Howard Made History – Happy Anniversary!


From ‘The Poll that Counts’ video series from the National Tallyroom in Canberra, to celebrate the first anniversary of the election of the Rudd government: Howard Made History

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Coming to terms with Depression

Depression is an illness that if left untreated, can lead to serious physical, psychological and emotional damage and potentially death.

Most people assume that depression is caused simply by recent personal difficulties. While depression can be triggered by stressful events such as separation, divorce, death of a loved one, changing schools or jobs, moving house, trauma or abuse, other long-term risk factors also play a part.

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One year on.

Keeping up with the theme of Kevin on “Always look on the bright side of life”, today is one year since John Howard became an ex-PM, he has ceased to be the PM, Mr Speaker, and we gained a Rudd government. I just got a text from a friend telling me “Happy Anniversary”, and it made me feel good.

So – how has it been for you?


The Howard Parrots

Another video from 2007 to celebrate The Howard Years: John Howard’s Dead Parrots Society.

They’re not dead, they’re resting!

Kevin Rennie

Domestic Violence: More than 70 women and children killed‏ each year

In the news today it’s claimed that ” More than 70 women are killed by their husbands or partners each year, their deaths making up the majority of murders committed in this country.

It’s hard to believe that this distinct pattern of horrific abuse and violence is only just coming public attention.  Another tragic example of government inaction? I think so.

Criminal lawyer, Gerry Spence once wrote:“We have traveled to the moon and back, but when we launch ourselves into outer space, we send forth a severely retarded species. In essence we remain the brute, for when confronted the brute attacks, and when faced with need or desire it takes from the weaker members of the hierarchy. It is an anomaly that we can split the atom, but we are nearly powerless to persuade each other to embrace justice. We can recombine genes, but we cannot in simple ways, ask each other for love and respect. The ultimate danger, of course, is placing the power of technology in the hands of the savage whose ability to argue has advanced a little over the grunt of his ancestors. In short, we have learned how to dominate people as things, but when relating to people as people we tread wearily in the Dark Ages.”