The ABC’s of money, Singapoor and the banks.

ABC Learning has been in the news lately – with the federal government having to input over $22 million into the company to keep the daycare centres open, after the company went into receivership. 

From the reports, it seems that a lot of the money that went into keeping the company afloat and indeed what underpinned the expansion was federal money in the first place. This ABC News report says that the company was receiving “$1 million a day in child care rebates”. So – Eddy Groves was reliant on our taxpayers money to grow his company.

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Economy XVIII

It has been a while since I put up a thread on the economy, and after the G20 summit on the weekend I thought that we should have a catchup.

Over the past week the following developments have occurred:

  • Pakistan has obtained $7.6 billion loan from the IMF (which is short of the $15 billion they wanted)
  • Seven Goldman Sachs executives have decided not to accept their normal bonuses. For example, the chief executive Lloyd Blankfein will revert to his $600,000 base salary. Last year he took home $68.5 million – so I think he will be OK
  • And it does not look like the US car manufactures will be getting their bailout money any time soon.

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Relentless Cross-promos for The Howard Years

What do the Australian Broadcasting Corporation and John Howard have in common?

They are relentless!

The cross-promotions for the documentary The Howard Years on ABC TV and radio are ubiqitious. Not just ads but ceaseless items on the News and other programs. Even the News-in-Brief. For a sample try the online promo which was under ‘Just In’ yesterday: Howard dug heels in after ‘deal’ note revealed

ABC2 Breakfast is interviewing the program producer Deb Masters as I write. One of the key participants in the Howard story who would not talk for the cameras was Janette Howard. I wonder what her one word is to describe little Johnny. Obedient? Please feel free to add your suggestions in Comments.

Virginia Trioli called it “ummissable”.

Was thinking of just watching the fourth and final episode. That’s the one with the happy ending. We have to learn from history. Don’t we?

This is not a paid promotion. Unless the ABC publicity department chooses to send money, of course.

Kevin Rennie