World Waiting for Obama

This article from Guardian correspondents around the globe has been picked up by Melbourne’s Age newspaper as Change they want. Some of the comments include:

From Kabul

“I think we have almost reached the point of no return. There are no good solutions left,” said Ali Padsha, 19, who was raised in America. “The longer foreign forces stay, the more problems will be created. When we [Afghans] see foreign forces in our country, it makes us crazy, it always has.

“The new Taliban are smarter than before and not as hardcore. They know what to do to keep the people happy.”

From Paris

“We don’t lynch Americans in the street,” said Charlotte Lepri, a US specialist at the French thinktank, Institute for Research in Integrated Strategies (IRIS). “But there are certain associations with Bush. Now there is a turnaround and real enthusiasm for a black candidate who represents France’s ideal of the American dream.”

From Gaza

Like many Gazans, Mohammed Telbani, the factory’s general manager, says he has little interest in the election. “Presidents have changed but no one did anything for us,” he said, waving his hand dismissively. He doubts that a new president will have the power or the will to reverse decades of US policy in the Middle East which he, like most here, sees as decisively pro-Israeli. “Without pressure on Israel there won’t be any solution to the problem,” he said.

The world holds its breath as America decides

For more views from outside the United States please visit Voices without Votes, where bloggers from around the globe analyse the US election.

Kevin Rennie


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  1. Kevin,

    I firmly believe that the world will be severely rooted if McCain gets in.

    Fortunately, if the polls are anything to go by (which I believe they are), this is an option we won’t have to entertain.

    It seems that even in the US, they are wising up to being duped by the Republicans, just as Australia did last year with the Liberals.

    As TB would say “Advance!!”

  2. I agree reb. I think the rest of the world is very attuned to the implications of another Republican (read neo-con) victory.

    I’m not sure what tangible difference an Obama victory will make but he shows nuance, something not on display in the GOP, & deserves a chance to set the US on a more globally just path.
    Certainly I’ll be watching tomorrow keenly & will be appreciably uplifted if he wins.

    Any suggestions on the best place(s) to watch Kevin?

  3. I believe Obama will win tomorrow but will not be following it closely as the US election campaigns are way too long and it has jaded me.

    If people believe that a change of president will see a great strategic miracle they will be disappointed.

    Gee, this “ADVANCE” thing is catchy.

  4. HD and Scaper,

    An Obama win, might be just what the markets need for a boost of confidence.

    At this stage in the game it’s all pyschological – the market “fundamentals” are out the window, so I suspect an Obama win, might just be the turning point…

  5. “If people believe that a change of president will see a great strategic miracle they will be disappointed”scaper

    The cynic in me feels precisely this way. Hopefully it all comes off without violence or assassination & we all live happily ever after.

    Meanwhile, back on planet Earth.

  6. “An Obama win, might be just what the markets need for a boost of confidence”reb

    I hadn’t considered that, & while it won’t be a cure-all, it may certainly provide a confidence boost.
    Interesting observation.

    On the other hand it’s hard to see a “more of the same McCain triumph” having any net positive effect on global markets.

  7. It is one thing to want to effect change but I suspect the political and administration influences that are institutionalised will be one hurdle that in some cases insurmountable.

    The two party system kind of reminds me of avatars…you can change them but the same beast is there behind it.

  8. HD,

    I suspect a McCain win would have an initial positive blimp on the markets (that’s just the way they will react irrespective of whoever wins) look at it as the markets saying “thank god it’s all over”

    But in the near to longer term, McCain will simply offer more of the same Bush “look-after-big-business-at-the-expense-of-everything-else” policy that would lead the US into further financial trouble.

    On the other hand, I suspect an Obama win will signal a longer if unfounded belief that Obama will “turn things around”

    Certainly Americans are waking up to the fact that Bush’s policies haven’t worked, and the yellow wigle would be a better bet!

  9. “The two party system kind of reminds me of avatars…you can change them but the same beast is there behind it.”scaper

    A man after my own heart. I firmly believe, & always have, that there can be no meaningful change in a two party preferred system; hence the disappointing nature of same as it ever was on some fronts here, not unexpected.
    Similarly, in the US an Obama victory will be as much a repudiation (rightly) of the Republicans as an endorsement of Obama.
    Many people, inspired & hopeful, stand to be sadly disenchanted in the long run.

  10. There is usually a Wall Street dip when a Democrat is elected. Might not happen this time.

  11. If Obama does get the big swings in both houses that some are predicting then he just might be able to implement some decent things (semi-socialist in the American style) such as universal healthcare etc.

  12. Universal healthcare should be a given IMHO in any modern, civilised society & I can’t understand why it’s so taboo to even suggest it in the US without being labelled as socialist.
    Surely allocation of taxes should be funneled towards health & wellbeing first & foremost?

  13. Go paris hilton

  14. I don’t know about that, Kevin…there might be a brief period of intoxication but I sense that the bottom has not been reached.

    Hope I’m wrong.

  15. Can any of you leftoid deadbeats tell me what Obama policies are??

    Just a couple of policies.

  16. Neil
    Dose it matter what anyone including yourself thinks. Your emotions run way to deep. You appear to need approval or war, such a simple mind will only trouble you most.

    Even though you dont deserve it, good luck tomorrow for sake of your emotions/ego.

  17. 16. Hexx of Caboolture | November 5, 2008 at 1:13 am

    It wasn’t a difficult question but is too difficult for you.

    What are the policies of “the man”

    Please tell me why you want vote for him???

  18. difficult? you’ll toss anything out of that mouth.

    Please tell me why you want vote for him???
    I dont.. Just a change sounds good from bushy baby

    calm down Neil, no matter who wins tomorrow in a week nobody will care…

  19. calm down Neil, no matter who wins tomorrow in a week nobody will care…
    18. Hexx of Caboolture | November 5, 2008 at 1:41 am

    I hope you are correct.

    All you leftoids. Hexx has spoken.

    We have nothing to worry about.

  20. Was that a 1 min tantrum Neil.
    It must hurt when someone speaks back down at you. The up side is it must fell good to still be in your teen years.

  21. Your making me sleepy Neil,

  22. Was that a 1 min tantrum Neil
    20. Hexx of Caboolture | November 5, 2008 at 1:50 am

    No as usual I asked a question and got a stupid comment.

  23. Yeah i make a lot of stupid comments, maybe its because its this hour and im the only one up that will to talk to you, be greatfull 🙂
    Well im off to watch, the man who knew to little.

    I still dont like you neil, never have.

  24. I still dont like you neil, never have.
    3. Hexx of Caboolture | November 5, 2008 at 2:06 am

    Thank you for this great honour you have given me.

    i know this. No-one on this blog likes me. Unfortunately i came to find myself on left wing blogs. I am much more happy on Andrew Bolt.

    But please tell me what does “The man” stand for?????

  25. Neil, perhaps one of the factors is similar to what happened in Australia in November last year.

    People are so sick of the incumbent ‘leader’ and his party that just about anyone would be better.

  26. Neil

    I think that most people realise that a president does not have so much power to change things in a short period of time. They need to work with congress, they need to slowly turn things around.

    But there is one thing that Obama can do for the US, and that is to give it hope that it can become a better place, and to be a better citizen of the world.

    Oh yes, this is all airy-fairy stuff, but you know what – it is better than the other option my friend.

  27. Joni

    I agree, the right ideas at the right time can have a revolutionary effect. Desperate need for change mixed with hope is all the fuel the US need. Not all revolutions require violence and bloodshed.

    Record numbers are turning out to vote, I wonder why?

  28. John

    indeedydoo – hope is better than fear.

  29. Has anyone else seen the spin that FoxNews is putting on the election?

    Most other news orgs are leading with variations on “record turnout” whereas FoxNews is leading with “Black Panther voter intimidation”.

    Fair and balanced, eh?

  30. “i know this. No-one on this blog likes me”Neil

    Victim much?

    Neil I don’t dislike you, you are funny like a rightwing caricature.

    You may not believe this but I’m too cynical to think that Obama is a miracle cure. I think the Republicans need to be punished at the polling booth though.

  31. I’d suggest that the record numbers of early voting indicates a landslide for Obama.

    In fact, I’d be prepared to put good money on it!

  32. Neil

    Obama can speak for himself. Try his website for policies. My blog has some posts about policy as well under US election.

  33. As I have mentioned previously, at least as America’s first black President Obama will give it his best effort.

    Record numbers turning out to vote could mean a number of things – non-whites (finally) being mobilized to vote. As I read eons ago, for non-whites it has always been a choice between one white bloke in a suit compared with the other white bloke in a suit. At 40% of the population (although I would like to know how many have been disenfranchised in a number of states) the colored population will decide this election.

    The only other reasonable reason for record numbers would be rednecks panic-stricken turning up to vote.

    I would like to think that the 1st scenario is the true one.

    I have a bottle of Mateus tucked away. I hope that I get to share it with fellow blogo’s this evening.

  34. Whoops sorry..if I am going to share a Mateus with fellow Blogo’s, then I’d better order in a crate – Bundy – and beer (of choice) and Mineral Water with fresh lemon (no artificial flavorings and colorings for any hypos on the blog). I hope that this covers it.

  35. That reminds me…I better go and buy another case of Mateus on my way to pick up some Lebanese food for lunch and dinner…I might get to drink four glasses, Mrs piggy gets the rest.

  36. Mmmmm….lebanese food….mmmmmmm…….


  37. Yep, one of my favourite foods…it’s a rain day up here and I will just have to wait to it clears.

  38. Oh bugger. McCain has won Kentucky.

  39. Hi people!

    I made contact with Sparta on Jack The Insiders Liveblog of the election (which is VERY good) & directed him this way.
    He said we probably won’t want him because he had voted for McCain (reluctantly apparently, he seems quite taken with Obama which surprises me).
    I told him of course we want him so hopefully he’ll pop up some time in the future.
    I told him to google blogocrats, is this specific enough for him to find us?

    Obama way ahead of where Kerry was in rural areas but early days. The trend looks good.

  40. As I understand it min, McCain in Kentucky was largely expected.

    Interestingly, BO has a reasonably good lead in Florida at this stage. Promising.

  41. #32. Kevin Rennie | November 5, 2008 at 9:26 am


    Obama can speak for himself. Try his website for policies. My blog has some posts about policy as well under US election.

    Of course Neil doesn’t ask about McCain’s policies which are mostly nonsense stuff with no real framework at all, just a lot of promises with no funding to back them up except to say he’s going to spend more on everything. Hey John you do know your country is stone broke and hasn’t got any money?

    Nor the fact McCain wants to totally deregulate the financial system and give them lots more free tax payer handouts whilst doing it. He also wants to significantly boost Defence (Obama wants to cut it by 15%) again paying for this with money he hasn’t got. And he wants to continue and increase Bush’s tax cuts to the wealthy. Even just a cursory glance at what McCain is proposing makes the 8 years of Bush failure look like fiscal responsibility.

  42. HD, yes a google search of bologocrats will direct him here..

  43. Thankyou HD..after writing I suddenly realized that it was a bit the same as being surprised that the Libs had won a North Shore seat. I was just excited 😉

    78 – 39 Obama’s way at present.

    Obama is currently winning Pennsylvania which will be 21 Brownie Points for Obama and thus bye bye McCain.

  44. Bologocrats? Have we changed name?

    Anyway – reb – you’ll ahve to moderate this afternoon, I am in an office where the innertubes access is intermittent.

  45. I can’t wait till this is over. I feel like my head is gonna asplode.


  47. Florida – Obama 53 McCain 47

  48. Does anyone have a tap and die set – I’m trying to fix a broken stool while watching the results come in and it’s more F’d than I thought. … looks like it’s off to Bunnings again …

    Oh – and go the Dems. BO looking good where it counts. Don’t worry too much about Kentuckey Min, he’s bound to lose a couple of the southern and mid west states. Florida. the key and that’s looking fine.

  49. Stuntreb…hello gorgeous. Sky News is currently calling it Obama 102 and McCain 49 but I can’t verify the accuracy of this as the Australian is still stuck on 82/43. Youngest Ezza is passing on to me info via CNN, they are calling it 81/34.

  50. Dave, toss the stool and get a new one as it is not worth the pain.

    No surprises so far.

  51. Hello Min, luvvy,

    hope you’ve got that Mateus on ice!

    Dave, What’s a tap and die set?

    Something to do with tap dancing and hairdo’s ??

  52. scaper … but it’s a good excuse to by a T&D set …

    Min the CNN site is pretty good for EC votes:

    And the Crikey blogs of boll bludger and pollytics both have a good blog discussion of the count:

    (Sorry – not meaning to divert traffic from here J & R)

  53. stuntreb – they’re tools for stripping and rethreading nuts and bolts. Now I’m sure you can twist that somehow 😉

  54. Reb, it is a tool for rethreading a fitting so you can screw it.

  55. Tap and die? That’s what Sarah Palin does to mooses, ain’t it?

  56. dave, I think Scaper just did!

  57. Ross Sharp…LOL!!

  58. Dave, What’s a tap and die set?

    Can’t help myself…it’s about the Irish tapdancer: Fell into the sink and drowned.

    And luvvy to you too. Have sent out for supplies, as in phoned hubby and asked him to bring home a bottle (hope that he got the hint that maybe 2 would be good).

    Off topic: Slight delay, had some religious well-meaning lovely nice people arrive. I suggested that they should have faith in themselves and faith in the up-there-person instead of having to refer to chapters in a book. But, but, but the book says…. I said: But don’t you have faith? Anyway…it confuses ’em.

    Am making Surf’n’Turf – steak topped with prawns in a light tarragon sauce with scallop spud and steamed sparrow-grass and julienne carrot.

  59. Florida: with 36% of the vote counted. Obama 52% and McCain 47%.

  60. Surf n Turf, that’s one of your favourites, eh Min?

    Hubby must be very happy to have that served up!!


  61. Anyone prepared to take a bet with me? What about a coupla grand..well ok what about a beer down the pub on an Obama win.

    Ohio 56% – 43%. Jackpot!

  62. The Lebanese was exquisite and I might wash it down with a Monte Cristo and a Mateus…the cigar is nearly nine inches long…an hour and a half I’ll need to finish it.

  63. My F5 key is exhausted!

  64. Am just looking at current: Obama 200 and McCain 124 and so when Obama takes California it means Obama 255 and so only 15 votes short.

    This is the 1st American election where I have taken notice. Very exciting stuff.

  65. Sorry Ross, one of your posts was snatched by the spam filter.

    I had to de-spam it!

  66. Agreed Min,

    It’s the fist US election I’ve paid any attention to.

    Usually all the canditates are just puppets for someone else and/or geriatric ex-actor wannabe cowboys.

    It’s nice to see a human being involved for a change…

    and looking like winning…

  67. Double jackpot. New Mexico has gone blue. I am very excited for a friend of mine, a Tassie girl married to a US serviceman of the Laguna tribe of NM.

  68. Apparently Gary Indiana is one of the hot spots. This can be viewed at:

    Hope that everyone recognises the cute little bloke.

  69. electoral votes, 207 Obama ONLY 63 to go….


  70. Ove the story about the last minute republican robocall to Cuban exiles in Florida saying that Fidel had endorsed Barack. Apparently they didn’t fall for it.

  71. I have a faint feeling that the world is going to be a better place.

  72. Hello Kevin. For once in a blue moon we Aussies aren’t the naives because we’ve seen it/heard it all before. Mind you it did take a severe amount of bashing of the head with a large brick….

    I am just wondering why everyone is being so coy about stating the obvious that Bush’s 2nd term has been an absolute disaster.

  73. Barack Obama has been elected the 44th President of the United States of America.

    Ref: Sky News

    Bloody hell, who could believe it. A black bloke with a Muslim name. Me think it ‘mazing.

  74. Yaaaaayyyy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  75. Min, let’s see how long he remains a live president…the Americans have some weird people and there is no shortage of them.

    Obama means well but he will realise the reality in his first year in office.

  76. McCain to make his concession speech shortly.

  77. Yes I’ve heard that..that Obama should not be President of the US as he will be assassinated. But if that’s the way that you think then you would not bother dragging yourself out of bed each morning for fear of being run over while trying to cross the Pacific Highway, there are all those trucks and semis and they’re all so scary.

    Just enjoy the moment.

  78. MCain making his speech brings Palin up with him, probably as a not to subtle reminder of who lost him the election.

  79. McCain refuses to be drawn into several dirty parting notes. As always McCain is a true gentleman.

  80. May I say that what I am feeling now is far more profound than when Kevin Rudd won here…

    It seems at last the world is waking up from its Rip Van Winkle impersonation and finally seeing the truth.

  81. OH. MY. GOD!

    I turn 50 in 3 months and this, while early, is the best birthday present this little bald duck has ever received. BEST. DAY. OF. THE. DECADE. EVER.

  82. Isn’t it something when the weight of the radical right wing of the Republicans is off his shoulders how much different McCain is. He even told off the crowd for booing and was gracious to the end.

    It was a very good thing McCain lost as he would have been nothing more than a restrained puppet and it would probably have affected him badly both morally and in health terms.

  83. Min, what is there to enjoy as it was plain to me months ago that Obama will win…it is this new age of populistics that the candidate runs knowing all the answers and when he gets in that is not the case that concerns me.

    This devalues democracy and in the long run the populous…to instigate change will take a lot more than a wave of the magic wand…especially in the USA!

  84. WOW!
    I was actually watching NBC at work when they called it for Obama.

    An amazing moment.

  85. Ohh shizer…when I was thinking about a Black US President I was thinking in about 2050.

    How odd is this going to sound President Obama???????

    On behalf of my almost born 1st grandchild who will be 1/4 Torres Strait Islander.

  86. yay!

    I got an auto email from CNN in a middle of a conference call saying that McCain had declared defeat!

    Have Americans finally woken up?

  87. this little bald duck (Ross)

    Nice choice of words Rioss.


    Malcolm Turnbull has just claimed credit for Barrack Obama’s election victory.

  89. …it is this new age of populistics …scaper, populistics has been with us for the past 3 decades, there is nothing new about it.

    I am currently enjoying the moment. Let’s just see what happens next.

  90. And OMG…Michelle is going to be 1st LADY…amazing…

    I do hope that those slave owners whose photos hang in the White House turn their backs and hang their heads in shame when Michelle walks past. OUR FIRST LADY.

  91. “NEWS FLASH!

    Malcolm Turnbull has just claimed credit for Barrack Obama’s election victory.”

    LOL 🙂


    Malcolm Turnbull has just claimed credit for Barrack Obama’s election victory.

    While blaming Rudd for McCain’s demise.

  93. Guess what. When this skinny black bloke says Yes We Can, I am thinking that just maybe we can.

  94. Guess what. When this skinny black bloke says Yes We Can, I am thinking that just maybe we can.

    I’m with you on that one Min. Self-belief is a powerful force.


    Malcolm Turnbull has just claimed credit for Barrack Obama’s election victory.

    While blaming Rudd for McCain’s demise.

    Alexandra Downer and Eyes Bishop are demanding an enquiry.

  96. Obama mentioned gays in his speech and not in a negative way. Let’s hope it is a new era.

    On a bad note, Prop 8 in California to ban gay marriage may have succeeded.

  97. The next 4 years are definitely not going to be dull. An intelligent, articulate US president will be a novelty.


    Malcolm Turnbull reveals that he is the real Barack Obama, and the other bloke’s a doppelganger.

  99. Yes of course’s always about what happens next.

    I don’t much care about a US president being ‘intelligent’ or ‘articulate’. I would prefer a person of color. And maybe if he/she can combine these two things, well, let’s go for it.

  100. Obama wins! Is good…

    The only thing that never changes, is change itself…

    …and yet people fight change, rather than use it…

    …the headlines at – Everything Changes…let’s hope so…

    …but then we know it will, don’t we…

    …we live in historic times…

  101. Ross @ 99

    I definitely would not put it past him “confess” some coloured mix in his past akin to the “I smoked dope” confession to gain some mileage out of this.

    Further, live coverage here –

  102. Great result re the POTUS thing – and I think fixed the stool without having to go to Bunnings as well – double woo hoo.

    Time to celebrate me thinks – after touch footy thoyugh perhaps.

  103. Hey folks, should we move this across to the Midweek thread to avoid loading up 105 odd posts at each refresh?

  104. There is a new Obama post. We can move there.

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