Misleading headline – this is now a anti-good-news thread.

The headline in this article is very misleading.

The headline tries to imply something that Rudd did not do. In the article Rudd says that they have no plans to cut GST – which is different than saying that they rule it out.

Poor reporting, if you ask me.

Fair Work, or Back to the Future?

The Deputy Prime Minister has tabled the government “Fair Work Australia” legislation in parliament.

The legislation continues to provide a differentiation of employment security, depending on the size of the employer. If the employer has less than 15 employees, workers need to remain employed for a year to seek obtain protection from unfair dismissal. Currently an employer has to have over 100 employees to be subject to legislation relating to dismissal.

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Never Mind The Frolykz, here’s Weekend Wonderland!!

Good morning everyone and welcome to Weekend Wonderland.

It’s been a pretty rough week, what with the situation in Mumbai and the weather in Queensland, amongst other things.

As joni has alluded to, I think we could all do with some cheering up! So for a change, how about we keep this weekend’s thread politics – free?

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