Never Mind the Frolykz, here’s Weekend Wonderland!!

What an eventful week it’s been.

The Banks. You’ve gotta love them don’t ya?

Firstly (still) dragging their toes to pass on the RBA’s interest rate cuts and now hiking up credit card rates. According to financial data company Infochoice, GE Money and Wizard Home Loans have both increased credit card rates by 2 per cent or more since September, when the RBA began its series of rate cuts.

Meanwhile, Aussies are turning to plastic to get by with an 8% increase in credit card use in September alone.

With Christmas just around the corner, I see this as a really bad sign. I suspect many people will be tempted to turn to the convenience of credit cards to finance the festive season only to wake up to a New Year’s hangover when the repayments fall due.

Then of course there are the easy credit terms of major retailers like Hardly Normal that have obscene interest rates if customers miss a repayment.

I expect many household are in for some really tough times next year.

There is also mixed views about where the property market is heading. Glenn Stevens at the RBA insists that house prices won’t crash, despite evidence to the contrary.

Anyway, on a more serious note, the new James Bond movie “Quantum of Solace” has opened to mixed reviews with Margaret and David expressing dismay despite giving it 3 stars each. Have you seen it yet, or plan to?

We have visitors from Sydney this weekend, so will be playing the tour guide thing…

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I can’t think of any music to put up. Any requests? 🙂


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  1. This guy can dance!

    This is the first time I’ve tried adding a hyperlink. I hope it works.

  2. Awaiting moderation???

    Well, keep waiting as I never do anything in moderation…LOL!!!

  3. Music, eh? joni ponders and then decides not to suggest anything as the blogocrats will make him cry with their abuse.

  4. For joni cos we loves ya really.

  5. I’m not voting for yas until you unspaminate my last post.

    Reb, did you wear the gecko shirt for us to admire?

  6. As I was postin you unspaminated me so I’d better go vote now.

  7. unspaminated!

    of course, can’t you tell…?

    I know, the sequins are a bit much….just a glamarous afterthought really…


  8. Mmmmm, I like the shirt but I’m not really sure that colour suits you.

    I kept my part of the bargain though and voted every time I found Blogocracy mentioned. 🙂

  9. So is anyone doing anything interesting this weekend?

    I’ve stopped quoting and will be planting 240 trees tomorrow that will finish the rehabilitation of that land…easy digging after all the rain up here and it is going to be a wet summer.

  10. So is anyone doing anything interesting this weekend?

    Yes. Drinking. Having a belated birthday dinner at the local Chinese with family members. Am undecided which wine to take and this is disturbing me.

    Tomorrow night it’s somebody elses birthday to celebrate, however I will most likely be somewhat subdued.

    Might spend Sunday tackling some of those odd jobs that the wife has listed for me. I’m fast running out of excuses.

  11. Actually I’m having a beer right now and will be tucking into kibi, baba ganoush and some tabouli as I went out and purchased a heap of Lebanese food earlier.

    I invoiced a client today and he paid me in cash…a pile of hundreds two inches high and I’ll have to bank it later as it is stinking my office out.

  12. Polly…Ahh the wonderful Neil Diamond. The bloke who was able to do a makeover courtesy of Hot August Night…turned from daggy to spunky. And not only but also, blokes in those days were allowed to have chest hairs.

  13. Miglo..take Mateus, it never fails to please ;-))

  14. MIn, what a novel idea. I had been thinking more along the lines of a bold cab sav as I have some premiums at home, but I haven’t touched a Mateus for about 10 years so why not give it a go.

    My wife will probably collapse on the spot if I suggest a Mateus. She will think that I’m finally changing my ways.

  15. I buy Mateus by the case and it works out to about $9 a bottle…goes great with Lebanese, Indian and Thai food.

    Of the last case I reckon I might have consumed a bottle, Mrs Mateus drank the rest…the pigsy!

  16. After the Obama win hubby went down to buy me a bottle of Mateus and not one…none at the tavern and none at the 2 bottle-os. Now I know where it’s all disappeared to!!

  17. Miglo,

    I’d suggest a nice WA sem sav blanc for Chinese food.

    Or a merlot if you must have red. Anything heavier I find is just poorly matched to the often sweet flavours of Chinese food.

    But that’s just moi…


    I will forgive you all your other tresspasses, because you like lebanese food…


  18. Miglo – Bold cab savs are most definitely worth contemplating but a nice rose is great for the ladies. Do they make spritzig any more? Hubby is a beer man and was surprised that Pure Blonde (low chol) isn’t a bad drop, otherwise a port man during winter.

  19. The operative word reb is love Lebanese food…burp!

    I had part Lebanese for breakfast too…being playing hard to get all week and was jumped this morning and she had her way with me…that thought should gross you out…LOL!

  20. Thank you scaper. We are all very pleased that your love life is choofing along nicely.

    Plus followed by Lebanese for brekkie.

  21. Reb: I would consider even a merlot a wee bit too heavy for
    Chinese food. Agreed, a sav blanc is ideal. And nothing better than something from the Yarra Valley..not that I’m prejudiced..but some good drops to be had. The De Bortoli’s have been around for a very long time and are worth a tasting or several.

  22. I’d suggest a nice WA sem sav blanc.

    You’ve got to be effing kidding! You’re suggesting an ex South Aussie try someting from WA. Spare me please. And a white wine at that! Come now, real Aussies don’t drink white wine.

  23. Looks like another big storm heading Queensland’s way tonight.

    Hope none of you have problems.

  24. Agree with you on the kibi scaper. My Lebanese grandmother used to make it whenever she came over to visit us on the farm on Kangaroo Island. It was a big hit and the only reason we looked forward to her visit.

    Did you know that it is also a popular dish served raw? Would definitely need a red to go with it.

  25. Did you read that story about the guy who was nabbed ’cause he felt like rootin’ a pasta sauce jar?,21985,24675875-662,00.html

    What was he thinking? …

    “Hey, PESTO!! … Who loves ya baby?! Lemme be the nuts in your basil.”

  26. Why am I awaiting moderation?

    I don’t need to be moderated. I got snipped when I was little, I thought the snipping was over and done with.

    Mummy, help me.

  27. Was not there people here that said that Garrett has sold out???,25197,24685241-601,00.html

    He might not be the saviour of everything but darn better than the person responsible in the last government.

  28. I’m being moderated too and fat chance of me not going the full hog.

    Lunch at the Boatshed on Sunday???

  29. It seems that I’m the only one currently here not being moderated..that’s cos I’m nice and cos I’m a fem.

  30. Exactly Min.

  31. I don’t know why some comments go into moderation – but it seems that it might be related to the embeded links.

    But whenever they do, reb and myself do try to get them out of hock as soon as we can.

  32. Must choof shortly as eldest dau is coming over and our 1st visitors at the new house apart from the 2 ducks which landed in the pool and the cane toad which plopped it’s way behind the fridge. Had to wake hubby up at 2am so as to dispatch the bugger.

  33. 28. scaper… | November 21, 2008 at 4:34 pm

    …and you know the stupid thing about this scaper is that Tasmania has gotten itself into the position of having severe water shortages purely because it put short term economic considerations before long term environmental ones. Yet here they are screaming to destroy more environment for short term gain instead of once and for all sitting down and working out long term sustainable (your favourite word) environmental and economic planning.

  34. Scaper, I will forgive Garrett if he stops the pulp mill..

    Until such time as that occurs, he’s as useful as Sam the American Eagle as far as I’m concerned. Just a big, bald, wonder…

  35. Reb, the approval is one thing but which bank will finance this project…there is more than one way to keep the bark on the tree, so to speak.

    I’m quietly confident this project will not go ahead.

  36. “I’m quietly confident this project will not go ahead.”

    Yep, me too, despite the lies and BS that continues to this day from John Gay..

    Meanwhile Gunns share price is in freefall..

    One word. Karma!

  37. By the way everyone.

    I’ve just read a report that has picked the bottom of the sharemarket this week.

    Hopefully it will start to rally in the coming weeks.


    Can anyone honestly complain about the Rudd government has handled the economic crisis? I can’t fault it (with the exception of the fhog)…

  38. I was informed that Gunns can not even raise ninety million dollars in funds.

    We will all know in early January I believe.

  39. reb,

    Never listen to someone who is gay, that’s what I think. Oh wait…

  40. That’s correct scaper, they recently tried to raise $90m through a limited share offer, and only managed to raise $1million.

    Which was a miracle in itself, as the share offer purchase price was more expensive than the price the shares were trading for on the stock exchange!

    Proves that there’s still idiots out there that believe the Gunns PR machine. but 89million reasons why there’s people that don’t!

    Yep, end of January, better put nice bottle of sparkling Janz on ice for the announcement..

  41. You have strong support reb. At the Access Economics lecture yesterday the speaker surprised all by declaring that the government has done everything right during the crisis.

    It was also announced that the previous government did everything wrong, although times were good.

    I stil haven’t forgiven you for suggesting a WA white.

  42. New Blow For Gunns Mill

    Scaper, here’s the latest news – another nail in the coffin!!


  43. As much as people jump on Garrett there are two things in which I have seen him heavily criticised for caving in to industry but in both cases it seems the environment has won out because of onerous additional conditions he put onto the companies.

    One was the dredging of Port Philip Bay where the original conditions basically allowed the dredging a free reign. Garrett’s proviso added considerably to the costs of the dredging and though far from perfect seems to have attained a better outcome for both the bay and shipping.

    The second of course was Gunns, where the sheer volume of strict and onerous conditions Garrett put on the mill going ahead added considerably to the cost and delayed the project, which in turn led to more cost and the situation it is now in. Remember Gunns saying they had to start on a deadline, which is how they rail roaded the Tasmanian government. Garrett made it impossible for them to meet that deadline. I don’t know if this was intentional but that is the outcome.

  44. “I stil haven’t forgiven you for suggesting a WA white.”

    I wholeheartedly aplogise. Just don’t blame me for the hangover if you go with Min’s mateus idea…

  45. Thankyou Gecko, spot on.

  46. Of course it is intentional…as I’ve said here and at Jack’s there are reasons that this is being played out and when it all comes crashing down Gunns have not a legal foot to stand on.

    It kinds of reminds me of Contract Bridge.

  47. Excusez-moi..blogocrats are responsible for their own hangovers.

  48. REb, apology accepted. Heading off to restaurant in 5 minutes. Just couldn’t go a Mateus. Have settled on a 2002 St Hallett Blackwell Barossa Shiraz.

  49. Actually after re-reading that article I am no longer quietly comfortable that the mill won’t go ahead, I am incredibly confident that it won’t!!

    How can a company with a market capitalisation of $500m possibly hope to raise $2.2billion in today’s environment? Especially when their initial cost estimate was $1.2 billion??

    Also, Tamar Council have withdrawn their support…

    This latest news is the kiss of death for Gunns Limited and John Gay. And words cannot describe how good it feels…!


  50. Miglo,

    That’s blasphemy to waste such a good wine on Chinese food – unless it’s a very good Chinese restaurant.

    But I can’t fault your exquisite taste in wine…!


  51. Reb. I agree it’s dead, just the way that Garrett wanted it to be.

  52. Never been a fan of his and I believe this to be appropriate at this juncture.

    Music break.

  53. Happy Frolykzes peoples!
    Just finished work after doing 16hrs out of the last 24.
    The bar is open & I’m thirsty…& a little grumpy.

    If you really want music put up something by Despised Icon, got their disc in the mail yesterday & you would all HATE it, trust me! LOL.

    I love it but my taste in music doesn’t correlate particularly well with the bubblegum loving rest of Earth’s inhabitants.
    Just taking the p!ss BTW, well kinda.

  54. Miglo, For you to read while recovering tomorrow morning:

    Cullen Chardonnay
    Cullen Sauv Blanc Sem
    Howard Park Riesling
    Howard Park Chardonnay
    Leewin Estate Art Series Chardonnay
    Killerby Chardonnay
    Devil’s Lair Chardonnay
    Pierro Chardonnay
    Voyager Chardonnay
    Voyager Sauv Blanc Sem

    All Brilliant WA whites IMO. Of course they are all pretty exy (cheapest there is the Killerby which is about $30/bottle. The ). I have to agree that the Sem Sauv Blanc blends from WA are pretty damn good value though. The Old Houghtons White Burgundy (Now Classic White I think) is great value. With the exception of the Adelaide Hills and Eden/ Clair Valleys, SA isn’t much chop for it’s whites (Although those ones pretty much make up for it).

    And yes, White Wine can be a bloke’s drink…. I think … as long as there is a beer as a palette cleanser and a bottle of Red followed by Port and Cigars to finish the night off with.

  55. HD – G’n’R’s Chinese Democracy is released tomorrow. You can listen to it on their You Tube Site already.

    I’ve listened to a couple of the songs and it isn’t bad (although I’m not sure what I was expecting either).

  56. Adrian,

    The Approval, and the conditions were imposed by Turnbull, Not Garrett. As I said last year, we are lucky to have Garrett administering these conditions. I have far more confidence in him being strict on compliance than the last mob.

    And No Tracie, I’m not going to debate this issue again, I’m just being factual.

  57. Can someone tell me WTF is going on in the cricket? Why so many wickets??? Is the pitch causing it because of all the rain?

  58. It’s a greentop and we are batting into a commanding position and it might be all over tomorrow.

  59. Thanx dave, tomorrow eh?!
    The old stuff was strong so I’m interested to hear what Axl has disengorged after all these years. Based on the snippets I’ve heard to date I’m intrigued.
    Strangely, I read an article in one of my trashy metal mags by Duff in which he mused about a reunion with the original lineup. In essence he refused to rule out the possibility & even seemed wistfully keen on the idea. I thought that the split between Axl & the rest was less than amicable, but there ya have it.
    It will be interesting to observe how Chinese Democracy is received.

  60. “Can someone tell me WTF is going on in the cricket?”joni

    Hilarious, I love it when the egomaniac Australian cricket team gets taught a lesson in humility by the unfancied Kiwis!

  61. Except the Kiwis are also getting cricket lesson.

    Though it appears the Kiwis have unearthed some young talent this match is more being dictated by a green wicket than skill.

  62. Thanks scaper

  63. i am enjoying the double whammy at the moment – aussies being taught a lesson, and india beating england….

    on a different note, have not been around much lately as busy packing and moving stuff to storage in anticipation of the BIG MOVE – only 3 weks to go…

  64. Gecko@63

    Yeah, I haven’t seen a score all day, I’m still wallowing in schadenfreude from yesterday.
    Watching OZ cricket dominate the rest of the world is boring & overdone IMHO.

    I enjoyed India’s recent slapping of the Aussies too Lekhni.

  65. How one day changes your perspective. Update…

    Son in law and job…

    …he’s just been over for a beer (mine, again!) and chat, to tell us he was pulled a side today by his boss and told they hope to keep him on, its just the other 360(!) they’re letting go…jeese – 360!

    …on top of that, his network has been working really well and it seems he may have a few interviews next week – providing he gets his resume up to date and in Monday (about six possibilities).

    Lesson for anyone working at the moment GET YOUR RESUME UP TO DATE and on disc and keep it up to date! (My son in law “lost” his and they have to start from scratch!

    Solar Power System

    Had a talk to the subcontractor who did the site inspection and decided that we didn’t have enough roof space for 1Kw of panels…

    …the government guidelines say we must have 1Kw or no deal…

    …spoke to him at some length, this morning and he said he would talk to the contractor to see if they could split the array and place some alongside our Solahart (we have two levels of roof single and double storey)…but we would have to pay for running the cable and splitting the array…

    …he came back within ten minutes! OK but it would cost an additional $480+GST – what do you reckon?

    …this does show some of the difficulty in using alternative energy sources though. Our house faces one degree off south – that means that we have the ideal aspect for north facing panels on the rear roof – but if you “wrap” panels around, say, east, north and west roofs it will only work on the “weakest” panel – effectively zilch – interesting, hey?

  66. That’s good news about your son-in-law TB..


  67. It depends how the cabling needs to be run TB hehe…if it was internal to link the split I would say it sounds like a fair price.

  68. He must be doing something noteworthy TB if he made the cut above 360 others.

    Ouch, I bet there were a few nervous moments while so many others got culled…I’ve been in this position before & it ain’t much fun.

  69. Worth reading this article on the car industry in America:

    (Too Big to Fail? – The Jurassic Auto and Idea Park
    By P. SAINATH , November 20, 2008)

    It’s my belief that the internet explosion put in place by Dems & their allies helped to LIMIT war. If our governments don’t use the economic downturn to FOCUS on an energy revolution that provides more energy independence for our nations then they will FALL & or opt to take us down the road to EXPANDED WAR…the ultimate attention seeker & mass employer.

    I approve of Hillary Clinton as Secretary of State…she has the potential to be a superb bridge builder & healer. Pleased that Henry Waxman & Tom Daschle are apparently going to be used wisely.

    Quite a lightning/light show last night…plenty of rain…wondered how it must have felt in those damned WW1 trenches…the sky filled w/ similar flashes…the participants drenched…but unlike me, no safe HOME to dash into to escape the RAGE.

  70. Mt. Eerie” by The Microphones.

    Many worthwhile & insightful posts this week blogocrats. Keep up the good work.

  71. Thanks for the recommendations Dave55, but no thanks. You’ll have to tie me down and shove the stuff down my throat before I’d drink a white.

    And reb, the St Halletts was a poor choice to go with Chinese. Maybe I should have taken a Mateus. All the same, I washed it away with a Jim Beam and a half corona.

    And HD, toiletboss is an appropriate name for a Crow’s supporter. They really are a shithouse mob, so the name fits.

    Final note, the other day I downloaded a slot machine from iTunes onto my iPod Touch. I’ve won $31,141 so I think I’ll cash in. I’ll write to Steve Jobs and kindly ask him to send a cheque.

  72. Many worthwhile & insightful posts this week blogocrats. Keep up the good work. (nasking).

    Just wait until I start posting about Port Adelaide. New levels of intelligence will be reached.

  73. Naughty miglo, bowing at the altar of Tredrea again.

    Alan Scott was RIGHT!

  74. While acknowledging the obvious difference between climate and the weather … As another stinker of a summer approaches, the climate change deniers will have a torrid old time defending their faith when all around know damn well it’s a warm globe (or at least this part of it).

    I was reading an old Omni magazine from 1989 earlier today. There was an article in there about carbon dioxide pollution, the greenhouse effect and, quote, “global warming”. The solution being prescribed was to reforest the tropics. We don’t seem to hear much about reforestation any more, it’s all about cutting those CO2 emissions. They’re both equally valid, surely.

  75. “And reb, the St Halletts was a poor choice to go with Chinese.”

    I’m trying to resist the urge not to say it, but:

    “I TOLD YOU SO!!!”

  76. reb

    I find that it always goes better with a:

    nana na na na naaaaa

  77. Caney

    Omni magazine – wow, there is a blast from the past. I used to read that when I was a lad. Is it still published?

  78. Omni magazine? Me too, when I was about 12 or 13. Fascinating reading!

  79. Miglo,

    I used to be the same about white wines but learnt the errors of my ways. I pretty much stick to Riesling, Chardonnay,Semillon and the Sem/Sauv Blanc blends. I find it gives me more options with food. I really struggle with Sauv Blanc (except the French stuff).

    Min, don’t know about spritzig but there are a couple of people making Moscatto in a slightly fizzy way. It’s only about 10% alc, quite fruity but in a balanced way and is good with Thai food. Brown Brothers are probably the cheapest and easiest to get a hold of. I describe it as a good Summer pool wine (along with rose).

  80. BTW folks – it’s the fiancee’s B’Day today and I’m taking her out for dinner. I’m tossing up between a 2004 Rosemount Balmoral Shiraz, 2002 Penfolds 389 (prob both a bit young) or a 1994 Reynell Basket Press Merlot. Unfortunately my main Cellar is still at my parent’s place, so apart from the 94 Merlot, I don’t have any stuff with much age on it. The 94 Merlot is absolutely F#@k’n fantastic (yes, even for a merlot!) but I have a heap of it and wan’t to try something else so I swaying towards the 389. What do you reckon?

    Oh and the white will be a 2004 Killerby (or Howard Park) Chardy).

  81. I’d go the 389 if you wanted a change from the merlot, but the merlot would be my first choice, I think at least anyway…


  82. reb – you know what you and I discussed yesterday? I think I might change the topic to wine.

  83. Yeah, good idea joni…

    What can we do to spread the word about boycotting HN this Christmas? His comments have really got my goat up!

  84. Let me try something!

  85. Just rechecked what I have here and found a ’95 Seaview, Edwards and Chaffey Shiraz – think I’ll go with that.

    reb, if you are interested in the Merlot, there is a bottle in the current Langton’s Auction.

    You can pick it up for less than $20 which, given it was around $30 when it was released in 1997 is pretty damn good I think. I’m generally the only person who bids on it so I’ll stay away this time and you might pick it up for less.
    It still drinks well (probably just reaching it’s best) but the corks tend to break when you open the bottle – nothing wrong with the wine though it’s just annoying picking all the cork remnant out of the wine.

  86. Has anyone been following the story of the oil tanker that was hijacked off Somalia?

    I saw a quote the other day from a US Navy guy who said that they do not know where the ship is at the moment. And I thought, um, what a load of crap.

    Do they really want us to believe that with all their technology (satellites etc) that they do not know exactly where the oil tanker is? It’s a ship that is 300 metres long FFS.

  87. Thanks Dave, I’m not usually a buyer a for wines at auction. We have a top bottle shop here in Hobart which regularly has $30 bottles of wine on special for $12-$15, so I’m usually in there stocking up…


  88. 60,000 fast approaching, 100,000 will be here in no time.

  89. Possum has a great post up at the moment going through the Crime Stats for Somali immigrants in Victoria. Well worth comparing his approach and Bolt’s to the same issue.

  90. Well, the planting has been finished and apart from a few more visits to monitor, my job there is done.

    I noticed a few fury things eating in the trees that I planted a couple of years ago…that goes with the territory when one rehabilitates a koala habitat so it must be working.

    I think I’ll rehabilitate a stretch of Oxley Creek next…that involves getting in there up to my knees in mud with an electric chainsaw to cut out the peppercorns and camphor laurels.

    This is for everybody.

    Music break.

  91. Did i just see Grizzley Adams? joking adrian. Thats a cool photo

  92. Uuuuugh!

    Too much WT & red wine…paying a heavy price now. Not so good coz I’m back to work in a couple of hours.

  93. Toliletboss, may I suggest a berocca and two nurophen?

  94. oh and a gatorade too.

  95. For those that have issues against the federal government for their broken promises and lack of action, the OO has a page up that details their promises and their progress.

    So much for the accusations that they have done nothing – and remember this is coming from the Opposition Oracle!

  96. #93. Hexx | November 22, 2008 at 11:20 am

    Did i just see Grizzley Adams? joking adrian. Thats a cool photo

    Gotta admit to going through lots of pics (and even contemplating ones with my m/c helmet on, but that one is the best and really does flatter me. Pity it doesn’t look as good in the full size pic but my current partner likes that one the best but said she will leave me if I ever grow a beard again. She prefers the business suited short hair clean shaven look apparently.

  97. Adrian

    What bike you got?

    I used to live on the Isle of Man where I initially had a Ducati 750SS, but as it was air-cooled it was not fast enough, so I traded it in for a ZX6R – then I could keep up with the mates on their Blades. And remember – outside of town on the rock there was no speed limit. And so places like Cronk-y-Voddy and up the mountain we’d be doing 120/130 mph. Bliss.

    Alas now I do not have a bike and have to rely on the MotoGP on TV for my thrills.

  98. The beard suits you. Just dont be put off by my silly comment. It’s a good pic.

  99. 60000 woohoo!!

  100. Hello Dave 55..strugglin’ on with just Riesling, Chardonnay,Semillon and the Sem/Sauv Blanc blends. Sound fine to me. I could probably manage.

    After a fairly impressive storm last night now have a hot blustery day. And hubby is due home from work and as he has had only 1 day off work since moving, some substantial reorganising (hopefully) happening this afternoon.

  101. min

    Have you had the opportunity yet to say “bloody hell, we forgot to pack the kitchen curtains!”?

  102. Joni…re kitchen wasn’t a matter of packing, it was a matter of scraping. [Note to others: burnt down the kitchen curtains via an oil burner and hubby didn’t notice..or was that, not game enough to mention].

  103. min – hehe

  104. I’m a member of Ulysses so like my touring but I also like going just about anywhere I want even if that’s off the beaten track, so I have a 2006 BMW R1200GS.

    Over my half decade I have owned many bikes from trail, road, cruisers and sports bikes. This is my third BMW.

    For the sheer thrill the bike I loved the most was the 1996 290kph Honda CBR1000F, but for all round versatility and ability to go just about anywhere I love this GS the best and will keep with them until I can’t ride anymore.

  105. Min

    Yeah – I’m doin’ it tough 😉

    Actually, what I like about these wines (and Viogner to a lesser extent) is that they all develop with age. It means you can buy a case or half a case and drink it over 5-10 years (or longer in some cases) and see how the wine develops and changes. Most people never get an opportunity to try an aged riesling or semillon (Pewsey Vale release a museum riesling and McWilliams have always released “Elizabeth” with some age on it) and you hardly ever see aged chardonnays on the market.

    The French are probably the best at the Chardonnays but our Semillons (Tyrrell’s Vat 1 being the best example IMO) are the best in the world. OUr wines, esp the reislings are heaps cheaper as well.

  106. Hey Joni, how dose the blogstats work?
    Cause since you said whoohoo 60000 there has not been 227 comments made. 🙂

  107. From what I gather, the stats are unique IP address hits on the pages per day. And so the increase of 227 is actually the number of hits not the comments.

    For example, your comment (#109) is actually the comment number 6703.

    This is what the wordpress FAQ on stats says:

    The graph shows page views each day. For example, if a visitor starts at an article, then views the home page and three pages of your January archives, that visit counts as 5 views.

  108. hits per day makes a lot more sense now, thanks.

  109. All,

    Just to let you know – there will be a new weekly thread appearing tomorrow (maybe even later today, once I get back on my mac to create an image for the thread). I you are all just so excited to know what the thread is going to be… and so can we save some of our wine discussions until I get it up. And then we can pop the corks on the new thread.

    😆 😆 😆

  110. Oh good a thread on beer.

  111. equally good Adrian…

    Or Rums 😀

  112. Hello Miglo..anything goes well with Chinese, cos Chinese aims to please ;-)). Eldest dau arrived somewhat later than expected and so hubby twisted my arm and suggested that we have pizza..from the fabulous Galileo’s at Kingscliff. And everything goes well with a Galileo’s pizza ;-))

    I have to fess up re pulling a few legs..spend 15 years in the Yarra Valley. However, no one can drag me away from my Mateus..just for sentimental value.

  113. Suffering. Have been laying in bed the last few hours. Need to gather the strength and the motivation to attend a dinner tonight. I have selected my drink: a bottle of 2008 Pepsi Max. Goes with anything.

  114. Hair of the dog Miglo – hair of the dog.

    BTW – I assume you have blamed the chinese meal 😉

  115. Suffering? Tell me about it. Mitchellton Peppertree Shiraz….
    I can’t bring myself to say anything else…

  116. reb, did you break your rule on the order of drinks ….

    BTW, I have no prob with Spirits being at the end of the night after wines etc but you cant go back to beer. Any spirit before wines should also be limited to white spirits (G&T or White Rum on rocks with fresh Lime).

    Amazingly, I haven’t had a “suffering” hangover for a while – although I was a little “tired” on Tuesday – Damn late nights at conferences 😉

  117. You must still be a young chap Dave55.

    I find that the older I get, the less I can drink.

    I was just on the red last night. Usually I’m fine in the morning, but this morning I had a first class headache.

  118. TB,

    I’ve been meaning to ask after the minister’s health. Is she back to 100%?

  119. I’m into my 4th decade … not sure whether that constitutes young or not 😉

    I think I just got smarter in how I drink and make sure I have a Berocca before drinking and water during and afterwards. Food helps as well.

  120. Me too. 42. Isn’t that meant to be the answer to the meaning of life or something?

    Yeah, I usually drink gallons of water, if I’m on the wine. I think that was last night’s mistake – not enough water…


  121. Reb, I’m only 32 (had three decades and now into my forth) but I think my best drinking days are behind me – I can’t drink like I used to or at least I don’t kick on like I used to.

    Hangover ‘cures’ are a load of crap IMO (but bacon and eggs seems to work better than anything else) – it’s all about prevention – keeping the ol’ liver functioning but keeping the vit B levels up and lots of water to keep it functioning at its best and reduce the dehydration headaches. Vegemite on toast before bed helps as well – prob the yeast and vit B i guess.

  122. All over in the cricket.

    NZ smashed by 149 runs. With the exception of Pup and Katich, it was a pretty poor batting performance from both teams.

  123. scaper

    By far the TV show was better than the movie. Then again, the radio show was even better.

  124. Water is definitely key, the more before during & after the better.
    Only problem is that when I’m enthused about inebriating myself the last thing I normally think of is having a glass of water or 5.
    I’m also pretty stupid in that I mix beer wine & spirits enthusiastically as if there is no distinction between them & I reckon that such mixtures often take their toll.

    I think “hangover cures” are little more than urban legend & genuinely believe in the horrid suffering of what is self-induced.
    Sometimes I even swear to myself “NEVER AGAIN!” but so far every time I’ve been lying to the sensible side of my thinking brain.

  125. “I’m only 32 (had three decades and now into my forth) but I think my best drinking days are behind me – I can’t drink like I used to or at least I don’t kick on like I used to.”dave55

    At the same age & I agree, my “best” drinking days are behind me.
    Only problem is I can drink better than I used to & do tend to kick on way past the point of moderation (ignoring the obvious signs of “when to stop” is a bit of an issue I’ve always had). Probably for these reasons the suffering is much, much worse.

    It’s more fun than self-flagellation yet oddly similar in some respects.

  126. The Malcolm Turnbull Blues…

    I’ve got those Malcolm Turnbull blues
    Somebody scratched the mercedes
    I’ll just have to take the kids to private school in the BMW
    I’ve got the blues
    I’ve got the blues real bad

    The champagne’s not cold enough
    and this caviar don’t look like no beluga to me
    Won’t somebody help me
    Won’t somebody fetch my rolex for me

    I’ve got the blues
    I’ve got those Malcolm Turnbull blues real bad

    The rent’s due on Monday
    Those bastard tenants better pay it to me
    Keep complaining about the leaky ceiling
    How come they don’t have any sympathy for me?

    I grew up in flat in struggle street Double Bay
    And I had to make my own ways
    No one around to help me
    You just can’t get good help these days

    I’ve got the blues
    I’ve got the blues real bad

  127. joni, I listened to the radio version on JJ in the seventies and the TV version was pretty spot on…we were discussing this over lunch and we could not bring ourselves to watch the movie.

    The Boatshed was excellent as usual and it will be a lite dinner as I am full.

  128. As Bolt said on Insiders this morning Labor will be sad over this news and the Liberals will be happy:

  129. you mean to say that you sat through an episode of Insiders with Bolt on it Adrian?

  130. Yeah and it was painful as he just regurgitated the same old crap without change, even stating again that global warming stopped a decade ago and we are cooling.

    Also this episode of Insiders was harshly unfair on the Rudd government and Rudd stating some untruths and misrepresenting or underplaying this government’s achievements.

    Dennis Atkins had it spot on and was fair and balanced in his assessment of the government’s performance. Of course according to Bolt this government hasn’t done a single thing except for spin, so I’m having trouble understanding how he keeps criticising things the government supposedly hasn’t done. Turnbull also said at a press conference on being questioned about the Rudd government one year on they have done absolutely nothing but spin.

    I’m having great difficulty reconciling all the attacks and criticisms by the opposition and right wing commentariat on government policies they say don’t exist, and the stupid thing is that a paper had a list of Rudd government achievements that Bolt said don’t exist, and that list is nowhere near covers all the things this government has done or is doing, good, bad or indifferent.

    As Atkins stated and Crabb agreed with is that Rudd ministers are quietly working hard in the background within their departments which is why you don’t hear much about what is being done. This is the opposite to how the previous government did things, where a song and dance had to be made throughout the mainstream media about every nuance and job they were doing, of course always spun into a good light, yet they talk about Rudd being all spin.

    I’ll add another achievement of the Rudd government that is not getting any mention, a great drop off in the number of tax payer funded party political ads.

  131. As Atkins stated and Crabb agreed with is that Rudd ministers are quietly working hard in the background within their departments which is why you don’t hear much about what is being done. (Adrian).

    I’ve been trying to tell everybody that for weeks.

    I work for a Minister. I see the hard yards put in. I see policies being formulated that will make this country a better place.

    And then I read on or any Murdoch rag that this Government is doing nothing and I wonder how on Earth they could say that. But then I remember their love affair with Howard.

  132. Miglo, the opposition will be eating their words after the second year of this government…it takes time to shift to pro-active from reactive policy when one has to dodge the eight ball.

  133. Scaper, I suspect that you’ll be proven right, but will the Murdoch press ever catch on? Rudd could single handedly pull the world out of the global financial crisis but the Murdoch press response will be either:
    a) Howard would have done it quicker and better; or
    b) It would never have happened under Howard’s watch in the first place.

  134. Miglo, I suspect the government will be proven right on what I know…I shudder at the thought of the last PM still in power.

    He would have crashed and burned by now and taken the nation with him based on the fact that he was old school and this would have not been good enough to duck the punches.

    As for the Murdoch press… they will come around as if not then alienation does not sell newspapers.

    I’ll leave it at that…

  135. Something a little bit different…are you out there cousin?

    Music break.

  136. This one is special to me…the piano in the last minute gets to my senses and always makes me shed a few tears because it touches at my soul.

    I wish I had room for a baby grand piano…all in good time.

  137. Parliament will be the poorer for Petro Georgiou’s departure. He’s the only Libtard who can hold his head high, because he never betrayed his principles. I wish him well when he retires.
    Miglo, Chad’s thrown his hat into the captaincy ring according to the web site.

  138. And no-one has commented on my retro new avatar 😦

  139. The Goddies, wow that brings back some memories. That would have to be around the days of monkey magic.

  140. It’s all because I have been listening to recording of “I’m sorry I haven’t a clue”. Bloody funny stuff that still makes me laugh out loud after repeated listenings.

    I was beginning to wonder whether the image was appearing? WordPress sometimes has some emotional problems with new avatars.

  141. Joni and Authors,
    Would it at all be possible to do a subject on depression/suicide as this has been becoming an issue thats to close to home lately. Things are just getting so damn hard and more people are showing signs of D/S. Also suicide victims are missing persons untill they are found, if found.

    Think about it. cheers

  142. Absolutely hexx… we have had discussions on it in the other place. We will get one up tomorrow on it.

    And hope you OK.

  143. Too much pride i guess, simply put life so damn serious offline that i try and counter it online by having silly humour to let go a bit. Its not working for me. (Not suicidal)

    Thats life and we deal with it, its just good to hear some others opinions as they can change they way you think and see things at times.There is more than enough people in the room to make this happen.

  144. Ok i signed up now what happens? where do i sign in?… I found a pic and updated it(facial hair)
    i was 36. Oh and i couldnt sign up under Hexx

  145. “I was beginning to wonder whether the image was appearing? WordPress sometimes has some emotional problems with new avatars”joni

    After a bit of screwing around with my avatar over the last couple of days I reckon I’ve worked out what’s up with wordpress.
    If I click on my desktop shortcut to blogocrats I get my “sounds of the animal kingdom”, half gorilla half man avatar every time by default it seems.
    However, if I log into wordpress first & then navigate to here it will default to whatever my latest updated pic on my wordpress dashboard is. If I edit & update my profile to change my avatar whilst logged in it appears that there is always a bit of a lag time before the new pic is uploaded at blogocrats.

    Hexx, my partner is (on & off) a long time endurer of the black dog; going on a decade now. I sympathise mate, it tests her out & consequently it tests me & our daughter; it is very real & hard to watch someone you love suffering from despair.
    Even though it’s under control it still surfaces on occasion & must be beaten back with understanding.
    For me in particular it has been a long road to reconcile it because I don’t ever feel close to rock bottom & generally look for the positives in the day to day grind rather than feeling flat & consumed by the negatives. I realise that it is not that simple however.
    To anyone with the black dog I’d like to express my solidarity with what is commonly an ongoing wrestle.

  146. EG. now, after logging in through wordpress, my avatar should have changed to my mugshot.

  147. Miglo, Chad’s thrown his hat into the captaincy ring according to the web site. (Jane).

    I hope he wins the chook raffle Jane. He’ll be a great leader.

    Toiletboss is a big fan of his too.

  148. Yessir! I love Chad.
    Lithper is my hero.

    In 2009, as his golden perm recedes further & his hasbeen performances increase I wish him all the worst.
    Plagued by injury & ego-driven foot in mouth alike.
    Hopefully the brainlesstrust at Alberton do saddle him with the captaincy & his selfimportance drags the Power even further towards the bottom of the ladder than last year…although that would be quite a feat in itself.

    Poor Warren, don’t you feel sorry for him now that he’s been put out to pasture?

  149. hexx

    you just signin at and then come to the blogocrats and it should show ur avatar…

    and who/what is your new name?

  150. Unfknblvbl! & the astoundingly conflated nature of the discussion there is the only reason I draw attention to it.

    The Bolt gargoyles are in a frenzy at Uncle Andy’s trying desperately (& no doubt convincing themselves & eachother) to assert that Hitler was a “socialist” & Nazism is a historical legacy of “teh Left”. Much of the histrionics are premised on the fact that the word “socialism” is attached to National Socialism.
    That people can genuinely believe this, & stridently defend it, suggests to me a kind of ideological filter applied to all global history that is seriously misguided & without any sort of objective point of reference.
    Not how I would categorise Nazism that’s for sure. The fact that Bolt is quite happy to allow his blog to perpetuate this misrepresentation speaks volumes about the way he approaches issues.

  151. After where you have been and what you have seen, toiletboss, I hope you have applied some toiletduck to clean yourself.

  152. joni@156

    Yeah, I try & tell myself that most people are pretty sensible most of the time. Reading threads like the one I linked to does little to reinforce my optimism.The ignorance of equating Nazism with teh Left is palpable & purely willful political point scoring. Not even a hint of realistic appraisal about it.


  153. The boyf and myself were chatting this morning about how a group of neonazis have been locked up in Israel. He commented that isn’t Israel only for the jewish (and the oppressed palestinians) – to which I replied that stupid ignorant people exist in all societies.

    A person is sensible, but people are stupid.

  154. If I click on my desktop shortcut to blogocrats I get my “sounds of the animal kingdom”, half gorilla half man avatar every time by default it seems. (Toiletboss).

    In your case Toiletboss, which is which?

  155. Miglo

    Yeah – I am confused as to how wordpress assigns the avatars. My work laptop is showing me, but my home laptop is showing the goodies. I just give up and let it show what it wants.

  156. Joni, I think you missed my point. I was wondering if Toilettboss was the human half or the gorilla half.

  157. ah LOL… oops.

  158. But does that make you the Toilet Daffy Duck?

  159. I think the problem with avatars reverting to older versions has to do with cookies on your computer. If after updating your avatar, you clear the cookies it might solve the problem.

  160. mmmm…. cookies….

  161. But does that make you the Toilet Daffy Duck?

    No. I’m Toiletboss’s conscience.

    You may not be aware of this but Toiletboss and I were born in the same hospital (Kingston SA).

    I took the high road and he took the low road.

  162. Yes indeed, the low road…straight out through the S-bend.

  163. As for the half man half gorilla graphic. It’s from the cover of Brutal Truth’s classic “Sounds of The Animal Kingdom” CD…I’m sure you wouldn’t understand, hehe.

    My true visage is much less hairy than the gorilla, or the man for that matter, & without the low browridge…& yet still considered lowbrow by some.
    I would that I could grow a fierce beard like Adrian but the best I can muster is my everpresent goatee; let’s face it, if it ain’t happened by 33 (in a fortnight) it ain’t gonna happen.

  164. “mmmm…. cookies….”

    Ha, trust you.

  165. Toiletboss,

    Here’s a story for you…,27574,24670784-2,00.html

  166. LOL, where do I get me one of those toilets with a playstation & a plasma at my feet?

  167. reb

    it is amazing how you find these stories! LOL

  168. It would bring a whole new meaning to “logging on”

  169. joni@173 ROFLMAO.

  170. Or – I just downloaded.

  171. I meant reb @173 BTW

  172. I just need to clear my cache…

  173. ok, i think i’m logged in.

  174. Call to pay SES volunteers in Queensland
    Yes there is no question about it and while your at it pay the fire service and ambos more then bread crumbs for the sh@t they go through or Hire more police like 30,000 per state not 3 – 5 police.

    The SES should be a paid service to ensure they are always there and up in numbers. Many SES members have the equipment but not the men or the otherway around. Some do so much it is unfair to ask or take advantage of the public to this extreme, Members come and go and it is hard to determine how much training one has had out in the feild when members from all areas get togther to take on such task or to allocate tasks to them.

  175. On more important news, hasn’t Boy George turned into a fat f*ck?

  176. Cutting Edge should be interesting tonight – SBS 8.30pm:

    “For years, big business – from oil and coal companies, to electric utilities, to car manufacturers – has resisted change to environmental policy and stifled the debate over climate change in America and around the globe.”

    “Now, facing rising pressure from governments, green groups and investors alike, big business is reshaping its approach to the environment. Within the context of the US election, producer Martin Smith investigates what some businesses are doing to fend off new regulations and how others are repositioning themselves to prosper in a radically changed world.”

  177. is the bar open yet? I could murder a nice glass of rouge….

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