No More Free Lunches For No-Hopers: Harvey

Gerry Harvey, the man who wanted the government to introduce a two tier wage system, one for immigrant workers and the other for locals.  Claims it was getting too expensive to hire stable hands.    Pay pittance for immigrant workers and abandon locals, so why doesn’t this surprise me:

Buck pass: Charity is a waste, says Gerry Harvey.

THE retail king Gerry Harvey may have a personal fortune of about $1.6 billion but the Harvey Norman founder thinks donating to charity is “just wasted”.

Asked in a new book about the role he and Harvey Norman play in the community, Mr Harvey said giving money to people who “are not putting anything back into the community” is like “helping a whole heap of no-hopers to survive for no good reason”.

He said he believed in helping “develop people to their potential” because “when they achieve [their potential] they will put a lot more back into the community”.

Never Mind the Frolykz, here’s Weekend Wonderland!!

What an eventful week it’s been.

The Banks. You’ve gotta love them don’t ya?

Firstly (still) dragging their toes to pass on the RBA’s interest rate cuts and now hiking up credit card rates. According to financial data company Infochoice, GE Money and Wizard Home Loans have both increased credit card rates by 2 per cent or more since September, when the RBA began its series of rate cuts.

Meanwhile, Aussies are turning to plastic to get by with an 8% increase in credit card use in September alone.

With Christmas just around the corner, I see this as a really bad sign. I suspect many people will be tempted to turn to the convenience of credit cards to finance the festive season only to wake up to a New Year’s hangover when the repayments fall due.

Then of course there are the easy credit terms of major retailers like Hardly Normal that have obscene interest rates if customers miss a repayment.

I expect many household are in for some really tough times next year.

There is also mixed views about where the property market is heading. Glenn Stevens at the RBA insists that house prices won’t crash, despite evidence to the contrary.

Anyway, on a more serious note, the new James Bond movie “Quantum of Solace” has opened to mixed reviews with Margaret and David expressing dismay despite giving it 3 stars each. Have you seen it yet, or plan to?

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Labor Responses to Internet Filtering Outcry

Posted by Kevin Rennie

Sent out email last Friday to most Federal and State ALP members of parliament with a link to Internet Censorship Will Haunt Rudd Government. Have received 5 replies so far:

  • From Amanda Fazio, New South Wales MLC, supporting the dumping of the policy. Her speech to the Legislative Council can be found at: Internet Censorship
  • The second was a very private email that went astray, from the office of a Victorian MLA . Didn’t receive a reply when I bounced it back. My lips are sealed.
  • A response from Senator Kate Lundy’s office, offering to forward any messages to Senator Conroy.
  • From my Facebook friend the Finance Minister, Lindsay Tanner. The text seems to be a media release but was appreciated anyway.
  • Chris Hayes MHR for Werriwa has sent the same response.

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joni and reb


Hopefully the incoming US president will follow through on his commitment to shut one of the most shameful acts by the outgoing administration. In recent days Obama has confirmed his intention to close the Guantanamo Bay prison where not only have people (including minors) been detained without trial, the accusations of administration condoned, and even encouraged, torture continue to grow.

The website American Torture has links to many reports that details the abuse that occurred at the prison, including Physicians for Human Rights and Human Rights First and the University of California, Berkeley’s Human Rights Center. Some of the details are very disturbing and I hope that those who condoned the abuses are held to account. And in my mind this means Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld and Gonzales. 

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