Blog feedback are we going?

Hi Gang,

Well Blogocrats has passed the 30,000 hits mark! Who woulda thunk it?

It’s probably a good idea to ask everyone for some feedback as to how you think things are going…

For example, would you like to see more (or less) discussion about the markets, politics etc, or more (or less) lifestyle stuff.

Also, if you have any ideas for topics for discussion, just let us know. For example, would you like to see more home grown stuff – recipes, a book club, whatever…??

The best idea submitted will win this once-in-a-lifetime autographed photograph of ‘man of action’ former Foreign Minister Sir Alexander Downer!


50 Responses

  1. Methinks the balance is about right at the moment with a few of us dominating the conversations and some who shall not be named providing comedy relief.

    The preponderance of finance is understandable and I expect this to taper off when the crisis loses its sting with the mainstream.

    Oh and there are way too many pictures of Alexander Downer in this blog, even if the comedic and he’s playing the fool.

  2. I’m not a man of violence but when I saw that pic of Queen Alexander I had to restrain myself from tearing my Flatron a new one.

    Blog is good mate.
    I liked the caption comp’s for the sake of novelty. A book club is an interesting idea too but it would be difficult for some of us to find the time needed I suppose.
    Posts from across the spectrum are good, as you have been doing & somewhat in the spirit of Senor Dunlop.
    I like what Kevin’s been doing with his movie reviews.
    All of the offbeat & absurd stuff you intermittently provide is great too reb.
    Not too much economics for me, it is pertinent at the moment after all.

    The only thing missing is some of the old commenters. I did see Tony of Sth Yarra at Bolt’s today but I can’t post there to reel him in.

  3. You iz doin’ jest finez, Reb & Joni. Keep up teh good werkz.

    Did you see Downer on Insiders on Sunday? Barrie Cassidy welcomed him to the show, and Downer just sat there, saying nothing, this thin-lipped arrogant little smirk on his face as if to say “I grace you with my presence”. For God sake, if someone welcomes you to something, isn’t it normal to say “Thanks, Barrie” or “Pleasure” or at least acknowledge their greeting with a word or two?

    What an arrogant little chin-dribblin’, crotch-fiddlin’, cousin-f***ing, upper-class-twit inbred lump of twat that barnyard-animal-a*se-bandit is.

    I need an aspirin.

  4. Thank youse Ross Sharp.

    Yes, I watched Dolly on the Incisers on Sunday. I think he went a bit heavy on the Pancake Number Five makeup, but he did cut a dashing figure of refined elegance what with his Bluntsone boots, casual denim pants and open neck shirt. Perhaps he was off to play a bit of polo afterwards?

    But yes, slumped on the sofa, he really had nothing to offer, with the exception of some advice for Rudd to “be diplomatic” or sumthin’.

    The older he gets, the more he actually looks like “the real queen”. He’s got the same hairdo..

  5. I reckon the site is going well fellas, if only we could pick up a few of the old regulars like Seano, Shaun, Carlyle, Tony of Sth Yarra and Sherlock … and I am the Walrus – even if he is a Dragon’s supporter.

  6. Got my new tower and will take me ages to get it the way I like it.

    Does anyone know how I get a full screen as the sides of my wide screen are blank and it looks crap?

  7. scaper,

    Go to ‘start’ ‘settings’ ‘control panel’ ‘display’ ‘settings’ and then adjust your screen area upwards….

  8. Oh sugar..bloody Downer!

    And very big Congratulations to reb and joni without whose excellent efforts we would be homeless.

    Are you really and truly after feedback and you promise that you won’t hate me for eva’.

    I sometimes thought that Midweek Meltdown (Tim D’s) should have been the political open arena, whereas a Saturday Open Forum could have been the politics-barred one. Reason being: midweek (Tim’s Midweek Meltdown) there could have been full-on political topics/events happening but on Tim D’s blog we couldn’t discuss them unless Tim chose to introduce a topic to that effect.

    By the weekend it was all too late, politically based off-topic items had become ‘stale news’. Therefore to me a politics-barred thingy is best for the weekend when far less is likely to happen and everyone is more likely to be in veggie-mode. Just a thought.

  9. Good idea Min. Let’s run that past the Etiquette Officer and see if he agrees..

    How does everyone else feel about Min’s idea…….??

  10. That’s a thumbs up for Min’s idea from me.

    We may need a special post for our regular rants about Insiders though – unless we all go off to PB for an hour or so and join in with their rants over there.

  11. lol Ross great choice of words and then to put into a sentance…

    Reb; how about a free lunch on fridays and you pay our electricity bills, i would find it hard to get anymore comfortable if that was so.
    Once again, thanks to the Authors for providing as Min says a home.

    Downer as shiltz(Hogans heroes)

  12. Hexx,

    Cucumber sandwiches and vol au vents will be arranged!

    Good call with the Seargent Schulz analogy!

    “I zee nothink, I hear nothink!”

  13. Thanks Reb…allset up now and my old speakers were not compitable so I went out and bought a new set with sub-woofer…great sound and I can’t wait to play some underground through them.

    Oh, by the way…a great site and I’m sure it will get more traffic as it evolves into its own format.

  14. I think this is a great site, particularly as (by comparison with most other contributors) my comments appear intelligent and well informed.

    On the negative side, it lacks an author who is willing to condemn the insidious influence of unions on the ALP. Let me know if you agree, I think I can find one.

  15. Tom @6:03pm


    Compared to much of what passes for “comment” on the sites this site is frequented by Rhodes Scholars.
    You are a funny man Tom, even when you’re doing your best to appear tongue in cheek nasty.

  16. Unions Boo!

    Will that suffice Tom?

  17. Reb and Joni, this is a great blog site and I congratulate you both on the fine work done thus far.

    The bloggers are great too. Actually, they seem more like friends than fellow bloggers, such is the affinity in our interactions. Even Tom or Neil would admit that for a bunch of Lefty lovers we’re not a bad mob.

    I like Min’s idea of keeping the weekend topic politics free. On the weekends I like to wind down a bit, and the banter of the last few weekend blogs has been highly entertaining, as well as provide a few laughs.

    One thing I’d like to do in a future post is tell you about myself, and I’d certainly like to get to know others as well. I exchange emails with a couple of other Blogocrats and I’ve discovered that behind the aliases there are some very interesting people with wonderful stories to tell. We hesitate to share the stories because some of us like to remain anonymous, and that’s fine by me.

    Perhaps I’ll kick it off the weekend after next. Can’t do it this weekend as I’m meant to be throwing a barbie. The barbie was finally assembled late yesterday, just beating the deadline set by the wife, which was a feat so monumental that I’m expecting a nomination for Australian of the Year.

    Sunday’s out too. Have family in town so I’ll probably be drinking all day. Still, I can live with that.

  18. Thanks Miglo, and congratulations on finally assembling the Barbie! My better half’s talking about buying a weber. It better come pre-assembled!!

    Joni was talking about setting up a blog facebook account, which would enable us all to get know each other a bit better.

    Anyway, off to cook dinner now, catch you later!

  19. I seem to be out of sync because when I come here no one seems to be around.

    I might go check out Meganomics.

  20. First I’d like to thank Reb and Joni for getting this blog off the ground and filling the massive void left with the demise of Blogocracy.

    I like the way our hosts, R & J are responsive to requests. A week or two I mangled the formatting of one of my posts (duh!) and asked the guys if they could put it right for me. Within a couple of minutes, presto! the formatting was corrected and everything was in order.

    The best thing we can do as a new blog is try to round up more contributors. Some of my very favourite posters from Tim’s site are already here, which is excellent. However there are still some regulars, such as Sean and Seano it would be great to see again.

    Scaper has been effective there, dropping links to Blogocrats into comments to Jack the Insider. I’ve posted the URL to Lavartus Prodeo, and I notice there is a permanent link on the side panel at Tim’s original blog, Road to Serfdom.

    Of course it’s not just regulars who we all remember fondly from Blogocracy. We need new blood too, from wherever they hail.

    So I shall drop a link into my comments elsewhere, and if we all try to do the same it will have to help.

    As Scape would say, Advance …

  21. Some of my very favourite posters from Tim’s site are already here. . .

    Thankyou Caney. I presume you were referring to me.

  22. Ma-ate I want the signed photograph!

    My caption is:

    “I’m a soldier and I’m true blue…”

    (With thanks to Monty Python’s Lumberjack Song)

  23. Speaking of autographs . . . about 6 years ago stepdaughter accompanied Howard on a trip to East Timor. She said that she’d get an autograph of Howard for her mum.

    Mum said that if she got an autographed photo of Howard she’d toss it straight in the bin.

    Anyway stepdaughter comes back and proudly hands mum a plaque with photo of her with Howard on it. Written across the photo is “All the best Gloria, from John Howard”.

    If only Howard knew how much my wife despised him. She kept the photo only because her daughter was in it.

  24. Meganomics has an interesting thread today on housing and I suggest that some here go over there to engage and I will post later to invite them over here.

    George does not let abuse through like this site and should get our support and it will be returned.

  25. I find the politeness of this site perplexing sometimes. I think there can be a bit of confusion between abuse and a natural human intolerance of self important BS.

    Having identified this difference, I’m now advising that I intend to post even more self important BS. Effective immediately.

  26. “Having identified this difference, I’m now advising that I intend to post even more self important BS. Effective immediately”tom

    Yeeha Tom!
    I know that your just full of self important BS & I think it’s great!
    As you say, there is a difference.
    I’m a little confused, based on your comments, how some come to view you as rightwing though. I doubt that it is your intention to be interpreted that way, correct me if I’m wrong.

  27. Hi Human – Right wing? Hardly.

    The right tag seems to be applied by those that prefer people to have a homogeneous political philosophy.

    In their simple minds it is necessary to sign up for the whole agenda – eg can’t criticise unions. They’re the good guys and only have a positive influence on the ALP. And if you don’t like this – you’re a HOWARD HUGGER.

    It’s easy – ignore opinions that don’t conform with this simplicity- reconciliation, republicanism, foreign affairs etc.

    I love the union affiliation with the ALP. I love all unions. All the officials are very nice. They can do no wrong (even if some of their actions are technically illegal)

    And I have no independence of thought. Therefore I am a leftist!

    Hope this clarification is adequate and self important enough.

  28. That’s the other thing I like about you Tom, you’re not prone to exaggeration or overstating a situation.

  29. “Hope this clarification is adequate and self important enough.”Tom

    Perfectly, & you managed to throw a few not too subtle barbs as well.
    I don’t consider “leftists” generally to be quite as one dimensional & inflexible as you have characterised though.

  30. HD – For us very self important types (big egos, big talkers), over simplification and character assassination are stock standard tools of trade. Need to be verbose too.

    Expect even longer posts, even more repetitive, self indulgence from me. And it’ll all be right wing!!

  31. My own verbosity frustrates me at times.

  32. What frustrates me is

  33. Expect even longer posts, even more repetitive, self indulgence from me. (Tom).

    That’s wonderful news Tom. You are such a fine custodian of moral virtue and I look forward to your next instalment when you again tell people what they can or can’t or should or shouldn’t do.

    Take us under your fold. Guide us from the evil Left.

  34. A gentle word to everyone re swearing.

    As you know, we have been pretty relaxed in allowing everyone to curse etc, however it is worth bearing in mind that some of the posters here, encourage their children to read the topics and posts, and I sense (rightly or wrongly) that some of these people are becoming less involved due to some of the strong language being used in some of the posts.

    I therefore suggest that if you’re going to use the “F” word (in particular) that you do so obliquely, by using asterisks such as F**k or something similar?

    We all know what we mean, there’s just no need to spell it out.

    I’d hate to start editing posts (it’s a waste of my time for one thing), so hope that we can all adopt this approach for the sake of the broader blogocrats family.

    Thanks for your understanding, and by the way, I’m not singling anyone out, I’ve been guilty of this just as much as anyone.

  35. My nine year old girl reads posts here in relation to interests that I am grooming her in.

    She is no mushroom but too much profanity ruins her experience.

  36. Point taken. Fair enough too.

  37. Wasn’t aware of the minors, & the cursing isn’t essential to the points made anyway. Thanks for the headsup.

  38. Reb point taken. Allthought i dont have kids i often fail to remember others do.

    I thought by age 5 they should be working full time
    Move out of home to learn the lessons of life
    And to lift all the heavy stuff around the house

    If im ever out of line please pull me up on it as i love kids.

  39. Agree, but if you want to hear swearing worse than a stokers mess then just surreptitiously walk past a group of school children at a bus stop or in a shopping centre, and beware the girls are often worse than the boys, and prepared to be shocked at how young some of the mouths are that are spewing out the multitude of invectives.

  40. My girl had a first hand experience of what I call “Germaine Interruptus”…she was set upon by four girls at school.

    An eye-opener I tell you.

  41. I see no one posted at George’s…I’ll fly the banner then!

  42. Hey is my avatar blacked out because it might scare the kiddies?

    It’s OK in my profile in WordPress.

  43. Tim Dunlops blog, just before last years election was my first experience with blogland. Believe or not I was unaware of the existence of such things. I was amazed at the hatred people had for John Howard. I have never met a more abusive bunch of people before. Luckily, just before Christmas I came across Andrew Bolts blog. Believe it or not I had never heard of Andrew Bolt. But when i read the comments my first thought was, ” I am home”

    I went from not believing anything on Dunlops blog to basically agreeing with everything on Bolts blog.

    I am totally out of place on a left wing blog since I do not agree with most things you say.

    The good thing about this blog is that you lefties are not as abusive as some of the people from Dunlops blog.

    However there is the same false comments about Howard. Or should I say allegedly false comments. Always the same couple of things over and over and over and over again (which i am willing to agree with). Haneef, AWB, Iraq, etc etc etc with no evidence that what you are condemning about Howard is true.

    Just unfounded allegations by some of the lowest scum of people (ie leftoids) ever to live on this planet.

  44. Neil, your above comment is a great parody of a pig ignorant Boltoid. Bravo.

  45. Neil, emotion can be not a wonderful thing.

    I believe that history will judge the former PM in time…there has and is enquiries that will ever vindicate or incriminate and I prefer that the outcome be accepted as it is the process that we should hold in respect.

    I know of two examples that have not emerged as of yet that displays exemplary leadership.

    I believe he overstayed his tenure and there is no place for this in a democracy.

    This has occurred before and no doubt, again…that’s the way I see it.

  46. Now I know you are a troll Neil.

  47. Now I know you are a troll Neil.
    48. adrianofnowra | November 4, 2008 at 9:26 pm

    Thats is actually the most offensive thing you have ever said to me.

  48. 48. adrianofnowra | November 4, 2008 at 9:26 pm

    I am sure you are you think that howard intervened in the Haneef case for political purposes.

    The guy was Prime Minister of Australia. It is his job to show an interest in what is going on and to protect us from potential harm.

    Please give me some evidence that he intervened for political purposes.

    I do not want your opinion but some evidence

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