POTUS musings with a voter

This is not really intended as a blog post for comment. More just musings from a conversation I just had. As you may know, I am in Singapore this week for work, and in the ‘executive floor’ drinks this evening I bumped into an Aussie and an American over a drink or two. I mused (politely) to the US guy that I was happy at the election of Obama – at which point he said “stupid and worse decision ever”. I obviously took this as an opportunity to question him for the benefit of the blogocrats.

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Human rights violations in Africa – Congo, Somalia & Zimbabwe

My partner originally posted this on Political-Duo and kindly let me post it here. He has also put up a new post on the executions in Bali.

10 humanitarian agencies including Human Rights Watch and Oxfam have urged the UN to send more troops to protect civilians in East Congo. According to an AP report, Doctors Without Borders, have reported an outbreak of cholera in the refugee camp near the capital of Goma. Shortage of water and proper toilets makes the ‘outbreak “really dangerous” ‘.

The only agency to be working in the that town, Doctors without Borders reported treating 43 patients at the Rutshuru hospital and another 50 at two health centres in the same area on 7 November. The NGO has since then expected more war-related injuries. Continue reading

Oh! What a Lovely War

11th of November

Remembering the dead of the Great War.

The war to end all wars.

Remembering the waste, the sacrifice, the insanity.

Not the glory, not the myths of nationalism.

The end of an imperial war and the slaughter of a generation.

War and Peace. Both a disgrace.

Richard Attenborough’s 1969 film Oh! What a Lovely War is still worth watching.