I could not live without…

We are all using computers here and the innertubes (created as we all know by Al Gore) to be a blogocrat. And the Wednesday thread had some comments regarding the best virus software to use.

That got me thinking, what software do you love and would like to recommend to the other blogocrats. I am not referring to the obvious stuff like word, excel, etc. But the stuff that we might have missed.

I am a Mac user, running OS 10.5 and I have some funky (*) free programs that I use while I am away from home.

As I have a few different internet chat accounts, I use Adium (http://www.adiumx.com/) to link most of them together so that I only have to have one internet chat client open at any time.

Recently, I found Livestation (www.livestation.com) which allows me to watch free TV on my laptop in my hotel rooms that have broadband. Now – this might not seem amazing, but when you see the variety of stations available, it is quite good. For example, I can watch Lateline and Insiders from anywhere I am in the world. Admittedly that is not a bonus when certain people are in the lonely boy seat.

There are some other apps that I also use on my Mac:

  • Mindnode (www.mindnode.com) – for mind mapping
  • Handbrake (http://handbrake.fr) – for getting videos onto my iTouch
  • Timeline (www.BeeDocuments.com) – not free, but allows you to create image timelines

So – over to you, blogocrats, what software do you use that you’d like to tell us all about?

(* I am going to leave the work funky in – after a few too many free wines I am immune to any outrageous slings and arrows that may be flung towards me. Then again – tomorrow morning I may have a different POV on this).

Midweek Mayhem!

Welcome to midweek mayhem, the place where we get to talk about anything and everything – including politics – and now with ‘extra fun!”

You know sometimes we just potter along, don’t we? Navigating the things that life throws at us, and then along comes a story that makes you think – “do people ever cease to amaze you?”

Personally, this week is turning into absolute bedlam, but that’s another story…

Over to you fellow bologocrats…what’s got your goat up this week?

(by the way, a warning that that link contains a rather graphic image. Sorry for the late notice if you’ve already clicked it, but I’ve always figured that it’s easier to seek forgiveness after the event than to ask for permission first)


Spot the Drag Queen competition!

One of these photo’s is a rather heavily made-up drag queen, the other is Opposition Frontbencher Senator Helen Coonan. Take the challenge, can you guess which is which?



Turnbull’s pit-bulls off the leash

It is fascinating to see Malcolm Turnbull’s emerging style as leader of the Federal Opposition. As fairly progressive on social issues he is defining his leadership through economics as we would expect from a former merchant banker. However, it is the less the content of his policies on the financial crisis than the tactics he is using to gain some traction in the debate which makes him appear to be stakinga claim to pit-bull status. His endorsement of government responses to the crisis, followed by immediate criticism of the detail is what we want from a credible, functioning opposition.

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“John Howard Never Ran Away From Public Scrutiny”

The Liberal party seems determined to gain some mileage over the supposed leak surrounding the “G20 Gate” conversation between Prime Minister Kevin Rudd and soon-to-be former President George W Bush.

News Limited reports that Opposition frontbencher Tony Abbott has branded Prime Minister Kevin Rudd “a coward” over his refusal to answer questions about the leaking of details of a phone call with US President George W Bush.

The Opposition has accused Mr Rudd of leaking details of the conversation with Mr Bush to The Australian newspaper.

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Myanmar/Burma News (from AAPP)

Fourteen members of the 88 Generation Students Group have today been sentenced to 65 years each, the Assistance Association for Political Prisoners (Burma) has learnt. Those sentenced are all prominent members of the group, and include high profile leaders Mie Mie, Nilar Thein and her husband Jimmy. The other members of the group are Min Zayya, Zaw Zaw Min, Than Tin (aka) Kyi Than, Zayya (aka) Kalama, Ant Bwe Kyaw, Kyaw Kyaw Htwe (aka) Marky, Pannate Tun, Thet Zaw, Mar Mar Oo, Sandar Min (aka) Shwe, and Thet Thet Aung.

The sentence was handed down at around 1pm, behind closed doors in Insein prison special court. Family members were not allowed to attend the hearing.

In a separate hearing held in Insein prison special court, Labour activist Su Su Nwe was today sentenced to 12 years and 6 months.

(from the AAPPB website)