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This is not really intended as a blog post for comment. More just musings from a conversation I just had. As you may know, I am in Singapore this week for work, and in the ‘executive floor’ drinks this evening I bumped into an Aussie and an American over a drink or two. I mused (politely) to the US guy that I was happy at the election of Obama – at which point he said “stupid and worse decision ever”. I obviously took this as an opportunity to question him for the benefit of the blogocrats.

Anyhoo – after too many wines (a Wolf Blas for those who are interested – this is what I found out:

  • Democrats are socialists. When I questioned him on the injections of “socialist” cash into the economy (AIG got another $50 billion or so this morning – as well as the subtle conversion of loans to stock) he reacted with “well – they had to do it”
  • Democrats will stack the Supreme Court. When I questioned him on the fact that POTUS 41 and POTUS 43 did the same thing he reacted with “name me one thing that the supreme court has done” that is bad. When I challenged on the 2000 election result I was dismissed with a “well – that was the democrats in Florida” comment, and asked to give another example – which I will provide to him in the morning over breakfast.
  • Democrats are corrupt. The evidence was Chicago and New Orleans. He stated that the mayor of New Orleans and the governor of Mississippi both ran away after Katrina and when things went bad they both blamed the President. When I challenged that the governor of Mississippi was a Republican – the response was “well – he was leftie”!
  • Democrats do not consider life sacred. Obviously I questioned his support for the death penalty – to which the response was “but that is different”. Funny – I thought that all life was sacred.
  • The media is all left wing. Ooops – Fox News? Hello. He said – but that is called balance. He then went on to explain how Bill O’Reilly is actually an independent and is not biased. And that Fox is just a balance to CNN. I gave up asking how their tag line of “Fair and Balanced” can be considered anything other than a joke.
  • Blacks love handouts. His rationale was that most blacks claim income support and that, therefore, they sponge of the tax-payer. When I questioned that maybe they do not get the good jobs – his reaction was ‘well – they are all lazy’. No comment.
  • Stem cells. He was opposed. When I asked him about the change in mind of Nancy Reagan he declined to make an opinion. To which I asked “well – do you think that circumstances might make you change your opinion on other matters?” he said “of course”. I declined to ask how he would feel if one of his children told him he/she was gay or a family member could be saved with stem cells.

Now – I do not want to put shit on this guy. I made it clear that I was going to put the comments (anonymously) on this blog and he spoke freely – and all credit to him – especially when I told him I was a leftie poofta!

Sir – you are a gentleman and I appreciate your time to chat with me.

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  1. Joni, thanks for posting this…& thanks to your “source”.

    You must have much better social diplomacy than I, the sheer uninformed arrogance of what was said would have had me hard pressed to bite my tongue.

    An interesting insight.

  2. Welcome back HD.


  3. I reckon its a wonder you survived the night!

    I thought you knew, the wing nuts are everywhere?

    Good “interview”, fancy yourself as a roving reporter, hey..? 😆

  4. “Now – I do not want to put shit on this guy.”

    I would’ve just shouted him a choc sundae.

  5. I would’ve just shouted him a choc sundae

    I know this really good pub does choc ice cream – I think its in Coogee – Cockroaches luv it!

  6. be nice RS and TB… I now have to see the guy over breakfast. And if he has cocopops…..

  7. You can be comforted (or otherwise) by the fact that this guy is far from alone in the US and I saw the ignorance/blinkers he displays repeated many times in TV street interviews and across the meeja and innertubes during the presidential election.

    It was displayed again in spades by Sarah Palin last night in an interview about her possible aspirations for running for POTUS in the next election. “Well if God opens a door for me”.

    America really needs to break the shackles of their religious extremism. everything now comes down to God’s will.

  8. What Palin can’t get through her shrivelled peanut of a brain (caution, traces of nuts) is that God DID open a door for her, Adrian. And after He/She/It saw might have been coming through it, He/She/It slammed it shut and buggered off quick smart afore the whole world collapsed with a case of the hysterical screaming abdabs.

    joni: RS – the traces of nuts line is just perfect!

  9. (caution, traces of nuts) 8. Ross Sharp | 11:12 am

    Now I’ve got coffee all over me pants, yer bugger!

  10. RS


  11. Ahh joni, you have the patience of a saint. I would have been at strangulation stage. If it’s any consolation, I have copped this too. Wrote to a friend about the forthcoming grandchild who will be 1/4 Torres Strait Islander and received a reply back from this friend that eww spew that the house next door to her family had been leased to Aboriginals.

    I wrote back saying ‘Pardon?’. She said that this is because Aboriginals are all dirty and lazy.

    I replied, So this means that my son, his partner and my grandchild would never be welcome and that my grandchild because of her (yes it’s a girl ;)) color is, due to some sort of natural selection process is going to be dirty and lazy.

    And yes I did forgive my friend, but it did take a while. It’s just that what she was saying was so ingrained that she wasn’t even thinking when she said it to me. In fact she said this, Oh I didn’t mean you.

  12. “Democrats are corrupt. The evidence was Chicago and New Orleans. He stated that the mayor of New Orleans and the governor of Mississippi both ran away after Katrina and when things went bad they both blamed the President. When I challenged that the governor of Mississippi was a Republican – the response was “well – he was leftie”!”

    joni, this reminds me of a rant by a RWDB friend of our family many years ago about what a shocker that appalling ALP mongrel Henry Bolte was and it was about time those bloody Victorians elected a decent hard-working Libtard premier. My parents let him go until the noose was well and truly round his neck before giving the bad news.
    Does this guy (and his mum) drive a truck?

  13. joni, joni, joni…. will somebody get him back to Australia please? He’s now in Manila making our job so difficult and stressful! You see? This guy is just so standard strict. Argghhh! Hate his being SMART!

    ps. thanks for filling up my Starbucks stickers, I easily got my free limited edition Starbucks 2009 Planner. Now let’s go get your stickers now.

    yes, sometimes he could be nicer 🙂

  14. Oi… witchel – get back to work!

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