary Shearston..set some Aboriginal poetry to music which was a 1st (to my knowledge) for 1965. I shouldn’t imagine that any of Gary’s music is available these days except for some LPs on EBay. A favorite is Son of Mine set to the poetry of Kath Walker/Oodgeroo Noonuccal.

  10. Min, I quite like Jimmy Little, I have one oh his albums where he does a nice cover of U2’s ‘One’ – very mellow and laid back..

    Shane, lekhni’s the recipe queen. Although if Ross Sharp shows up, he’s also got lekhni’s butter chicken recipe and swears by it!


  11. Thanks reb

    Will keep a lookout for them.

  12. I see Patrick Swayze’s about to snuff it..

  13. Starting off with the good – saw the movie Burn After Reading and recommend it for anyone who likes the Coen bros. movies and a good laugh. Brad Pitt stole the show with his OTT gym instructor and you could see that he, Clooney and Malkovich must have had a lot of fun with this one – Who is the female actor? I remember her from Fargo.

    The bad – We are not as secular a country as people would like to think. remember the Atheists campaign to have a slogan on the side of a bus, well it’s been refused!

    Media Release

    26 November 2008

    Atheist Foundation of Australia Inc Bus Slogan Rejected!

    ‘APN Outdoors’ the company responsible for Public Metropolitan Transport Advertising says no to Atheism.

    The bus slogan campaign proposed by the AFA with the thought provoking sentiment, “Atheism – Celebrate reason! ” has been refused for display by ‘APN Outdoors’. Various other phrases also deemed unacceptable.

    Following the lead of Humanist’s in London and Washington in the USA, with their intended bus signs, an International program by Humanists and Atheists was to commence on the 20th January 09 using buses to express the secular viewpoint.

    Richard Dawkins in supporting the London bus signs has stated that such a campaign “Will make people think”.

    President of the Atheist Foundation of Australia Inc, David Nicholls said: “I am flabbergasted. This is extremely disappointing and a severe blow to freedom of expression in Australia. We are witnessing the result of seemingly paranoid executives interfering with pertinent social comment. This action has thwarted the right to state peacefully and openly a legitimate and timely message without violence.

    Australia is going to look provincial and narrow in outlook to the rest of the world because of this decision. The planet is moving to a more enlightened era but apparently, public transport advertising agents in Australia have missed the bus. Isn’t that ironic”

    ABC Radio National – The Religion Report – Interview with David Nicholls about this Media Release.

    Media Contact:
    David Nicholls
    Atheist Foundation of Australia Inc
    Private Mail Bag 6
    MAITLAND SA 5573

    Phone: (08) 8835 2269
    Website: http://www.atheistfoundation.org.au
    E-Mail: info@atheistfoundation.org.au
    Posted by Atheist Foundation of Australia Inc, Wednesday, 26 November 2008 9:11:07 AM

  14. Yes joni, his assignment editor who should be receiving credit..yes (arm twisted) likewise has charm and good looks.

  15. Well my weekend is already in ruins.

    I like to spend time on my computer, but last night I saw a wolf spider on the curtain in the computer room and not too far from my head, and staring straight at me, hauntingly.

    Faint screaming followed.

    My wife, working on her own computer, calming suggested that i remove it.

    Remove it! You’ve got to be effing kidding! This thing was the mother of all wolf spiders. We’re talking big. Real big, and real mean.

    While searching for something for my wife to remove it (she’s braver than me) I pondered how such a large beast could have found its way inside the house. It could only have come through an open door, surely.

    Anyway, the spider escaped and is in hiding in the computer room, and I dare not venture in there. I don’t even want to go back into the house.

    I might just book myself into a motel until the wife has the situation under control.

    PS – this thing was so big that I’m sure I could hear it walking around the house last night. And don’t laugh, but I put a torch next to my bed to act as a search light. Frequently used, by the way.

  16. Failing the arrival of lekhni (who could be very busy packing and feeding bubs) and Ross here is a recipe..

    100g ghee
    2 onions finely chopped
    1 tsp finely chopped ginger
    2 tsp garam masala
    2 tsp ground coriander
    1 tsp chilli powder (lekhni told me to use the dark red one)
    1 tsp black cumin seeds (not always available and so I have used normal cumin seeds)
    1 garlic clove
    3 cardamon pods (I’ve substituded ground cardamon)
    3 black peppercorns
    150ml natural yoghurt
    2 tbsp tomato puree
    8 chicken pieces (no skin)
    150ml water
    2 bay leaves
    150ml cream

    Garnish with chopped fresh coriander and 2 fresh green chillis.

    Heat the ghee, add onions and fry until golden brown. Place the ginger in a bowl, add the garam masala, ground coriander, chilli powder, cumin seeds, garlic, salt, cardamons, peppercorns and blend. Add the yoghurt and tomato puree.

    Add the chicken to the yoghurt and spice mixture. [I would probably let this sit in the fridge for a hour or so].

    Add the chicken to the onions in the frying pan and stir fry for 5-7 minutes. Keep mixing well.

    Add the water and bay leaves and leave to simmer for 30 mins.

    Add the cream and cook for a further 10-15mins. Garnish with fresh coriander and chillis.

    Serve with naan and steamed basmati rice.

  17. Do you own a tuffet by any chance, Miglo?

  18. Hee Hee! Miglo has man boobs!!!!

  19. Just to set your mind at rest Miglo I was reading something somewhere that during one’s life time that one swallows over 300 spiders. But I suppose that you would know it if it was a wolf spider. I had better send hubby over then the pair of you can huddle up in a corner together..J is likewise not keen on spiders.

    But then I can’t be cross as I have a dreadful fear of heights.

  20. A spider…is it deadly???

    I used to hunt Funnel Webs when I was a kid in Sydney and sell them for the antivenene and my mate DY was the first to be bitten and survived.

    I’ve never been bitten by one of those but have had my share of Red-back bites…the first time was when I was a teenrager and played tennis that night.

    If a spider is not deadly there is nothing to worry about.

  21. Spiders are easy. It’s people I’m afraid of….

  22. Just to set your mind at rest Miglo (Min).

    Min, my mind is not a rest. Not only do I have a giant spider in the house but I have a wife far, far tougher than myself. And according to James I’ve got boobs.

    But I don’t know if James is quite himself today. He missed out last night. After a promise at that. Makes a man real grumpy.

    And reb, I’ve had all the office girls screaming after showing them your link. Naturally I told these girls that I was able to control the situation on the home front.

    Must go. Autgraphs to sign.

  23. reb

    I don’t mind people with hairy legs… but arachnids… eek.

  24. “Naturally I told these girls that I was able to control the situation on the home front.”

    Oh sure…

  25. Joni, isn’t a tuffet also known as a pouf?

  26. At least reb and I are tough poufs. For goodness sakes, reb is a stunt-pouf.

    And I like this picking on Miglo – gives me a break for once.

    All together now :-

    # Turn on your heart light #

  27. Welcome to Blogocrats. Be yourself. Be open.

    Be laughed at.

  28. I’ll give you a f**kin’ heartlight Jimmy!

  29. The ridicule and unabashed personal attacks are all part of our charm Miglo…


  30. Miglo..I’ve seen the pic and you’re not at all a bad sort. Nope I couldn’t detect any man boobs. I would be aiming for a pleasant evening, glass of wine (of your choice) in hand, takeaways and a nice sleep in.

    Miglo..take a can of spray, the one which says Surface Spray and dose the house liberally on all the ledges and behind the fridge etc.

  31. Actually, I do miss the good old days, sometimes, when chalks, saved and pilgrim were around.

    None of this pretending to like each other. It was so much easier when we just hated each other outright.

  32. and to add to min’s suggestions, cover yourself with Aerogard before sleep.

    And avagoodweegend.

  33. Thank you joni..yes..did the click and the heart light is now switched on (at least I hope so).

    However I beg to differ, I believe that joni, reb et al are nice squishy poufs. Sturdy and resilient and that’s for certain.

  34. and wrap yourself in plastic sheeting, and gaffer tape your mouth nose, ears and eyes (and any other orrifices) shut, to avoid the big nasty spider creeping in…

  35. I go to clubs for that service, reb.

    As they say:

    Sticks and stones may break my bones,
    But whips and chains excite me

    (I hope that is not too much information for the blogocrats).

  36. And thanks blogocrats… this mornings posts have given me lots of belly laughs. Cheered me up no end.

  37. Min

    Thanks so much for the recipe. I am going to make it on the weekend. Have been flat out working and now taking 5 min break to read blogs.

  38. “None of this pretending to like each other. It was so much easier when we just hated each other outright.”

    If you want I can get them over here.

  39. Plus joni it’s good for skin tone and an excellent anti-wrinkle agent.

  40. “If you want I can get them over here.”


  41. Shane, if you’re pushed for time, you can’t go past Pataks Butter Chicken in a jar. As well as adding the chicken pieces, throw in a chopped onion, a blob of natural yoghurt and when cooked top with chopped coriander and chopped green chilli. Again serve with naan and basmati.

    If you hide the jar in the bottom of the bin, no one will know the difference (unless they’re Indian of course ;)).

  42. Miglo you’re worse than David Koche and the monster spider on his car that became bigger than the bonnet by the time he finished the story.

    Ironically my favourite spider and close to one of my all time favourite animals is a spider given a female name, Portia labiata.

    I’m pretty sure the most intelligent arachnid/insect in the world, oh it lives by hunting other spiders, mostly male ones which it steals from the much larger female. So instead of stealing husbands for sex it does it to eat them.

    Read up on this little beauty and be surprised at just how intelligent it is, especially when it hunts other spiders that eat spiders like Portia, or on how it carefully schemes and precisely calculates (even wind direction) to steal a small male from under its large female mate.

  43. Min, I made Pataks last night – spinach and paneer with tomatoes, plus a separate chicken curry…yummo!

  44. I have a hunch that Tony from South Yarra might be popping in…recaps has given him the heads up at Bolt’s place…and a few others.

  45. Miglo..take a can of spray, the one which says Surface Spray and dose the house liberally on all the ledges and behind the fridge etc. (Min).

    Min, I was thinking more of a grenade.

    On a different subject, does anybody know much about traditional Chinese medicine (TCM)? I’m sick of all the pills I take day in day out for my lupus and diabetes (not to mention the cost of these meds) and I’m desperate to find a better alternative. I thought I might try TCMs.

    Would like some Blogocratic advice.

  46. First of all – good to see you a little more cheery, Joni. Knowing you like the sting of a lash isn’t bad. It’s finding out your PARENTS like it that gives one nightmares! (No, I thankfully am unaware of what my parents may or may not like…)

    Anyhow, keeping free of politics (and commentary on the… interesting music choice) – I have a weekend with the kids setup. On Monday I have a five hour flight to spend four days on the other side of the country – so I’m going to miss the family alot. Gotta get all my laughs & cuddles in now to stock up on the “good feelings” for the week ahead.

    And please, let’s leave chalks & co under whatever rock they’re currently residing under. Whilst fun to pick on them (free of guilt), bringing them here would be like inviting the dirty uncle over to your wedding. You can stick him in a far away corner all you like, but he is guaranteed to talk about the “wedding night” in his loudest voice killing the mood for everyone.

    Later folks 🙂

  47. Miglo,

    I’ve found some info here

  48. Sorry reb. I have lost heaps of info since moving and both computers deciding to go ni-ni’s..but am guessing that partner is a vego. Both daughters are vegos. Must try the spinach, paneer and tomatoes..sounds very very nice. I am being a good girl and in the kitchen have one chopping board for the carnivores and one chopping board for the vegos.

  49. Cruel reb. Real cruel.

    By boobs just grew bigger.

  50. Hee-hee….

    Actually apparantly accupuncture can help, although if you’re afraid of spiders, what are you gonna be like with needles….?


  51. From what I have been learning from a mate Robyn who is a fragile diabetic there is a connection between Diabetes and autoimmune diseases which include thyroid problems and lupus.

    I have never smoked a joint in my life (don’t laugh) but I believe that marijuana works well.

  52. Thanks reb. Needles don’t bother me. Neither do sharks, snakes, wild dogs, skinheads or thugs.

    Only spiders bother me.

  53. Shane (#8) I found lekhni’s butter chicken at Blogocracy

  54. On a different subject, does anybody know much about traditional Chinese medicine (TCM)? -Miglo

    Miglo, don’t know much about TCM but 2 things Indian are definitely god for diabetes.

    1. A preparation called JAMUNGOTA – it is a preparation made primarily from Jamun seeds and other ayurvedic herbs and is very good in controlling BSL. This is available from most major Indian stores.

    2. Channa dal (Split pea dal) – have about a cup ful every day one recipe below –

    Soak Chana dal in warm water for a couple of hours or overnight, wash before use.

    In a pan, heat some oil. Add cumin seeds, chooped garlic, grated ginger, curry leaves and finely choped green chillies.

    Add turmeric powder, chilli powder, salt to taste.

    Add the washed chana dal and water (3 cups water per cup dal)and cook covered until soft and tender.

    Tip – Using a pressure cooker is much quicker – 3 whistles of the pressure cooker.

    When tender, add a cup of natural yoghurt and simmer on low heat until curry thickens. Use a vegetale masher to coarsely mash the dal if you want a more sauce like consistency.

    Shane, Min’s given you the butter chicken recipe already, but wat a sec, and I’ll give u the one I do.

  55. Butter Chicken Recipe –

    A quicker version from an Indian kitchen

    Ingedients –

    1kg chicken thigh fillets, diced roughly
    3 large red onions = grated or finely chopped
    5-6 tomatoes skinned and pureed or 1 small can tomato puree
    ginger garlic paste 1 tablespoon
    bay leaves 2-3
    turmeric powder – 1-1.5 teaspoon
    chilli powder (kashmiri chilli powder, or paprika for milder taste) – 1 teaspon
    cumin powder 1teaspoon
    corriander powder – 1 tablespoon
    almond meal – 3 tablespoons
    fresh thickened cream – 500 gm
    salt to taste

    Marinade –
    1cup natural yoghurt
    1 tablespoon ginger garlic paste
    1 teaspoon turmeric powder
    1 teaspoon chilli powder (optional)
    1-2 tablesppon lemon juice
    1tsp salt

    1. thoroughly wash chicken pieces and marinate in the yoghurt mixture for at least 2 hours, preferably overnight, in te fridge.
    2. Spray a thick bottomed saucepan with oil to coat the bottom lightly.
    3. saute the onions until soft, add the ginger garlic paste and bay leaves, and fry for 2-3 mins.
    4. Add the tomato puree and cook the misture until oil seperates (what little there is)
    5. Add the tureric powder, chilli powder, and salt
    and mix thouroughly.
    6. Add the marinated chicken pieces and stir to coat completely.
    7. Allow chicken to “whiten” on high heat, then turn heat to lowest point.
    8. Cook on low heat, stirring occasionally. If chicken is too dry and begins sticking to the bottom add a little water or stock to the pan.
    9. Cook until chicken is thoroughly cooked through, and tender.
    10. Add the cumin & coriander powder, almind meal, and mix.
    11. Add the fresh cream when you can smell the spices, mix thoroughly and allow to cook until the sauce is simmering.
    12. Take off heat, garnish with corriander, and chopped mint leaves, serve with nan or rice.

    TIP – if preparing for a party, you can keep the chicken ready until step 10 the day before,and refrigerate, adding the cream on the day it is required.

  56. And *poof!* Lekhni appears like the genie from the magic lamp!

  57. Min – for the grlz, and reb – i thik u said yr partner’s veggo too?

    A great Paneer recipe – ideal for a barbie (where most veggos can feel left out) or grilling.

    Fresh Panner – cubed in 1 inch pieces.

    Marinade –

    Ginger/Garlic/Green Chilli Paste.
    Lemon Juice
    Chilli powder.

    Mix all the marinade ingredients, and add the paneer pieces making sure each pice is completely coated.

    Marinate for 3-4 hours.

    Used soaked bambo o skewers for spiffier presentation, but just as good line on a bakng tray if grilling!

    Skewer paneer pices, alternated by red onion, capsicum, mushroom (these can be marinated in the same mixture). Barbecue as required (aout 10 mins each side.)

    If grilling, spray a baking tray with light canola/sunflower oil and place the paneer pieces. Grill for about 10 mins, then flip and grill for another 5.

    Serve with a green salad, mint and cucumber raita and roti/naan.

  58. Lekhni,

    I pan fried my paneer last night before adding it to the spinach, was that the right thing to do or not?

    (I wasn’t following any recipe, just making it up as I went along)..

  59. reb @ 58 –

    If only all I had to pack was the contents of a lamp….

  60. reb @ 60


    If yo are using paneer in any curry where you need it to retain its shape, always pan fry it to seal.

    It is very much like ricotta in consistency and will crumble if this is not done.

  61. Could be a calling lekni..a cookbook. You certainly have the talent for it. Believe me, the ‘chef’s’ rendition of Indian cuisine is not a scrap on lekhni’s authentic cooking.

  62. Only a little over an hour to beer O’clock – woo hoo.

  63. Thanks lekhni

    Will try one of them this weekend. Love Butter Chicken and also Chicken Tikka ( I think thats how it is spelt)

    Have been so busy today so not many comments (but the job pays the internet to be able to be here 🙂 and customers to see this afternoon. To all have a great weekend.

  64. Only a little over an hour to beer O’clock – woo hoo. (Dave55).

    Personally, I dread the thought of going home. Danger awaits me.

  65. I see that someone has taken Keen up on his prediction that house prices will fall by 40%.

    And just on Maquarie Bank… is it just me or did that company grow too quickly? I have wondered for a long while if the company is too debt laden and will go the way of other debt laden financial institutions? Any blogocrats with any thoughts?

  66. # Itsy bitsy spider crawled up the water spout #

    And I still have over three hours to go before beer o’clock. 😦

  67. I’ve decided I like wolf spiders – apparently two species are cane toad killers.

    And good news Miglo “Symptoms of a Wolf spider bite are usually minor, restricted to local pain or itchiness”.

    and more good news “Wolf spiders live for up to two years.”

  68. And a very excellent weekend to those who who are busy. Sadly it seems that Mr Keanu the Shitzhu (aka Ke anu tu ati) isn’t too much longer for this world. If he holds on for the next day or 2 he is doing well. Am on 24hr elderly doggie duty.

    And the grandie is due any tick of the clock – and far away up in Cairns – and the ordered furniture still hasn’t arrived and I’m still surrounded, 3 weeks after moving in by cardboard boxes…want anything, go find it.

    Whinge for the day dutifully completed.

  69. Pollytickedoff – I hate pain. It’s just not me.

  70. “Danger awaits me.”

    🙄 For heaven’s sake man. What are you, a duck or a mouse?

  71. Miglo,

    While it could have been a wolf spider, it is more likely to have been a Huntsman Spider. Wolf Spiders are biggish but are usually found on the ground. Huntsmans on the other hand are much bigger and love climbing.


    These ‘little’ buggers are the main culprits for spider related car accidents when people get a fright from seeing them and panic. Even if you are OK with spiders, it is a shock to see one as big as your hand jump on you when you pull the visor down!!

    (I don’t lioke spiders either BTW – goes back to being bitten by a Mouse Spider when I was a kid). I can be in the same room as them and have even progressed to picking up daddy long legs and carrying them out-side (usually followed by a shudder).

  72. Miglo. Get a kelpie. Nimue the kelpie has dispatched at least 50 huntsman and assorted in her 2 years. She just tickles them around the edges and they curl their little toes up. However, must admit that she isn’t nearly a good fly catcher as our late rottie Jack. Jack would sit there patiently and go CHOP whereas Nimue tries to chase them.

  73. Hey, nice place. Is this a private party or can anybody join in?

    *cases the joint looking for the bar*

  74. Welcome Tony, what can I get you? Gin ‘n’ tonic, wine, beer…?

  75. Hi Reb. Just a beer – for starters anyway.

    Hi everyone. Good to see you all again. Love what you’ve done with the place.

  76. Thanks Tony.

    Please have a look around and make some left-bias comments as you see fit.

    Naturally anything that isn’t sympathetic to lefties will automatically be exterminated!!!


  77. Miglo. Hint

    when a spider appears now, i release the chickens into the room and deal with the poop later.

    I’m now a man again in front of my wife, thanks to chickens.

  78. Hi Tony, thought you might be popping in…pull up a chair.


  79. I read the other day that Michael Jackson has converted to Islam.

    Does that mean that his first task would be to stone himself to death?

  80. @82
    1001 ways to sleep with a kid.

  81. No need Reb – left-bias is what I would have expected, especially with so many names here from the old blog. Doesn’t bother me at all, in fact I enjoy trading shots with you ‘lefties’. 🙂

    Hi scaper, good to see you.

  82. Welcome Tony… another one that is found by scaper.

    Well done scaper – another notch on the cricket bat.

  83. Thanks joni.

    (Don’t know if I’m comfortable being a notch on scapers bat though.)

  84. at least it’s not his bed post!!

  85. Now that I would find uncomfortable – in more ways than one.

    Can we change the subject now. It’s just started raining here in Melbourne. We need it, but they’re mostly passing showers. (Our dams are only about 30% full.)

  86. How much are we helping in rebuilding/protecting when the soldiers dont have the resourses to keep themselves afloat? Another soldier dies and somehow we are to feel proud he done?

  87. tonight we’re having dinner with some fiends who have a free range chicken farm, so that should be eggselent!


    I just thank God they were not running a free range octopus farm.

    Sorry, that comment was occidental

  88. We get quite a bit of rain here in Tasmania. Particularly in the North West. So much so that the state government was thinking of shipping it to VIC via a new pipeline. Not sure whether they still intend to go ahead with that or not.

  89. Hi Tony
    Good that you made it.

  90. I was just reading on the Dow Jones News that 13,483 Australian families with mortgages in excess of $250,000 locked themselves into fixed rate 2 and 3 year loans at 9% or more in March this year.

    The cost for them to break out of the fixed rate is on average a whopping $17,000.

    Would’nt you be kicking yourself now with rates about to plunge through the floor ?

  91. Walrus @91.

    LOL! Good call.

    On interest rates, RBA is tipped to drop them again by another 1% next week..

    fingers crossed…

  92. 92. reb: apparently not; Brumby is taking water from the farmers on the Murray (much to their disgust) and piping that down to Melbourne instead.

    93. thanks aqua.

  93. Tony, the whole system is a mish-mash and there needs to be a national water commission set up with interstate connections built.

    The Murray Darling system is a natural form of water transfer and if the Warrego River could be linked to the Burdekin system with side storage established to ensure constant supply then there would be enough water for everybody.

    I’ve had meetings with federal and contact with the state counterparts on this and the states are the problem…but I will persist.

  94. recaps scaper:

    This is a topic I know you’re passionate about, but I’m sorry to say my eyes glaze over when you mention such things as the Burdekin and water transfer; I’ll bow to your superior knowledge here. What say you about dams, scaper?

    (BTW, just heard on the news: it’s the Goulburn River the Vic govt is raiding, not the Murray.)

  95. “clink”

    G’day, Tony

  96. In 10 days I fly to Manila and spend seven weeks with my partner and his family.

    Day after I arrive I take the kids to Jollibee and then we buy a puppy.

    27 December we go to Bulacan and buy one truck of fireworks for new year.

    Just thought I’d share 🙂

  97. Jollibee – LOL
    I just walked past the one on Roxas in Makati Ken!

  98. Now I’m really scared. A couple of locals told me that we still get the odd bird eating spider here in Canberra. I did some googling, and there it was – on my screen – that frigthening image that I glimpsed last night.

    I knew it wasn’t a little old harmless huntsman. It was 10 times the size of the biggest huntsman I’ve ever seen. Actually, more like 15. Probably 20 would be more like it.

    I feel like I’m being stalked.

  99. G’day TB. Good to see you again. *clink*

    You too Ken. Really.

  100. What on earth is a Jollibee?

    You too, Tony! Really!

  101. I managed to find a photo of miglo from his computer room last night.

  102. And that’s about the size of it too Joni!

    Here’s something I can only tell blogocrats and drunk mates, but before going into the computer room this arvo I actually went outside and peered in the window first, expecting to see it thrashing around inside.

    Probably the most cowardly act I’ve ever committed in my life.

  103. Music lovers one and all.
    Recently saw Mellencamp/Sheryl Crow outdoor concert at Sandalford Winery green, Leonard Cohen playing here Feb 2009, meantime, ’bout bloody time, and, Morcheeba playing here within 2 weeks. Yipeee.
    So here’s the Morcheeba tribute song for this week, enjoy the music, ‘Enjoy the Ride’.

  104. #98. Tony of South Yarra | November 28, 2008 at 7:42 pm

    (BTW, just heard on the news: it’s the Goulburn River the Vic govt is raiding, not the Murray.)

    So, the NSW government (of all persuasions) has been taking water from the Shoalhaven River for decades in ever increasing amounts, to the point where we had water restrictions for the first time in many decades so Sydney didn’t have to go into a higher stage.

    They even increased the diameter of the extraction pipe so they could take more (the same will eventually happen in Victoria) and the stupid thing is it’s estimated only a quarter to a third of the water extracted actually makes it to the taps in Sydney. The water is extracted at a time of drought when the river itself is the most stressed, real smart that, all so the place where the most votes are thinks it’s doing OK and doesn’t have to worry too much about water except hand washing a car and watering the garden every other week.

    And don’t believe this is just the vice of one flavour of government, it will be the done by whichever government is in power with their major voter base ensconced in one city which will put up a massive fuss if it has to goto stage 4 water restrictions, in Vic they even have a special stage (3A) just for Melbourne so it doesn’t have to suffer a Stage 4..

  105. MIglo, the only advice I can give you is take off the chicken suit. 🙂
    Sorry, couldn’t resist, but share your terror. I know spiders are good for us, but ….shudder!

  106. Hello Tony from South Yarra

    Just dont come over to my side of the bar…………..I’ll glass ya !

    Hehehehehehehehehe…………….! Only jokin’ as I jump on my Fat Boy.

    Jokes aside………the MSM really created a monster when it reported an instance of “glassing” a few years ago (i will stand corrected as I know it has been around for thousands of years)

    But why has it now become a “fad” ?

    Can anyone trace it back to a recent event that made it “fashionable” ?

    By the way Tony could you locate Chalk and his siamese twin Freedomofspeech for us ?

  107. I reckon glassing is the most gutless act of our time and the courts should come down on the perpertrators like a ton of bricks.

    Apparently there are t shirts sold over the net by an American company with the words “I don’t punch, I glass” printed on the front!


  108. Hello IATW.

    Is glassing a fad? This incident probably gave it some extra prominence.

    Not only did this coward glass his girlfriend, he then tried to have his mate take the blame.

    If I see chalks and co I’ll let them know you are missing them. 🙂

  109. kittylitter@13

    That is unfortunate, but not unexpected. I’m currently reading Dawkins during my breaks at work & find him particularly resonant with my own outlook. A point he makes, correctly IMO, is that religion is treated with kidgloves & atheism is treated with suspicion. I find it intriguing that he promotes atheism as something to be proud of, I’d never really considered it that way…I do now.
    Anyhow, you are right, not allowing such a non-threatening piece of wisdom on the side of a bus is ridiculous & a prime example of said kidgloves in play. I have no issue with the certainty of my lack of faith. I am sure.

    Tony of Sth Yarra…yay! good to see you here.

    Miglo, while your arachnophobia may make you seem like you need a pair, & spiders are benign,curious looking beasts, I do understand. I don’t flinch about harmless 8 leggers but snakes make the hair on the back of my neck stand up ever since I was bitten by a big brown bastard in my teens. Evil, unblinking serpents…even after being bisected with a shotgun blast the front half of the slithering demon escaped…shudder.
    Have you tried placing a poster of the cruel joke of nature known as Warren Tredrea in the room? most critters would eat through the wall to get away from that.

    Love all of the groovy spider pics people! Adrian that labia spider is way cool, so’s the wolf & the gigantic birdslayer.

    Oftenbark, my parents & my brother & his wife are going to see Leornard Cohen on the green at some winery in Adelaide in Jan’09, they are all wetting themselves with excitement. A bit lethargic & not heavy enough for me but I can see his appeal, monotone as it can be; at least he’s not what I’d characterise as “commercial” or airy-fairy. I’m rostered on or I probably would have gone as I’ve heard him a lot over the years.
    For some reason I can picture him coming out to drone, already sodden & falling off of the stage in a red wine stupor.

    Happy frolykzes all.

  110. Thanks, Ken (@105) – I think? Philippino version of Maccas, methinks…?
    I see Mr Dixon recieved his $12.2 million payout yesterday – wonder which CEO is next…Trujillo would be good…

    …bit like paying an exit fee to get out of rotten superannuation (and they always tell you how good they are!)…you know you have to but it hurts to do it…once its over though, you feel so much better and can move on…

  111. Thanks Toiletboss. You guys are very good at making it sound like you actually don’t mind me dropping by. 😉

    (BTW, were you known by some other name in a different life? Just asking.)

  112. Tony, soz I forget my “new” tag. I reckon for about 2 weeks now I am Toiletboss, I still live at The Buffalo Lodge though.

    You are possibly familiar with me formerly as Human Dividend.

    As I said, glad you finally made it here.

  113. Lol. Your new moniker is, let’s say for the sake of politeness, interesting. Of course I know you very well now. I always pictured the lodge as having a large buffalo head over a pair of huge timber doors.

    *This is starting to feel a lot like old home week.*

  114. Joni. You have my e-mail address (me thinks). Please send confirmation mail. A short but pertinent conversation may ensue. Thanks.

  115. That’s exactly what the Buffalo Lodge looks like! A carved stone buffalo head motif with the words “Nemo mortalium omnibus horis sapit” carved around it, above a set of (very) old wooden double hall doors. Cleaning the gutters here is frackin’ scary, the ladder (at full extension) only just touches the eaves below the gutter. To perch precariously atop the ladder whilst blindly flailing at the leaves in the gutter with one arm overhead is to know vertigo & hatred of hallcleaning.

  116. Good news Toiletboss. Leonard is performing here as ‘an evening on the green’ at the Sandalford Winery in the Swan Valley. Picnic dinner, good wine, good company, excellent sound system, in a very pleasant natural setting.
    Leonard’s lyrical honesty is something to behold.

    ‘coming out to drone, already sodden & falling off stage in a red wine stupor’
    Ha ha! You mean full of antioxidants.

    ‘a bit lethargic, not heavy enough for me, but I can see (his) appeal’
    Leonard Cohen or Julie Bishop? I hear Julie may soon be the shadow minister for pumpkin scones. Just think of all the nice suits soon to grace the hangers at St. Vinnies.
    The Natrass mattress can go back to dancing the horizontal polka.

  117. “Leonard’s lyrical honesty is something to behold”

    Amen to that!
    He sure has a turn of phrase & unique delivery. The word pictures he makes are worth consideration.

  118. Got to go to bed now people, 2 nightshifts to go…then the bar is open for 10 days. Enjoy the daylight.

    At dawn they sleep.

  119. To those missing chalks, this is one of his last post’s on Time’s site:

    “What will Adrian, Fat Bob, SeanO and all the other clap alongs do with their time? They might be forced to look for gainful employment. A bit like you Tim, apparently.

    Look forward to the book….a best seller no doubt!! LOL.

    chalks Fri 26 Sep 08 (02:24pm) ”

    Think about it. Do we really miss him?

  120. Miglo,

    We need an answer to the question that has been keeping us on edge all day… Did you survive? Did you sleep? Did you end up having your curds and whey?

  121. On the ‘Good News” thread Scaper posted a link to a story about widespread opposition to the ALP’s internet censorship plan.

    Also on the page was a link to another good article about (boo, hiss) Senator Conroy’s bullying of those dissenting against his plan.

    Although Newton identified himself as an employee of Internode – as Whirlpool’s rules stipulate – he always maintained his views were personal opinions and not necessarily shared by the company.

    On Tuesday, a policy advisor for Senator Conroy, Belinda Dennett, wrote an email to Internet Industry Association (IIA) board member Carolyn Dalton in an attempt to pressure Newton into reining in his dissent.

    “In your capacity as a board member of the IIA I would like to express my serious concern that a IIA member would be sending out this sort of message. I have also advised [IIA chief executive] Peter Coroneos of my disappointment in this sort of irresponsible behaviour ,” the email, read.

    It is understood the email was accompanied by a phone call demanding that the message be passed on to senior Internode management.

    Newton said he found the bullying “outrageous” and Senator Conroy was “misusing his influence as a Commonwealth Minister to intimidate a private dissenting citizen into silencing his political views”.

    Only one of the filters tested resulted in an acceptable speed reduction of 2 per cent or less. The others caused drops in speed between 21 per cent and 86 per cent.

    The tests showed the more accurate the filtering, the bigger the impact on network performance.

    However, none of the filters were completely accurate. They allowed access to between 2 per cent and 13 per cent of material that should have been blocked, and wrongly blocked between 1.3 per cent and 7.8 per cent of websites that should have been allowed.

    “Why would you want to damage the performance and utility of the internet and not actually keep the bad stuff out anyway,” said John Lindsay, carrier relations manager at Internode.

    The short answer, Mr Lindsay, is a triumph of ideology over commonsense – similar to the education de-evolution.

    The victory of Howard’s defeat is shallow if we have only succeeded in replacing one set of anti-freedom idealogues with another.

    Partisan ALP supporters won’t understand this, but others will.

  122. Thankyou for your thoughts Joni. I survived the first night. Sleep gives much peace.

    I’m spending the day reading Dark Victory, a book about the Tampa crisis and how it was turned (manipulated) into an election victory. My life is just one horror story after another.

    Meanwhile, I still feel like I’m being storked.

  123. I meant “stalked”.

    See what fear does to a person.

  124. hehe – u beat me too it Miglo.

  125. Toiletboss @114, Tredrea good, Fruit tingles bad. Repeat five times a day while facing Alberton and a photo of Mark Williams. I promise you’ll be correctly oriented within a season! 🙂

  126. Good call Jane. What a damn fine woman you are.

  127. Seems to me we should have a thread on the latest COAG. Seems to be one of the most successful in a long time and from the sound bites I’ve gleaned so far more money for doctor and nurse training places, an area the Howard government badly neglected, which is part of the current problem with the health system.

    Even the new WA premier was singing the praises of the Federal government.

  128. Adrian, I just saw a brief on COAG on the ABC news.
    Unless they are all gilding the lily, even the WA premier, then you are correct. It seems that there is some sense of accomplishment that was memorably absent under the former, divisive coalition government & Herr Howard.

  129. “Tredrea good, Fruit tingles bad”

    Well you are far more optimistic about the kind of (last) season that the burnt-out, broken-down hasbeen is going to have in 2009 than I am.

    Who knows how the tingles will go? They’ve been widely tipped to finish around the bottom of the ladder for the last 5 years or so & have actually had a bit of a purple patch & done quite well. It will be interesting to watch it unfold, as always.

  130. Toiletboss, a few years near the bottom of the ladder can turn into a good thing as far as draft picks go. The teams we see emerge in the next few years – as with Hawthorn this year – are teams that have a good nest of early draft picks.

  131. miglo@135

    Of course you are right. I’ve enjoyed Hawthorn’s recent success (loathed them in the past) particularly because they’ve come from the bottom up in recent years.
    Carlton look like they have potential to do similar things; they definitely now have the talent. As you say, their nest of draft picks puts them in good stead & most of their promise lies within their younger, developing players.

    Port may rise again…but I sure hope not!

  132. Dudes (badass & joni), I just wanted to say that some of these threads are becoming really cool! So many old hands are turning up & some great new commentors genuinely add to the debate.
    No trolling twats yet.

    Well done guys & girls of blogocrats, especially the interesting dissenters who are a minority here but provide the fulcrum in a reasoned manner.

  133. Thanks Lavatory Master.

    The blog is beginning to develop a life of its own which is really great. We’re really getting a wide range of opinions and passionate debate happening which, as joni says, is how we all grow and learn from each other.

    We may not always agree with each other, but it would be a boring place if we did.

    A reminder that if anyone would like to contribute a post for discussion or have any other suggestions you can email us at smcm88@yahoo.com

  134. My pleasure badass of stunts!

    I like the fact that the “ambience” of this site is friendly…rather than the nasty, dirty, ignorant invective & ridiculously polar partisanship encountered elsewhere; yes Ackerboltbrechtsen I’m looking at you.

    At the end of the day most here, of differing views & conflicting ideology, will still shoot the sh!t about the ins & outs of their own lives & various frolykzes on open threads. A certain level of respect exists. I dunno how or why but it’s admirable nonetheless.

  135. Maybe we just haven’t gotten to know each other well enough yet!

    With Christmas coming up, we might get to see a few punch-ups…


  136. Yeehaaw! punch-ups!…on boxing day?

    Please don’t make the baby jesus cry.

    They don’t give me a single public holiday for the year but they shut the place for a few days for Xmas…the one that I f@ckin’ hate the most. Cruel irony.

  137. More good stuff on COAG coming out and one that I have been in favour of for a long time, that is preventative medicine. There is a big boost for that to the States.

    I don’t know why Insiders just doesn’t call itself Libsiders. Anyway apart from Ackerman linking the Mumbai terrorist attacks to Hicks who we now have running around Australia a free man apparently plotting similar types of attacks here, we have Andrew Robb, apparently the shadow COAG minister (never knew there was such a thing) saying it was a failure and because the money is over five years the extra ten percent for health and education is meaningless.

    He also stated that State regulations are locking up 100’s of billions in private money for these areas, so you now know exactly where the opposition’s policies in these areas lies, privatise the whole lot.

  138. I second Toiletboss’s comments about this site. I will stand up and say that I actually prefer Blogcrats to Blogocracy, which is a big call given the high amount of respect I had for Tim.

    Well done to all.

  139. Quote of the week on Insiders

    Andrew Robb – “…they’re running around like rabbits caught in a spotlight…” (mmmmm…mixed metaphors methinks Robert!)


    I giggle every week when I watch Insiders and they show a side shot of whoever sits in the single chair (Piers Axman this week), the floor staff never move the ornaments around (must be permanent set and on the shelf behind the chair is a rather tall thin spouted vase and alongside it two large, round pebbles…talk about phallic symbolism… 😆

    …and I agree, Adrian, its a wonder they don’t all fall over they lean so far right! I notice Mr Toohey went off on his usual crusade about “…rich retirees..” , I’m still trying to figure out why he is so bitter, not enough super? Just lost his super? Doesn’t like people with money? Or he is a closet communist?

    BTW wouldn’t miss it for quids, nor Alan Kohler show straight after…

  140. In an article on news.com, Liberal MP Andrew Robb said the government is irresponsibly talking the economy into recession.

    Is this not the worst opposition in living memeory?

  141. joni, reb and the other contributors … keep up the great work.
    I thought I’d drag out a comment from Tim’s last post at Blogocracy that annoyed me at the time because I thought (s)he was very wrong:

    Well I guess you’ve finished here.

    Strange your regulars think they were a part of something they weren’t.
    I guess you’ve garunteed some book sales.

    Well done.
    Good luck.

    Mav of Perth
    Sun 28 Sep 08 (07:48pm)

    This blog has proven Mav wrong. This Blog has retained what made blogocracy great – thought provoking posts that stimulated broader discussion of the topic – but it has also expanded on that by having more diverse contributors to start the discussion. Keep up the good work guys and, if it’s ok with you, I’d like to post something myself sometime this week with a bit of an environmental philosophy type slant – just for something a bit different.

  142. Miglo,

    I saw that too. But Andrew Robb’s a demented nutcase.

    Who would take anything he says seriously…

    He has about as much relevance as Bill Heffernon…

  143. TB @ 144

    Re that quote – that’s brilliant LOL

    The Libs are even having a bob each way with their metaphors.

  144. Dave55,

    Please feel welcome to post something; just email it to me at smcm88@yahoo.com..

    It would be good to have some more discussion on environmental issues…

  145. I really don’t know how TB can bring himself to watch Insiders.

    I watched it a few weeks ago, and felt like I needed to take a hot shower afterwards.

    The guests just engage in this group-seething appauled indignation at whatever Kevin Rudd and the Labor party happen to be doing at the time. It’s like, I’m afraid to sit too close to the TV in case the slime sticks..


  146. I am watching Insiders online… and Piers is just pathetic.

    We did not “clamour” for the release of Hicks. We “clamoured” for a trial in a court of law for Hicks.

    It is typical of (h)Akerman to distort facts.

    And did he bring up his “Heiner Affair” again? You know, the affair where he has information and it is just around the corner, next week, honest….

    What a poor journalist.

  147. kittylitter @13

    Try my review of Burn After Reading for details.

  148. And sorry to harp on about Insiders, but I love how whenever one of the couch people says something, the others react and followup. But when Piers says something they just ignore him.

    Good fun for all.

  149. reb,

    I’m with you – i’ve given up watching insiders. I usually feel bad enough on Sundays from the night before so to also punish myself by watching insiders is just too much. It is rarely, if ever, insightful and the comments like those that Joni put up just annoy me. As someone once said over at PB, you need a pile of rolled up socks next to you because if anything else is handy it would do more damage to the telly when it hits it.

  150. LOL @ D55 at the “rolled up socks” comment.

  151. Joni@ 51, do you have a link i can watch

  152. thanks

  153. OMD

    What a belly laugh!!!! Piers is saying that it is not a good look to “gang up on a woman in QT” (17:30 into clip).

    So – let me get this right, Bishop is doing a bad job and we should not comment on it because she is a woman.

    The ex-editor of the Mirror in London was named Piers Morgan, and he was quickly renamed Piers Moron. I think he now has a challenger to the title.

    (nearly finished Insiders and will drop the topic soon).

  154. I now regret asking.

  155. There are rallies being planned for the 13th Dec in all capital cities over the internet filtering plan of the federal government.

    The nocensorship.info website as information on the rally’s.

    PS. is it rallies or rally’s?

  156. joni

    (nearly finished Insiders and will drop the topic soon).

    nah – it helps having you distil it for me. I can watch it vicariously through you and get the good stuff without the pain (+ the socks are in the wash 😉 )

  157. Just got back from the movies – quantum of solace.

    It was ok, but not as good as Casino Royale.

    3 stars from me.

  158. reb – was there plenty for us (wink wink) to see?

  159. reb,

    I’d rate it a little higher but I agree it’s not as good as CR. Good character development for Bond. I reckon I’ve got more of an insight into who bond is from these last two films than the rest of the put together.

    The movie is incredibly fast paced, very similar to the Bourne films. This is both a plus for it and its biggest problem. I don’t know about you Reb but I had trouble working out who was who in most of the fight scenes. I sat about 2/3 of the way back in a big theatre but even that seemed too close.

  160. Quantunm 2 max

    Traitor 4 highly recommended!

  161. joni@166


  162. Joni,

    Yes, but not as much as in Casino Royale. He’s not my type, but V was practically salivating.

    Dave, that’s my only criticism too; the editing was way too fast, so much so, that you never really knew what was going on. I found it really irritating. The plot was a bit all over the place too.

    However there were a couple of good homages to earlier Bond movies which I won’t spoil by revealing. However we also get to see Bond discovering his first Vodka Martini – shaken not stirred.

    I still reckon Craig’s the best Bond but Qantum wasn’t a scratch on Casino…

  163. Funny re, I reckon my boyf will be the same. I suspect that you and I have similar tastes. hehe

    And now we return to a PG rating show.

  164. And the Bond girls aren’t bad either 😉

  165. dunno d55, never noticed

  166. Well Nightshift is now over for another round & 10 days off has begun, within which falls a work Xmas dinner (free p!ss) & my 33rd B’day. Many headaches ahead then…mmmm headaches, even better than cookies.

    A few things to do in Mt.Gambier this morning & then the bar will be open here by midday; so possibly expect some drunken & sleep deprived contributions from me later on today.

    Suffer to everyone starting the working week. .

  167. Joni,

    I reckon we should all buy one each, and then attack him when he least expects it!

  168. in a blogocratattack

  169. Thanks Joni. It’ll make a welcome change to jocks and sox.

  170. New Poll: Even Gillard would beat Turnbull….



  171. Drunk as hell…

    I’m more than happy to contribute to a fund for miglo’s blogocratattack. Can we give it some teal blue stripes?

  172. reb

    Just watching the Howard Years and I have an update on Reith – now I think it is Gonzo pretending to be John Clarke. The resemblance is uncanny.

  173. renniek @ 152.
    Thanks for the link kev, You reviewed it well. I enjoyed it because of the social commentary, the movie poked so much fun at the neurotic and plastic obsessed people of today.
    Would love to do a Malkovich at work and spend all day telling the people that annoy me what f***ing f***ers they are! “Wot? How did you get to be so stupid you f****ing f***er! F**k you, you f***ing f***ers!”

    Toiletboss @ 114
    I’d say more than kidgloves at play Tboss, it’s downright censorship of differing opinion. At least in the US and the UK the dissenting voices are not stifled, their right to be heard is respected – the only difference between them and us is a Bill Of Rights.

  174. Wheres the toilet, i have been drinking. 🙂

    Toiletboss i noticed you put a comment up on Orang in About, not wrong about him being a good blogger. I always read his opinion it either made me laugh or it was very blunt.

    I shouldnt drink on the meds but …. i’m a simple male.

  175. Drunk as hell…

    I’m more than happy to contribute to a fund for miglo’s blogocratattack. Can we give it some teal blue stripes?

    I see that the HumanToilet is fairly tough with some fire water in him.

    Typical fruit tingle.

  176. Sneaking around the room searching like a little boy i found a french maid outfit in the cupboard, My mind went wild so i went and got some goats weed to put in the cup of tea for a special long night. Upon telling her with excitment what i had purchased for the special night i found the outfit was for the dog. An $80 slu* outfit for a dog….(looks to the floor to think what went wrong in life)…
    My only option was to see if the dog would drink the tea.

  177. The night i grabbed the vicks instead of the vaso… stuff it i have typed to much already.

  178. As of today i have quit the SES and Police rescue(contract).

    Free at last… No more on call.
    My insurance should go down now.

    The truth is that job made me feel important. anyway.

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