Fake New York Times Online

In case you missed last week’s fake The New York Times, THE IRAQ WAR ENDS, this is an online version.

Kevin Rennie


4 Responses

  1. Hehe, very creative!
    As to the subject matter…if only.

    When the war “ends” seems to be very open to shifting goalposts & ideological interpretation.
    In essence, no matter what has previously happened, or what is yet to come, the neo-cons will always claim victory…& never accept responsibility for the death, displacement & illegality.

  2. While I agree it is very creative, I am not sure I agree with creating a fake newspaper based on the name of an existing business which could be affected. I certainly wouldn’t want someone creating a fake copy of my business.

  3. And what was amazing about the fake paper is that they co-ordinated across the country to have it handed out.

    And the date on the paper was 2009 or something too.

  4. First I’d heard of it. I actually thought it was just somebody taking the piss out of NYT.
    Much of the wingnut media in the US decries the NYT as left biased, WTF?!
    I’ve always viewed it as an official organ for the manufacturing of consent for war, FTA’s & other US administration endorsed policies in line with perpetuating the status quo.

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