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In April this year, the federal government acted on it’s election promise on a National Broadband Network (NBN) by asking for requests for proposals on setting up the network.

The RFP process finishes on the 26th November, and the OO is reporting that Telstra is umming and ahhing over whether it will put in a proposal, something about the conditions on winning the bid – whether the winning bidder will be forces to break up it’s operations. I actually think that Telstra will submit a bid – they’d look pretty silly, I think, if they did not.

This website is from the consortium of companies that will definitely be submitting a bid for the NBN.

But what will be the point in having a super-duper fast network if they are just going to put a slow-down filter on top, that will restrict anyone who needs to access “specialist” websites?


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  1. I don’t really care who builds the network, just get on with it as it is the only reason at this point that I’m still in Brisbane instead of an hour or two drive to a more saner bucolic lifestyle.

    In a way I support Telstra on this as they should not be forced to break up their operation and I suspect they are giving the government the finger…I certainly would if I was faced with these demands.

    On the other hand TERRiA will offer all carriers access at the same rate to offer a level playing field…does that mean higher costs to all?

    As for this filter stuff I will wait to see that happen as I sense a back down and a change in the communications portfolio…the reshuffle is a distinct possibility.,25197,24697937-12377,00.html

    If this back down does not eventuate I see the opposition using this in the next election and if they do not go for the jugular it will confirm that the political machines have a bipartisan agenda.

  2. And Telstra have made a bid.

    After months of threatening to walk away from a government tender if its demands were not met, Telstra’s board gave its final approval at an emergency meeting this morning to bid for up to $4.7 billion in taxpayer funding to build a network reaching 98% of the population.


  3. Yes, I saw that.,24897,24709781-15306,00.html

    I also see that Telstra does not give a rats if their competitors build their own networks.

    I’m no expert on all this but duplication to me is a waste of resourses that could be utilised for other projects.

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