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There’s a lot going on, but nevertheless I’ve found the time to give some thought to updating the english language. I mean let’s face it, it could do with a revamp.  Why? I hear you ask. Well franky I’m fed up making the same old typo’s over and over again, so figured why don’t I just create them as new words?  Why not indeed. Here are a few examples:

“Withe” (pronounced wive), meaning: “with the” as in “would you like some sauce withe pie?”

“Shuthe” (pronounced shove), meaning “shut the” as in “can you shuthe door please?”

“Bothe” (pronounced bove), meaning “both the” as in “would you like bothe sausage roll and the pie?”

I think you get the idea.

Anyway, over to youse…

joni chose Today’s music…

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  1. Well it turns out that the ice cream does have shite in it.

    The Lawyers are still ‘digesting’ the results. Investigations have been a bit constipated to date, but once a few blockages are out of the way, investigators are confident they’ll get a few ‘runs’ on the board…

  2. Sorry joni but that music is shit.

  3. Sorry joni but that music is not fit for ice cream topping at the Coogee Bay Hotel.

  4. D55

    I am at work and so cannot see what reb has put up on my behalf – and I hope it is Perfect Day (the BBC version), so if it is, I like it and that is all that matters.

    And this morning I got the results back on my shoulder. I have a type II SLAP tear – which most likely requires surgery. I now have to get an appointment to specialist to find out what happens next.


  5. It is Perfect Day and it’s not shit!

  6. “A type 2 slap?”

  7. Yeah – I have been slapped by a type II

    Very painful too – I might add.

  8. Whoops!

    REB: I knew it was all because of you!!

  9. It’s a great song and I used to play it when I was doing the restaurant circuit down Sydney in the eighties on an electric piano.

    I saw Lou at the State Theatre I think in 1974…that was a show and a half…this is the original version.


  10. Agreed. The music is dreadful, however David Bowie is very cute. Obviously a charity event. What a waste of talent etc due to a lousy tune.

    (With apologies).

    But then don’t we all have lousy tunes that everyone else hates but which makes the soul rise to the heavens. Mine is the Main Theme from Lawrence of Arabia. I spent several months in ’63 driving my parents around the twist by playing it really, really loudly and lots. I think that it’s the drums and the intensity and the comparison with the slow romantic bits..I think done at a half octave (I think??? I would need a musical person to advise on this one).

    This was the 2nd record that I ever bought. Took me a long time to save up enough money to buy an LP. Note: released in ’62 it used to take 12-18 months for movies and music to arrive to Australia.

    http://au.youtube.com/watch?v=nE3Ar4iRgqI – 3 themes – the desert, the Arabs, the English. Just a thought, but maybe it’s politically incorrect these days to cast Arabs as heroes.

  11. OMG Min…. I feel you have now chosen this weeks mid-week thread theme – first records.

    Mine was “Bedknobs and Broomsticks” soundtrack. How sad is that?

    REB: I wouldn’t really have fessed up to that….

  12. Scaper:

    “I used to play it when I was doing the restaurant circuit down Sydney in the eighties on an electric piano.”

    Maybe you could team up with TB? He’s been doing the RSL circuit.

    I hear the nursing homes are an untapped market.

    Is this TB in action?

  13. Here’s some sound perspective on the youth/music of today:


  14. I’ve changed direction since those days.


    REB: PSB! Now you’re talking! 🙂

  15. My first CD was Guns’n’Roses Use your Illusion I which I bought when I got my first CD player. I still reckon it’s a great album but prefer all the B sides to the big hits like November Rain and Don’t Cry.

    I can’t remember what my first tape was but it was probably a mixed one (you know the ones – ‘1986 Just for Kicks” or something similarly lamely named) – and I seem to remember having Whispering Jack on tape but I swear I didn’t buy it.

  16. Following on from the cunning linguistics comments of yesterday and today’s topic of new words…

    My all time favourite is “WADDAWEWANN???!!” as a conversation starter for a mass of people walking around city streets, having stopped work for a while.

    This seems soon to be followed by “WENNAWEWANIT????!!!”

    I always look forward to the intelligence of the debate involving these innovative forms of dialogue.

  17. The first record I ever bought was Just a Boy…I can’t find the song that was the best of that album but is will do.

  18. Tom,

    Same as walking into any pub and shouting “Aussie Aussie Aussie!!”

    is bound to be met with the chorus “Oi Oi Oi!”

    It appeals to the same intellect……

  19. Tom, I prefer WADDAYAWAN? (preferably asked by someone else on their way to the bar) BTW -is it 5 O’Clock yet – I could murder a beer today (The worst thing about being a public servant is that you have to work with bureaucrats all day, every day).

  20. My first record was Lady Madonna. Nothing to shame me about that. Still have it somewhere.

    A mate once told me that his first record was I Think I Love You by the Partridge Family. As a born-again hippy he felt great shame about this and asked that I mention it to no one.

    Within 5 minutes the whole workplace knew that Anthony’s first record was I Think I Love You. I’m that sort of person. I couldn’t help myself.

  21. 15 of the World’s Best Guitarists on One High-Def Album:Download It for Free Now from Gibson (the guitar company):


  22. Hi Dave, I’m into my third amber now as I loaded fifteen cubes of steamy mulch today into barrows for the guys to push and my back muscles feel like they are knotted and last nights celerbrations did not help.

    A couple of more beers, a hot shower and half an hour on the shiatsu machine will sort me out but I will be sore when I wake up…then I’ve got five hours on the end of a hundred pound jackhammer…that will loosen me up.

  23. Dave 55 – I love the intellect and dialogue associated with “waddayawann?” when it is associated with beer. I always find that I seem to become a lot more intelligent and very wise after a few hours of exchanging the “waddayawann?” enquiry.

    It’s amazing really. How quickly I can morph from being an annoying dickhead into a p155ed annoying dickhead.

  24. Miglo

    LOL – that’s something I would do – bad taste in music should be known by all.

  25. Off to Noosa for 5 days!! So Long suckers!!!!! 🙂

    REB: May the Good Lord comfort and guide you.

  26. Scaper:

    “then I’ve got five hours on the end of a hundred pound jackhammer…that will loosen me up”

    You know, I’m not even going to comment on that!

  27. On a sporting note, am missing my foxtel as would love to see the Delhi Test Match!

    Hey maybe once I’m in India I can go to an Ind-Oz match and hold up a HI BLOGOCRATS banner??

    Anyhoo, today is the Indian New Year, so FWIW, Happy New Year all!!

  28. joni | October 29, 2008 at 3:06 pm I somehow can imagine you re bedknobs and broomsticks. Awwww, sooo cute. I love that show too.

    Fess up time. My very 1st record was wait for it..The operetta The Student Prince..only I didn’t buy it. Friend and I were babysitting the children of the late Race Horse Commentator Joe Brown and somehow this ’78 rpm recording managed to make it’s way to my house to be hidden under my bed.

  29. I remember that I was given a 45…Kung Fu Fighting and the next day I frisbeed it into the Georges River from the top patio…bubblegum trash!

  30. damn you scaper – I am now singing the start of Kung Fu Fighting …. wooo ho ho ho hoooooo……

  31. And happy Indian New Year to you lekhni. Whenever the Indians are winning at cricket I think of you..which these days means often. As in when the Aussies were massacred, I think ah well..at least lekhni will be happy!!! True..

    And how is bubs? I should imagine that he is a big grown up bubby.

    It’s about 6 weeks until the arrival of the 1st grandie. It is Mil’s birthday tomorrow and I sent her a lovely bracelet with a topaz stone because I think that women should have some nice things for themselves. Son J is an excellent provider but it’s still nice to have special things for oneself.

  32. My first record was ABBA Arrival. No I am not ashamed to say I am an ABBA fan 🙂

  33. Take this then.

  34. Who needs shiatsu.

    I’ve been boogying to this and I feel great.

  35. Min | October 29, 2008 at 5:45 pm

    Thank you, Min!

    Bubs is fine and I am thoroughly enjoying being a stayhome mum. I have also learned the art of not doing something until I absolutely MUST thereby making the most of my time off, the first I have had in nearly 20 years – when younger had taken over the reigns of Mum’s house, and then of course after marriage my own.

    So for once it is nice to be looked after instead of doing the looking financially at least.

    You must be so excited about the little one!! Please pass on my congratulations to J and Mil.

    I agree, a woman should have pretty things for herself – when I was very young – about 7/8, I made up my mid to adopt my grandma’s philosophy – she only had diamonds and when I asked her why she didn’t have any gold/silver – she said she wanted the best even if she could afford less of it. So now I have only 4 diamond earrings, 1 diamond bracelet and 3 diamond rings – no wasting money on gold or silver. save up long and good!

  36. 13. stuntreb | October 29, 2008 at 3:07 pm

    mmmmm – just saw this sreb, what makes you think I ponce around looking gay trying to sing Tom Jones in a false — etto…

    …aaaaa-nd you know I would never wear a bloody diamond encrusted silver (ugh!) crucifix around my neck (or around any other part of my anatomy) …

    …and to top all the shite off they’re bloody Kiwis ya dork!

    Keep trying, the jealousy is showing and you haven’t even seen/heard me perform…ah! 🙄

  37. lehkni , big apologies the diamonds in sreb’s silly Youtube show are obviously not real and your Grandma was dead right…

    …and Happy New Year!

  38. Sans Blog.
    Thanks for the tip on the Gibson tracks. Just downloaded it. Fantastic stuff.
    BTW my first record was Bye Bye Baby by Col Joy, played on a plastic toy record player. Had to drill a hole on the outer edge of the label so it could be turned with a bamboo skewer type stick.. no batteries. Great sound…. nup..(circa 1957 I think)

  39. “My first CD was Guns’n’Roses Use your Illusion I which I bought when I got my first CD player”dave55

    Hmmmm, any thoughts on the imminent (15 years in the making) release of “Chinese Democracy”? I’ve heard some of it but the sound quality was poor so I’ll reserve my judgement for now.
    Like the old stuff….but Axl is a genuine flogger.

  40. The first records I can remember from the mid-50s were 78s – Hopalong Cassidy & his sidekick Gabby – “Hi ho, Silver, Away”, and The Lone Ranger and his sidekick Tonto – “Who was that masked man?”

    Who remembers “I Love Lucy” on Monday nights in the 50s? We had the first TV in the street and some of the neigbours used to come in on Mondays to watch Lucy and Ricky.

  41. Sorry, Handrab, also meant to say they are good tracks and well worth the download time.

    I’m on my second time around with them. There’s actually a lot of free music downloads at the Gibson site:


  42. Here’s another from Leo Sayer.

    A shame he sold out to disco.

  43. And speaking of the 50s as one or two of us youngsters are:


    Scroll down and there’s some 50s music there too.

  44. I remember that I was given a 45…Kung Fu Fighting and the next day I frisbeed it into the Georges River from the top patio…bubblegum trash! (Scaper).

    LOL. I hope it smashed.

    Somebody gave me the album. Compared to the rest of the songs Kung Fu Fighting was near brilliant. Played the album only once. Couldn’t give it away. Binned it.

  45. HD

    I given up waiting for Chinese Democracy. I still listen to their old stuff occasionally, usually driving back late at night from Sydney when I need something to keep me awake. What surprises me though is how many younger people still listen to it. I remember being up at the Gordon Rugby Club in Chatswood on numerous occaisions only a few years ago and the 18 and 19 year olds would consistently request GnR stuff.

    The whole band was dysfunctional but they were talented (applies to a lot of bands I guess). I reckon Axl lost it though when he stuffed it up with Stephanie Seymore – Idiot.

  46. “The whole band was dysfunctional but they were talented (applies to a lot of bands I guess). I reckon Axl lost it though when he stuffed it up with Stephanie Seymore – Idiot.”dave55

    Yes indeed, the needle is great at destroying potential.

    Don’t give up on Chinese Democracy just yet. The disjointed bits I’ve heard actually sounded pretty good & I look forward to a proper listen sometime soon.
    Although it’s towards the lighter end of my preferred spectrum I too still enjoy the older stuff, both Use Your Illusions & Appetite For Destruction still sound very good IMHO, kinda timeless…which is how I define noteworthy music.
    Just like Reign In Blood, but that’s another story.

  47. This story illustrates TB’s points re today’s youth –


    The question is not who to blame for kids like this, its “where does one start” – but IMHO disciplining the “right” way instead of having a half hour discussion for every wrong and naughty corners and other super nanny stuff is is the way to go.

  48. On a more cheerful note, bubs has just completed his forst full flip – as in he turned over onto his tummy(which he has been doing for a couple of weeks now) and turned back face up n his own (this bit needed “help” until now)….

    and I am sooo glad i was here to witness it! I missed my dughter’s first flip as I was back at work by then and I got the excited news from m-i-l when I came home in the eve.

  49. That story about the flamingo was very sad Lekhni. I remember that about 30 years ago some assholes broke into the Adelaide Zoo and killed the animals in the children’s section. Gee there are some sick bastards in this world.

    Also around that time somebody grabbed a duck (later named Lucky) on the River Torrens and burnt his eyes out with a cigarette. The public outrage was incredible. A reward was offered and the public donated thousands towards it. I don’t know if the offender was ever caught, but I hope that his conscience has caught up with him and his life has been miserable.

  50. 49. lekhni | October 30, 2008 at 10:03 am
    What a sad story. These young men thinking that violence is ‘a joke’.

    Even more sadly is that it is very likely that these young men have grown up where hitting/slapping of children and women is normal behaviour. They were just acting out their aggression against the poor old flamingo. The SuperNannys work mostly on the theory of ‘consequences’. These kids have to learn that there are consequences and just a quick slap or an adult yelling loudly does not teach consequences.

    My pet-hate too, parents who sit on their ever-expanding backsides saying Don’t do that darling..while ‘darling’ makes a complete nuisance of him/herself.

  51. “but IMHO disciplining the “right” way ”

    And what, in your opinion, is the ‘right’ way?

  52. Just wondering if anyone has used a home streaking kit (it’s a hair color thing and nothing to do with bolting around the backyard nekked). And how to repair the damage.

  53. Min,

    You can’t repair the damage once it’s done.

    However, some V05 Hot oil treatment from the supermarket will help.

  54. You’re a mine of information reb!

  55. oh, I know joni.

    When it comes to useless information, I’m full ot it!

  56. Same here – that is why I am in demand for pub-quizes

  57. Thank you Stuntreb…it’s on the shopping list for tomorrow.
    Main problem is that ‘ash blonde’ has somehow ended up yellow.

    Actually following the initial panic I think that what it needed is blonde highlights. Help, help is there a hairdresser in the house.

  58. Pollytickedoff | October 30, 2008 at 11:38 am

    The “right” way feel is the child has t understand that a parent has to be obeyed – especially outside the house. If you have questions about “why” ask them later. Discipline is when the child understands the boundaries of within the home and outside the home behaviour. Some freedoms that are available in the home (eg asking why they should/should not do something) are not available outside the home. If mum or dad say Don;t do it, that should be enough – no tantrums, no crying,

    Like Min said, right does not have to mean slapping and hitting but making sure the child understands that their actions have consequences.

    eg, when my daughter was 3 (which I believe is old enough to know to pack up games after you finish playing) after repeated requests and “helping” her to pack up failed to teach her the right thing I packed up all her stuff that was lying around in a big garbage bag,and went and put it in the bin in front of her, and she saw the truck come the next day (was lucky it was a tuesday) and empty the bin. (don’t worry i am not a waster, I ha gone out at night after she fell asleep and taken the toys out and put them in the garage)

    Now if she feels the urge to not pack up her stuff, all I have to do is move to the kitchen and pick a bag, just the mere crackling of the bag is enought to send her to her room to pack up.

  59. Min,

    My other half is a hair dresser and she always says that home colouring/streaking kits are great for business. The economics of it are that it is probably cheaper in the long run to get a professional to do it.

  60. I just wish I had enough hair to colour

  61. Min,

    If you want to make the yellowness whiter, you can get some shampoo (from a decent salon, not the supermarket) that will help.

    The VO5 Oil will help get rid of the friziness, but you’ll probably need to use it every 3-4 days until the damaged hair grows out…

  62. Thank you Dave. I normally get my gorgeous gay mate 6’2″ Joe to do my hair, but with packing to move next weekend I just haven’t had the time and thought to have a try at it myself. Will tell Joe that I agree, he is worth every (expensive) dollar to get it right.

    Just wondering if hubby will notice. He didn’t notice when I burnt down the kitchen curtains so maybe he won’t notice my hair either.

  63. Anyone who uses a comma after my name in the future is in deep poo.

    REB: Or ice cream, as the case may be….

  64. I’m sitting in the office devouring a hamburger that’s big enough to feed a family of five.

    Everybody’s staring at me. They think I’m a pig.

    Get back to work plebs.

  65. I heard that the family at Coogee actually asked for a Banana Split but was misheard.

  66. “My other half is a hair dresser and she always says that home colouring/streaking kits are great for business”

    My mum and sister are both ex-hairdressers. They HATE home coulour kits – there are way too many women in our family and guess who gets to do our hair for us.

    Niece No 8 also did her first flip flop the other day. Luckily it was while visiting my place. Proud Mum had put her down to show off the flip and was ever so excited when she proceeded to flop. 🙂
    Imagine PM’s excitement when later we were in the garden and she sat on her own without support. She had streched forward to grab a flower Niece No 7 was waving at her and when she straightened up she was sitting without support.

  67. As eldest is coming around tonight I thought that I would do something Indian.

    Love it!! This is what a recipe for Bombay Potates states and quote:

    Bash the garlic cloves with a heavy object

    Bloody hell, those Indians, no wonder they’re winning the cricket. When they’re little they start off helping Mum in the kitchen and then progress to a cricket ball.

  68. Pollytickedoff

    They HATE home colour kits

    My other half does as well but as I say, they are good for business because of all the stuff-ups that need to be fixed.

    I think that all hairdressers get stuck doing cuts and colours for the family, it’s an occupational hazzard. Being a lawyer I always operate on the principle of never doing work for family unless it is really really simple and engaging someone would be either a waste of money or more likely to result in a botched job. Fortunately I don’t do conveyancing otherwise I’d probably get stuck on family land sales and purchases (of which there are very few). Conveyancing is incredibly boring and the primary reason I’ll never be a country solicitor – playing hard ball with the big end of town is much more fun!.

    I always thought Doctors would cop a hard time as well until a mate of mine told me that his Dr brother in law always responds to every query with ‘Ooor – really’ ,said in a way that the diagnosis is probably going to be incredibly bad – people tend not to ask twice.

  69. Conveyancy???

    That is below you Dave as it is the bottom of the ladder in legal…three of my sisters do that and call themselves lawyers, the friggers.

  70. It’s important to get it right but bloody hell – its very formulaic and , as I said, incredibly boring. I like to exercise my mind a bit and conveyancing certainly doesn’t do that. I was more than happy to pay someone to do it when I bought my place.

  71. Min | October 30, 2008 at 4:38 pm (look! no comma)

    Tee hee hee!

    PTO – yes those little moments are proud ones aren’t they!!

    My niece was my “first child” when I was 21, and for a long time after until she was about 5 she continues calling me Amma instead of my real name (sounds similar) and means mum in Hindi.

  72. Good in theory..but how come me as an educational psychologist has to cut the family’s hair? Hubby misses out as who needs an instrument fitter? Fairly useless actually. He’s just hangs around for his good looks.

    But agreed re law. Nooo, I never did conveyancing either however if anyone wants help with constitutional law, then I’m here to help.

  73. My father gave me a file when I was twelve with a step by step formula to do a property transfer…biggest mistake he made to get me into law.

  74. Min (no comma)
    Good in theory..but how come me as an educational psychologist has to cut the family’s hair?

    That’s the problem with having a diverse range of skills Min … or maybe it’s as simple as having the right equipment (in your case – scissors – I guess it’s a bit like a person who owns a ute – you are automatically a removalist for your mates regardless of your formal qualifications). My solution – throw away the scissors!!

  75. scaper at 75


  76. Thank you lekhni that comma was beginning to grate! Just a moi thing. What about min~~ (squiggle, squiggle) or min!!! (hey there) but a comma…Min, it has been brought to Miss White’s attention that you did not come to after school detention and so you are therefore required to attend a meeting in the common room.

    I thought that an Ahma was a nurse maid/a surrogate mother. A friend of mine was brought up in Singapore and her ‘mum’ was her her Arma/Ahma.

  77. Thank you Dave and I promise never to use a comma after your name either.

    Sorry must choof, hubby is home and had better get dinner organized.


  78. Min @ 78

    Amma is used slightly differently across india.

    It cam mean mother – specially in the southern states, and in some urdu speaking states like hyderabad.

    It can mean surrogate mother or wet nurse in some cases predominantly northern (dai ma in rajasthan)

    Also used to show respect for an elderly servant lady ie she is working for you, but u don;t call her by her name (never done in india anyway to call elders by first names) so instead amma or mai is used as in amma, can you please do the dishes eore washing the clothes today.

  79. Wow, I just recieved an email from the Premier’s office…YES!!!

    A cyber high five to the members here.

  80. Dave55..

    Psst, between you and me, let’s just keep that lawyer thing private…

  81. Cool scaper… and I hope you mean the Qld Premier, and not the doofus we have down here in NSW.

  82. stuntreb

    Bugger – did I say that out loud … 😳 Jedi mid trick: Dave55 isn’t a lawyer ….

    and I don’t have a ute either…

  83. Hmmm – not sure what a “mid trick” is either … 😳

  84. Thank you Lekhni ~

    Interesting how although it seems that societies might be a long way apart, how we are so similar.

    Same as in England, Scotland, Ireland etc and indeed in indigenous Australia that older people whether or not related might be called Aunties or Uncles.

    I think it not unalike the English term Nanny. One’s grandmother is one’s Nanny but also an upstairs maidservant who looks after young children is likewise called a Nanny.

    And also the term Nurse (who these days needs at minimum a university degree)..it’s a shortform for a Nurserymaid.

  85. joni,

    Your premier is a problem…but aren’t they all?

    Finesse comes to mind.

  86. Where’s a moderator when you need one???

    Most probably consuming natural aphrodisiacs whilst quaffing a wine and is getting a case of salmon breath.

    No politics here, chumly.

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