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Well it’s November already, and in just a few days time America will go to the polls to choose their next president. Obama is leading against McCain, however republicans are confident that the polls may narrow. They’re certainly not throwing in the towel yet.

Meanwhile the restaurant at the centre of the “crap in ice cream” scandal, the Coogee Bay Hotel is finding itself in the midst of a PR disaster. Who knows where that one will end up.

Also two key people of interest in the Dianne Brimble case; Leo Silvestri and Ryan Kuchel, have finally appeared in court.

In more important news, Doctor Who; David Tennant has quit! Which begs the question – who would you cast as the next Doctor Who…?

Today’s music is for joni…

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  1. I didn’t know we had solved our doctor crisis in Australia to play so fast and loose with so many doctors’ lives…

    First Haneef, then this…,,24578886-1243,00.html

    Are we encouraging o/seas doctors to come to our regional areas of discouraging them??

  2. Ahhhh… things couldn’t get any worse, the world can’t sink any lower, there cannot be greater disasters, Tennant has quit really?

  3. This is not music, but it’s well worth time to view and to do something about.

    It puts this so-called “crisis” into perspective. At least, it does for me.

  4. I got sent this video and I found it truly inspirational – it is in hind but the visuals speak for themselves. In essence it says, India moves when you do –

    Note also how conveniently the politican is the first to leave in the first couple of frames….

  5. This is music. Cassandra Wilson’s live version of Neil Young’s “Harvest Moon”. Very slow and sultry.

    Have a good weekend.

  6. Have a look at for details on the US election. Note how 270 electoral college votes are required for being elected, and how they call 272 as being strong for Obama.

  7. Hee hee hee – great ad for no smoking!!

    sorry i am you tubing as my gig plan resets tomorrow midnight and i have 2 gigs remaining so making the most of it!!

  8. and another for heinz ketchup… the original thick ketchup

  9. lekhni

    at this rate all of us will have used our gigabytes by the end of today! LOL

  10. i don’t usually cry at emotional movie scenes and stuff, but this one brought a catch to my throat…

  11. lol don’t say that i still have 2.5 gb of offpeak quota to finish tonight as well!!!

  12. Lekhini and comment Are we encouraging o/seas doctors to come to our regional areas of discouraging them??

    It’s just a bunch of stuck up Anglo snobs who believe that anyone of color darker than that of a brown paper bag has to be inferior.

    Just me: Re Haneef…whats’is’name the former prime minister thinking that he was on a winner by drawing the terrorist card..JACKPOT..just before the election we have a..wait for it..chews on little finger nail…a terrrrorist.

    Sadly… kiddies the sim card wasn’t within coooee of the botched attempt.

    Oh bugger, we’ll just lock him up anyway.

  13. To all my friends at Blogocrats, I am having 2 weeks off so don’t know if I will be online during that period or not. If not have a great time debating the economy and politics and anything else. I am going to my nephews wedding and catching up with family in Sydney. Riley is doing well and will have more pics and an update when I return. Look forward to chatting to you all in 2 weeks.


  14. Watched ABC last night “intervention”
    P*ssed me off.
    But they did cover a lot in the way of how life is out there, why an intervention was needed and how this intervention has failed.
    At the end i felt sick that the show ended but the intervention was still occuring.

  15. Shane, you should be refreshed when you get back… hope you enjoy it.

  16. Shane i’ll give you a day and a half cause you’ll miss everyone 🙂

  17. So, is anyone doing anything interesting this weekend?

    I’m not, quotes tomorrow and putting together that presentation for certain people.

    I can’t wait until December so I can actually take some time off from everything…I need a break badly as I lose track of what day it is after constantly working all these months.

  18. Shane, you should get a phone that lets you comment. I find this lets me annoy everyone here much more often!

  19. Weekend plan:

    – work tomorrow for a bit and then a trip to Westfield Parramatta for the boyf to work out where to go for his new job orientation
    – a nice dinner Saturday night and maybe some dancing
    – Sunday drive to Tumut for a family funeral (and this time I will try not to crash)

    And the boss has just asked me to go on another SE Asia trip. A week in Singapore and then three weeks in Manila. And I will not fly with Qantas this time – I have given up on them. Earning the points is just not worth the pain.

  20. Enjoy, Shane, I’m with Hexx (@16) – 1 1/2 days MAX!


    To all the blogocrats – apologies for my staccato posts over the last couple of weeks (yeah, yeah, I know – we didn’t even notice) and missing replies to some posts…

    …however, we have had the “little people” in and out of here (and for another two weeks 😯 ) almost like its a refugee entertainment camp …

    …they’re great kids, no bother but high maintenance and very time consuming…as I am sure any other parents/g/parents will understand…

  21. Off to a Melbourne Cup night, at our friends next door, tomorrow night…$25 (couple) and tucker…usually Kentucky Duck or Red Rooster and the cooks bring a dessert (The Minister’s apple pie…mmm mmm)

    They use races recorded during the year and everyone gets numbers drawn from a hat for each race – 1st, 2nd, 3rd prizes…

    …stiff cheese if you are a racegoer and can remember the race …

    …good fun for me though (don’t gamble on horses)…rarely win (as usual) but it is usually a good, fun night

  22. TB i’ve always wanted to adopt one of those little things that ride the horses(so under fed).

    I will drift with the current in my tights hoping once again my torch dose not fail.

  23. I find this lets me annoy everyone here much more often! (Tom).

    Well I do agree with you on that one.

  24. Enjoy your break, Shane.
    I’m not expecting anything much to happen, thank god. Last Friday night son #2 rolled his car and wrote it off. He was uninjured except for some bark off his knee, but I was getting pretty frantic by the time friends brought him home about 11pm after he climbed out of his teetering car and walked about 6kms to their house in the pitch dark.
    Tonight I’m blogging and munching some delicious roasted hot green peas. They give you a divine wasabi hit as you bite into them. Yum!
    Tomorrow, weed poisoning and cray buying if the weather is OK. The gentle sea breezes have been blowing the last couple of days, so things have been pretty quiet except for the sound of the husband having his umpteenth nervous breakdown.

  25. So, is anyone doing anything interesting this weekend? (Scaper).

    Normally I’d oblige your courteous question with a courteous response, but on this occasion you’ve reminded me of the torture that awaits.

    Saturday week is our big barbie house warming bash. To have a big barbie house warming bash it is imperative that you first aquire yourself a big barbie.

    So last weekend I trotted off to every store in Canberra looking for the right barbie, and as luck always has it found the prize at the very last store visited.

    At that very time, a young lass from work (who is coming to the housewarming) was at the same store buying the same barbie – a state of the art whiz bang barbie that came in 3 very large, very heavy boxes.

    Weary from all that shopping I decided that I would assemble the barbie during the week. On Monday at work the young lass said that her BF put it together in 3 hours. No problem. I’ll do the same. Oh, and she did say to watch out for the sharp edges.

    That night it took me 3 hours just to get the effing bastard of a thing out of the effing box!

    Tuesday night. Tried reading the assembly instructions from hell. Gave up after 2 hours. Did manage to remove a few nuts and bolts from their plastic bags. Wife asked how I was going, reminding me that she’d like to test the barbie out this weekend.

    Wednesday night. Went through a packet of bandaids as the makers of this crappy barbie strategically placed all the sharp bits right where the poor bastard who bought the thing has to try and put a washer and nut on a bolt. I was beginning to think that the ideal person for assembling this monster needed to be about 2 feet tall with fingers the thickness of wire and could lift heavy objects. But after 2 hours I did manage to get one side panel on. Wife asked how I was going, reminding me that she’d like to test the barbie out this weekend.

    Thursday night. Realised that I had put last night’s victorious side panel on the wrong side. Blame the instructions from hell. Went through another packet of bandaids but after another 2 hours finally had the side panel on its correct side. By the end of the 2 hours I was working in the dark and getting very shitty. Wife asked how I was going, reminding me that she’d like to test the barbie out this weekend.

    Tonight. I’m sure that the neighbours heard the “f” word on a number of occasions as I realised that I’d used the wrong bolts on the side panel that took me 2 nights to put up. After about 20 “f” words she shouted over the fence: “How’s the barbie coming along Michael? Remember that Gloria wants to use it this weekend”. Anyway, got both side panels on, right way up, right bolts used, but not without help from the wife. Did she get some mileage out of that, concluding with “see if you can do the rest yourself. I want to use it this weekend”.

    Guess what I’m doing tomorrow?

  26. If you didn’t fall asleep during my last post you might have guessed where “Miglo” comes from. “Mi” from Michael and “Glo” from Gloria. Although these days the wife has her own computer and I’m free to blog uninterupted.

    That’s right Tom of Melbourne: we have 2 computers, plus a laptop. That makes 3. You must be horrified at the extravagance. Go make an effigy doll. Stick pins in it.

  27. Miglo! Mygod!

    LOL, i wouldn’t venture a guess, but I know what your WIFE wants to do this weekend….

    Happy Hurting!

  28. Miglo @ 26 – do you reckon that what yr wife was doing to YOUR effi(n)gy to cause you so many cut fingers??!!

  29. Miglo @ 26 – do you reckon that what yr wife was doing to YOUR effi(n)gy to cause you so many cut fingers??!! (lekhni).

    No lekhni, I’m sure it was Tom. My wife needs me in good health and in good shape to get the barbie up by her tight deadline.

    Must return now to The Economy – X111 to see what slanderous attack Tom or Neil have fired at us Lefties or the Government we voted for.

  30. Golly Miglo, the downturn has turned you into a very grumpy individual. It often goes with bad judgment and bad taste. I do hope you get over it!

  31. Golly Miglo, the downturn has turned you into a very grumpy individual. (Tom).

    100% incorrect Tom. By nature I’m generally a chirpy, cheerful individual. Just get sick of RWDBs trying to impose their will and their way upon me.

    And what are you going to find to complain about next? Perhaps the the fact that it’s nearly 1am and here I am blogging.

  32. Miglo,

    My sympathies. Sounds like those instructions are to blame. Probably originally in Korean, translated into Chinese, and then into English.

    Sometimes it’s best to get the people in the store to assemble it, and then just have it delivered.

    But I suspect that’s exactly what you don’t want to hear right now, oh and remember, the wife wants to test it out today!


  33. Miglo… is it the weekend already? We’d all love to come over for a barbie.

  34. What is a weekend???

  35. scaper – I’d actually have to ask the same thing as I am just heading into the office for a few hours (undisturbed) work.

  36. joni, I’m about to head out to do quotes myself…one guy lives just outside my area but because he is a friend of a client I will oblige…apparently it is a big job.

  37. “What is a weekend???”scaper

    Interesting question.
    They ceased to matter to me when I started 5 shift, poof-gone!!!
    Same with public hols, one day is much the same as the next & time also becomes irrelevant.
    Having said that, now I’ve got 10 days off & 2 weekends, yeeeeehaw! Must maximise family time.

    Lots to do but amongst it all I will stop & watch the POTUS circus come to its conclusion on Wednesday.

    Being the belligerent atheist that I am I stumbled across a lot of stuff by Hawkins yesterday & I’m intrigued. I’ve ordered “The God Delusion” in hardcover & look forward to reading it. I’m curious to know of anyone’s opinion if they’ve read it? godly & ungodly alike. Divisive I imagine but I will be curious to read his “intellectual argument” for atheism.

    I wouldn’t characterise Tom as anywhere near a RWDB BTW.

  38. Take it easy all.
    I’ll be delirious from sleep deprivation later on today (I stay up all day after my last N/S) so I might pop back in later to spin some rubbish…no rules for me, the bar opens at 7:00am when work finished.
    Average weather, hope it gets better while I’m off.
    Might go to Conmurra tomorrow & catch up with the bro & his brood…more alcohol induced headaches to be had.

    How’s that marina coming along jane (the unhowardhugger I presume?) I haven’t had a look for a while.

  39. Oh yeah, Glen Benton for Doctor Who.

  40. Helen Coonan for Doctor Who!

    Alexander Downer as her trusty side-kick,

    and of course, Philip Ruddock as Davros (no make up required).

  41. reb, I’ll just settle for Capt Jack.

  42. I wouldn’t characterise Tom as anywhere near a RWDB BTW. (HD).

    True, I was being a bit harsh. One in the making perhaps?

    Having said that, now I’ve got 10 days off & 2 weekends, yeeeeehaw! Must maximise family time. (HD).

    Bugger the family time! I need help putting a barbie together. What time do you want me to pick you up from the airport? Do you want me to decanter a 1998 Penfolds Bin 389?

  43. Miglo… is it the weekend already? We’d all love to come over for a barbie. (Joni).

    Joni, I’d love to be able to throw one. HD’s coming over later to assemble it for me so things should get moving.

  44. “a 1998 Penfolds Bin 389?”

    I’m on the next flight!

  45. another test

  46. Miglo | October 31, 2008 at 10:25 pm Sounds to be the exact same barbie that Jeffrey bought for me. Came with a warning from the salesman, This is a 6 stubbie job. And he was right.

    And if you’re wondering why hubby bought me a barbie for my birthday, it’s because I asked him to. Method in the madness…I get to have a night off from cooking.

    Next weekend is the BIG MOVE up to civilization aka Banora Point and so my excitement for today (hubby is working) is cleaning out the fridge, taking out the shelves etc. I remember having done this once and also remember that I didn’t much enjoy it….

  47. I used to think that Schwarzenegger was a worthwhile politician, for example had gone against Republican disdain for anything pertaining to the environment. However Arnie has just gone down well, maybe 100% in my esteem.

    To quote Arnie…he needs to do something about those skinny legs. I’m going to make him do some squats..

    Oh really? Hopefully when Obama becomes President that it will be old Arnie who is doing the squats.

    Well that’s going to put the kybosh on Palin’s latest rant that she is the only one being picked on because of her appearance.

  48. Things are getting ugly.

    Took a drive to Bunnings to see how the barbie looks assembled so I could see if I was heading the right way. Noticed that their side panels looked different. The story is that my box had some wrong parts.

    The 2 hours my wife and I spent on the prick of a thing last night now has to be unassembled. My wife is shitty, and when she’s shitty, somebody dies.

  49. Banora Point eh…I’m planning a surprise getaway for the girls for a couple of days in the first week of new year not far from there.

    Nothing worse than defrosting a fridge…I did it last time whilst Mrs scaper was in hospital with a blowtorch that I use for bending conduits and melted the freezer wall.

    She was going to defrost it and I said I would buy a new fridge so she does not know…the new one comes on Monday and the old one will disappear…I wish I just burnt the kitchen curtains…much cheaper than a new fridge.

    I could come down and defrost your fridge…LOL!

  50. And further to the above article. Interesting interpretation from old Arnie..

    “Being president is all about leadership,” Schwarzenegger said.

    “When Americans go into that voting booth on Tuesday I hope they will think about this: If you were in a POW cell, who would you want in that cell with you? Do you want a man of eloquence or a man of proven courage?”

    I don’t know about fellow Blogo’s but I would want to be with a man of eloquence who might be able to talk our way the-hell-outa-there. Courage be buggered. Let’s us just get the hell out, life before death…live to fight another day (and other suitable quotes).

  51. HUGE and gigantic Brownie Points re ‘surprises’. Well done.

    Mrs scaper will be thrilled about the new fridge I am certain. Yes agreed..whitegoods cost an arm and a leg and always have. The difference is that these days they last only about 7 years (if you’re lucky). For example, the seals on our 1st fridge lasted 20 years however the seals on our 2nd fridge lasted 2 and the replacements have started to split already..this is on a 4 year old fridge. It’s a Kelvinator.

    Thank you very much scaper re your very kind offer of fridge-defrosting. I have made a note: Do not use a blowtorch as it tends to cause a meltdown of the entire refridgerator.

  52. “HD’s coming over later to assemble it for me so things should get moving.”miglo

    I’d love to help…on one condition….when we get it assembled & turn the gas on the first thing you flame must be an effigy of lispy Chad Cornes.
    Interestingly I went through the same ordeal of BBQ assembly psychosis last X’mas. Dad yelled at the parts in a loud, expletive laden way that he normally reserves for his ill-performing sheepdog.
    In the end we pretended that it was all just dapper & were grateful not to be exposed as frauds when we weren’t incinerated upon ignition.

  53. Wonderful visual HD….

  54. Getting sussed out by the opposition…interesting.

  55. BTW reb, just watched the clip for the frolyks… the biyf had never heard it before, and was a little disturbed until I explained that it was python.

  56. I’d love to help…on one condition….when we get it assembled & turn the gas on the first thing you flame must be an effigy of lispy Chad Cornes. (Human Dividend).

    LOL HD. What is it about the elite, nay the giants of the game, that you so tragically despise?

  57. Sitting here with a cold Hahn, the Wallabies in the lead at half-time, the cricket looking as though it is heading for a draw… life is good.

  58. Neil will be salivating over this and I can’t wait….

    The Howard Years

    I love the opening paragraph, “through a time of monumental upheaval”, what of landing into a time of unprecedented prosperity and upheaval of his own making.

    Will be interesting none the less and you can continue Tim’s Howard popping up yet again posts. What was the last number of the thread Tim posted?

  59. My god they’ve even created a website: The Howard Years

  60. No happy about this bloody Irish ref!

  61. I posted over at Jack’s today. (Scaper).

    Are you two-timing us Scaper?

  62. More like three timing…you see that the thing is far reaching through the spectrum, I’m not complaining…gee I wish I could tell you guys.

  63. HD, the thing’s got water in it now and all the fishermen are parked in there. There’s no power, water, roads or other infrastructure and titles still haven’t been issued and god knows when that will happen.
    The fishermen have to unload their crays and drive to the scales which are still at the jetty on account of the no power or phone situation. Scuttlebut is money’s in short supply.
    And leave Studley alone.
    Miglo, you have my deepest sympathy. I haven’t tried assembling a barbie, but have done some training on an Ikea desk and the 5 day wardrobe. I now have an honours degree in creative swearing.
    Luckily for my sanity, our language disordered son gave me a hand and my husband attached the bloody thing to the wall. I will offer up a prayer to the barbie god and will possibly sacrifice some steak and sausages. I’m sure the husband will make the ultimate sacrifice and impale himself on a slab of Melbourne bitter.

  64. Boy, am I in the dog house!

    Apparently I made a scene at the local Thai restaurant last night I am told…I believe this is a result of the workload that I have taken on and the lack of “ME” time and I got shit-faced and the release valve just opened.

    I’ve been hiding in the office doing more work for the last two hours and have about another four hours before I can relax, that’s if you can call it that!

    One day I’ll have a normal life, whatever that is.

  65. Never mind scaper, we’ve all been to the dog house, some more regularly than others…

  66. Bloody Hell.

    I’m struggling to watch the Insiders on ABC.

    It’s so blatantly anti-Rudd it’s not funny. Not even a superficial attempt to appear unbias.

    And now they’re interviewing some American pollwatcher Allan Lichtman who has a really bad and obvious wig!

  67. And scaper – his wig-man hand waving was really annoying too.

  68. LOL
    Downer is hilarious!

    “poor old republicans!”

    He cracks me up.

  69. Yes, poor old queen Alexandra,

    He bears an uncanny resemblance to Queen Elizabeth.

    I loved the way he revealed that George Bush had said “What’s the G20?” when Kevin Rudd suggested that the US old a G20 summit, and then Dolly somehow tried to make out that this momentous gaff was somehow Rudd’s fault! And Dolly wants Rudd to instigate “an enquiry!”

    Oh the irony of it all..

  70. Remember that Sir Humphrey always said that you should never start an enquiry unless you know the answer.

    And Downer wanting an enquiry – effing hilarious.

  71. Morning folks

    I just did my usual morning check of the Grays wine auctions. If you like chardonnay and want a fantastic deal, check out the 2004 Howard Park Chardonnay. I bought a case a couple of months ago and it is effn brilliant. You’ll probably have to pay over $20 a bottle to get it but trust me – it’s great (I would get another case myself but the wife to be has told me we have a wedding to pay for 😦 )

    I’m off the Fat As Butter music festival today – Faker, Dandy Warhols, and the Gurge. Anyone else doing anything fun?

  72. Scaper – blow torches and plastic don’t mix mate … Best to old empty icecream containers full of hot water in the freezer with door shut to melt it out. Oh – and lots of towels to mop up the water.

  73. miglo

    How was the ’98 389? I still have a case waiting to be drunk 😉

  74. I had a mate staying this week for a few nights, and when I opened the freezer last night I found a six-pack of Hahn – exploded in there. He is gonna get a very nasty SMS today.

  75. joni – at least it wasn’t alcopos!! Much harder to clean up and potentially more expensive loss 😉

  76. D55 – yeah – with all that extra tax on alcopops.

  77. First she can see Russia from her house, now she’ll go hunting with the french president!!!,27574,24589480-5012572,00.html

    hilarious, must read!

  78. For Dave55 @ 74:

    2001 Tasting Notes:
    Totally opaque crimson colour with purple hues. Superb aroma, refined with notes of blackcurrant, cedar, spice and confectionery emerging. Elegant and sophisticated. Excellent palate weight and structure, with flavours of blackcurrant, spice and chocolate. Fine grained, perfectly balanced tannins, followed by very long, spice, blackcurrant aftertaste.An outstanding Bin 389 and together with the Bin 28 are the bargains of the 1998 releases.
    Cellar 8-10 years (2009-2011)
    Rating 94/100

    2002 Tasting Notes:
    This wine is developing superbly and has emerged as one of the superstars of the 1998 vintage.
    The colour has deepened over the last twelve months. The crimson purple hues have intensified with the purple now a totally opaque black. Superb perfumed aroma of violets, spice and liquorice. The palate takes one by surprise. The refined characteristics of last year have evolved substantially to reveal very distinct, totally mouthfilling, black pepper and spice flavours. Outstanding length and concentration with back palate flavours of dark chocolate and vanilla. The wine is developing magnificently. Fine dry, perfectly balanced tannins – softening but still with plenty of substance. Exceptionally long aftertaste of dark chocolate, liquorice and vanilla.
    Rating 97/100

    Current Tasting Notes
    This wine is evolving magnificently and is now beginning to reveal the benefits of bottle age. Totally opaque black crimson colour with brick red hue. Superb, lifted nose of violets, cedar, spice and old leather overlaid with vanilla, ripe plum and dark chocolate. The palate is mouthfilling, again bottle age has added a layer of complexity with flavours of cedar, plum, old leather and dark chocolate emerging over a very spicy white pepper back palate. The tannins are very fine and dry, perfectly balanced with very long spicy white pepper, plum and old leather aftertaste. A wine that is drinking well now and will continue to evolve over the next 5-6 years.
    Rating 98/100.

  79. joni,

    Are you about?

    I need someone to proof read a letter I need to get out today.

  80. scaper…. sorry – out and about (in Apple store) an just about to head to Tumut.

  81. Wow, it’s quiet around here this afternoon…I finally have finished my work for the day…now what to do?

    I think a scotch is in order for starters.

  82. Just come back from a rather nice lunch.

    Although it didn’t agree with the other ‘arf. He’s in the dunny with “the trots”.

    A glass of white wine and the Sunday Arts show on abc at 5.00pm. Perfect!

  83. joni,

    That’s OK, after reading it several times I did not change anything and it has been sent…even had time to send an update to the members, then lazed on the lounge to watch Basic Instinct.

    In twelve hours I will wake and go to work…the easy stuff, landscaping.

  84. Reb @67, don’t worry Richard Alston will have a complaint listing in minute detail all the anti-Rudd bias on the chairman’s desk asap tomorrow morning. ROFL! Oh look! There’s a flock of pigs flying overhead!

  85. It looks like the former PMs are well looked after by us tax payers after they were essentially sacked from their jobs…this is beyond me, especially considering the outrageous super they get.,27574,24592611-5007133,00.html

    And guess who is the biggest spender???

  86. 67. stuntreb | November 2, 2008 at 9:24 am

    Bloody Hell.

    I’m struggling to watch the Insiders on ABC.

    It’s so blatantly anti-Rudd it’s not funny. Not even a superficial attempt to appear unbias.

    But it’s not the anti-Rudd bias that is bad in that show, in fact I find they are sometimes fair in the criticisms of the Rudd government, but the unabashed obsequious extolments of Turnbull that I find offensive and over the top.

    If you believed Insiders then Turnbull since taking over the Liberal leadership has single handed saved the nation each week, steered the government on a true and safe course, made great policy and is the greatest leader not in power we’ve ever had.

    By the way Turnbull is setting himself up to be the saviour of the universe once again. He is demanding the banks pass on a full amount of the RBA’s interest rates cut this week knowing full well it has already been widely tipped they will do exactly that anyway.

    This is so when the banks cut their interest rates inline with the RBA’s cut Turnbull can blitz the media saying it was all his doing. Transparent doesn’t even get close to describing Turnbull’s tactics.

    Also people did anyone catch Rupert’s musings . If you want to see how far this man is now removed from Australia and just how out of touch he is then this speech illustrated it perfectly.

    Australians for well over a decade now are the hardest working, take the least holidays, the most unpaid overtime and sacrifice more for work than any other OECD nation yet here is Rupert saying we are bludgers. He wants us all to do much more with less, we will apparently learn the hard way what the global economy can bring, slavery perhaps? Idiot Rupert, we the workers of Australia know more than most other countries what the global economy can bring because we have been out competing most other Western nations for over a decade because of hard work ethic. Go back to your US and reserve your scathing remarks for that failed country before coming here to preach to us.

  87. Just read the article, Adrian, then checked Murdoch’s bio…

    On September 4, 1985, Murdoch became a naturalized citizen in order to satisfy the legal requirement that only US citizens were permitted to own American television stations

    Seems to me with this decision Mr Murdoch lost any entitlement to use the words “we” and “us” in the context of being Australian…I have always objected to Murdoch’s “holier than thou” attitude and behaviour, knowing some of the “deals” and “methods” he used to get rid of rivals to get as close to international media monopoly as possible in Oz, UK and USA – good friends with Kevin Rudd, as I understand it, too (guessing more convenience than compatibility – though one never knows in these circles)…

    …dontcha just love the silvertails telling the rest of us ignorant plebs how we should get on with it…? While pushing ignorance, bias and misinformation in their media “empires”…the revolution can’t come quickly enough, I say…

    As for Insiders – I look forward to my Sunday morning chuckle as they attempt unbiased partisanship 😉 … (or is it blatantly prejudiced?)

    …I have been a little quiet recently while watching – Piers has been missing – although I had a few choice comments last week when Andrew made another incompetent, childish and ill-informed appearance…

    …and that curly headed wanker did remind me of Alex Downer – it was his demeanour – he just seemed so relaxed and confidently ignorant (a dead giveaway) …leopards can’t change their spots I’m afraid! 😀

  88. TB I know this is a subject close to your heart but I believe the Lady Godiva protest in Melbourne by around 100 pensioners did themselves no favour or the cause of pensioners.

    Not for them is $30 extra per week or Rudd’s temporary $35pw addition enough, they are demanding $100pw and raft of other improvements that not even never ending $20 billion surpluses could pay for.

    They should get you as their campaign manager, yours have been far more sensible and practicable suggestions to help pensioners.

  89. “Go back to your US and reserve your scathing remarks for that failed country before coming here to preach to us.”adrian

    Couldn’t have put it better myself.

    The only thing I might add is…


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