Downer Demands Answers.

Alexander Downer cuts a fine figure on the ABC's The Insiders

Alexander Downer cuts a fine figure on the ABC's The Insiders

Former Foreign Minister, Alexandra Alexander Downer is demanding answers to his self-instigated allegation that Prime Minister Kevin Rudd disclosed the details of a confidential telephone conversation between Rudd and the US President George W Bush.

According to Mr Downer, it was Kevin Rudd who revealed an embarrassing gaff made by George Bush during the course of the telephone conversation – “what’s the G20?”

Former foreign minister Alexander Downer has told ABC1’s Insiders program that despite the denials, it appears Mr Rudd leaked details of the conversation and as a consequence, damaged Australia’s reputation.

Mr Downer insists there should be an inquiry.

“Officials in the United States and in other countries would think [that] these people in Australia want to be very careful what you say to them in a private conversation,” he said.

“I think the smart thing for Kevin Rudd to do would be now to set up an inquiry into what actually happened here.

“I think that would help to clear the air a lot and I think officials would very much appreciate that.”

Mr Downer, himself no stranger to “enquiries” following the AWB enquiry where some $300 million dollars were paid to Saddam Hussein’s regime while Mr Downer was Minister for Foreign Affairs and Trade obviously has a right to be outraged over this alleged issue of global concern.

What’s $300 million of blind bribes and corruption supporting a military regime that was fighting against Australia, in the face of an alleged “silly question?”

It must be even more frustrating when PM Rudd subsequently reveals that Mr Bush never said asked anything about the G20.


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  1. Prime Minister Kevin Rudd says US President George Bush never asked him in a phone conversation what the G20 was.

    The Washington Post has also reported that an official for Mr Bush denied he made the comment.

    Oh dear, Dolly’s done it again..

    Unsubstantiated allegations, what a twit!!

  2. Bloody Hell! Now Crazy Eyes has piped up:

    “The leaking of this confidential conversation between the Australian Prime Minister and the US President is highly embarrassing,” she said.

    “It is a massive national security problem” she says.

    FFS. A “massive national security problem”

    I don’t think so.

    If this is a “massive security problem” what was AWB???

  3. The Sunday Telegraph reported that Rudd’s office had issued a statement denying the alleged details of the conversation.

    “The president did not make the reported comment you refer to. In fact he has been deeply engaged with the G20 and the role the G20 will play in dealing with the global financial crisis,” the statement said.

    Wot say you now Queen Alexandra?

  4. “It is a massive national security problem” she says.

    No, you moron, “massive security problem” is when your leader spends billions of dollars and inconveniences an entire city under pretext of security and yet comedians dressed as Osama using blatantly fake id get within 200 meters of theUS President, for whom you put on the show anyway…

  5. GMAFB, Bolt has been flogging this dead horse for the last fortnight in the hope that it would stick.
    Yesterday he even started puting the boot into his beloved Liberals because they haven’t been quick enough to turn the issue into the international outrage that he sees it as.

    Dolly is even more pathetic out of governance than he was when he flounced around the world as our Foreign Frankenfurter.

  6. 2. stuntreb | November 3, 2008 at 4:49 pm

    Bloody Hell! Now Crazy Eyes has piped up:

    “The leaking of this confidential conversation between the Australian Prime Minister and the US President is highly embarrassing,” she said.

    “It is a massive national security problem” she says.

    FFS. A “massive national security problem”

    I don’t think so.

    If this is a “massive security problem” what was AWB???

    No the biggest security problem is a Top Secret document from Alexander Downer’s department ending up in Andrew Bolt’s hands, and it just happened to suit the Howard cause in attacking Iraq at the time. That was never investigated nor any enquiry held yet if a Top Secret document leaked from my department when I was in the Navy I would have bee facing up to 20 years in jail.

    I posted about this in Bolt’s thread and asked Andrew why the leak of a such a highly classified document was never investigated, and why he wasn’t forced to reveal who gave him the document as is required by law, but for a reason I cannot fathom my posts haven’t got through.

    C’mon Andrew, if we have an investigation in the supposed Rudd leak then one should be held on your obtaining State secrets from the government and you should suffer the full consequences of the law under the state secrets act, including jail for not revealing the source and for making public the contents of a classified document which is punishable by a jail sentence.

  7. Adrian @6:10pm

    Wow, I didn’t know anything about that. I guess noone does if Bolt’s moderators refuse to publish…& they certainly refuse to publish much less grave contrary comments.
    Selective bias is Bolt’s specialty. If what you say is correct he treads a far more insidious path than I suspected.

  8. You get the feeling that Downer is going to turn into an old gasbag rather like Jim Killen was. In his self importance he’s only too happy to foist his tedious opinions on us all.

  9. HD It was over Wilkie who was saying at the time that the Howard government was selectively using and exaggerating intelligence to make the case for attacking Iraq, something denied by Howard and Downer.

    Andrew Bolt: I did ‘go through’ leaked top secret report by Wilkie

    By rights heads should have rolled for this and if it had been any other classified document they would have. It was only allowed to pass because it came from Downer’s department (and very high up in that department) and it was Andrew Bolt who made it public.

    I’d like Andrew Bolt to answer why no investigation was held into this, a far worse breach than a supposed gaff on a diplomatic phone conversation.

    Can anybody else ask Andrew on his blog why this leaking of a Top Secret ONA document wasn’t investigated and Andrew Bolt’s role in making that information public didn’t land him in jail?

  10. ZOMFG Adrian, great link!
    I just gotta say it, that Bolt is an ultra ideological piece of shit; especially in light of his more recent constant diatribes about the incredible bias of the “leftist meeja” both here & abroad. It makes his strident calls for Rudd’s head over supposedly leaking/ lampooning Bush seem pitiful indeed…& incredibly hypocritical given what resulted from the mischievious bending of the truth over Iraq.
    Of course you will find no council or contrition (still not sorry) from Bolt, he weekly posts a thread claiming victory in the bloody mess of Iraq, no wonder, it appears he has more than a passing interest in it.

    I’m gonna try & slip that link into his thread today, they’ve noted my url so I’m not overly confident. If I can get it through I”ll post a link back here.

  11. JUST IN CASE IT GOES MISSING, & it will be “moderated”, HERE IS WHAT I POSTED AT BOLT’S…

    Andrew, I see you’re on your usual ideological drive to splutter about the evils of the left (The Australian can hardly be characterised as leftist meeja by sane observers) & the incapacities of Rudd.

    Whilst the axe to grind is supposed “high level leakage” & frightening hypocrisy you may care to cast your mind back a few years to your feverish efforts at joining in the smearing process of a whistleblower to suit your beloved Howard & both of your lusts to crusade in Iraq.
    High level (potentially actionable) leakage that makes your current hobby horse pale in comparison.

    Let he who is without sin & all that…

    Not the way that you, or more likely your moderators, will see it I’m sure.

  12. Yeah it’s laughable that Bolt tries to make out the leaking of a private phone call between national leaders is more important than a Top Secret AUSTEO document on national security. For stuff’s sake it’s AUSTEO and Bolt selectively released the information to the world. Honestly I would have been drawn and quartered if information from an AUSTEO document I was in charge of was made public, yet nothing was done, absolutely nothing, which makes a joke out of our entire security system.

  13. Well, it’s been posted recently, unamended; so I guess “Ghost of Wilkie” will be in for some serious abuse over there once the gargoyles get their teeth into it & go into a feeding frenzy to defend their boy.

    Kudos for them letting it through though.

  14. Starting to get a few bites over there now.

  15. Yep HD they immediately accused you of trying to change the subject whilst completely ignoring the fact of the seriousness of a Top Secret document leak and Bolt breaking the Australian Secrets Act in their quest to blame Rudd for anything, no matter how piddling that may be.

    Apparently the slightest inkling (with no evidence whatsoever) that something minor and inconsequential may have leaked from Rudd is world shattering and punishable by impeachment, whilst the actual and proven leaking of state secrets and the making public of AUSTEO caveat material by Bolt, a punishable offence, is to be forgotten and pushed aside.

    So glad to see the wingnuts have their priorities right and something that can be nationally damaging (which is what the classification of Top Secret AUSTEO means) is not important but a leak about a conversation on a G20 summit is the most damning thing to ever happen to this country.

    I mightn’t have got through on Bolt because I think I stuffed up the post. Been having some internet and computer probs lately so can’t blame his blog for not letting stuff through this time.

  16. I think I may gain a little evil joy following that thread today. I normally don’t make it past the bouncers but this time I’m trying to be deliberately objective & unantagonistic to press the point.

  17. me boomer

  18. God it’s painful being over there, not to the same level as Piers but still painful none the less.

    With each post Rudd is being accused of greater and greater failings and crimes, at this rate Stalin, Hitler and even Saddam will have nothing on our Kevin.

  19. I hear ya boomer, thanx for the support. I imagine that’ll keep ’em twisting themselves in knots for a while.
    Either that or they’ll ignore it completely once they deduce the conundrum.

    Predictably Bolt himself ain’t touching it with a pole….yet.

    I always found it amusing when he rabidly took every chance he got to try & slam Tim Dunlop when he sensed that he’d “slipped up”.


    Well if that don’t beat all!
    Now they’re accusing boomer of being Rudd using an alias to cover his tracks. bwahahahahaha

    & apparently I’m unfit for jury duty.

  21. Stop stirring them, it’s too easy.

    I’m outta there, had enough blind ideological crap to last a while.

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