Give me some good news.

This is an open thread ONLY for good news. So if you have any good news stories that you want to share… tell them here. Any bad news or negative posts will be deleted with extreme prejudice.



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    About time we had a good news blog. I always liked that about Matt Price (RIP) he also did good news storiesas well as balanced reporting and a wit as well.

    My good news is that my cousin ( more a sister) has successfully come through her breast cancer operation and they got it all.

  2. Good news?

    It’s raining in Western Australia, South Australia, Tasmania, Victoria, New south Wales, Queensland and the Northern Territory.

    Now that’s good news.

  3. Julie Bishop has been accused of “seeking advice” from Brian Burke.,21598,24715336-2761,00.html

    joni: mentioning Bishop is NOT a good news story 👿 but I’ll let it go. hehe

  4. Howard lost the last election.

    It’s still good news.

  5. Good News

    My Mum is OK after a terrible wind and hail storm in Coonabarabran at 5.30pm NSW time.

  6. I’m suffering from a savage hangover which I’ve been able to successfully disguise from my boss. I think.

  7. Caney @3

    LOL!! Surely not crazy eyes! I wonder what Tony Abbott has to say about this? “Et tu crazy eyes, also supping with the devil?”

  8. I finish work in 2 hours!!

  9. Hallelujah! I noted a Good News note on the side bar, but in spite of refresheshing, nothing appeared. I became determined…I rebooted old faithful (the computer that is..hubby is still at work) and voila Good News blog.

    Son J up in Cairns thinks that Bubbles is due to arrive this weekend, let’s see how accurate he is. Due date according to specialists is between 25th November and 5th December…but what would they know ;-))

    New house has a POOL and a DISHWASHER. It’s nothing spectacular, but has potential..and as above has A POOL and A DISHWASHER (which isn’t me).

  10. I’m pretty drunk right now – does that count? – it’s good news from my side although the dogs looking a bit concerned

  11. Min

    Bubbles ?

  12. For the first time in three weeks since falling and damaging the acromioclavicular joint in my left shoulder, I was able take off a shirt off my own!

  13. Hello Shane, Bubbles is the forthcoming little grand-daughter. Son in the Navy in Cairns. Our first grandie and first great grandie for my 84yr old mum down in Hawthorn Vic.

  14. Thats wonderful MIn I look forward to the announcement.

    Thought you may have been talking about Bubbles on Ab Fab. Now shes funny LOL 🙂

  15. “Bubbles ?”

    AKA Min’s imminent grandchild.

    My good news
    1) Niece No 1 is having a bub.
    2) Niece No 8 has few a new tricks. Yesterday’s new trick was how to drop things on the floor so she can pick them up again. I’m running a book on how long it takes her to work out how to drop things and make someone else pick them up.

  16. I now have all my good wine at home. mmmm 199Xs vintages of Kalimna 389, St. Henri, 707, RWT, Grange (1996 only), Wynns, Lindemans, Leasingham Classic Clare, Balmoral, Mountain Blue …

  17. Reb #7,

    The “eyes” have it (though “it” is not good news).

  18. Got my fridge fixed.

    Drinking dose funny things to people, dose your dog have anything to be concerned about.?

  19. aquanut,

    If AG-AP is “dosing” the dog it probably “does” have something to worry about 😉

    You’re not I assume AG-AP?

  20. SB @ 13,

    I find it is always better when I have someone else taking my shirt off for me!

    And well done blogocrats… you are (slightly) cheering me up.

    My contribution is that the only openly gay athlete at the Beijing olympics won the Sports Performer Awards at the ceremony last night in Melbourne. Good to see a positive news story about a gay person!

  21. And we just hit 70000 – which is also good news.

  22. Well..if joni is only just a little cheered up, solution is must try harder.

    joni…I didn’t know that Stephanie Rice was gay. Or maybe I missed something and she didn’t win the award.

  23. hehe min

    It was actually Matthew Mitcham who won the top award.

    and scaper – give us some happy youtube music.


  24. Yes he’s fairly spectacular isn’t he. His win didn’t receive due recognition that it deserved when in happened (just my opinion), and so am very pleased that Matthew has received this reward.

    Everyone is going to hate me..but here are selections from Borodin’s Kismet: The 1st song Stranger in Paradise is especially good for kitchen dancing.

  25. Over 70,000 hits and we still haven’t heard from the likes of chalks, Carlysle, please no! and Bob of Qld etc etc. That’s great news.

    Good news about your cousin Shane. Prods me into thinking that it’s great I have my wife around me. In a 7 year patch she had breast cancer, a car accident (hit by a drunk) and a heart attack. She’s still beside me, and that’s great news too.

    And now it’s raining in Canberra.

  26. My missus says I’m a chance tonight if I play my cards right!!

  27. Miglo

    Hold her close. So glad she made it through everything to be by your side.

  28. My missus says I’m a chance tonight if I play my cards right!! (James).

    If she’s a leftie she’ll keep her promise. If, like you, she’s a Howard hugger, then I reckon it’s just a con job.

  29. She isn’t going to let you go Miglo. Sooky song from Borodin, but just the phrase And This is My Beloved. And this applies to all those in love.

  30. Good News

    According to most of you guys and gals the problem with a possible shortage of child care places will be fixed by mid next year.

    That’s because there will be more stay at home parents due to 20 percent unemployment.

    So that must count as good news or at least seeing a silver lining to every dark cloud as Walrus always tries to.


  31. Sorry..just on the news a soldier has been killed in Afghanistan. My good news is that son survived 2 tours of the Gulf and 2 tours of East Timor. Lest we forget.

  32. The good news is I’ve just had five day on Lord Howe Island. The not so good new is I’m back in the big smoke.

    Went over there to do some work on the water treatment systems, something I’ve been doing for 17 years.

    Apart from occasional gale force winds, where on one day all incoming flights were cancelled, I had just the best time. Managed to stop giving up the smokes and the grog, made a few bucks, ate the freshest ever seafood and walked the beach on the most beautiful lagoon in the world.

    If you’ve been there I’d love to hear other opinions on the place.

  33. 19. aquanut – :giggle:

    Well, the dog has nothing to worry about personally, but if she could talk I think she’d write a book! (guess that means she’d need to be able to write as well lol )

    The things pets see eh? scary… the stuff the goes on around here at 4am would probably get past Conroys filter, but only just! – #Champagne and cocaine – A dogs tail #

    Probably be a best seller 🙂

  34. *Probably be a best seller

    I really want that book. (dribbles)

  35. “Marshall Plan, Louisiana Purchase, Race to the Moon, S&L Crisis, Korean War, The New Deal, Invasion of Iraq, Vietnam War, NASA.”
    — list of government expenditures which, combined, are still less than the current bailout

    The good news! When will Turnbull and Bishop realise the scope of the problem?

  36. Joni. The good news (according to moi) from way out west is that I seem to be well advanced in the process of shaking off the ‘black dog’ after all these years. You guys have helped immensely to that end. More at some other time. My sincere best wishes to all blogocrats.

  37. OB

    That is just fantastic news!

  38. I only have 3 nightshifts to go & then I have 10 days off!


  39. It’s Friday!!


  40. Oftenbark @38.

    That’s great OB. Very pleased to hear you are doing well…

  41. The cricket starts in two and a half hours and I’ve decided to take the day off…it will mean I will not make much money today but I don’t care.

    Music break.

  42. 38. Oftenbark

    Hi again OB, very pleased to hear your good news.

  43. James @ 28,


  44. Joni,

    I think it was a non-core promise…

    Otherwise he would’ve been here first thing bragging about it!!

  45. The award goes to Miglo. Like a true Leftie, she reneged! Apparently having half a dozen cold ones with your mates after a footy club AGM is grounds for reversing an earlier commitment express one’s love in a physical sense. Perhaps there is something in the whole gay thing? A bloke would never back out of such a commitment so easily! I told her that her excuse was as weak as the ALP backing away from their commitment to keep the budget in surplus just because of some pissant financial crisis! Suspended for a further week! Sorry to place this on a post apparently reserved only for good news 😦

  46. James…. it cheered me up.

  47. James @48.

    Well it’s good news for us! We get to rub your face in it!!

  48. Thanks………mates…….:(

  49. No reb, rubbing their face in it is something you do to a dog.

    And it seems that James is a sex object.

    He asked the missus for sex, and she objected.

    Sorry James – we have to see every silver lining. No matter how tarnished.

  50. James, at the risk of getting Into trouble from the “Secret Men’s Business” movement…a bit of advice.

    Since the beginning of time there has been a struggle between the sexes on who holds the dominant position in the relationship…in the good old times it was…”I like that woman so I’ll hit her over the head with my club and drag her into my cave.”

    Times have changed somewhat from then and the female attains her power and dominance to a degree by not putting out…this can be counteracted by ignoring her when she is telling you of her day where ever and being somewhat distant…this plays on their sense of security and when coupled with not putting out yourself it changes the dynamics.

    I know it is hard not to put out being a man but abstinence is good and my record is thirteen days…what you find if you follow my advice is that your partner will be more keen to come to the party and will initiate the act more often if not all the time!

    It works for me and my colleagues.

  51. Ewww scaper. Refusing to communicate is a revenge scenario. I’ve been married for 33 years and I can’t think of any misdemeanor in a relationship that would warrant the silent treatment for almost TWO WEEKS. Hubby and my record is about 1 1/2 half days before we kiss and make up. Mum was married to my late father for 53 years and Mum estimates about 30 hours max before making up. It would seem that the longer that you want your relationship to last, mathematically equates with how quickly you can start communicating.

  52. Ewww scaper. Refusing to communicate is a revenge scenario. I’ve been married for 33 years and I can’t think of any misdemeanor in a relationship that would warrant the silent treatment for almost TWO WEEKS. Hubby and my record is about 1 1/2 half days before we kiss and make up. Mum was married to my late father for 53 years and Mum estimates about 30 hours max before making up. It would seem that the longer that you want your relationship to last, mathematically equates with how quickly you can start communicating.

    And apologies if this sent twice..still receiving the notice Cannot Display the Webpage

  53. I wrote that I abstained from putting out for thirteen days, no mention of not talking to her in my post that I can see…that period reminded me of a movie called “Forty Days”…she tried every trick that a woman could use to break me but I didn’t submit until I was ready…a good feat of self control.

  54. A variation of the old – “treat ’em mean, keep ’em keen” eh scaper 😉

    Bet you had fun finally giving in though!

  55. Guido, i agree.

  56. Aquanut @ 59… I disagree – I think guido’s argument has some holes in it.

  57. Guido, lets get him.

  58. I have a spider and I’m not afraid to show it.

  59. lol @ 53 – God, I hope that was a joke, it’s either that or the author is

    You keep telling yourself that – sweaty pants. Your the only one listening

    That’s the stupidest thing I’ve heard this week lol… If you need to sell it that hard sweetness… it ain’t worth tasting, let alone buying.

  60. *Scaper, I wrote that I abstained from putting out for thirteen days

    Mine was a year.

    Truth is i just couldnt find it.

  61. in the good old times it was…”I like that woman so I’ll hit her over the head with my club and drag her into my cave.”

    good times good times!

  62. Been in love with the same lady for a couple decades plus and it only gets better…how are you travelling???

    Music break.

  63. Great tune..seems you might have some taste after all 😉

    just for you bash-boy =

  64. Did not bother looking at the link…so how are you travelling???

  65. Thanks Joni, Reb, Kitty. All HAGW.

  66. Speaking of music, saw Sheryl Crow/Mellencamp at Sandalford Winery recently, Leonard Cohen plays here Feb 2009 ’bout bloody time, neither of us is getting any younger (especially Leonard), meantime the youtube tribute is to Morcheeba, playing here next month. Yipeee. Enjoy the ride.

  67. In the Clare Valley (SA) there is the Reisling Trail – a 17k bike trail that weaves through vineyards and wineries. How good does that sound?

  68. and a one more time

  69. Liberal Party Infighting. The Knives are out for crazy eyes:

    “Ms Bishop has been plagued by plagiarism charges, accused of not having any ideas for the Liberals and making mistakes in Parliament.

    “There’s a widespread view that Julie is not cutting the mustard and she’s making too many mistakes,” one senior Liberal MP told The Weekend Australian yesterday.

    “There’s a lot of chatter about the need for her to get out of Treasury and the easiest way is for her to step down.”

    “Andrew Robb, Joe Hockey, Peter Dutton and Tony Abbott would be likely contenders for the Treasury role.”

    Andrew Rob? Joe Hockey? LOL!!

  70. And didn’t crazy eyes go ballistic yesterday about the prospect of a budget deficit.

    For the last two days the papers have been filled with nothing but credit for the government from economists glad that a government was finally going to invest in infrastructure needs, including hospitals, schools, TAFEs, universities, ports, roads, urban rail and high-speed broadband.

    The economic climate demands this action.

    But according to crazy eyes the government are panicking and have already raised the white flag.

    How come, I ask, that when the government is doing something good for the country that our opposition finds fault with it?

    The good news is that her comments were ignored by all the newspapers around Australia, except one, the Australian of course.

  71. Thought that I’d do a bolt over here as am sick of bad news. The good news is that when the previous owners left that they took their space ship wall paper with them and now I only have red painted walls and black vertical drapes in bedroom 2. A little at odds with my Japanese white and pale blue quilt and antique furniture. This is obviously a painting priority.

  72. Scaper (8) thanks for the link re Conroy’s anti-freedom internet censorship plan.

    There was a link on the page to another really good article. Unfortunately it is NOT good news, so will put a comment on the weekend thread.

  73. Min

    I am planning on getting a suit made from children’s bedsheet material… something like spaceships. A special suit to wear to things like parties and the races.

    For some reason, the boyf says he will ignore me in public when I wear it. Which I find odd?!

  74. You do it deliberately don’t you joni..that’s odd.

    Don’t you worry chicken, you will look gorgeous even when wearing just a bedsheet.

    However, C is probably right. You would look like a complete dag and maybe look as if you were wearing your jammies. What about a crimson lined silk cape…definitely go for elegance rather than jammies.

  75. A cape – now there is an idea! (joni scratches his chin)

    And how do you know that my sister calls me a dag all the time?

  76. Can’t buy a silk cape. Buy 2 meters black, 2 meters satin. Use glue to attach both sections. Gather top portion (ask me if help is required re gathering). Attach with a clasp of one’s choosing…glittery or bronze.

    Love to sister. Well, so ok you’re a dag, but what would the world be like minus the huggables.

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