The Howard Parrots

Another video from 2007 to celebrate The Howard Years: John Howard’s Dead Parrots Society.

They’re not dead, they’re resting!

Kevin Rennie

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  1. Those parrots are no more…
    They’ve f@ckin’ snuffed it.

  2. Saw Tony Abbott parroting his spin on Breakfast this morning. Perhaps just brain dead.

  3. The Lord works in mysterious ways, none moreso than wielding the Pious Bigot known as Tony Abbott.

  4. “Dead Parrots Society” – most excellent.

    I think that the public is still in “not listening” mode for the opposition. Until they get some new blood and some new ideas I think that they will definitely not be making in roads into the polls.

    And it is time that the MSM wakes up to this – I think that they are still enthralled and in awe of the previous government, and think that this is just a short nightmare and that the coalition will be back in power at the next election.

    Maybe we need to line up the silly opinion writers for a bit fo a FIsh Slapping Dance.

  5. The fish slapping is on tonight.

  6. This is very good. I still don’t think the Rodent understands how he lost the election, and to boot his seat. But I think that the whole party is still stuck in that time warp. They have no idea why they lost, and they don’t have any plans to change. This makes for a party in the wilderness for a very long time. Epitomising that position, I listenedd to Croker on Lateline Friday night and he stated that the people of Australia would love to be in the hands of Howard and Costello to guide them through the Economic problems. He is like the rest of the party, heads stuck in the sand, obviously have no idea that it is a World wide proplem caused by policies like the Rodents and his idiot mate Geroge Dubbya, and have not seen the opinion polls for the last 2 years.

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