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Never Mind the Frolykz, Here’s Weekend Wonderland!

Welcome to Weekend Wonderland!

The place where we get to unwind after another tumultuous week.

Yet again the share market has been all over the place, as has the Aussie dollar. Reports out this week suggest the economic meltdown is about to claim thousands of scalps in the banking and finance industry.

Meanwhile, the Liberal party is still trying to gain some traction with the alleged G20 gaffe, despite the fact that it doesn’t seem to be registering with the Australian public.

This weekend heralds the G20 summit and all eyes will be on outcomes of the summit. Expectations are high, however it remains dubious as to what can really be achieved, particularly when President-elect Barack Obama is not going to be there, nor a representative.

It’s six weeks to Christmas by the way.

Anyway, pull up a chair, pour yourself a refreshment and let it all out with your blogocrats family.

This week’s music is for our favourite hostess, Min…



153 Responses

  1. “Ther’s always somehting happening, usually something loud”

    In min’s case that should be something messy – burnt curtains, overflowing washing machines, moving generally.

  2. How very kind. And how very appropriate. The wallpaper is a clone of where we have moved to. I have a HEADACHE!!!

    And I am still on Old Faithful computer. Tech arrived this morning and the computer worked until the tech walked out the door and so am back with the old computer until I can recall the tech, probably some time next week for the next appointment.

    They sit and they plot and they plan and then they say…hey the expert has left the building, let’s just go to ni-ni’s now.

    And so…I don’t have anyone’s email addresses nor anything that anyone has sent to me.

    Anyway…hubby has arrived home and says, Let me have a go at getting the computer going. I am agreeing. I don’t know when I will be back again given that hubby has now taken charge of getting the computer set up.

  3. You blogocrats in the southern hemisphere already have the bar open, but I am still yet to have lunch.

    Not happy joni.

  4. I’m about 30 minutes away from sitting on the terrace at the golf club sipping a cab sav, smoking a hal corona, and watching the ducks on the lake.

    What a great way to welcome the weekend.

  5. Just got a strange phone call from a group of engineers headed by a high achiever.

    It concerns a project that I have been lobbying the QLD government for the last few months…I sense no xmas break somehow.

  6. I wonder if Dubya will show up. If he doesn’t, Malvolio will feel vindicated.

  7. I just googled these people to see what they do…WOW!!!

    Award winners for innovative infrastructure all over the world…they want to be involved.

  8. That is great news scaper – I hope you are twidling your fingers and saying “bwah ha ha – my plans are coming together”.

    As I mentioned on the Economy thread, this current economic climate should be viewed as an opportunity for new and exciting projects to be funded and seen through to completion.

    Just like GSC.

  9. Joni, not twiddling my fingers…kind of elation with a dash of trepidation as it is happening quicker than I planned.

    They want to set up a meeting and to assist in the development.

  10. I meant twiddling your fingers like Mr Burns…

  11. Joni. I emailed you who these people are…mum.

  12. This one’s for TB:

  13. Go, scaper!

    …and sreb, thank you! How did you know I would be a fan – especially the little hairy won wot walks funny – he he … 😉

    BTW got my next gig tomorrow night private function at the United Services Club about 60 guests (including The Minister and me) 30 minute set before dinner and a singalong afterwards (I was asked for things like I Belong to Glasgow – ah!) so I suggested Delilah, Cotton Fields, Return to Sender, Satisfaction couple of Christmas songs – no argument!!!! – and they want Auld Lang Syne to finish – they haven’t heard my version yet – whoo! whoo! pretty heavy rock version!

  14. Thanks Jane but the injury wasnt that bad.

    Reb, i wasnt going to mention the rubber glove on my right that i now have to wear.
    On a serious note. I found a hit and run victim on watt st in caboolture at 1.30am on thursday night. What do you do to help a bloke with his skull smashed open and brains exposed. Its been a while since i considered myself to be useless for someone. Upon giving my second statement this afternoon to my suprise i was told he might survive due to being extremely drunk.

  15. Your comment is awaiting moderation.

    I’ll give you 50 bucks to bypass it

  16. Ah – Singapore. Every youtube clip on here is “no longer available”.

    And more on the real Singapore when I depart on Sunday.

  17. Joni @ 9: As I mentioned on the Economy thread, this current economic climate should be viewed as an opportunity for new and exciting projects . . .

    Absolutely correct Joni, and it’s good to hear a voice of reason amid the cries off doom.

  18. Miglo,

    I trust the golf club didn’t dissapoint…?

  19. Hi reb. The golf club didn’t disappont. It rarely does (unless the wife gets too friendly with a poker machine). I’ve struck a deal with her: if she wants to play the pokies then I’m allowed to have a cigar.

    Mind you, I reckon I’ve got the better end of that deal.

  20. Miglo,

    The pokies are a scourge.

    A cigar is much more enjoyable…

    ah, a “Van Hartog moment…”

  21. CNN is breaking news that Hillary has been offered the position of Secretary of State by Obama.

  22. joni, when I first saw that this morning I was thinking Bill…I’m sure he will be of some influence in all this.

    Makes me wonder if our PM accepts counsel from former Labor PMs…if I was a leader I would take on board seriously any advice that was offered.

    I’ve got a lazy day today…tomorrow will be a correspondence day.

  23. scaper,

    They also just ran a comment that McCain might be in line for a cabinet position too (maybe Defense). And on our PM, not only should he get advice from labor people, but from non-labor people too!

    And the construction company is big, no enormous. Hope it all goes well.

  24. And Rudd is at the main table with Bush at the G20 sumit, so it looks like the telephone conversation issue has not affected relations between the countries, otherwise I am sure that Bush would have put him on the singles table (which is where I always end up at weddings).

  25. I will know more next week and have narrowed it down to two people that have been talking to these people as I was contacted on my private, private phone number!

  26. …which number was that again, scaper?

  27. I prefer to communicate by phone or face to face as my typing is so slow that sometimes I lose the message.

    I’m told I have a certain aura which is an advantage in what I am striving to achieve.

  28. I’ve got a lazy day today (Scaper).

    My plans exactly! When I left work yesterday somebody asked if I was doing anything over the weekend. I looked her in the eye and with a dumb look said “You’ve got be kidding. I’m going to do absolutely nothing. Zip. Zero. Zilch”.

    Well they were my plans, until my wife ordered that I scrub the frying pan (the one I burnt my eggs in) and replace the flood-light next to the barbie while she’s out with her daughter. Gosh they sound so labour intensive. I might have to consider what recovery options are available to me after performing such labouress duties.

    Speaking of the barbie, last week’s barbie of the century on the barbie from hell, which, incidentally, took as long to clean as it did to assemble was an absolute cracker. It was the mother of all house warming parties.

    I’ve had many hangovers in my life and on rare occasions have had a hangover last for two days, but this one went on for three whole terrible days. Can you begin to imagine the pain I was in?

  29. Miglo, I made the mistake of letting the girls take what they needed for shopping and just discovered they took $600 to do the groceries!

    They have been gone for hours spreeing and I’m starving…so much for a lazy day as I have got off four letters already and I will have to go to a lazy school for re-education.

  30. I feel for your pain Miglo. Very chuffed to read that the barbie and the house warming was such a success.

    Same barbie as ours I believe..the one where the store person warned hubby that it was a 6 stubbie job. Wait until you try a roast on it…double droooollll.

    Nothing mentioned over here joni re Hillary being Secretary of State except that she is ‘being considered’. I think that she would be an excellent choice and at least at good as Rice (who I much admire). Apparently John Kerry is also being considered. I would be going with Hillary.

  31. Miglo,

    May I suggest removing the cork from a nice bottle of shiraz, in order to let it breathe for an hour or two as suitable ‘recovery option?’

    In a similar vein, I’ve just completed the arduous task of hanging up a painting, not to mention reading the newspaper. Life can be so taxing sometimes.

    Oh and I’ve got some lamb sanks slow-cooking on the stove for tonight’s dinner. About an 8 hour simmer ought to do the trick…

  32. Oi, I’m starving here and you are talking food?

    Man can not live on beer alone.

  33. scaper, you could make some beer batter fish n chips…

  34. Scaper, couldn’t you just go a sizzling fillet steak at the moment with a lobster tail and seafood sauce?

  35. They are finally home and my chicken rolls are been made now…then more letters.

  36. Damn! I’ve made myself hungry. Might have to order a large BBQ chicken pizza.

  37. BBQ Chicken pizza?

    there wouldn’t be one or two calories in that by any chance now would there….

  38. $600 on groceries and all you’re getting is a %$@# chicken roll??

    I’d at least be expecting an antipasto platter with some fresh lebanese bread and a chilled glass of WA sem sav blanc.

    Damn, now I’m getting hungry too!

  39. there wouldn’t be one or two calories in that by any chance now would there….

    Pizzas eaten while the wife is away have no calories whatsover. However the calorie count doubles when eaten in her presence.

  40. I see. That must be those new *diet* pizzas I’ve been reading about.

    Similar to my low calorie red wine I imagine….

  41. Two hundred dollars on food and I dare not ask about the rest.

    Secret woman’s business…

  42. I got three new pairs of undies and there was no change!!!

  43. And count yourself lucky scaps re the jocks.

    I am yet to locate any cooking utensils other than 2 pots and a frying pan so am aiming for pepper steak with ratatouille and parmesan mash.

  44. David Bowie. My favorite.

    It’s camp the way he has to have a lyric book on stage these days.

    He just keeps getting better and better….


  45. Looking at him is enough to turn me gay…LOL!

  46. Ahhhh, skinny blonde bloke with a deep baritone voice. Sigh….

    Thank you scaper, this has made my afternoon..most definitely needed a music break. Still trying to shuffle the deck chairs on the Titanic viz moving into the new house.

  47. http://www.theaustralian.news.com.au/story/0,25197,24647513-17301,00.html

    ZOMFG! Somebody has clearly abducted the real Shanahanahan, or the saucermen are already in his head making his fingers lie on the keyboard.

  48. Elsewhere, the Lib’blogtroopers are collectively working themselves into a lather in anticipation of the imminent screening on the ABC (which they loathe) of the 4 part (I think) dissection of the Howard years…featuring the fibbing rat himself, & an encore of other loyal & disloyal huggerMP’s. Should be interesting, no?


    soz about the capslock.

  49. HD, that show will be about as boring as watching a Crow’s game.

  50. Should be interesting, no? HD @ 51


  51. OMG HD are they about to take Shanahanahan out into the back paddock and shoot him! I even had to drag hubby away from his Saturday arvo stubbie to read this one.

  52. Min@5:48

    Yep, he seems to have missed Friday’s briefing from the Liberal Dissemination Service…unless of course the Minchins of the world are poised above Bishop with the Sword of Damocles.

    Miglo & TB…you guys are really missing out on the obvious fervour that the wingnuts can find in said programme.
    Agree that it won’t tell us anything new & those with existing partisan views will continue to either believe or disbelieve according to their bias.

  53. HD, Julie Bishop seems to be a huge liability for the Liberal Party, with her numerous plagiarism incidents and embarrasing stumbles. So much so that even the most biased of Liberal supporters can’t deny it. I wonder when there will be a reschuffle?

  54. Has anyone else seen the 1951 ultra classic “The Day The Earth Stood Still”? Many purists agree that it ranks number 1 as the greatest science fiction movie of all time.

    I learn today that a remake with Keanu Reeves is about to hit the screens.

    This is sacriledge. I though that some movies were untouchable.

  55. Miglo

    Will Keanu play the robot that just stands there doing nothing? But that might be a bit outside is vast acting range.

    And I agree – it is sacrilege.

  56. Re Alastair: I was surprised when JB kept her post after Turnbull took over. Am thinking that the time is ripening for Turnbull to become a dinkydi leader and to choose his own team.

  57. Joni

    John Cleese is also in the movie. Perhaps he is the robot. Maybe the remake is a comedy: some guy flies in from outer space and books in at Fawlty Towers.

  58. “where is the generalissimo?”
    “on mars”


    “be quicker to train an automaton”

    Really – Cleeses choices have gone so downhill lately. I suppose he just does it for the money.

  59. Ohh Miglo, now you are talking my language. The Day The Earth Stood Still with the very fantastic Michael Rennie. During the reds under the beds/be afraid of anything ‘alien’ – along comes this sci fi movie which suggests that maybe things strange, people who are different might be far more ‘human’ than ones own self.

    Must choof and get dinner organised.

  60. Ah – the first sip of a tiger beer… yumyum.

  61. Tiger beer……hmmmm….perfect accompaniment to a traditional Malaysian satay……

    Oh and yes, remaking “The Day the Earth Stood still” is definitely sacrilege, although I doubt it’ll stop me from seeing it though.

    By the way, the lamb shanks were delicious, just fell off the bone at the slightest touch.

    Off to watch “Stir of Echoes Part 2” with another glass of a rather satisfactory shiraz..

    Who said there was a recession going on…

  62. With just this one paragraph Shanahan still proves he’s in an alternate wingnut universe though:

    What is saving Bishop from more rigorous examination or exposure at the moment is Turnbull’s own credentials as a financial expert and former merchant banker, which are unsettling the ALP.

    And read the wingnut replies, unbelievable. First of course it is all the fault of the meeja who are deeply in bed with Labor and now even Shanahan apparently. Then just wait until the whole of Australia collapses into a heap and the Liberals have to come in and rescue the country, neatly ignoring that the Liberals haven’t got an answer to the crisis at all and everything they have suggested would make things worse. But they appear to like living in their alternate universe detached from reality so who am I to take them out of their dream worlds.

  63. During the reds under the beds/be afraid of anything ‘alien’ (Min).

    Spot on Min. Apparently it was made during a period of our human existance where people actually thought that an invasion from Mars was all but assured.

    In the movie our hero goes out of his way to tell the earthlings that he is not from Mars, but from a planet much further away, some 50 million miles from our little planet. (It was made before we even knew how far away Mars was).

    Also chuffed at the hospital scene where some doctors are standing around smoking. Gosh it is an old movie.

    One Steven Spielberg claims that it was the movie that gave him inspiration.

    Like you reb, I’ll no doubt see the remake even though I claim that it should never have been made.

  64. Julie Bishop seems to be a huge liability for the Liberal Party … I wonder when there will be a reschuffle?

    They seem to be caught because she was voted Deputy Leader, and the Deputy traditionally gets (Shadow) Treasury.

    They’re stuck with this bimbo, unable to sweep her aside without:

    a) sweeping aside the custom of Deputy getting Treasury (and we know what Liberals are like when it comes to holding to long-held traditions)

    b) dispensing with their token female senior frontbencher

    Perhaps they’re waiting for Turnbull to falter (or fail to improve their polling). Good excuse then to vote to clear the decks of him and the bimbo.

  65. Wow, you guys are going back into pre-HD-history.
    Before Day of the Triffids & silent movies by all accounts.

  66. “First of course it is all the fault of the meeja who are deeply in bed with Labor and now even Shanahan apparently”Adrian

    The wingnuts pointing the finger at Shanahanahan as a leftist meeja stooge! If that don’t beat all! LOL
    Next week an article by Greg Sheridan that is unfriendly to GWB & the neo-cons.

  67. “Perhaps they’re waiting for Turnbull to falter (or fail to improve their polling). Good excuse then to vote to clear the decks of him and the bimbo”caney

    Clear the decks for that bastion of “Liberal-ness” the honourable Christopher Pyne, ably understudied by the beloved Jeff K.

    Seriously though, is there anyone left to try save for the largely faceless, behind the scenes, puppeteers ala Robb & Minchin?
    They wouldn’t really countenance Abbott or Hockey would they? Andrews? snigger.
    I can’t think of a prominent one that isn’t tainted by association.

  68. Human, I reckon it’ll get so bad they will take to the Hammock with a cattle prod, paint a smirk onto his face (…. wait, that won’t be necessary), and frogmarch him into the central role. “Do it or else, jelly-back.”

    The other alternative – which I would believe they’re seriously contemplating – is to resurrect the Rodent, to the wild applause of blue-rinsed geriatrics across the nation.

  69. Min, isn’t Bishop supposed to be a Turnbull loyalist? Perhaps that’s why she’s still deputy and has the Treasury portfolio.

    Caney, “They seem to be caught because she was voted Deputy Leader, and the Deputy traditionally gets (Shadow) Treasury.”

    Didn’t stop them selecting Turnbull as shadow treasurer under Nelson. They could still keep her as deputy leader, but reschuffle portfolios. Not sure who could be good as shadow treasurer, but surely they must have someone at least a bit better.

    Lots of funny stuff on this thread. Thanks for the laughs HD, Caney and others. Post #71 is a cracker.

  70. Just back from a small protest in Singapore against the war in Sri Lanka.

    Here is the youtube clip I made:


  71. My base trade is bricklaying.

    Music break.


  72. Oh boy, got a few fish to fry tomorrow…I’m sure I can handle that.

  73. Oh dear…

    Fascist leader Nick Griffin wants to come to Australia to spread his message of racial hatred under the guise of free speech. The immigration department is undecided.

    Maybe Fred Nile could sponsor him?


  74. Can we have a nearest to guessing competition as to the day and time this blog reaches 50,000 hits?

    (winner to get kudos as a great blogocrat)

  75. 6:15 tomorrow morning.

  76. I reckon we will hit 50000 Monday afternoon – about 2pm.

  77. Tomorrow 12:15pm

  78. I have faith that Jesus Chris will descend from the sky with a flock of angels when we reach 50,000.

    Oh, and at 8.15am..

  79. Jesus Christ, a flock of angels and reb making as many posts as possible overnight to make the 8.15am prediction 😉

  80. Damn and I just helped… damn I did it again.

  81. My tip is that posts will dry up, unless we start an interesting discussion that people enjoy following, such as –

    -the ALP is dominated by tired union hacks.
    -Julia Gillard is doing the bidding of union bosses in the changes to IR legislation.
    -Union thugs are exacerbating the ruination of the already ruined economy.

    That should get this site past 50,000 by 7am.

    Don’t worry about thanking me, it’s a pleasure!

  82. I notice that the Australian National Academy of Music funding cutoff is getting a bit of attention in parliament:


    As I’ve said before, this has been handled very poorly by Peter Garrett and the Federal Government. That the ANAM will have to close at the end of this year is a dreadful and uneccesary outcome which will be detrimental to the training of classical musicians in this country. And for the benefit of what?

    I congratulate the members of parliament who have brought this matter up before their respective parliaments and are lobbying to keep ANAM open.

    I would again encourage anyone who feels that ANAM should be kept open, to consider signing the online petition.


  83. Oops Sorry forgot to close the bold. That was only meant to highlght – “ANAM will have to close at the end of this year”.

    EDITOR: Fixed! 🙂

  84. Another very petty money saving exercise by this government like their ABS cuts. I fail to see what this achieves but it fits in with a bureaucrat’s way of doing things.

  85. “it fits in with a bureaucrat’s way of doing things.”

    I disagree Adrian. It’s more consistent with the way in which Chairman Mao might’ve done things.

    They’ll be banning what we’re allowed to see on the internet next, oh, hang on a sec…

  86. Agreed. Both cuts are detrimental but achieve no positive outcome. They are slightly different because the ABS cuts were a funding reduction whilst the funding to ANAM has been completely cutoff.

  87. Nah reb the cuts to ABS and ANAM are pure bureaucracy, the censorship of the innertubes is something else and I really don’t understand why Conroy is so adamant in doing it against all advice and expertise but worse the eminently sensible Rudd is allowing him to continue with the folly.

  88. “EDITOR: Fixed!”


  89. “I really don’t understand why Conroy is so adamant in doing it against all advice and expertise but worse the eminently sensible Rudd is allowing him to continue with the folly.”

    A deal with Senator Fielding to pass other legislation?

  90. Hmmm, 8:30am perhaps reb?

    I think Jesus may be fashionably late on account of having decomposed away to a cobwebbed skeleton, not to mention the shock of being rudely reanimated with Holy vigour.
    If you are correct reb I guess I’ll be seeing you in Hell by about lunch time tomorrow. I hope we get a seat between Ronald Reagan & Lady Di.

  91. “A deal with Senator Fielding to pass other legislation?”Alastair

    I’d rather believe that than the alternative, that Conroy thinks he is entitled to arbitrate my mental filter.

    Joni, I look forward to checking out the utube clip when my streaming ceases to run like molasses.

  92. I have been thinking about that Alastair, but it doesn’t make sense for there is far more to lose and a wider demographic with a massive online influence to piss off. The innertubes censorship is a very possible election losing piece of legislation whereas I can’t think of anything Fielding can block that is.

  93. “The innertubes censorship is a very possible election losing piece of legislation”Adrian

    I strongly agree. This is a vote changer for me in no uncertain terms; I never vote for the majors anyway but this would have me looking to punish Rudd et al. I would NEVER vote for the conservatives in any circumstance, how’s that for pig ignorance?
    I think most people like to believe that, for all intents & purposes, we still reside in a primarily “free” country. A step down the path of this kind of extreme paternalism & censorship is unlikely to wash with anybody but the most banal wowsers who probably live in caves anyway.

  94. It’s not just the censorship thing that will be the killer but the way it will negatively impact on people’s internet browsing.

    Wait until the complaints start increasing about slow internet connections whilst having to pay more for the choked networks, and then there will be all the times the kids will pester their parents because they can’t do an assignments for the sites they need are blocked. That’s just for starters.

    This will be a snowball starting off as a pebble at the top of the mountain and ending in an avalanche by the time it reaches the bottom, just in time for the next election.

  95. Well, unless we get 700+ hits in the next couple of minutes then I was dead wrong about 50,000 by 8:30am.
    On a positive note I suppose I have been spared from the fires of damnation for a bit longer.

  96. Just came across Battlestar Galactica season 4 first 12 episodes.


    I’m sure i read a post about this.

  97. Boy, did we get a storm up here in Brisbane yesterday afternoon…got to go out shortly and clean up the fallen trees of a few clients, one has a gum tree leaning on the house and because of the power line to the house it is going to be tricky.

    The things I do.

  98. Well, unless we get 700+ hits in the next couple of minutes then I was dead wrong about 50,000 by 8:30am. (HD).

    It’s so unusual for a Crow’s supporter to ever admit being wrong. Goes to show HD that you are growing as an individual.

  99. Hexx@9:29am

    Thanks for the Battlestar link, much appreciated. Looks like season 4 has been made.
    You probably read my comment of a few days ago. Cheers.

  100. “It’s so unusual for a Crow’s supporter to ever admit being wrong”miglo

    This may seem odd but I actually hate Port MUCH more than I like the Crows.
    On being wrong…it happens all the time, much like everyone else I’ve ever met.

  101. We share a common obsession HD. I hate the Crows more than I like Port.

    In my opinion, the Crows sit along side Howard.

  102. “In my opinion, the Crows sit along side Howard”

    Now that’s a BIG call!

  103. Now that’s a BIG call!

    My hatred is intense.

  104. Your welcome HD hope your able to play it

    Scaper good luck with the clean up, from what i see this morning the S.E.S have a huge job ahead of them.

  105. I think I’ve missed. One hour for around 418 hits, not going to make it.

  106. Adrian, never fear, Tom’s on the other thread doing his level best to antagonise people into frenzied commentary.

  107. I saw and I avoided. Straw men everywhere and not a flame to be had from me.

  108. Hexx, all the roads are blocked at The Gap and it is absolute carnage out there…trees and power lines down everywhere!

    I’ve seen some storm damage in my time and looks like a mini cyclone tore a path through there…in fact I had to turn back…I’ll try again tomorrow.

  109. Scaper, I didn’t know you were a Queenslander. For some reason I always thought you were a Victorian. Please forgive me.

  110. Born in Sydney, moved to Queensland to escape my Dallas style family and consider myself as Australian, not provincial.

  111. I’m Aussie to the bone myself, despite having 50% Middle Eastern blood. My mother’s parents were Christian Lebanese who come here just after WWI.

    For most of my life I never had a problem in saying that I am from Middle Eastern background. Howard changed all that.

    Now only the Blogocrats know.

  112. oh dear, Talcum won’t like this…


    Two new opinion polls on Monday showed Rudd’s Labor government was more popular now than when elected last November, sweeping aside almost 12 year of conservative rule.

    When compulsory voting preferences were distributed to the two major parties, Labor support was at 55 percent, up two points from a year ago, with the conservatives 10 points adrift.

    Economic woes and rising unemployment had not dented Rudd’s record popularity, with a Nielsen poll in Fairfax newspapers showing 68 percent support for the former diplomat.

  113. This just hit my inbox…any opinion here.


  114. Finally, a politician saying what some have been thinking here for quite a while!


  115. OMG, we’re about to burst through the 50,000 mark!!!

  116. 100K before xmas day???

  117. Aye scaper!

    A’ reckon…

  118. I like what I read scaper but this is misleading:

    But in writing the new workplace relations legislation from scratch, there were many questions of detail to be thought through.

    Their new IR legislation has not been written from scratch and builds on both the Hawke/Keating reforms and Howard’s 1996 Work Place Relations Act.

    I’m really pleased to see them use the COIL process as it should have been used which also gives me greater confidence for this legislation. Howard rammed through WorkChoices (and much other major legislation) which made it a farce and very flawed. By any standards it was very poorly written and framed legislation which required a major rewrite only a month after introduction and then constant updates and rewrites from then on.

  119. #118. scaper… | November 17, 2008 at 1:45 pm

    Finally, a politician saying what some have been thinking here for quite a while!


    Nah can’t agree and would love to have this as its own topic. I’ve debated the pros and cons of getting rid of states for a long time now and believe the couple of very big cons far outweigh the pros for doing this.

  120. Adrian, I just scanned through it as I’m trying to get some other stuff done but it looks good on the surface.

    I notice it seems not to have hit the MSM yet…might email Mitchell and advise him that if his paper wants to keep up to speed he better keep someone on watch over here…LOL!!!

  121. 50,000!! Altogether everyone…

    (where’s TB to lead the chorus?)

    Should auld acquaintance be forgot
    And never brought to mind?

    Should auld acquaintance be forgot
    And days of Auld Lang Syne.

    For Auld Lang Syne, my dear,
    For Auld Lang Syne,
    We’ll take a cup of kindness yet
    For Auld Lang Syne.

    And here’s the hand, my trusty friend
    And gives a hand of thine
    We’ll take a cup of kindness yet
    For Auld Lang Syne.

    For Auld Lang Syne, my dear,
    For Auld Lang Syne,
    We’ll take a cup of kindness yet
    For Auld Lang Syne.

  122. I think it would make a great stand alone thread too and I see both sides of the argument and the pitfalls but it is worth investigating.

    Would not our constitution need rewriting?

  123. Scaper @ 118,

    That’s certainly not the first time a pollie has mentioned that. Arthur Chesterfield-Evans, former Australian Democrats NSW MLC did this during the last NSW State Election campaign. He mighn’t have been the first to suggest it either.

  124. Alistair, the way I see it is the more discussion, the better.

    I’ve had a concern for a long time in regards to the worsening performance by state governments across the board and the situation in NSW is an example…I would feel helpless if I lived in that state.

  125. Just checked that Labor email…it is days old but don’t remember reading about it on the weekend…one senses egg on face…oh well.

  126. So – when did we hit 50000? Was it on Monday around 2pm?

    (see comment 80 above)

  127. yes it was joni, oh wise one…

    You win the Christmas Turkey!


  128. I’m glad Joni won a turkey. I wouldn’t have been happy if the prize was a duck.

  129. When I was a teenrager turkey had a completely different meaning…lost with time I suspect.

  130. 125. reb | November 17, 2008 at 2:07 pm

    …and seeing that you didn’t enqire 😦 the gig was a, bloody hu-wge success and that’s according to The Minister (among many others) she’s my biggest fan BUT also my biggest critic! 🙂 (high praise indeed!)

    …but the buggars put me in the fireplace! 😯

    …they originally booked a room for 40 but 63 turned up – couldn’t swing a bloody cat, so I eneded up working, literally, in an old fireplace/hearth…

    …and we did finish off with, ALS , very funny, all standing in place at the tables singing and swinging – fabulous – ya should a been there – “…best (Ladies Night) the Lodge had ever had…”

    …I think I’m becoming a surrogate F/Mason – oh, dear! (Don’t worry not my scene – I just happen to have friends who are members)…

  131. TB,

    Sounds fabulous. Did you do Delilah?

    This guy goes into see his doctor:

    “Doctor, doctor!” he says.

    “What’s the matter?” asks the doctor.

    “It’s like this” he says, “I can’t stop singing Delilah”

    “ah” says the doctor, “that’s sounds like Tom Jones syndrome”

    “oh, is that common?”

    “It’s not unusual…”

  132. ha! ha! ha! ha! ha! ha! ha! ha! ha! ha! ha! ha! ha! ha! ha! ha! ha! ha! ha! ha! ha! ha! ha! ha! ha! ha! ha! ha! ha! ha! ha! ha! ha! ha! ha! ha! (oldie but a goodie! Just a reflection of the comedian I suppose he! he!)

    yep, did Delilah and so did they! Very impressed/surprised, I was! They also made a good attempt at Satisfaction!

    They liked – All the Way, Travelin’ Man, The Next Time, Fool If you Think Its Over, Blue Velvet – asked for more during dinner! (I was guest too!) and at more at the end – and we all turned into pumpkins at midnight – a-a-nd no bloody WT in the bar!~!! Only other cheap excuses for bourbon…

  133. They’re all classics TB! When are you coming to tassie??

    “Fool if you think it’s over” – Top stuff!!

    whit aboot – “She’s a Lady” or “Whit’s new Pussycat”

  134. Don’t be a smart arse (Oops!)

  135. I just noticed – 110. Human Dividend – “Tom’s on the other thread doing his level best to antagonise people into frenzied commentary.”

    Well HD, some one has to do it!

    If we don’t have a bit of spark the discussion usually goes like this –
    Adrian – “Blah, blah, blah…”
    “I agree Adrian”
    “Great point Adrian , I was about to say the same thing.”
    “Too true.”
    “Nice day isn’t it?.”
    “What did you do over the weekend?”
    “Not much.”

  136. #129 Scaper, I agree it’s an interesting idea that’s worth some consideration.

  137. Tom@5:04pm

    No offense intended Tom, I did think you were fishing at the time.
    You’re right about the spark & I think your antagonism (usually supported by nuance I hadn’t considered) is stimulating.
    It wasn’t meant to be a slur.

    BTW, this comment isn’t just an effort to be what you might classify as “politically correct”.

  138. Thanks HD. Of course I knew there was no offense intended. Just providing some more antagonism!!

  139. “Just providing some more antagonism”Tom

    I find your barbs at times subtle & at other times blatant, they don’t elude me often. Keep ’em coming I say!

  140. i luve that song! anybody know the name of it

  141. another girl – another planet

    Welcome to the blogocrats!

    I assume you mean the You Tube clip at the top – It’s OU*r House by Madness (you can actually cheat and cliock on the you tube logo and it will take you to the You Tube sitte and reveal name of song – poster etc.

    Great news about the Gig TB – any footage?

  142. Indeed welcome another girl, contribute whenever you like!

  143. Hi another girl

    Joni you must be in a great mood. I noticed you put trust and Piers not very far apart in the same post(murdoch vs). I was shocked, i will let it go this time.

  144. But Hexx you just did the same… 😉

  145. Last night i walked into a glass door while saying good bye to people. After you pointed that out Adrian i now feel as if it happen to me twice.

  146. Yeah hexx…. I felt bad about my juxtapositioning until it was pointed out that you did it worse.

  147. I’m sorry to say this – but some septics are just stoopid.


    Have a look at some of the names that they voted for.

    Actually – some of the choices are actually quite good, and so I take back the original line.

  148. Great news about the Gig TB – any footage? Dave55

    The Minister took the digital (we own a compact HD HDD video camera – just push this button here – too complicated 😯 )

    A bit dark in the chimley! One photo of me (I think) and some lovely photos of complete strangers … 😛

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