Guanta-no-more II

At the risk of opening up another discussion with only a few commentors, I want to start a new thread about Guantanamo and the current administration.

Reading an article in the IHT (link here) I was struck by a simple thought. 

  • How has the current administrations policies of “enhanced interrogation” and the removal of basic human rights protected the US?

Give me some good news.

This is an open thread ONLY for good news. So if you have any good news stories that you want to share… tell them here. Any bad news or negative posts will be deleted with extreme prejudice.


Terrorists Hit Mumbai

Terrorists have hit the popular tourist destination of Mumbai, with reports of multiple explosions and gunshots being heard across the city.

So far 80 people have been killed and 250 injured in seven attacks in the city.

Flames and a massive plume of smoke engulfed Mumbai’s five-star Taj Mahal hotel, following an encounter between police and gunmen holding foreign guests hostage.

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