Spot the Drag Queen competition!

One of these photo’s is a rather heavily made-up drag queen, the other is Opposition Frontbencher Senator Helen Coonan. Take the challenge, can you guess which is which?




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  1. reb,

    I was just going to email you on having another caption competition…. we must be psychotic.

    And can I put money on Ross winning?

  2. Quick comment from stressed out Min trying to unpack at new abode. And of course the computer decided to give up to ghost and so I am now using old faithful until I have time to get the other one repaired.

    I just wish that I could wear makeup like that..used to in the ’70’s. These days I would look umm a bit like an elderly street walker. Drag Queens are far more elegant.

    Good one..Helen Coonan needs to be taken down a peg or 9.

  3. This is a trick contest!

    We all know the first photo is Bronwyn Bishop. The second photo is easy.

    It’s Melanie Griffith with added Spakfilla.

  4. Forgive the following…the best that I can come up (which is never good).

    HC: And I had this dream, and her name was Priscilla.

  5. HC: I might have bad hair but at least I’m not a ginger.

    (apologies to any red-heads out there – it is HC being politically incorrect – not me).

  6. Just can’t do anything with my hair today.

  7. Helen, you need to either give up the colour job and accept the grey hair or get your roots done more often. Nothing looks worse, IMO, than an inch on uncoloured roots showing.

  8. You should never lose touch with your roots, I reckon…

  9. reb – I’ve stayed friends with most of mine.

  10. Am I prepared to answer joni? Yes I am but this is a family friendly site.

    Helen asked joni to help her with a makeover. Hold still Helen, just a little more gold eyeshadow and we’re almost there.

  11. “reb – I’ve stayed friends with most of mine.”

    I’ve seen your avatar, joni, and it looks to me like most of yours have run away from home. 🙂

    Sorry, but my inner mean girl is coming out today.

  12. me too joni – although the future wife finds this problematic at times… (only a couple of them coming to the wedding!)

  13. (joni picks up his ball and toupee and skulks away)

  14. ball..singular or plural?

  15. (joni curls into foetal ball (singular) and rocks gently saying “bide your time, joni, bide your time”)

    And I did say toupee not merkin!

  16. toupee??

    Well I take it back then. They’ve ALL run away.

    I was also wondering that, Min.

  17. I’ve spent all day looking at these photos…

    Can I phone a friend?

    They look the same to me…what can I say – I wouldn’t s#@g either of ’em!

  18. I’ll give you a hint TB.

    Helen Coonan doesn’t usually wear a lot of jewellery…

  19. The drag queen would be the one without the pearl neck lace ??

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