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Baz’s new movie ‘Australia’ is out this week after much hoo-ha. I can’t say I’ll be rushing out to see it. I don’t fancy that ice maiden; what’s her name…

Also, PM Rudd has announced a $300 million dollar handout for local councils, providing they apply for a grant before June 2009. I reckon it would take a local council that long just to figure out who’s responsibility it ought to be to fill out the paperwork! I know, let’s engage a consultant to tell us.

I’ve finally splashed out and bought a blu-ray player! We watched Casino Royale and the picture and sound quality were awsome!!

Oh, of course I should mention that Blogocrats passed 50,000 hits this week!

Well done everybody for your contributions, comments, posts and suggestions. We’re really beginning to see a lot of diverse topics for discussion and differing opinions which is fantabulous!

And a big welcome to our new commenters! (I won’t name names in case I forget someone, but you know who you are), welcome one and all..

Also, just a reminder that anyone can post a topic for discussion. Even if it’s about evil union bosses. So if you have an idea or subject that you would like discussed, just email us here: smcm88@yahoo.com

joni & reb

oh and here’s some music for a new blogocrat:


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  1. What !!! You don’t like the ice maiden ?. I think she is still the better half of the cruise years. He has turned into a creep. Naturally i presume this is who you are talking about 🙂

  2. smiling 🙂 xox

  3. and now dancing!

  4. Yes Shane, the ice maiden!!

    She ruined “The Invasion” for me, which for all intents and purposes was a great movie but let down by the ice maiden’s stunted acting.

    Yeah, she’s not as much of a head case as Tom, but there’s still something not quite right about her.

    She was however, perfectly cast in The Stepford Wives – no actiong ability required, ‘just be yourself ICE MIADEN!!’

  5. reb

    How cruel,lol, she must act better than I do because she ispaid 17 million per movie.

    But then again a lot of CEOs are paid much more than that and are totally useless so you may have an argument there somewhere.

  6. A ‘Dilbert argument’ I think Shane…


  7. For those who know of Riley. He is going to the vets today to get his annual shots and will also ask more questions about any therapy that can improve his left side which is still partially paralysed. It has amazed me how the efeects seem exactly the same as a human who has had a stroke.

    He is however learning to balance on his right side.

    Not sure if the following has been covered anywhere else as I have not had time to read all postings since my return, so if it is my apologies.

    BTW did any of our bloggers get caught up in the storm on Sunday, are any affected. I ran outside when the strom reached me in peachester to lock up the chooks ( well actually grabbed them and flung them in the chook house) as the wind had become ferocious and i imagined them taking off and landing on dorothys house. Finally today the sun is out at the moment.

    If any are affected my thoughts and best wishes go out to you.

    joni: Riley will ask the questions?

  8. Nicole Kidman – she is to acting what Kevin Rudd is to public speaking, what Peter Costello is to courage and what John Howard is to youth.

    And she’s beginning to look suspiciously like Michael Jackson.

  9. Oh good one …………!

    Before anybody gets too excited about the Councils getting $300 million consider this

    Did you actually pause to consider exactly how many parking meters they’ll be able to purchase with that ?

    Thanks for nuffin Kevvy……….!

  10. lol Ross.

    Maybe it is Michael Jackson as it is the only way he can get out in public these days.

  11. I think they should get rid of parking meters and instead install speed cameras on the council roads and streets and earn their revenue that way.

    The way the most of the youth and some of the more mature drive these days they could raise much more revenue and slow the maniacs on the streets. Place them at schools as well.

    Make a fortune compared to their parking meters.

  12. joni

    Of course Riley will ask the questons!!!!

    He is going to see Dr Dolittle.

  13. Wouldn’t you want Dr Doalot?

    (I will stop now – nearly lunchtime for me and my sugar levels are low).

  14. It looks like we will not take the lead.


    I’d have a good belly laugh if a Pom gets the position of leading the UN instead of the person who has been travelling the earth to try to sure up support!

  15. Oh you meanies. Firstly Nic looks better as a redhead. Love the midnight margueritas scene in Practical Magic. Who cares if one can act as long as one can dance in the kitchen ;-)) But then I’m not often into deep and meaningful in movies, as everyone can no doubt ascertain from the above. Music is another story.

    Shane: a long time since I was a shire councillor but I don’t think that Council can install speed cameras as this is a police, thereby a state matter. Council can apply to the state government for a speed camera but unless it can be shown that there is a danger (sadly previous fatalities), the answer to Council is usually no. Speed humps and speed retarding methods such concrete bollards and tree planting usually work a treat though.

    Rudd is spot on regarding providing revenue to local Councils, thereby side-stepping inefficient/ineffectual state governments.

    It does depend upon the Council, but Council’s responsibilities can include age care assistance, co-funding of maternal and infant health, community centers, maintenance of parks and gardens, emergency & safety planning eg fire prevention. And so funding to Council means not only immediate action (which is what Rudd is looking for) and creating local jobs but also has the potential for creating an improvement in the quality of life for residents.

  16. Scaper thanks for the link to the UK story. Excellent stuff. I would like toknow what their interim targets will be?

    Also from the Courier Mail: Cheney indicted for prison abuse.

    Let the heads roll…

  17. Min

    Only problem I have with speed humps is that the youth roar down the street, slam on their brakes and screech to the hump then roar off again. They may slow them down but the noise becomes deafening and they burn rubber.

  18. Just in

    A TEXAS grand jury has indicted US Vice President Dick Cheney for conspiring to block an investigation into abuse at privately run prisons.

    The three-page indictment alleges that Mr Cheney profited from the abuse because he invested $US85 million ($131 million) in a mutual fund company which holds shares of for-profit prisons.

    It said this was a “direct conflict of interest” because Mr Cheney had influence over the federal contracts awarded to the prison companies.

  19. Tracie, what I admire about the UK is they just got on with it without trying to scare the public and I like their option of only using an ETS if necessary instead of a big stick.

    Also I believe due to their geographical nature they will be more successful than we will.

    Although I have time for Cheney I will wait to see what eventuates.

    “Several other related indictments were brought against a host of public officials in what one lawyer called a circus act by a local prosecutor seeking revenge in his final weeks in office.”

    This passage makes me a bit sceptical.

  20. T @ 16,

    joni does a little dance around the office… and I think once a little water gets through the floodgates will open and the current administration will be facing some very difficult times ahead.

  21. Although I have time for Cheney I will wait to see what eventuates.

    Really got to get that voice typing software as my typing is too slow and I tend to leave out little words like “no!”

  22. I’m in a love ballad mood today.

    Music break.


  23. As many other here might know, I’ve written many comments in regards to the cutoff of funding to the Australian National Academy of Music, announced by Peter Garrett last month.

    It seems that all the pressure being exerted by concerned people in the community has had an impact:


    I don’t know much more than that. So I’ll have to reserve my judgement on the new instituion until more details come through. However, I maintain that it is ridiculous to close ANAM at this time of the year. There will be a 6 month gap between ANAM’s closure and the opening of its replacement institution. This is totally uneccessary, unhelpful and inconvenient for everyone involved.

    I agree with Senator Christine Milne, who says that ANAM should be kept open for next year and the future of the institution should be determined well in advance of 2010.


  24. no!

    Scaper, I thought someone had hijacked your user name. Time for ‘Haliburton’ Cheney? Hell No!

    I’m willing to bet this guy has been making squillions out of his VICE [presidency]

  25. Hello Shane. Then if it’s a long straight strip, turn it into a twisty, windey one via concreted side inserts which are very good as they are also excellent for neighborhood tree planting.

    If the hoons are using the street for drag racing then obviously the original design was inferior.

    That’s a big bit of the problem..Councils attempting to obtain the best possible for the community while developers continuously feed lowest/cheapest options..these developers then whining about Councils slowing up ‘progress’ with Council under the continuous threat of legal action should they try to hold up a developer’s (lousy) application.

  26. Oh you meanies. Firstly Nic looks better as a redhead. – Min | November 19, 2008 at 2:13 pm

    Just scratch her scrawny frame against any rough surface and up she goes! Whoosh!

    And every time she smooches Keith, the poor bugger has to run screaming to the bathroom and plunge his head into the toilet bowl to put himself out.

    What does he see in her, I wonder. Frankly, I reckon it’d be like pluggin’ a gluten-free breadstick.

  27. Min

    I agree, I am not blaming councils in any way, I am trying to find a way to increase their revenue base, but as you have already pointed out it is a police matter in regards to speed cameras so that ends that.

    Developers do place far too much pressure on council and tend to blame them for everything, yet it is the developers who make the money not council. I will however say that councils sometimes do charge outrageous fees and costs at times.

  28. Min

    Why does there have to be a danger or previous fatalities for a speed camera to be installed. I am all for speed cameras becuase the only ones who have something to fear are those breaking the law. I don’t mean setting them up to fine people doing 65 in a 60 zone. I mean setting them up for those doing 120 in an 80 zone.

  29. And so Ross, it seems that you don’t like skinny women. And so your ideal of womanhood is…????

  30. min @ 29

    Thank deity that question was not directed at reb or myself.


  31. Sadly Shane, with limited revenue speed cameras are placed where there is a proven danger. I would be lobbying Council firstly, then the RTA (or the equivalent in your state). Council is often a good place to start re a Question on Notice via your local Councillor.

    In fact, Step 1 phone your local Councillor and ask the question about your street. Find out what previous complaints have been made. And then keep working on it. For example, ask your Councillor to place a question on notice at the next council meeting re complaints of speeding/hooning in the street.

  32. No probs for joni, reb and crew. The answer of course is your mums. Or failing that min??? I can only but dream.

  33. And so Ross, it seems that you don’t like skinny women. And so your ideal of womanhood is…???? Min | November 19, 2008 at 3:44 pm

    My ideal would be … sorta kinda, like Scarlett Johannson and Penelope Cruz and Salma Hayek and Gillian Anderson and maybe Alyson Hannigan (from “Buffy”) and that blonde Viper pilot chick from “Battlestar Galactica” and Jennifer Carpenter (from “Dexter”) all rolled into one.

    Or gathered all together in a motel room on a dark and stormy night with not much to do except have a bunch of pillow fights in their pyjamas and so they call out for a pizza and then this pizza guy arrives and his name is Ross and they invite him in for a slice cause the weather’s way too bad to be driving in and maybe he should get out of those wet clothes while he’s here and change into something more comfortable and …

    I’m sorry, I can’t think straight right now.

  34. Ross

    If youre ideal came true you would have a stroke from the excitement before any could happen 🙂

  35. I just hope that ross is not having a “stoke” at the moment.

  36. joni

    I wanted to say that but thought better ROFLPMP

  37. Uma Thurman.

    That’s all I’m going to say.

  38. I think it was scaper who mentioned the new Sex Party that is being formed here in Australia (can I say “here” even though I am not/)… anyway, the BF has found that it is not the first in the world.


  39. If youre ideal came true you would have a stroke from the excitement before any could happen – Shane | November 19, 2008 at 4:10 pm

    Pleathe path me my drool bucket, I’ve had a rather nathty turn.

  40. And Ross, they’re all such terrific actors ;-))) Which they might need to be.

  41. Under the topic of treating people like idiots – from http://www.theage.com.au/national/tv-junk-food-ads-dont-make-kids-fat-soft-drink-makers-20081119-6b53.html

    ~~TV junk food advertising does not make kids fat, soft drink makers say.

    They have also questioned the need for draft laws banning food and drink ads during children’s television programs.

    There was no link between obesity and advertising, Australian Beverages Council chief executive Tony Gentile told a Senate committee hearing today.

    “Why regulate something where there is no proof there is a cause and effect?” he said~~

    Yep I’ve got that. (Robot like) Theeere is no connection between advertising and what children eattttt or driiinnkk.

    This is of course why advertisers of junk food NEVER EVER bother to advertise during children/teen’s viewing hours. They just like to chuck their advertising dollars around willy-nilly rather than a ‘set target’ of consumers.

  42. I went to a catholic school and then a catholic boarding school so I am all for private education, however I find their and the liberal partys argument in the following story a disgraceful expectation that they have rules for the public education system and rules for the private. No No No all must be on the same playing field.


  43. Junk food advertising has been around ever since I was a kid and I ate my fair share and was never considered overweight.

    It is about time people reclaimed their right to be responsible parents instead of blaming anyone other than themselves for their children’s woes and this do-gooder mentality in the guise of moral superiority is addressed!

    I’ve had enough of being told how to live my life and how to raise my child by people and especially by governments!!!

    What is their claim to fame apart from sucking off the teats of the public purse and come on people…what the hell have these people achieved for the betterment of this nation or the future generations apart from hot air???

    I just love being told about trust and parenting by the armchair experts on another thread…I say look after your own and let others do it their way and the result will be down the track and I’m confident and most importantly, so is my daughter and that is what counts in this pathetic excuse for a society that we are all responsible for and until all people shoulder the blame we will never reclaim the society that we deserve.

    Boy, I can type fast when I’m totally pissed off…must be the middle finger!!!

  44. Oh by the way, I took my frustration over to Jack’s!

    More traffic…

  45. “The place where we get to talk about anything and everything, including evil union bosses!”

    …tempting, but I’ll have to pass at the moment.

  46. Shane: Hubby likewise went to a catholic school. Simple, you want public $s then just open the books. So why all this of tearing of hair..

    Interesting arguments from this article:

    ~ That the information re funding could be distorted by the press
    ~ That no public good would be made by funding making front page headlines (ummm, why would the funding make front page headlines??)
    ~ That publication of funding will ‘pander to’ those who are philosophically against private education **Refer to above: Why? Is it other than parents? Is it fast food corporations? Is it porn websites? Who knows.

    And yawn, the Opposition’s response is. Can you believe it..it’s wait for it..A Hit List circa last century.

    I agree Shane, you want the money, then let’s open up and let taxpayers know how you’ve spent it plus let us know what other funds you are receiving and from whom.

  47. Scaper: I think that in your (and my) day, fast food advertising meant Milky Bars and Lucky Boy licorice.

    I think importantly that when parents were giving their children treats that they were aware that these were just that ‘treats’.

    However, sticking up for the young parents these days..try feeding your child breakfast. How many forms of vitamin and guaranteed to enhance your child’s performance at school cereals can a parents be bombarded with? And they’re just a plate of sugar with minimal fibre and little else.

    Nothing will resolve this until we resume the old adage, Truth in Advertising.

  48. Scaper,

    I’ll give you the middle finger…

  49. <However, sticking up for the young parents these days..try feeding your child breakfast. How many forms of vitamin and guaranteed to enhance your child’s performance at school cereals can a parents be bombarded with? And they’re just a plate of sugar with minimal fibre and little else.

    Nothing will resolve this until we resume the old adage, Truth in Advertising.

    Agreed Min. Obviously advertising has an impact and that is why these companies are so protective of their ‘right’ to peddle their junk to our kids. Monica Trapaga should have hung her head in shame for advertising Coco Pops.

    (Yet) another example of profits before people. If advertising is so benign Scaper why do you think they banned tobacco advertising?

    Thank God for the (currently) ad free ABC.

  50. Respectfully beg to differ Tracie on the ABC being free of ads… haven’t you seen the ads for the Howard Years? They are just as bad as junk food.


  51. Well I guess I have to agree Joni, to much consumption of ‘Howard Years’ promo will definately make one sick 🙂

  52. “Although I have time for Cheney”

    Do you mean that you hope he does time? Or should do time? Or has his time come?

    Or is it the case you have time for Cheney because Haliburton built the railway from Adelaide to Darwin that has proved to be a financial disaster? Or Cheney caused children to do time in Gitmo?

    Please explain!

  53. Although I have time for Cheney I will wait to see what eventuates.

    Really got to get that voice typing software as my typing is too slow and I tend to leave out little words like “no!”

    Nature 5
    I think its suppose to read” Although I have NO time for Cheney I will wait to see what eventuates”.

  54. Finally we can all rest with the comfort of knowing ” Hitler only had one testicle” . Unless this missing testicle started world war 2, this is to much information.

  55. Jack has a blog up on the parlous performance by the NSW government and the system in general.


    I missed the live blog which I enjoy very much and have not posted there yet…check it out and comment.

  56. Shane. I hope that I’m not too late to catch up. Eventually received a call from youngest this morning to say that everything was ok up in Bris..had to rescue a few things 2am that were floating, but otherwise thankfully no damage.

    And did you receive any further advice from the vets?

  57. Min. The vet could not advise any further course of action other than what I am doing. I suppose bearing in mind they thought he would never walk it is a miracle so far.

    Thank god everything is ok for you and no damage.

  58. Indeed min… I was just looking at the news website and thought of a qld-o-crats and was hoping that the are all OK.

  59. Thank you friends for your care and concern. I was happy once I heard from youngest today. A scarey evening with our girl having to retrieve things at 2am which were floating away, but one of the fortunate ones no damage done.

    Although quite a lot of the wet stuff yesterday (and humphh where are everyone’s rainwater tanks?), nothing else at the Tweed other than soggy.

    And Shane would you believe Keanu the shitzhu is still choofin’. A huge tumor in his little tum, but still choofin’.

  60. Under my house is a lot of water but all my tools are on pallets so no damage here.

    I have been watching the rainfall this week and the Darling must be receiving very good inflows and I expect more to come this summer as I indicated over at Tim’s last winter.

    I bet Cubbie Station is stealing it from the system as usual…but no use in complaining as they have the state government in their pockets.

    I’ll be working towards a change of government up here next year.

  61. Min

    Great to know Keanu is still choofin’ along. I live between Beerwah and Peachester in the sunshine coast hinterland and had unbelievable lightning, thunder and rain overnight. Min the radar shows storms building up again so I think it will be another night of thunder, rain and a dog in my bed 🙂

  62. “I was just looking at the news website”

    Did you see the picture of the flooded tunnel? Mum missed her flight to Sydney, and therefore her connecting flight this morning because the tunnel was flooded, so I have a house guest tonight. Brisbane floods can cause ‘storm damage’ in Sydney.

    Reb, did you catch this story today?

    PS I’m only kidding about my mum. She often stays with us and instead of a spare/guest room we have Nan’s room.

  63. A bit slow this afternoon…something to cruise to.

    Music break.


  64. It’s very slow today as you have noticed scaper – I will be writing a thread on Guantanamo tonight to try and get the juices flowing… or maybe a thread that just says “Unions. Good or Bad? Discuss.”


  65. Any comment re David Hicks control order expiring next month. Philip Ruddock is commenting on Sky News.

  66. I’ve noticed that Thursdays are slow.

    I like this one and especially the guitar that is being played…the resonance and sustain is beautitiful, but I’m biased because I’ve had one of these since 1977.

    Other guitars have come and gone in my possession but my Ovation will be scapette’s one day.


  67. Min – the Hicks angle is something I will put into my guantanamo thread tonight.

    PS. I am cyber-sending squishy things to you to help you dry out.

  68. Can someone save my post from the spaminator, please.

    joni: de-spaminated!

  69. I’ve just received a circular from the Master Builders association up here to register to perform works to repair the storm damage.

    I want to but I’m booked out to April…I think it is time to go big again as the people need assistance.

  70. Thanks for that link Pollytickedoff.

    I’d heard about it, but hadn’t read the story myself. Sounds like it’s one for the files of “do people ever cease to amaze you?” category.

    I mean, how you go about that without getting covered in pasta sauce? Extraordinary stuff.

    “A search of his car uncovered pornography, a homemade sex aid, women’s stockings and a Jack Russell terrier.”

    I wonder what the Jack Russell thought?


  71. “I wonder what the Jack Russell thought?’

    Hehe, I wondered what the Jack Russell was for given the rest of the list. Knew you’d like that para.

  72. “I think it is time to go big again as the people need assistance”

    Ah scaper, ever the altruist when there’s a buck to made…

  73. “Mopping up operations” I suspect Pollytickedoff…

    poor little pup…

  74. Maybe the saucy guy was just wanting to have penne pasta and misread the instructions?

  75. Wow! Only found out about the flooding in Brissie today. Glad to read everyone in the affected areas is OK.
    Do you reckon you could send some of that rain down south to SA? We are reaching tinder dryness. It’s going to be a long summer, I think.

  76. Did anyone catch Clarke and Dawe on the 7.30 report on their “Howard Years” skit..?

    It was priceless!!


  77. Got to feed the beast…

  78. Scaper, how are you going with tonights storm?

    So far we have a lot of lightning. I better log off.

  79. 78. reb | November 20, 2008 at 8:01 pm

    I was going to quote it for Neil. It was priceless because it was so damn close to the truth. Bloody funny.

    Clarke & Dawe reflect on the Howard years

    Well worth the watch people.

  80. Just back from watching/experiencing another stormfront across Brisbane from the deck (we look straight at Brissy from 30km out) – in a word – WOW! Came straight over us, touch of hail, lots of lightening heavy thunder, more heavy rain…

    …and what a light show…

    …and yes, I do feel for those who are suffering, our friends/next door neighbours kids live at The Gap (epicentre of Sunday’s storm) and ceilings collapsed etc. …and we know waht its like, we lived in Brighton during the Brighton hailstorm in the ’80’s and I swam out of Ira Berks workshop behind the Royal Brisbane Hospital in 1974 – water 3m over the roads…

    …but I can’t resist Nature’s power it is incredible! The Minister tells me another one is coming through as I write!

    …as they, say it never rains but it pours!

    …looks like bad news on our solar power system – apparently not enough roof surface for 1Kw – maybe .5Kw – the back of our house faces 1 degree off North but we also have a Solahart on the roof – haven’t talked to the installer yet…they just left a note…hopefully there is a way around it…

    …we were out driving around Wivenhoe, Somerset and Northpine dams all day…

    ….certainly lots of water, in them “cricks”! The next weeks run off will be fabulous!

    Combined dam levels at 43.46% today…

    …and the “rainy season” hasn’t started yet!

  81. Thanks for that link Gecko,

    I feel immeasurably better after watching it for a second time…


  82. Clarke and Dawe,

    Just perfect – the giggle at 2mins 16sec just floors me.

    You could argue that the Howard government was an ethical and honest government, but no one has won that argument yet.

  83. TB i thought you were much further north. Glad you got throught it .

  84. http://au.youtube.com/MontyPython

    They still have it – well, some of them.

  85. Just as expected.


    First it caused the drought and now the storms…give it a break!

    Back in the eighties and nineties it was a normal event to get flooded and the amount of rain we got would have caused more damage if not for the dam that was built to protect Brisbane.

    Hexx, no damage but had a few very close lightning strike…Brisbane of old.

  86. Agree, scaper (just a bit earlier than usual.)

    I see my old stomping ground Blackwater copped it last night!

    The motel lost its roof (guess where I used to stay sometimes!)

  87. For a start scaper and TB the 80’s and 90’s are still within the industrialised climate change period.

    And to say this is normal in any way or cyclic is to miss the mark by a long way. These weather events (anomalies) on the back of the extremes of hot and and cold that have been occurring over the few months are unprecedented. Plus this is world wide.

    scaper tell us when in the 80’s and 90’s you had three major localised storms three nights in a row that caused well over 100 million dollars worth of damage. A 130 yo pub that has stood through many storms was wrecked. Doesn’t that make it the first time in 130 years that a storm of this ferocity has hit the area the pub is in. Same goes across the board.

    Long term residents in the areas are saying they have never experienced anything like it and older citizens are saying they have never seen anything like this in their lives.

    Then in recent weeks we have had times we’ve had to put on the heater then just a day or two later we’re down at the beach in 30+ days. These wild weather fluctuations were predicted by the climate change modelling and they will become more frequent, intense and wildly fluctuating over the coming decades.

  88. I can not remember three storms in three nights but the torrential downpour the second night had no thunder or lightening so it really was not a storm as such.

    I remember a rain event in May 1995 that flooded the Brisbane River and then there is that event up here in 1974.

    People argue that CC is not about the weather then jump on the bandwagon when we do get a weather event and this is pathetic!!!

    Actually I’m not interested in arguing if there is or not, I’m just getting on with lobbying governments on the sustainability issue and that involves the same strategy…I’m just not into using these tactics to scare people.

  89. Agree scaper on the weather argument but it has been nearly always the sceptics/deniers who have used the argument of weather, especially local weather to support their stance and especially their contention the globe is cooling.

    I’ve always argued global weather anomalies, which is what the global warming models are tracking, of which the SE Queensland storms and large recent fluctuations of temperatures Australia wide are a part of, and no matter which side you argue from or sit the amount of global weather anomalies has been increasing in both number and intensity over the last century. One intense storm and/or flood event causes more damage than a half decade of drought, yet both are fed by heat, as is the atmosphere become more unstable thus resulting in more weather anomalies.

  90. I dunno reb, but I get the feeling that the Times reviewer does not think much of Kidman’s acting ability – but I am just reading between the lines here. hehe

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