Hunger: For a cause

Steve McQueen’s film, Hunger, is a very powerful but draining telling of a sad moment in an even sadder history of Northern Ireland. Our initiation to the conflict starts with prison guard Raymond Lohan (Stuart Graham) checking his battered knuckles and his car for an IRA bomb. We are quickly introduced to the pattern of passive resistance and systemic violence when novice inmate, newly convicted paramilitary Davey Gillen (Brian Milligan), joins Gerry (Liam McMahon) in a cell totally decorated with faeces.

We see the personal horror of both captive and gaoler in their eyes. This historical drama is a story told visually with little dialogue used to further the tension.

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Monday Madness..

There’s so much going on at the moment, I thought I’d throw up an open thread for general discussion..

This story is particularly disturbing but not all that surprising…

Australians going broke in record numbers

Australians are going broke at a record rate with about 3000 people hitting the skids each month as they are swamped by growing debt.

According to the latest insolvency statistics more than 9000 Australians went broke during the September quarter, as total insolvencies jumped 12.5 per cent, compared with a year ago.

The statistics are from the latest report by the government insolvency agency, Insolvency & Trustee Services Australia and come ahead of the expected fallout from the heavy share market slump during October.

“The latest statistics show that the total number of bankruptcies is at the highest level ever,” Hall Chadwick bankruptcy trustee Paul Leroy said.

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