Top Fives – Wines

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The blogocrats really are a smart bunch. Yesterday I came up with an idea for a new series of threads to liven up our Sundays – which tend to be our slow days for enthusiastic discourse, but the blogocrats in the Frolykz thread have pre-empted the idea.

And so, here is our first Top Five thread. The idea is that each Sunday we will have a different theme for the blogocrats to put up their top five. Some of the topics coming up are in the image above (created by This weeks is appearing a bit early, just because the frolykz thread seemed to be heading that way anyway.

This weeks topic is, I think, dear to all out palates. Wine. So what are your top five wines? It does not have to be the most expensive or cheapest, nicest or most quaffable – just the ones that you like and would like to recommend to your fellow blogocrats.

Are Unions still Relevant Anymore?

Joni & Reb invited me to submit a commentary about unionism, I’ve decided to attempt to wind back my usual level of rabidity, to something (perhaps) a little more rational.

Union membership (density) currently stands at about 15% of the private sector workforce. About 20% of the total workforce.

At its peak during the post war period, union membership was near two thirds of the full time male workforce, about 60% of the total workforce. It bumped up, though generally down, from the 50’s to the 80’s.

The steady, unrelenting decline started about 25 years ago, during the Hawke/Keating period. At that time unions had a seat at the table of government under the Prices & Incomes Accord. This followed the disastrous period of stagflation during the Fraser Government, where we suffered the debilitating combination of spiralling inflation and high unemployment.

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Charity begins at home – but not at some retail outlets.

Retail king Harvey Normal thinks that charity is like “helping a whole heap of no-hopers to survive for no good reason”. Funny – that’s how I now feel about shopping at his stores. So – this Christmas, think of whether you’d like to support someone who supports the needy, or someone who thinks that they “are not putting anything back into the community”.

The Devil's in the Detail

Consider where you shop this Christmas.

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