Oh! What a Lovely War

11th of November

Remembering the dead of the Great War.

The war to end all wars.

Remembering the waste, the sacrifice, the insanity.

Not the glory, not the myths of nationalism.

The end of an imperial war and the slaughter of a generation.

War and Peace. Both a disgrace.

Richard Attenborough’s 1969 film Oh! What a Lovely War is still worth watching.


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  1. The Queensland Parliament didn’t remember a thing – apparently they just continued on as usual at 11 am…a typical politician’s behaviour with regard to our diggers…

    …while the rest of us (well most of us, I hope!) had a minute’s silence to think about the futility of war…

    …and the real sacrifices that all our soldiers, sailors and airmen – and their families – have made over four generations since WWI.

    There is no glory in war – any soldier will tell you that…

    Lest We Forget

  2. Yes.

    Lest We Forget

  3. War. What is it good for?

  4. My son just sent me this:

    Better a day late…

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