Please Define, Bribery and Corruption?

So, Geoff Dixon, retiring CEO of Qantas, has had a case of that strange  executive disease “wonderful hindsight” with regard to the flopped takeover of Qantas last year!,26058,24656809-5014090,00.html

Qantas has been on downward spiral for some time in the areas of engineering, safety, administration, staff morale and international reputation since Mr Dixon took over, and, of course, the share price isn’t exactly “shout it from the rooftops” stuff.   Doesn’t seem to affect Mr Dixon’s income though… 

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What does Malcolm Turnbull stand for?

Last week I asked the question “what does Kevin Rudd stand for?” so I thought it only reasonable to post the same question in relation to Malcolm Turnbull.

Now, I’ll be the first to admit that I don’t really know too much about Malcolm Turnbull, other than the fact that he was a lawyer (like just about everyone else in the Liberal party) and that he’s filthy rich (not that there’s anything wrong with that) and that he once lived in a flat. Not just any flat mind you; a “rented one” – which has been made clear in various media.

I also know that Malcolm is quite a staunch advocate for ending discrimination against same sex partners, largely I suspect, due to the large demographic of same sex couples residing in his seat of Wentworth. There’s votes in it after all.

However in order to find out more about what Malcolm really stands for, I went straight to his own web site The first thing that struck me was that there really isn’t anything about what Malcolm stands for other than for a brief background called ‘about Malcolm’.

The opening paragraph in ‘about Malcolm’ reads:

“Malcolm grew up in Vaucluse and Double Bay in the 1950s and 1960s. His father, Bruce, was a single parent for much of Malcolm’s childhood. They lived in a series of flats, mostly rented.”

I got the point. The most important thing that Malcolm wants us to know is that he once lived in a rented flat. Fair enough.

Next I went to Malcom’s maiden speech, the second installment in the ‘about Malcolm’ section which reads:

“Wentworth’s most endearing aspect is the least well known. Contrary to popular myth, our community is egalitarian, democratic and far from homogenous. Like the majority of Wentworth’s residents I grew up living in flats, mostly rented and, in the style of the times, with small rooms running off a long dark corridor.”

Fair enough. Malcolm wants us to know that he lived in flats, the rented variety, which were also dimly lit and spacially challenged. Just in case we weren’t getting the picture.

The remainder of the maiden speech is pretty unremarkable, with the exception of the occasional “hard luck” tibit thrown in for good measure. I must admit, at this point I was really beginning to feel sorry for Malcolm’s terrible upbringing, but this next revelation was the real tear-jerker:

“I was an only child and my parents split when I was nine. My father, Bruce, Turnbull was a single parent for much of my childhood. All divorces are difficult and painful. My parents’ was no exception. My mother had moved overseas. Bruce and I moved into a smaller flat.”

“An only child?” “A broken home?” “A smaller flat?” When the one before was already tiny and destitute? At this point I was reduced to tears and cried “My God, why has thou forsaken poor Malcolm??”

Nevertheless, in my relentless quest to find out more about Malcolm, I dried my eyes and ventured on, tissues in hand, to the third and final installment of ‘about Malcolm’ – the Leader of the Opposition address. This time things were looking promising.

The opening statement begins:

“Well, it’s a great honour and privilege, humbling, to be elected today to lead the Federal Parliamentary Liberal Party of Australia. Ours is a great party, a party whose values are as important to the prosperity and security of Australia in the years to come as they have been in years gone by because they are values that are based on freedom of choice, on respect for the individual, on fairness, on ensuring that Australia remains a land of opportunity.”

It’s very inspiring stuff, humbling even – “freedom of choice” (tick), “respect for the individual” (*cough* *cough* *ahem*, this is the Liberal party, right?), “fairness” (WTF?), “Australia; land of opportunity” (yeah, whatever..)

Undeterred, and somewhat quietly comforted by Malcolm’s not-so-subtle eloquence, I proceeded on to the next paragraph:

“I do not come to the position of leader of the Liberal Party from a lifetime of privilege. I know what it is like to be very short of money. I know what it is like to live in rented flats. I know what it is like to grow up with a single parent, with no support other than a devoted and loyal father.”

Just as well I had those tissues handy; “An only child?” “A broken home?” “An un-ending chain of dingey and derelict flats? Rented for that matter. And now “No goddam money?!”

“Hath thou no mercy son of god?” I wailed…..

And then I managed to compose myself..

Well that’s about it. To be honest, I couldn’t bear the thought of looking any further afield, in fear that I may uncover any further disturbing revelations about Malcolm’s dysfunctional and underprivelaged background. One can only take so many tales of torment and emotiional distress in one day.

So judging by his web site, that’s really all there is to know about Malcolm Turnbull.

Once again I find myself asking, what does Malcolm Turnbull and the Liberal party really stand for?

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Sacked, and now retired, resident of Wolstonecraft makes appearance

The former member for Bennelong has made a media appearance on Fox News where he repeats the mantra that the current Liberal leader was saying earlier this year: Crisis? What Crisis?

I’m not trying to downplay the seriousness of the situation but I think it’s unnerving to the average citizen to be constantly told we’re in the worst situation since the Great Depression – not because it isn’t bad, but because there is no comparison between the circumstances we now face and the circumstances in the Great Depression.

But I think that the Liberals have now moved on from that – and are now saying that Rudd has personally created the worst economic crisis ever because of – well, whatever reason Malcolm thinks is today’s reason.

I do not think that Howard should not make comments, actually I welcome them – because it shows how much out of touch he was (and is) with current affairs. For example, it seems that he is still going on about budget surpluses and how his government (which I actually thought was our government) ran surpluses. No shit Sherlock – that is what you do when things are good.

And good to see that he is being interviewed by a “fair and balanced” news outlet.