Wildcats strike against pit-bulls

Indiana apparently doesn’t allow robocalls. So the McCain/Palin campaign asked a call centre to read out the latest smears. They underestimated the determination of the local workers . Three dozen walked out in protest. Still strength in unity. No wonder employers will do anything to make wildcat strikes illegal.

Fellow Voices without Votes blogger, Qwaider, is blown away by this small skirmish in a dirty war:

And they actually decided to walk out! Sacrificing so much in this fragile economy

That’s something no robot can match. Moral Integrity!
WOW Moment!

Kevin Rennie
Labor View from Bayside

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  1. See HD there is hope for America.

  2. OK Bolt try to spin this as a narrowing for McCain:


  3. “See HD there is hope for America”adrian

    I hope so mate!
    The cynic in me thinks the weight of evidence in favour of them clawing their way out of the moral abyss is virtually non-existant.

    I would like to clarify my position a little though & acknowledge that it is the ingrained systems of power in the US that draw my ire & not the (exploited) majority of citizens (although the collective mentality of American exclusivity contributes to the overall crumbling of the Empire).
    As evidenced by this strike, all people (no matter what part of the globe they inhabit) can not be viewed as generic copies that conform to the official doctrine of their nation state. Obviously there is widespread dissent & many Americans are not enamoured by what is executed in their name.

    Having been on strike a few times myself despite the loss of income it always felt cathartic to send the bastards a strong message rather than acquiesce meekly to overbearing executives.
    IMHO solidarity is often the only option that individuals have for making a meaningful differece against much more powerful monopolisers.

    Whether or not we see an Obama victory next week I tend to think that the rot runs too deep & US hegemony is approaching the end of its finite tether. I’m happy to be proven wrong but history is on my side.

  4. “OK Bolt try to spin this as a narrowing for McCain”adrian

    Your wish is Bolts command.

    Of course he knows that McCain is likely rooted & is already assembling a litany of excuses for why his (Bolt’s) beloved conservative candidate will ultimately probably lose. Everything from “leftist meeja bias” to ACORN to unfair Obama campaign donations….& so on. Wanker.


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