National Broadband Network

In April this year, the federal government acted on it’s election promise on a National Broadband Network (NBN) by asking for requests for proposals on setting up the network.

The RFP process finishes on the 26th November, and the OO is reporting that Telstra is umming and ahhing over whether it will put in a proposal, something about the conditions on winning the bid – whether the winning bidder will be forces to break up it’s operations. I actually think that Telstra will submit a bid – they’d look pretty silly, I think, if they did not.

This website is from the consortium of companies that will definitely be submitting a bid for the NBN.

But what will be the point in having a super-duper fast network if they are just going to put a slow-down filter on top, that will restrict anyone who needs to access “specialist” websites?


Fugitive Pieces: Laying the Ground Work

A warning to those given to feelings of depression. The slow, bleak, heart rending journey of Fugitive Pieces to its uplifting finish may not seem worth the effort at times. Jakob Beer (Robby Kay), a seven year old Polish Jew, loses his family at the hands of Nazi troops. He is spirited away by a Greek archaeologist Athos Roussos (Rade Šerbedžija), first to Greece where he is house-bound hiding from the Germans and then to post war Canada. The adult Jakob (Stephen Dillane) continues to be haunted by this experience, with nightmares filled by memories of his sister Bella (Nina Dobrev).

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