Australia welcomes Obama, well most

A cross-post for Voices without Votes:

Australian bloggers found their voices after being glued to the media or live-blogging the election for most of Wednesday our time.

Man of Lettuce, Sydney taxi driver and author of Cablog, joined work and pleasure as usual on election night:

Last night the City was awash with the intoxicating ambience of Barack Obama’s victory. An earlier invitation to the Democrats Abroad celebration party on Oxford Street had alerted me to a premier content source…sheer exhilaration plus alcohol – perfect.

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Switch bank?

I really hate the federal government which never does anything. Just like the changes that have now taken effect that make it easier for you to switch banks.

Back on our old home, there were a few threads on the topic, and some of our old friends stated that the proposal:

1. would never happen
2. was a waste of time and money
3. another promise that would never be kept

Here is a link to one of the threads that Tim had on bank switching, but there are more.

Economy XVI

Well, what a dud this new president had turned out to be. He gets elected and the Dow falls by 1.65%, the FTSE falls by 2.3%. 😛

The AllOrds was up 2.82% yesterday, but the feeling is that we are in for another fall today.

Yesterday – the federal government has announced that up to $40 billion will be gone from this year budget, leaving the government with some hard decisions to make.

So – keep all economy talk here (previous thread now closed).