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Perhaps we can talk about the fall out of the US election…?

Also, I haven’t been made redundant yet. Praise the Lord!

The Reserve Bank has slashed interest rates by 75 basis points (or point seven five of a per cent, for those of us, myself included, that don’t understand the difference between “basis points” and “per cents”), which some are seeing as an indication of how desperate things are going to get next year – mass unemployment, fewer building approvals, lower retail spending and falling house prices. Pestilence, disease, rats, scurvy, mass epidemics, riots, fire from the skies.. You get the drill (or the tap and die set).

Do we have anything to be happy about? I think there is, but I can’t quite put my finger on it yet.

Anyway, you may as well laff…


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  1. Cheer up, in years to come it will prove to be a nessesity to put the nation on the right track and it might take a train wreck to achieve this.

    It will also reinvigorate our national character that has all but disappeared in the maddening scramble of greed.


  2. I dunno about the crisis being as bad as it is being made out to be. I’m not saying that people won’t be hurting but most of this is really a crisis of confidence – if confidence picks up quickly – the downturn may not be as long or bad as predicted.

  3. To add to my last post – the election of someone like Obama can give that sort of injection – people feel more optimistic.

    On the negative side, I can see Obama copping the same criticisms that Rudd is getting here. People voted for Obama wanting things to change – even those who voted for McCain expect things to change – probably for the better in the case of a lot of the working folk (although they won’t say that). The problem is that they will expect this change quickly and of a magnitude that is probably not realistic and Obama will be criticised for not coming through with the goods – a lot of this criticism will come from the same people who said nothing critical about GWB’s presidency (sound familiar?). I’m not sure how this will effect consumer confidence.

  4. Well this is an interesting turn of events isn’t it..a black bloke is now the President of the United States of America.

    Rudd although a Queenslander, it wasn’t earth-shattering compared with A BLACK BLOKE BEING PRESIDENT OF THE US OF A.

  5. But Min – you overlook the fact that it was a huge emotional hurdle for Australains to get over to vote for a person called Kevin (no offence Mr Rennie) – I think that’s almost comparrable to Obama – esp when coupled with the Queenslander thing.

  6. Australians found it a large hurdle as well … 😳

  7. ZOMFG!

    I just watched Obama’s acceptance speech with my daughter (I had to tape it because I was picking her up from school).
    Rousing stuff! If he lives up to his rhetoric I will be very impressed.
    The man is an exceptional orator, such a contrast to the dumbass who is currently POTUS.
    The highlight for me was his acknowledgement that US military might & wealth are not all conquering & I sincerely hope that he walks like he talks. Hope springs eternal & for today at least my internal pessimist is unconscious.

    I was also very impressed by McCain’s concession speech & as may have already been mentioned it showcased him without, for the most part, the party strings on display. Note the vulgar booing of some assembled Repub supporters & his admonishment of such bad form.

    Obama has a lot to live up to but certainly displays the intellect & nuance required to maybe pull it off. Here’s hoping that he has been thinking ahead & isn’t hobbled by the establishment & the existing paradigm.

    I think on the whole that this historic occasion warrants my now getting sh!tfaced .

  8. A watershed 12 months for “lefties” eh?!

    I’ve gotta say at times I felt we’d never be rid of Howard & that the neo-cons had a stranglehold on the globe.

  9. Dave, I do indeed recognise a PM called Kevin. It’s just a shame that since the election that no one in the media has demanded that Kev live up to his name and be more Kevinish. If you are a journo he’ll respond to it..Kev is a nice bloke.

    I’m with you HD, both Obama’s acceptance speech and Macca’s concession speech are worth a Mateus or several.

    I believe that same sex marriage has the big approval. Anyone present who is going to own up to becoming engaged???? Anyone thinking of proposing????

  10. I think Obama will do well. There will be some refreshing energy, it won’t be the same old club.

    I’d have preferred Hillary, mainly because I think her husband was very capable in foreign policy. Bill Clinton was safe, I hope Obama seeks plenty of advice from him.

  11. Tom

    I doubt he will be pressured by the unions too much either 😉

    I agree with your comments though. The best thing for me about the result is that it proves that the majority of Americans can get over their prejudices – if they can vote in a black man with a Muslim sounding name, they might start viewing the world a little differently.

  12. I just can not get into any celebration because a change of government almost on the other side of the world…it does not change our domestic situation one iota.

    I wonder how many starving people this protracted campaign would have saved?

  13. Everyone is completely stunned mullet. If we thought that we had problems with gulp gulp PM Rudd try…President of the United States of America Barack Hussein Obama. Sort of has a ring to it doesn’t it ;))

  14. Am having problems with WordPress who keep telling me whenever I write that I am ‘duplicates’. I don’t understand this. But anyway, if there is someone technical in the house, all assistance appreciated.

  15. Well I’ve just popped the cork on a rather nice shiraz…

    Miglo, care to share one of your half corona’s?

    I think a celebration is in order…

  16. The horror, the horror ….


    Just how do you get your mind around this sort of thing? What kind of people are these?

  17. Min, it might just be if you hit the “submit” button more than once.

    have you been in to the mateus already?

  18. Sansy,

    I’ve been following that story with quiet disdain, sadness and outrage.

    It beggars belief…

  19. Couldn’t sleep last night, Reb, thinking about it … I’ve got a daughter the same age.

    Plus the people shot …

  20. Reb,

    That ‘plus the people shot’ was obscure because the first link didn’t mention the shooting.


  21. #11. Dave55

    Dave, if only the Democrats adopted world best practice political party structure, and allowed unions to nominate 50% of the delegates at their convention, they’d be evan more representative!!

    No doubt they are researching the ALP as we speak.

    I bet Obama wishes he had the extra complication of those guys to deal with!

  22. Yeah Tom they should follow the Republican neo-con model so favoured by Howard to be truly representative of the population, that is the 10% of the population who are considered wealthy and they should also support those pillars of world society, the unregulated financial institutions.

  23. Adrian – unsurprisingly you miss my point.

    I like the Democrats. I particularly like Bill Clinton, I think he would have been a safe pair of hands for very uncertain times, particularly in foreign policy.

    He is the type of politician that appeals to many, a charming larrikin. Who amongst us, when smoking a cigar, hasn’t thought, “I wonder what else I could do with this”.

    Charming and innovative, that’s Bill. Hilary probably would have been fine with domestic issues.

    Nonetheless, I think Obama does offer hope. The new presidency will be fresh, like shaking the dust out of an old rug.

    I think even the reaction of the market will be positive.

    If only the Democrats had the unions having 50% of the vote, they’d probably come up with even better candidates!!

  24. Well, I’ve done all the research and lobbying of the entities and tomorrow will be part culmination of my efforts.

    The first step towards the COAGulation that is essential.

  25. I was proud of this kid today, this kid about 13 was holding somthing in the air at times but it was to small to see(about 15 m away) He noticed an old lady searching the sand about 40m down my way. The kid asked the lady if she lost somthing and the lady got her ring back the diamond was huge and the old lady tried to offer the kid five bucks and in return he said please keep your money i work for mine but thankyou. It blew me away,Deadset i thought all the good kids died out millions of years ago

  26. I heard at the end of a news piece this morning about the resignation of the Victoria Police Chief Commissioner, Christine Nixon that she was offered Mick Keelty’s position at the AFP because Keelty is resigning after his term is up.

    Anyone know anymore about this?

    Christine knocked back the offer by the way.

  27. Swan not a parrot, according to Tanner,

    although I did see Swan fumble about on the news last night and it didn’t look good.

    Perception is everything as they say…


    I haven’t been following the Christine Nixon story, I think there was something at news.com.au this morning but appears to have vanished – or been moved behind the front page somewhere…

  28. Christine Nixon would probably do a pretty good job in the AFP.

    She has tried pretty hard to break down the old boys club of Victoria Police, not entirely successfully but it is better than it was.

    I don’t think she’d fall for the political games that have characterised some of the policing jurisdictions.

  29. The word on the street is that three crosses have been ‘erected’ for the bali bombers forthcoming execution.

    I hope they have a mob on the sidelines singing “always look on the bright side of life…”

  30. Apparantly the Coogee Poopee is still doubtful as to whether it belongs to an animal or human.

    It’s still shite isn’t it?

  31. reb

    Certainly puts another twist on an “Ice Cream Floater”.

  32. With apologies, an early weekend Meltdown due to moving this weekend. Sorry about the visual, but turn it up nice and loud. You know who I’m thinking of. It’s worth a waltzy kitchen dance…


  33. Didn’t John Denver die in a plane crash?

    This clip is dedicated to Shirls who died in a hellicopter crash in the Glasshouse Mountains…actually this is the first song that was played on JJ circa ’73.

    I remember it well and the DJ was Bob Hudson who wrote and performed the Newcasle Song.


  34. Interesting person Bob Denver..commandeered by the right wingers when he in fact was a leftie hippy person. Anyway he’s not with us now, died 1997 pilot of an experimental aircraft.

    So many good people all gone too soon yet the old buggers linger on.

  35. Anyway my last post for a while….

    Gawd when one calls John Denver Bob then you really know that it’s time to go!

    Bye folks. Hope to be back some time.

  36. Scaper, yes, he left on a jet plane…

  37. speaking of which, did you see Kenny Rogers in the papers the other day?

    He’s basically unrecognisable due to all the plastic surgery. Kind of like a male version of Cher meets the Lion King…

  38. See Tim’s wound up his other blog Road To Surfdom. Must say, he sounds more than a little jaded, though his writing of the last piece was among the best I’ve ever seen him at.

  39. Caney, it is the way of transition in life…can’t wait to read his first book and he will do well…I sense it.

  40. Aww stuntreb you are so tempting. What about McCain..will his face now be able to relax into something more comfortable…

    I said I’m a’goin’ and now I’m a goin’..

    I noted, I think that it was The Age, one of the photos that you did a couple of weeks ago (the eww, spew McCain one) and you are far more clever as the best that that they could come up with was McCain chewing into an imaginary hamburger…and they’re getting paid for it!

    And now I’m a’goin’…I’m leavin’. Bye for now, back soon maybe..

  41. Min, good luck with your internet connection at “Club Banora.”

  42. Sorry scaper, not into gambling. A mug’s game. We’ve moving up to be closer to youngest who has less than 50% vision and therefore doesn’t drive. And yes indeed this indeed this is Ezza. Surprise!!

  43. What, no mirror ball and lighting in the kitchen???

    I suppose that I’ll have to hang the pool when I visit.

    I don’t gamble either…life’s enough as it is.

  44. Bali bombers given final health checks.

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