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We are all using computers here and the innertubes (created as we all know by Al Gore) to be a blogocrat. And the Wednesday thread had some comments regarding the best virus software to use.

That got me thinking, what software do you love and would like to recommend to the other blogocrats. I am not referring to the obvious stuff like word, excel, etc. But the stuff that we might have missed.

I am a Mac user, running OS 10.5 and I have some funky (*) free programs that I use while I am away from home.

As I have a few different internet chat accounts, I use Adium (http://www.adiumx.com/) to link most of them together so that I only have to have one internet chat client open at any time.

Recently, I found Livestation (www.livestation.com) which allows me to watch free TV on my laptop in my hotel rooms that have broadband. Now – this might not seem amazing, but when you see the variety of stations available, it is quite good. For example, I can watch Lateline and Insiders from anywhere I am in the world. Admittedly that is not a bonus when certain people are in the lonely boy seat.

There are some other apps that I also use on my Mac:

  • Mindnode (www.mindnode.com) – for mind mapping
  • Handbrake (http://handbrake.fr) – for getting videos onto my iTouch
  • Timeline (www.BeeDocuments.com) – not free, but allows you to create image timelines

So – over to you, blogocrats, what software do you use that you’d like to tell us all about?

(* I am going to leave the work funky in – after a few too many free wines I am immune to any outrageous slings and arrows that may be flung towards me. Then again – tomorrow morning I may have a different POV on this).


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  1. Hi blogocrats!

    I wandered off for a while due to personal grief (recent death of my father) and when I came back, everyone else had disappeared! Good to see you all here.

    You know, rather than what software I can’t live without now – I’m really interested in what software to get for the future.

    I’m thinking specifically of what will be needed to bypass Conroy’s crazy ISP filtering scheme. I don’t go to illegal, or p*rn sites, but I don’t want to be censored by a dictatorial government either. Any recommendations?

  2. Oooh, Your comment is awaiting moderation.

  3. cos you been a bad kitty … 😉

    Your first post always goes to moderation Kittylitter

  4. I would love to get a program that pulls together stories and articles I read and collate them for later searching and retrieval based on the different comments I have on the article relative to different aspects of the article. endnote works well and plugs into Word well but doesn’t have all the DB characteristics that I would like.

    Put simply, I’d like the word plug-in features of endnote (referencing etc) but the ability to put comments under several different categories rather than a single comments box.

  5. I’d like software that would type for me by voice command…I would get a lot more done rather than struggle along using one finger.

    It’s most probably available, but where?

  6. scaper…

    A program called Dragon works well.

  7. Thanks, Dave…I’ll check it out.

  8. google maps has to get a mention!

    Oh and welcome kittylitter, I was hoping you’d find your way here….


  9. With Google Earth you can actually see my niece in the pool!

  10. Joni, google my house then on Streetview, I think it’s called.

  11. scaper – will do that!

  12. I find the simplest technolog y the best.

  13. Sorry I’m having a terrible time with links this morning.

    Try this and ignore my previous post: <a href=”“>simplest technology

  14. …and yet again it stuffs up:

  15. Dave55

    I have been using OneNote at work for a while now, and find it a great way to organise all my projects and other irrelevant data.

    If you don’t like ms, you could always try basket note pads, an open source alternative


    Having said that, it was great to find all you blogocrats all congregating somewhere. I had missed you all, and the discussions.

    Thanks joni for appending the url to your name over at dolts site 🙂

  16. Hi dave55 and rebby boy! Thanks for the welcome.
    Dave, I love Firefox as a browser but can never get to use it because my kids always prefer IE but one of the add-ons features to firefox is a program called Read It Later- is it what you mean?

    43 reviews
    40,799 weekly downloads
    Feeds, News & Blogging Bookmarks Social & Communication
    Read It Later allows you to save pages of interest to read later. It eliminates cluttering of bookmarks with sites that are merely of a one-time interest.

  17. Is anyone using the google chrome brower? It is not available on the Mac.

  18. Hey Tom R – welcome across.

    Thanks for that – I’ll give basket note pads a try – it looks like it could be a goer.

    kittylitter, I used to use Firefox but I switched across to google chrome. It doesn’t have the add-ons that IE and Firefox do but I don’t use many of them anyway. It’s much faster than the other two and to run a google search, you just type it into the address bar and it actually prompts similar results. Some java and Flash plug-ins don’t work as well as they could but it is only a beta version.

  19. Thanks joni for appending the url to your name over at dolts site

    hi again TomR

    Yeah, I found blogocrats through a post by mark at
    larvatus prodeo where blogocrats are mentioned for carrying on after tim departs.


    “…It’s been noted before in comments here at LP, but continuing the Tim Dunlop theme, it’s also worth highlighting the initiative of commenters at the former Blogocracy in establishing Blogocrats. It’s a very powerful reminder of the importance of community in the blogosphere and online media more generally…”.

    (Sorry modereators I don’t mean to derail the thread!)

  20. G’day kittylitter!

    scaper, MS Word has a voice to type facility (and text to speech) from Office 2003…

  21. Not at all Kitty – I did notice that we were getting quite a few hits from LP and so I wandered over for a looksie. Much appreciated to LP for giving us a plug.

    And good to see that TomR found us through the Bolters site. I am one of the few blogocrats that can actually get a comment through the moderators over there.

  22. I just went to kittylitter’s link and read the comments there.

    I agree with the lack of identification of the authors, noted by “Helen” as “wierd” (ie no name to relate to after the blog post)

    …sreb’s, post/reply was correct in that the blogocrat blog identifies authors but identifying particular posts is tedious – easily corrected by putting a name at the bottom. (ie joni, reb {ah!}, TB, JMc) I notice KR always does as he states on the linked site…

    I also noted we were not listed in “Blogs We Like” …mmmmmm

  23. G’day TomR nice to read you again!

  24. TB et al,

    We will try to put our names at the end of each post we make. The reason it is not automatic comes down to the wordpress template we are using, not because we want to remain anonymous.

    Once I get around to exploring more the features available in wordpress (CSS etc), then we will just have to remember to add the authors name in manually.

  25. Yes please I would love to know who the author of the particular blog is. As poor old joni has learnt from 1st hand experience I am completely non compos mentis re anything remotely technological and so the only way I get to know who has been the author is when somebody else adds in a thank you.

    In my Christmas stocking this year can I please have a spell-check for blogs ;-)) Perhaps someone might like to invent one and thereby make a squillion.

  26. Nothing to do with software but seeing kittylitter reminded me that I cannot live without my Menz Fruchocs.

    Aside from that, good to see you kittylitter. Now race down to Big W and buy yourself some Menz ChoccySnakes. You’ll thank me for the rest of your life.

  27. Hi Min,

    I use Google Toolbar – one of the options is a spell checker on whatever is typed in a window. Might be worth a look….

    The link is for IE, but a version is also available for Firefox , amongst others.

  28. Thanks again to those who offered advice re substitute for Norton. Anoher question – do I need to dump Norton before installing new antiv program. Still haven’t decided which way to go except that Norton definitely has to go.

  29. Thank you Bacchus. The Google toolbar is that blue thing up the top of the screen but if one of the kids turns it brown it becomes a brown thingy.

  30. Kittylitter, sorry to hear about your dad’s death.
    I use AVG free for anti virus ware. It’s set up to download updates automatically and also checks my computer daily. It also has an anti-spyware component and an email scanner.
    I use firefox because IE gives me the abdabs.

  31. Are there no other Mac-head blogocrats?

  32. HI Kittlylitter & TomR – finally some genuine politically correct union apologists here, that get really fired up!! I’m looking forward to critiquing the input.

  33. Sorry Min – I stuffed up the link in my previous post (again). Google toolbar can be found at http://toolbar.google.com/T5/intl/en/index.html. The tool bar looks just like it does on that page….

    Over on the right hand side, you can set options (Settings, Options) – on the “Features” tab you’ll find a Spell Check option – if that’s ticked, you’ll have a spell check option on the toolbar – IMO, an invaluable aid when postnig to bolgs to make shure yuo don’t mkae any speling misteaks….

  34. Re – Larvatus Prodeo

    I’m universally acknowledged as not being in the front of the queue when it comes to judgment about quality and taste.

    But the suggestion that the writes for this site are “extremely generic and bland” is outrageous.

    One of the writes is known quite widely for his rhyming “poetry”, and the reason for this reputation is evident in his contributions, no one could possibly mistake a contribution from John McP. TB? Who could fail to recognise the ramblings of the old fart???

    Keep up the outstanding work, but then my endorsement is hardly complimentary.

  35. Thank you, Tom – I think – who’s the old fart John – or me?

  36. TB – Re “old fart” I suspect John does not even qualify as old??!! You on the other hand qualify on both criteria!!

    ps – please excuse the typing above.

  37. Thanks Jane, TB, Miglo, TomR, Tom of melbourne, Hexx, min, polly regards to all b-crats.

    Miglo, guess what – very occasionally I have found menz fruchocs at Aldi, I always snatch up a couple of packs when I see them, not sure about trying choccy snakes!.
    I have recently had family over from SA and they brought with them a new taste extravaganza, (my daughter says it is her favourite sweet after just one taste).

    Aunty Joan’s Gourmet Toffee – the Magic Mix…get your gob round some of that!

  38. Is the Google toolbar something akin to a credit card…something that I can live without?

  39. lol – yes Min, you can certainly do without the Google toolbar, but it can be useful sometimes, like a credit card – about the only features I use are the search box, spell checker and gmail button.

  40. Kittylitter, my daughter is an industrial strength fruchocs fanger. While I don’t mind the occasional fruchoc, I’m more a buttered yoyo aficionado. My husband, my daughter and son #1 are still in mourning for proper bush biscuits. But now I’m going to hunt down those toffees. I just love toffee. I can feel my teeth decaying as I type.

  41. Hi Jane, bush biscuits…haven’t seen them since I was a kid and hungry as anything after school – bush bickies and cheese we had. Funny thing, my Mum mentioned them just the other day and we wondered where they’d gone!

  42. Kittylitter, occasionally our local supermarket has packets of 6 biscuits out as a special, but they’re more like oblong skinny coffee biscuits and have been pronounced NBG by the experts in the family. It’s them bloody yanks taking over our biscuits.
    When they took over Arnotts they tried to palm those bloody tiny teddie things off on us instead of our yummy yoyos, but teddies are out and my beloved yoyos are back stronger than ever. How dare they interfere with our traditional munchies!
    I’ve also noticed that the shelves aren’t stocking oreos either. Just horrible delta creams in disguise IMO.

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