A Whistleblower’s Persective: Why Honesty Is So Hard To Do

We hear a lot of corporate and government leaders speaking about the greater need for integrity, honesty, and systematic transparency. Yet, at a deeper level we all feel let down by many of the broken promises they make, however, that doesn’t stop us from hoping that one day, a leader, or leaders will actually deliver on what they continually promise.

In the meantime, what I would propose is a more critical approach in assessing and challenging what our corporate and government leaders espouse as ideal behaviours and actions and how that actually translates in ‘real life’. I call it ‘Discussing Undiscussables’, which is a reality based approach that should bring us all greater protection from ourselves, because let’s face it, we have seen the enemy and the enemy is us. By keeping silent about the obvious gaps between high sounding rhetoric and the failure to ‘walk the walk’, we only have ourselves to blame.

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Ice addiction

Much has been written about “Crystal Meth(amphetamine)” also known as Tina, Crank, Shabu, Ice and Glass.

Although crystal meth has been around since World War II (it has been documented the Adolf Hitler injected the drug daily), its emergence in mainstream society has only become prevalent in the last 25 years.

Meth use has exploded worldwide in the last decade. In the US, meth use has spiraled out if control and is now the fastest-growing drug abuse problem.

In Australia, there are over 73,000 ice addicts*. Former NSW Police Commissioner Ken Moroney said “I don’t know in the time I’ve been a Policeman, which is 41 years, of a greater scourge on the community. The physical and mental manifestations of ice are absolutely horrific. It has the potential to destroy generations.”

Is Ice just another drug?

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