Caption Competition III

Our guest for the third installment of the caption competition is international man of mystery, Mark Vaile…

Downer Demands Answers.

Alexander Downer cuts a fine figure on the ABC's The Insiders

Alexander Downer cuts a fine figure on the ABC's The Insiders

Former Foreign Minister, Alexandra Alexander Downer is demanding answers to his self-instigated allegation that Prime Minister Kevin Rudd disclosed the details of a confidential telephone conversation between Rudd and the US President George W Bush.

According to Mr Downer, it was Kevin Rudd who revealed an embarrassing gaff made by George Bush during the course of the telephone conversation – “what’s the G20?”

Former foreign minister Alexander Downer has told ABC1’s Insiders program that despite the denials, it appears Mr Rudd leaked details of the conversation and as a consequence, damaged Australia’s reputation.

Mr Downer insists there should be an inquiry.

“Officials in the United States and in other countries would think [that] these people in Australia want to be very careful what you say to them in a private conversation,” he said.

“I think the smart thing for Kevin Rudd to do would be now to set up an inquiry into what actually happened here.

“I think that would help to clear the air a lot and I think officials would very much appreciate that.”

Mr Downer, himself no stranger to “enquiries” following the AWB enquiry where some $300 million dollars were paid to Saddam Hussein’s regime while Mr Downer was Minister for Foreign Affairs and Trade obviously has a right to be outraged over this alleged issue of global concern.

What’s $300 million of blind bribes and corruption supporting a military regime that was fighting against Australia, in the face of an alleged “silly question?”

It must be even more frustrating when PM Rudd subsequently reveals that Mr Bush never said asked anything about the G20.

Blog feedback are we going?

Hi Gang,

Well Blogocrats has passed the 30,000 hits mark! Who woulda thunk it?

It’s probably a good idea to ask everyone for some feedback as to how you think things are going…

For example, would you like to see more (or less) discussion about the markets, politics etc, or more (or less) lifestyle stuff.

Also, if you have any ideas for topics for discussion, just let us know. For example, would you like to see more home grown stuff – recipes, a book club, whatever…??

The best idea submitted will win this once-in-a-lifetime autographed photograph of ‘man of action’ former Foreign Minister Sir Alexander Downer!

The World Votes

Jillian York of Voices without Votes has reported on Huffington Post about websites which cover global election maps tracking world opinion:

A quick glance at Voices without Votes or the global blogosphere and it’s clear who the world wants for president: Barack Obama. It seems that, despite the relative closeness of the race in the United States, the rest of the world likes his charisma, his foreign policy, his take on the issues, and perhaps most of all, the fact that he’s so different from George W. Bush, whom it’s clear the world does not approve of.
The World Is Not Undecided

Kevin Rennie

Obama Vs McCain, down to the wire…

Despite the polls, Republican John McCain remains confident of a win in the forthcoming US presidential elections – declaring that “Mac is Back” at a recent rally in Pennsylvania.

“I’ve been in a lot of campaigns, I know when momentum is there. We’re going to win Pennsylvania, we’re going to win this election,” Senator McCain said.

“I sense it, I feel it, I know it.

“I say again my friends, we’re going to win here. We’ve got two days, knock on doors, with your help we can win. We need you to volunteer, we need a new direction and we have to fight for it.

“My friends – the Mac is Back.”

The Mac may well be back, but does he have what it takes to get over the line?

This election is significant because it is the first time in U.S. history that two sitting senators will run against each other for president, and because it is the first time an African American is a presidential nominee for a major party.

This is probably the most important US election since the 1960’s and the outcome will undoubtedly shape America’s standing in the global community, for better or worse, for many decades to come.

Pundits are divided, with some declaring that Obama’s ratings indicating a landslide win for Obama, while others argue that the “race issue” will become apparent at the polls at believe that McCain shouldn’t be shrugged off just yet.

With less than forty-eight hours to go, it’s going to be interesting!

Who do you think will win?

Economic Turmoil – XIV

The Australian share market is expected to open higher this morning, after it rallied in the US on Friday.

The dollar is expected to trade between $0.66 and $0.67.5.

Meanwhile it is anticipated to be a big week for Australian data and external events this week, including the US presidential election and interest rate announcements from the central banks of Australia, Europe and the United Kingdom.

TUESDAY UPDATE: Local markets are expected to open flat today following a mixed lead from Wall Street. The RBA is widely anticipated to cut the cash rate by 0.5% today, although punters think it may even go to 0.75%. Banks are also expected to pass on the full cut to customers. This is the third consecutive rate decrease.