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How about we try to get voted as the best new blog and/or best Australian blog at the 2008 Weblog Awards?

Go here and register your support and maybe we will be announced as a finalist... but get in quick, nomination’s close on Friday 21st Nov.

Update: OK – we have a few people that have now nominated us, so now we just need people to go and click on the green plus sign to vote for the nomination (and this is not the actual voting mind you).

joni and reb


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  1. OMG! I just saw that Tim Blair got best Aussie blog in the 2007 awards! Surely we are better than that!

  2. I’d really like to hear from those whom have never commented to come in on this one occasion and tell us what you think so far.

    Have you noticed Joni & authors that you havnt lost any posters. That to me is a good sign( and other things).

  3. Done!

  4. Thanks TB, Alistair and anonymous…. and you can go back in and click the plus to register more votes too.

    Let’s beat Blair!

  5. oops i misunderstood the post, but i voted twice.

  6. Done, good luck.

  7. Thank you gravel, hexx and TB!

  8. Done under that other name.

  9. Well done blogocrats… we are getting the votes up.

    I read the FAQ and it said that blogs that basically spammed the nomination page would be excluded… and so we do not want any new nominations, but the votes I hope will get us a nomination.

    Remember – this is our blog, not mine and rebs… it is for all of the blogocrats.

  10. Duty done. There was a bit of a hiccup in the system and so I hope that my bit got through.

  11. No problem Joni

  12. I have voted too. Fingers crossed.

  13. I’ve voted, I hope this does not prove to discredit the count.

  14. Tom

    You know you are more than welcome as a blogocrat. You make us think and learn, and that is what this blog is all about.

  15. No way Tom, in many ways your vote is more important as it comes from a predominantly centre left/centre leaning blog. I’d hate this place to be a left version of Ackerman or Blair.

    Plus sometimes you make a lot of sense with good data backing it up, at other times, …well we’ll leave it at that.

  16. have just gone and clicked the plus sign on ALL your comments…

  17. Thanks Joni

    Adrian, is that a sarcastic smirk on your gecko??? Good data? Never bothered with it really. I find it gets in the way of my confirmed prejudices.

  18. Nah genuine, no sarcasm otherwise I would have emoticonned.

  19. thanks lekhni… hope all is OK with you. We miss your comments.

  20. My vote is in. Blogocrats of course.

  21. Seventy four votes by my count…not bad.

  22. I’ve voted on all blogocrat posts over there. Fingers crossed eh?

    BTW, when did the gecko gobble up Adrian?

  23. 103 votes…we are leading!

  24. remember scaper – this is only to get nominated. Then we have to go into the actual voting process if we get a nomination.

  25. It then will come down to the finalists and exposure to the blogosphere…is it not?

    What’s with all this moderation today…got a comment in the compound at the weekend thread.

  26. I dunno about the moderation… maybe wordpress have changed some parameters. Will have a poke around when I get off work – cause some of us are still at work whilst other have opened the bar already. 😦

  27. HD, I may have done the same 😉

  28. Dave@27

    WTF?! you gobbled up Adrian???

  29. HD.

    My old avatar kept coming up with a black square instead of the image so I changed it to a gecko which WordPress seemed to like better. Whilst changing avatars I changed my alias to gecko cause I like reptiles.

    Don’t usually change these things as a rule but I though why not.

  30. Gecko@29

    Cool, I used to have a really big Eastern Water Dragon for a pet, he was “friendly” & could be handled without fear. Awesome to look at!

    He ate our old cat…well that’s actually a lie, but he looked like he would!

    I’d really like to change my tag to my “usual” online “Toiletboss” persona, but realistically I think my already inane ramblings would be treated with magnified disdain.
    Human Dividend is good for continuity of tag for those that recognise my comments but I reckon as a name it truly bites.

  31. garn HD – change to Toilet Boss!

  32. I’ll stick to scaper but I post somewhere else under my real name.

  33. “garn HD – change to Toilet Boss!”joni

    Well that’s all of the encouragement I need…hehe.

    I sense that there may be trouble if people start abbreviating Toiletboss to TB though, ROFLMAO.

  34. Does this mean my first few posts under my sewerage persona will be moderated?

    joni: not anymore they won’t! Arise Sir Toiletboss, your new name is now operative.

  35. I guess so!

  36. Touche…LOL!

  37. HD/TB…. too funny. I was thinking that too.

    There’s gonna be trouble ahead!

  38. Toilet boss? What will people think?


  39. reb@38

    Mayhaps they will think that I am a lavatory commander?

    The real story isn’t as depraved or sinister as the name may suggest.

    For today only, I’m currently on wordpress uploading a photo of myself for a temporary avatar.

  40. Vote for us! Why? Not trying to rain on the tea-party, but simply to ask as to why would one get into a popularity contest. Who cares? Who gives a f-ck?

    What’s it all about Alfie? Is it … ?

    And other metaphysical questions.

    Just askin …

  41. Nature

    It’s about getting our name out there to attract more people, and hopefully some of those that we are still missing.

  42. I agree joni…hopefully some more of the Blogocrats will find their way here.

    I’ve done my best to round up the guys.

  43. teaparty?

    Popularity certainly ain’t why I come here. I like the inhabitants.

    As mentioned, some are still missing from Blogocracy & hopefully this may round ’em up if it works out as a publicity “stunt”.

    Awards are for tryhards….generally speaking.

  44. ” I like the inhabitants”

    If it come to blog ‘popularity’, that’s part of the problem. Just sitting around holding hands is for ‘wankers’.

    The wider society thrives on controversy or difference if you like. Intellectual development comes from controversy not agreement.

    Sites like this are simply ‘too nice’.

    Just ask Tim Dunlop. He used homosexuality, Islam. politics. et al to draw the crabs.

    Just sayin …

  45. Nature 5, I didn’t notice you at Blogocracy. Were you posting under another name?

  46. Tom of Melbourne

    “Were you posting under another name?”

    Is that relevant? Surely ‘blogs’ are about ‘ideas’- the advance of and defense of same?

    And no Nature 5 never posted at Blogocracy.

  47. No problem, just that your turn of phrase is similar to one of the regulars that I exchanged opinion with occasionally.

  48. “Just sitting around holding hands is for ‘wankers’.”


    But I still like the community here, I’ve known most for a while & at varying times everyone provides insight that I wouldn’t consider as an individual.
    I trust them & especially the opposing POV’s (admittedly rare, but more publicity may help this) are welcome learning.

    I sense healthy scepticism in your comments.

    Sitting around is definitely for wankers but what is the point of flitting from place to place just so that you’re not all “holding hands”? in my experience, trying to provoke a reaction for the sake of contrarianism usually attracts the verbatim attack dogs with the same old sh!t to say…ideological mantras from both sides.

    You are certainly correct, especially re Tim’s style, but he also cultivated a bunch of smelly hombres at Blogocracy who want to ultimately keep in touch & have shared a bit of personal stuff as well along the way. If others want to join in cool I say! but if they don’t get it that’s fine to.

    I still spin out that so many have made their way here & keep coming back, & I’m glad.
    I’d never encountered blogs until Tim’s….some are supersh!t, but this one’s bitchin’; it’s all relative.

    “the crabs”???

  49. What are you getting at Tom?
    Do you think ABBA is stalking you in fauxgender conundrums?

  50. Writes like ABBA, am I missing something?

  51. By the way HD, I do think Toiletboss is fine, though Toiletdeposit would be more suitable for some of your opinions!!

  52. No doubt this will be an unpopular thing to say, but I think it’s a bit tacky to self promote like this (a heresy I know, but there it is!)

    Blogocrates is ultimately, a spin-off from Tim’s Blogocracy, where a bunch of dissimilar yet fair minded people found that particular blog a worthwhile place to spend their time and thoughts.

    As this place takes on its own identity, I’m hoping the basic ethos will remain the same,

    A place where agreement can and will – butt up against disagreement, without the need for theatrics or self-aggrandisement, anger or aggression.

    That’s what will make or break this blog as a place for people to visit,

    Far more so, then “Idol” type voting where one tries to garner votes from wherever

  53. very true ag-ap…. but is it so bad to want a little self promotion?

    now i am feeling down 😦

  54. another girl – another planet

    “I think it’s a bit tacky to self promote like this’


    Still can’t work out what the point is.

  55. Tom@50

    I’m still trying to work out who you were inferring nature5 is?

    Everybody knows that Neil is ABBA.

  56. “I think it’s a bit tacky to self promote like this’

    Clearly joni & reb are just after the $$$ ?

    Please, miss the point much?

  57. joni – why feel down?… if you think it’s a good idea to do a promo drive for a blog your responsible for, then go for it!… shit don’t listen to me… do what you think is best man!…

    Just not my style… then again, after a few brezzers and a ____ or two…degree’s of ‘style’ change ’round here too 😉

  58. do quote things etc work here???

    a test

    Clearly joni & reb are just after the $$$ ?

    well, if that’s the case, this will get the award

    for the shortest lived blog

    The end

  59. But Toiletboss, that can’t be true. Neil does not seem like a mindless politically correct apologist for militant union thugs/hacks. Quite different to ABBA

  60. But Toiletboss, that can’t be true. Neil does not seem like a mindless politically correct apologist for militant union thugs/hacks. Quite different to ABBA

  61. lets see if I can get this right, Tom, I’m meant to say

    unions = BOO! – is that right?

    (teasing) 😉

  62. Tom@59

    LOL, certainly, he is not politically correct,but apologist yes.

    Tom, you’re not ABBA are you?

  63. Nothing wrong with a bit of promotion. With about a zillion blogs on the web, every little bit helps.

  64. Neil is ABBA. LOL!

  65. As I say, ‘things are never as they seem’. ABBA was always a ‘creation’ of mine. ABBA, the creation, was deliberately never meant to be male, female or anything in between because I always believed that the gender of contributors to debate should be irrelevant.

  66. I think Toilet Dividend is ABBA.

    ABBA often made sense, other claimants don’t.

  67. Now I’m reeeaaally confused!

    Correct me if I’m wrong, but if you are/were ABBA then you constructed some very complex arguments between yourself (ie scaper VS ABBA, not to mention ABBA VS TB or ABBA VS huh) at Blogocracy. Also, your style & delivery of prose was very different & I can only imagine the effort it would take to deliberately write under 2 different tags with 2 mutually exclusive styles.
    You had me fooled.

    BTW, I always really enjoyed ABBA’s contributions, especially on topics such as villifying the naughty US, & if ABBA is still out there observing (no matter who he/she is) then I’d like to make that clear.

    Tom, I’m not sure what you mean @67. Are you inferring that I do or don’t make sense?
    Toiletdeposit, hehe, my family would love to make that one stick…as amusing as it is I don’t reckon I’ll pass it on or I may inherit that too.

  68. Not at all Toilet DIvidend. I was referring to the claim directly above my comment.

    ABBA was quite amusing even if (s)he was a mindless, politically correct… etc. You too!!

  69. LOL, politically correct is not a label I’ve ever found myself with before.
    Mindless does get thrown my way on occasion though, along with “twisted”, “irreverant” & “strange”.
    Generic normal is boooring.

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