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Welcome to midweek mayhem, the place where we get to talk about anything and everything – including politics – and now with ‘extra fun!”

You know sometimes we just potter along, don’t we? Navigating the things that life throws at us, and then along comes a story that makes you think – “do people ever cease to amaze you?”

Personally, this week is turning into absolute bedlam, but that’s another story…

Over to you fellow bologocrats…what’s got your goat up this week?

(by the way, a warning that that link contains a rather graphic image. Sorry for the late notice if you’ve already clicked it, but I’ve always figured that it’s easier to seek forgiveness after the event than to ask for permission first)



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  1. eek reb – I clicked and saw the photo before reading your pre-emptive post-viewing attempted apology/warning.

  2. “Ms Hang said she would like her old looks back.”

    No kidding..?

  3. My deity – she turned into Mal Colston

  4. Dave – LOL!

    I think I’d rather look like Mal…

  5. I got pulled over by the police this morning at 10:30 and breathalysed…did they cop a serve from me!

    Apparently there has been some break ins in the area…my vehicles have all got my signs on them and after I received an apology I went on my way.

  6. scaper, they’re only doing their job you know…

  7. On a political front, has anyone else noticed that Minchin has been keeping a low profile recently. He, alone amongst the past Government ministers as far as I can tell, has managed to avoid saying anything stupid while the “GFC” has been going on (albeit only because he hasn’t said anything at all!)

  8. This post and video at Not a Hedgehog on California’s Prop 8 are interesting.


  9. It is good to see that there is vision out there that sees the biggest issue that will face mankind…food!


    I believe that this will become more evident in the next five years and we must act for our own good.

    Things are progressing slowly on the water transfer project and one state has thrown a spanner in the works by going into deficit.

    Not to worry, as the turning of the first sod is at least three years down the track.

  10. Does one have to be in the know to understand why you should be immune from breath-testing, Scaper? 🙂

  11. PTO

    That Olbermann video is excellent – everyone should watch it I reckon.

  12. At 10:30 in the morning in my business vehicle???

  13. “PTO

    That Olbermann video is excellent – everyone should watch it I reckon.”

    Thanks. Yes it is pretty good. I’ll happily take full credit even though it was Sans Blog that posted it. 🙂

  14. “At 10:30 in the morning in my business vehicle???”

    Why not? It isn’t as if it is unknown for someone to drink at that time of the day or to have such a blinder the night before that they are still over the limit at 10.30 the next day.

    There is no excuse for giving the cops that were doing their job a serve simply because they were doing their job.

  15. My Norton Security thing is soon to expire. I recall reading on this or previous blog that it is not the best available as it slows things down. Can anyone recommend an alternative, and is it difficult to get rid of the Norton stuff?

  16. Sorry Sans, for some reason I thiought it was PTO. Great video.

  17. Shame they agreed with what I had to say to them.

    I suppose a serve to some people is a swathe of negative invective.

    Oh well…by the way, I do just a little bit more than talk about society’s ills…I have been supporting this initiative and will continue to!


  18. Scaper,

    Most people I know who failed the breathalyser did so in the morning.

    I thought maybe you might be the comm. of police or something similar. 😉

  19. The Prime Minister just sent me an email about his new website


    …and if you missed this on the What a Lovely War thread I’m posting it again here:

    A Pittance of Time http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KYlrrAWCTRg

    Lest We Forget!

  20. I await my moderation – for may last post (‘scuse the pun)

  21. I just checked the “graphic image” (while waiting) – that photo justifies my belief on GOG!

  22. handyrab

    whatever you do don’t install Norton 360!! It is a nightmare. I installed it (and paid $$ for it) only for it to cripple my PC.

    It’s almost impossible to unistall too. I ended up having to dowload additional software to get rid of it completely.

    A better option is antivir which is free and works a treat!!


  23. handyrab

    I have used CA (computer associates) originally VET (designed in Oz) since 1992.

    They have a suite of programs (like everyone else) we use the anti virus and anti spyware programs – daily auto updates – just under $40 subscription each a year…

  24. TB,

    You could save yourself $40 a year with antivir..

    That ought to appeal to your Yorkshire sensibilities…


  25. sumtymes its qualiti ovr quantiti lad, tha’ sh’ud ‘now thet…tha bluddy penny pinchin’ Scottish git! 😆

  26. 15. handyrab | November 12, 2008 at 5:47 pm

    Kaspersky. You can get a 3 licence copy for around $50. Our work got rid of Norton’s about 18 months ago to put in Kaspersky across the board, everyone was so impressed they all got it for the home computers as well.

    I got rid of Zone Alarm to get Kaspersky for home. It is unobtrusive once it learns what you use and your setup, and it does the job well without any fuss or bother. Updates are the most painless of any system I’ve come across.

    And no I don’t work for or am I an agent for Kaspersky, just a very impressed customer. See the Russians (Kaspersky) can do some things well and better than Americans (Nortons).

  27. Good evening all.

    Haven’t been about much in the last fortnight, it’s been a heavy one. Apart from being VERY ill with the flu, first time I’ve been sick for a couple of years…it f@ckin’ sucked, my grandad died two days ago after a protracted battle with cancer. He’d had half a lung removed & endured months of degradation physically & mentally; he was 84 years old.
    This has a point, I’m certainly not trying to reduce the mood of the thread.
    Point is he’d been asking to die for many weeks, with faculties intact but no will to keep struggling when death was a given inevitability that could only be drawn out in an undignified fashion.
    Death then has been a great relief for him & those that care(d) for him. All of this leads me to ask….how do y’all feel about euthanasia?
    For me it is a no-brainer, but I accept that the line is fine & it is a moral issue blurred by religion somewhat.

    Nice Olbermann link BTW….& cool pics of Bronwyn & Helen reb, absolutely badass.

  28. reb,TB and Adrian thanks for the tips. Big decision in front of me… although I like the price of antivir!

  29. HD, sympathies – I’m a firm believer in euthanasia – watched my father die of emphysema – and the ‘flu really helps I’ll bet!

    Hang in there “blogocrat”!

  30. Just to make your decision that little bit harder handyrab, I use – it’s also free for home use and has an excellent autoupdate feature.

  31. HD

    Euthenasia is a good thing. I am going through something similar at the moment, and it’s hell. It certainly has my vote. Greg has promised to put me out of my misery, if anything happens, and vice versa.

    I’m sory about your Grandad.

    Meanwhile, Often Bark sent me this link:


  32. Gotta get used to this longhand method of linking…. That last comment should have linked to Avast

  33. Bacchus,

    I, too, recommend the free Avast.

    Used with ZoneAlarm (also free) you get an excellent ‘solution’.

  34. Thanx TB & Angel. No regrets though. Suffering is over, I see this as a good thing. Would have been nice to have been able to help stop it earlier; I don’t ever want to be in that kind of helpless position in my last days…assuming I see it coming & have a choice in the matter.

  35. Be aware the latest ZoneAlarm (v8) has heaps of problems and is really stuffing up a lot of computers, including mine which is why I dumped it after using it for nearly two years now and moved to Kaspersky.

    ZoneAlarm themselves are recommending people who are having troubles uninstall ZA 8 and go back to the old version. They have disabled automatic updates to their product.

    Sans, ZA had anti-virus and Malware built in and their recommendation was not to use it with any other AV products.

  36. HD,

    Sorry to hear about your grandfather.

    I’m in favour of euthanasia. People deserve to have a choice. Who wants to be incapacitated and just a burden on everyone else. Dying with dignity shouldn’t be something that can only be done illegally..

  37. Thanks for that, Angel…looking back on Tim’s last thread was an experience.

    We’ve got to carry the banner now.

  38. HD sorry to hear.

  39. Scaper

    That’s OK. I wouldn’t have known about it, but for Often Bark. My 24 hour live on site job keeps me sleepy most of the time. I rely on others to email me the goss, and drop in and out briefly, you know Angels come and go. 🙂

  40. Also recommend Kaspersky.

    joni: if anyone understands this comment, please fill me in.

  41. Random breath tests mean that they happen randomly – to anyone that happens to be the subject of the random test.

    It is bizarre that anyone would think that a work vehicle would be exempt.

  42. HD,

    My sincerest condolences; death is such a personal thing it really is no place for government. When my grandmother passed a few years back after a long and protracted struggle with Alzheimer’s I had the very same thought. A woman who had lived some 94 years on this earth reduced to a shell of herself, with no recollection of the life she had led or those closest to her. She left this world much like she did when she came into it. I am not opposed to people choosing to do with their life as they want but I fear it could be abused without very strict oversight. Forgive me, but I have little faith in government.

  43. Handyrab,

    “Trend Micro” has been very good to me!

  44. Handyrab

    I’m with Sparta – Trend Micro works well and is pretty unobtrusive.

    Avoid Norton and whatever you do- don’t get Microsoft Anti-virus (if you thought Norton was tough to get rid of …)

  45. Joni,

    Kaspersky is an antivirus prog.

  46. 44. Dave that goes double for McAfee. We had it as part of our Dell laptops and computers when we purchased them and it was so hooked into the system it took us a while to chase down all the references so as to remove it completely. Don’t touch McAfee, like Norton it’s a real resource hog and loves interfering in everything you do.

    Kaspersky is actually a Firewall program with AV, AP and AS built in. That is common for most of these type of programs now, to be multi-purpose in protecting all aspects of your computer networking.

  47. I’m so sorry to hear this HD and likewise Kittylitter on the other thread who has recently lost her father. Me too of course with Dad passing away earlier this year.

    I shall relate this story. My father passed away in Melbourne from prostate cancer age 88. Fortunately a good friend who had sadly lost both of her fathers late last year (she was adopted) warned me about ‘the box’ aka morphine drip; to make certain that the hospital wasn’t slack about ‘turning up the volume’.

    Well they didn’t do this. In the last week my father was sadly in agony, so much so that they moved him to a private room as his screaming was upsetting the other patients.

    Nursing staff were non-existent, just 2 on the floor at any one time caring for the entire hospice floor at the hospital. My son and I often had to go chasing after staff. Might I put in a huge thank you to son J. Being in the Navy certainly helped; when he said jump, they jumped.

    Two days before Dad passed away, once again we had to go chasing after staff to help Dad. A gum-chewing ‘casual’ nurse arrived and abruptly said the equivalent of Tuff Titties.

    Fortunately a God-send arrived that evening in the form of a little South American male nurse by the name of Joseph who said that he could turn the morphine up a notch. He asked me as my mother was in no state to agree or not. I had to say Yes as I couldn’t allow things to go on any longer like this, for my poor old Dad’s sake. Joseph said, We have a lot of Italians (aka Catholics) and they don’t want this because of Last Minute Confessions (as in maintaining life as long as possible just in case that last minute thing might mean the difference between Heaven and purgatory) and so I needed to check with you.

    My recommendation is do not ever allow your loved one to have to go to a Catholic hospital when terminally ill.

    I promise that my next posting will be more cheerful. It’s just something that I needed to say.

  48. reb, joni and the other regular authors,

    just following up on the comments from helen over at LP , it probably wouldn’t be a bad idea to add at the start of each post words along the line of: Posted by: joni etc just so new people know who it is. There may even be a WordPress option to attribute authorship. Most of us regulars can work it out based on style etc but every now and again it is a little bit unclear.

  49. Sad to hear of your loss HD. Was he a Port supporter?

    About a month ago my dad was given a month to live. He’s still here, and if he can hold out a few more weeks I’ll be able to get away to see him and share our last drinks.

    He spent a couple of years fighting in the jungles of New Guinea, and when he goes, Australia will have lost another hero.

  50. Miglo..my Dad was at Milne Bay. Dad was a conscript, hence the reason that he served in New Guinea. When his number came up he took off up to the wilds of Box Hill (for non-Victorians now inner suburbs), but they caught him.

  51. Min, in my eyes your Dad was a hero too.

  52. Thank you, yes Miglo my Dad was indeed a hero. I never in my life time ever heard him say a bad word about another person except with a twinkle in his eye. He always played the ball and not the man. And he wasn’t a half-bad fisherman/painter/vegie gardener.

  53. And a good news story. Nicola Roxon has announced the implementation of supplying insulin pumps starting now, for children with type 1 diabetes. My good friend is a type 1 (fragile) and has had to spend years saving for one of these pumps. When one needs to set priorities, this is an excellent one.

  54. Min, how’s the unpacking going?

    Can you find the canopener? or more importantly, the bottle opener?

  55. Is it almost that time. Almost a year since the wonderful Matty Price passed away. http://www.news.com.au/story/0,23599,24646005-2,00.html

  56. Thank you so much reb. Yes the bottle opener is safe..popped it into my handbag before we left as one has to set priorities, however I am missing items such as pegs, pots & pans to name a squillion. Hubby hooked up the washing machine this morning before work and I think that he may have forgotten something such as the drainage hose as evidenced by the fact that the carpeted hall is now flooded.

  57. Oh dear Min.

    You’re not having much luck are you. First the kitchen curtains and now the carpet in the hall..

    Well at least you can’t say your life isn’t eventful..!


  58. Just watched Q&A online from 2 October. It’s an interesting exercise to see, with the benefit of some hindsight how opinions were formulated and expressed one week before the govt bailout, for instance, or the US election. Worth a look.

  59. Min,

    Just on Matt Price – I saw Insiders last weekend where a new book has been published on some of his writings. I wanted to get it at the airport on Sunday afternoon but they did not have it.

    Have any other blogocrats got the book? Any comments?

  60. I believe today was the book launch and I don’t buy or read books due to my time management but I will be getting that one.

  61. I don’t read or buy books due to my sheer ignorance…

  62. Ah well at least the laundry has a drainage hole..something that I never saw while living in Victoria. Maybe this idea came into NSW and Qld due to one’s partner/s in these states continuously forgetting about drainage hose outlets.

  63. #61. reb | November 13, 2008 at 3:48 pm

    I don’t read or buy books due to my sheer ignorance…

    You’re in illustrious company, the current POTUS also doesn’t read or buy books because of his sheer ignorance.

  64. Difference between Shrub and reb, Adrian, is that we know that reb can read and write.

  65. HD, sorry about your grandfather. At least he’s at peace now.
    My father died 9 years ago after getting prostate cancer. He had the op and then was talked into ray treatment which is when the wheels fell off. He was one of the unfortunate ones who had major side effects-blood loss, fistulas, opsite infections etc, etc until the real knock out blow, 3 severe attacks of shingles in rapid succession.
    He never recovered from the shingles. The rash left, but the pain remained for 5 years until he stopped fighting. I used to pray the poor old bugger could die. It took quite a toll on my mother who nursed him.
    My husband had a mild attack of shingles a few years later and stood in awe of my father who’d suffered non-stop severe chronic pain for 5 years and couldn’t get relief from the pain despite taking a cocktail of pain killers including morphine.
    I believe euthanasia should be on offer to people who are suffering terminal illnesses. I don’t understand why their living a few more months/weeks/days in agony is so necessary. It’s a choice they should be able to make.

  66. I’ve had this tune in my head all day…a TV theme song.

    Music break.


  67. This one is a cracker…ahead of its time.


  68. Thanks reb, Hexx, Sparta, min, miglo & jane.

    Sparta, I agree about the perils of “state sanctioned end of life (for want of a better term)” if there is insufficient oversight. I really don’t know how to make it “safe” but IMHO it should be legal & an option on the table. To me the only obvious negative is the potential for “state abuse” rather than any sort of religious taboo.
    Then there are greyish areas whereby people such as stroke victims (of varying degrees) are perhaps sound of mind but trapped in an inarticulate shell without the power to project their consent.

    Thanks again for the kind words.

    BTW, let Tom have his own post, he is a funny man.

  69. About an hour ago i found a turtle tangled up in line, i was so happy it was alive. The knive made easy work of the line but i didnt realise it had a hook through its rear flipper. As i grabbed the flippers to guide it away the hook pierced my finger and when the turtle took off the hook ripped up my fingerand the saltwater didnt help, the screams could be heard from asia. Now i have to use my left hand.

  70. Ow, Hexx.

  71. Now i have to use my left hand.

    I’m not game to venture “what for?”

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