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The blogocrats really are a smart bunch. Yesterday I came up with an idea for a new series of threads to liven up our Sundays – which tend to be our slow days for enthusiastic discourse, but the blogocrats in the Frolykz thread have pre-empted the idea.

And so, here is our first Top Five thread. The idea is that each Sunday we will have a different theme for the blogocrats to put up their top five. Some of the topics coming up are in the image above (created by This weeks is appearing a bit early, just because the frolykz thread seemed to be heading that way anyway.

This weeks topic is, I think, dear to all out palates. Wine. So what are your top five wines? It does not have to be the most expensive or cheapest, nicest or most quaffable – just the ones that you like and would like to recommend to your fellow blogocrats.


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  1. A top-notch idea. My list::

    1. Oyster Bay Sauvignon Blanc (NZ) – this has become the normative choice whenever I have lunch with my work colleagues.
    2. Cape Mentelle Cabernet Merlot (WA) – a smooth, subtle wine that I adore – it reminds me of some of the sangioveses, chiantis and bordeauxs I have enjoyed when inEurope.
    3. Tamburlaine Cabernet Sauvignon (NSW)
    4. Rolling Chardonnay (NSW)
    (Both because I’ve had a thing for wines from the NSW central tablelands lately)
    5. DeBortoli Noble One – nothing better to finish off a dinner.

  2. thanks tobias…. i am hopeless – cannot work out my top 5

  3. My top tip is – stay clear of whites, they’re always insipid and disappointing.

  4. “they’re always insipid and disappointing”

    You just can’t help dragging “the unions” into any conversation, can you Tom?

    Actually I think you’re being unfairly harsh on the blanc variety.

    Anyway, here’s my top drops, not in any particular order:

    1. Vasse Felix Classic Dry White (Perfect with fresh seafood)

    2. Mitchellton Peppertree Shiraz (Perfect with anything that resembles red meat)

    3. Four Sisters Sem Sav Blanc (as per number 1)

    4. Scotchmans Hill Pinot Noir (for days when you feel like drinking red, but are not sure whether your constitution will cope. A cheeky little pinot, both presumptious and effervescent in its character)

    5. Anything from Penfolds.

    Whatever you do, DO NOT drink:

    1. Anything that comes from Chile, South Africa or California

    2. Port followed by red wine followed by white followed by beer followed by spirits (however consumed in the reverse order is okay).

    3. Before 10.00am (unless you are still out from the night before)

  5. 1. Best value red (quaffing wine) – McWilliams Inheritance series around $5 bottle (Cab Merlot, Shiraz Merlot)

    2. Best Sunday lunch light red Med style – Brown Bros Tarrango (chilled)

    3. Best value bubbly – Cockatoo Ridge Brut Cuvee NV

    4. Best bubby in the world – Moet Chandon (pronounced Mowett, BTW – it is a German name, not French, and you sound the T)

    5. Best port Galway Pipe (or a nice botryitis for the girls, Tobias pick is an excellent choice)

  6. Great idea guys – except that it’s too bloody hard to only come up with 5. So I’m going to cheat and do my top 5 reds, Top 5 Whites and Top 5 quaffers (available for under $15 at Dan’s on special).

    1. Penfolds Bin 389 (SA)
    2. Rosemount Balmoral Syrah (MCLaren Vale)
    3. Lake’s Folley Cabernets (NSW – Hunter))
    4. Bannockburn Pinot (Vic)
    5. Wynns Coonawarra Cabernet Sauvignon (Coonawarra)
    (With notable mentions to Penfolds St. Henri and R.W.T. (Both SA), Thomas Kiss Shiraz (Hunter) and Cloudy Bay Pinot NZ))

    1. Tyrrells Vat 1 Semillon (NSW)
    2. Leeuwin Estate Art Series Chardonnay (WA)
    3. Howard Park Riesling (WA)
    4. Killerbyt Chardonnay (WA)
    5. Pipers Brook Clarke Cuvee Riesling (Desert Wine) (Tas)

    1. Moondah Brook Cab Sauv (WA)
    2. Taylors Cab Sauv (Clare)
    3. Taylors Riesling (Clare)
    4. Jacobs Creek Reserve (all varieties)
    5. Seaview Vintage Pinot Chardonnay (Bubbly)

    No order to the rankings BTW – it was hard enough narrowing it down to 5!

  7. Two rules:
    Never drink reds that don’t have a vintage – ever!
    Never drink the wines put on at conferences (unless all the other grog runs out and by then you’ve probably forgotten that there are rules).

    Beer Thread next week? I reckon I can limit that to only 5 (although it will be difficult)

  8. Is red wine is good…is white wine is no.

    Is not matter what is called.

    Is put fire in blood & is loosen up flapping mouth.

    Is terrible headache.

    Is tasty, mmmmmm, red wine.

    I can’t really list 5 as I’m spoiled for choice down here & I’m not real fussy when it comes to reds…although I shy away from port as I’ve had some bad aquaintances with cheap & nasty poison of that kind.

  9. Didn’t think how hard this was going to be, and it is not a definitive list – changes all the time, and it is no particular order.

    1. Henscke – Mt Edelstone
    2. Rosemount Shiraz
    3. Santa Rita Cab Sav (Chilean – have to disagree Reb)
    4. Geoff Merrill Merlot
    5. Mateus – the drink of the blogocrats

  10. Oh – and forgot to mention that the Willowlen Sirah I had last night was cheap and cheerful. Bought from a local shop here in Manila for 450 pesos (about 15 AUD), and much much cheaper than room service.

  11. “and much much cheaper than room service.”

    Depends what you regard as “room service”


  12. That’s just so wrong reb!

    Never ever get that sort of room service unless you are a union boss… you should know that. LOL

  13. Good comeback joni!


  14. I never had much time for wines, until I met my first wife, an Italian, and then I had no time at all. All her relatives made their own wine, most of which tasted like rocket fuel. After tasting their rubbish I realised however that any wine that come in a bottle with a label on it wasn’t too bad by comparison.

    That was 25 years ago and I’ve had more bottles of wine than I care to remember. Picking the top 5 is too difficult to attempt. I’ll do it this way:

    Two wines that I dring regularly are Wynns Coonawarra Cab Sav and Grant Burge Barossa Filsell Shiraz (both from SA). I haven’t struck a bad vintage yet from either of them.

    Two wines I’d love to be able to drink regularly are Penfold’s St Henri Shiraz and Henschke Hill of Grace (again, both from SA). A bit over 20 years ago Hill of Grace was resonably priced, but both fame and demand have driven the price skywards, and alas, beyond my reach.

    If a gun were held at my head and I was forced to drink a white I’d sip an a Brown Bothers Spatlese Lexia (from Vic). (I’m only telling you this ’cause I know you won’t laugh at me).

    Damn. I’ve made myself thirsty.

  15. well, I’d like to say that I enjoy the Penfolds RWT and that you can’t beat the 389 for a good quaffing red.

    But seriously, it is unusual that I find myself in such close agreement with Miglo. Outstanding choices, other than the white, but then I’d have no idea about that colour.

    As for this from joni “Mateus – the drink of the blogocrats” – it’s over for me if I have to drink that stuff.

  16. …a Brown Bothers Spatlese Lexia (from Vic). (I’m only telling you this ’cause I know you won’t laugh at me).

    …a Lexia…

    😆 😆 😆 😆 😆

  17. Well that’s the last time I’m going to spill my deepest secrets on Blogocrats.

  18. I know miglo – some of them can be so cruel

  19. “5. DeBortoli Noble One – nothing better to finish off a dinner.”

    Or life.
    That stuff is the nectar of the gods.
    It’s the medication I want, on my lips, when I say.. “au revoir monde”.

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