Sacked, and now retired, resident of Wolstonecraft makes appearance

The former member for Bennelong has made a media appearance on Fox News where he repeats the mantra that the current Liberal leader was saying earlier this year: Crisis? What Crisis?

I’m not trying to downplay the seriousness of the situation but I think it’s unnerving to the average citizen to be constantly told we’re in the worst situation since the Great Depression – not because it isn’t bad, but because there is no comparison between the circumstances we now face and the circumstances in the Great Depression.

But I think that the Liberals have now moved on from that – and are now saying that Rudd has personally created the worst economic crisis ever because of – well, whatever reason Malcolm thinks is today’s reason.

I do not think that Howard should not make comments, actually I welcome them – because it shows how much out of touch he was (and is) with current affairs. For example, it seems that he is still going on about budget surpluses and how his government (which I actually thought was our government) ran surpluses. No shit Sherlock – that is what you do when things are good.

And good to see that he is being interviewed by a “fair and balanced” news outlet.



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  1. Absolutely nothing changes with this man, he is a one trick pony and that trick is fear. Defence and security will be cut and our enemies will by happy, please Howard. I guess our enemies also extremely happy now Obama has been elected?

    Yep we’re surrounded by hordes of evil doers waiting to destroy us the moment anyone other than a Liberal government is in power.

    You are right joni every time Howard comes out in an interview he illustrates just how of touch he is and reinforces this by falling back to the same old lines as that’s all he knows, he is that one dimensional.

    The SMH article states Howard conducted this first news interview since his defeat to air his remedies for the global financial crisis but he does no such thing. As far as I can read all Howard would have done is to continue telling everyone how great things are under his rule, how terrible things will be under anyone else and to continue running up huge surpluses at the cost of everything else purely for bragging rights.

    He is also wrong on not comparing this to the Great Depression as that’s the only other comparison there is. Many are using this comparison and rightly pointing out the many differences as well, it does not need Howard to state the bleeding obvious as though this is some great new revelation.

  2. And if you ever wanted the proof of just how vain Howard is and how he puts himself ahead of everything else, including the country, it’s the revelation that he thought of handing over the reigns to Costello two years before the last election yet changed his mind when a newspaper report surfaced revealing his previous 2004 deal with Costello.

    Howard has stated he backed down on handing over to Costello because he thought it would have appeared as though he was forced out of office. So to Howard it was not what was best for the party or for the nation but all about personal appearances.

    That more than anything else illustrates the real John Winston Howard and fits exactly with the vainglorious Howard I met.

  3. There’s a mockumentary on the ABC tomorrow night – “The Howard Fears” where the rodent will attempt to re-write history in his own image.

    You’ve gotta love News Limited’s blurb – “Speaking for the first time since his election defeat…”

    I guess they didn’t see all the running commentary that the some others were privvy to, including the rest of the world.

    “Mr Howard said it was this newspaper’s July 2006 publication of a leadership deal, struck with Mr Costello in 1994, that convinced him to stay on – and ultimately face defeat. The timing of the story meant he would look like he was being forced out of office, something he could not contemplate.”

    “He could not contemplate?” But I thought he was always going to step down “if it was in the best interests of the party?”

    I wonder if he’ll appear reclining on the chaise in his toga, being hand fed grapes from nubile young men while adjusting his crown of thorns….

    Et tu Dolly…??

  4. “He is also wrong on not comparing this to the Great Depression as that’s the only other comparison there is.”

    And George Bush isn’t disagreeing with Rudd’s assessment that this is the worst crisis in 75 years.

    On ABC News Radio I just heard Bush saying that if we don’t get this sorted out we’re going to get a depression worse than the Great Depression.

  5. I’m glad Howard keeps coming out and making running political commentary (even though he promised he wouldn’t) because observers, mostly the right, can’t say he was in the past so he shouldn’t be bought up. If he keeps thrusting himself into the limelight then it is only fair he is raised for commentary.

  6. Sorry, but I call bullshit on Howard’s comment that he was considering handing over to Costello.

    Howard’s mantra was always that he would decide when he would leave office and the conditions in which he would leave office. And that meant no handover to Costello.

    Fortunately, the people of Bennelong had different ideas.

  7. And we also see Howards SOP in his comment that he would not hand over to Costello:

    What a departure at that time would have looked like was that I was being pushed out because of some allegedly broken deal.

    Well, there was no way I was going to tolerate that, and there was no way a lot of people around me were going to tolerate that.

    When things get tough – blame others.

  8. Joni,

    The whole thing does nothing but serve to illustrate what a grossly inflated ego Howard has.

    “There was no I was going to tolerate that.” FFS!

    He still sounds like the Headmaster berating school children.

    I just heard Joe Hockey on the ABC trying to blame Costello for not having the guts to take Howard on…

    Oh and I noticed on the Fox link you provided, that the interviewer over at Fox kept referring to him as “The Prime Minister”. Fossil features must’ve loved that.

  9. Just off topic – I am the today’s official blogocrat’s ID 10 T.

    I have a flight at 945 this morning from Singapore to Manila. So I set my alarm for 630. I left the hotel just after 7am and arrived at the airport around 730.

    Pity my mobile was still set to Australian time! D’oh!

    So I am passing my time in a Star*ucks – surfing wirelessly.

  10. Well I’m glad to see you didn’t get arrested…

    joni: not yet anyway – was a bit uncomfortable at the Sri Lanka protest… too many people watching me !

  11. Staying OT but still about things that don’t work properly like Howard, shouldn’t your mobile change time automatically to that of the service area it is in?

  12. It should adrian – but I like to keep it on home time…. whereas the laptop and iTouch go to local time.

  13. Also staying OT and still about things that are distasteful like Howard, how can you possibly stomach what they attempt to pass off as ‘coffee’ at StarMucks?

  14. No where else open!

  15. Still staying off topic but devising relevance in a circuitous way, just as I could never personally stomach Howard (whilst still voting for the Liberals) I had one mouthful of SB’s once and that was it. We have a coffee van (Dash) that comes around to work twice a week and once you have good coffee there is no going back. Any coffee that needs to be served in a bucket isn’t good coffee.

    Howard is like coffee served in a bucket, as much as you hate it and don’t want it there is just so much of the crap to get rid of.

  16. Also staying on your plight joni, best money I spend annually is the Qantas Club membership. Always good coffee there and (mostly) always open.

  17. That’s a pretty good analogy Adrian.

    Howard’s entire life in politics is like a bad cup of coffee. Full of promise and anticipated excitement at the beginning, but at the end all you end up with is a mouthful of bitter grounds…

  18. And I can confirm that the bitter taste in my mouth is disgusting… but like Howard, it will pass.

  19. Bloody hell. That twat Lord Downer’s just been on the ABC news adding his poncy two cents worth about Howard’s decision not to step down.

    The thing that just keeps coming through is that the rusted-on Howard lovers like Downer and Abbott still worship the ground that Howard walks on and regard him as some sort of royal figure who has been unfairly treated.

    FFS. Howard only ever cared about one thing. Himself.

    When are these sheep going to wake up to that?

  20. Well, I think it is slightly understandable – after all, Howard single handedly won power for the coalition, and kept winning elections for them. Only when they thought of a change did the wheels fall off… so it is obviously not Howard’s fault, but those who contemplated the merest possibility of change.

  21. Howard’s personality and character always seems to me to be one of arrested development, he’s never really grown up emotionally and matured as an adult. He’s still an adolescent fighting the kids who hated him and called him an ugly nerd, deviously manipulating and playing one against the other, plotting and scheming all the while to get what he wants. Mother replacement figure Janette calls the shots at home and in the job.

    But then, that’s pretty much the whole young lib thing isn’t it, they’re all like that!

  22. Astute observation there Kittylitter.

    Take a look at Christopher Pyne for example. He wouldnt’ve picked on at school now would he?

    Not much!

  23. Non-core to the core #9?

    The old prick hasn’t changed a bit. As mentioned above, this recent dribble just reinforces what a great decision this country made 12 months ago.
    The very manner of the man stokes my fires of contempt.

  24. “his government (which I actually thought was our government)”

    That was one of the things that used to really get up my goat, and there really were lots of reasons to be p***ed off with the lying rodent. My blood would boil every time he said it.

    Starbucks coffee at can seem very appealing after a week of Beijing instant.

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