How Influence People and Lose Votes

Seems Stephen Conroy, Minister for Broadband, Communications and Digital Economy, really is getting carried away with his new portfolio!

Not only is he persuing his original net-nanny software on the web but he is now upping the ante with a two tier system – “one level of mandatory filtering for all Australians and an optional level that will provide a “clean feed”, censoring adult material.”

“Australia’s level of net censorship will put it in the same league as countries including China, Cuba, Iran and North Korea, and the Government will not let users opt out of the proposed national internet filter when it is introduced. ”

Full story here,23599,24569656-2,00.html?from=public_rss

Now I know I can seem a bit prudish with some of my own posts (re Hanson & kids) but that is my right.

However,  I will  defend (and have on many occasions) the right of any adult in a democracy to be able to seek knowledge and information, just as they have the right to speak freely on any subject…

This is not democratic this is draconian in the extreme…!

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  1. You send shivers down my spine when you get all butch TB.


    I totally agree. Where did Conroy dream up this crazy idea from? Howard’s leftovers?

    I think the consensus amongst IT professionals is that net management is best conducted at the user level, ie; with filtering software installed on the user’s PC.

    I really don’t want or need some government bureacrat deciding what I can and can’t see online, TV or at an Art Gallery for that matter (just had to slip that last one in…hee hee).

  2. I’ve written to Conroy a couple of times about this and from his replies he is absolutely determined to introduce this no matter what. It seems to be almost a crusade for him.

  3. sreb, you should hear me say butch, with my two front teeth mithing!

    The difference here I believe is individuals or government committees making decisions that well informed citizens should make…if I need to research info on anerexia because one of my family is suffering I should be able to…if I have a relative or friend serving in the ADF…then I want to know about weapons and the enemy he is facing…

    …you may call me a fool but never trat me like one!

    I must add a proviso here that the right to information and free speech comes with responsibility and accountability – it should never be allowed to harm other people…and that particularly includes children (touche…’ol mate!)

  4. I guess this new coalition will have to add Australia to it’s list of countries denying its citizens online freedom of speech and privacy:

    (Although this talk of ‘butch’ is making me hot 😛 )

    REB: Steady, this is a family show… 🙂

  5. I thought you had new teeth TB, with one including a flashing light to give you that sparkling “ring” of confidence?

  6. The discussions at Whirlpool might be of interest:

    The general consensus seems to be that it can’t physically work (it does in China, Nth Korea etc., doesn’t it?) and speed will be so badly affected that there will be no point in having an Internet connection. Also costs will rise.

    Isn’t this a bit like saying we are going to take electricity away from you because you might get electrocuted or use it for terrorism purposes. Go back to candles and the daily visit of the ice cart.

    For the life of me I cannot understand why the government is doing this. Surely it can’t be just to get Fielding and the ACL on side.

    I’m getting really, really angry … and so should we all.

  7. And there is also an assumption that we are all criminals in the proposal!!

  8. This one irks me no end and I can’t even use the fact Howard was going to do it for Howard’s net nanny, though bad, was a whole league better than this heap of crud being served up on icecream.

    And I don’t see the persistence for going ahead with it either and in fact now attempting to expand it. The excuse to appease one Family First senator doesn’t wash as this has the potential to cause a massive backlash. Pissing off the entire internet community whilst throwing away hundreds of millions doing it is a sure vote loser and maybe even an election loser.

  9. That’s the thing, Adrian, it’s going to waste many, many millions of dollars before they find out not only won’t it work but it isn’t feasible in the world of today.

    And, of course, who are the watchers? Who gets to decide which sites we can visit? There are more than 2 billion websites and growing every day: how do you filter them? If you click on a website address how long will it take for it to go through a filter containing millions of URLs? And that’s just you doing it. What will it be like with, say, all of Bigpond’s users trying to access website?

    I’m going for a walk to cool off and I don’t care if it is raining!!

  10. 284 Comments on the original story (there was 400+ – don’t ask me)

    SB, I’m inclined to agree re crims – what happened to innocent until proven? Oh! That’s right – Haneef!

    Adrian, makes you wonder if pollies really care about what the majority think – this will just make us the laughing stock of the Western world – in 2005 in the UK they couldn’t believe that we had not become a Republic and the Referendum was negative – don’t like Poms laughing at us and especially the Yanks! (See you agree with my headline too!)

    That’s just what this will do make us churlish and insecure – as I have said time and again – get the foul language, explicit sex and violence off the Midday Movies on TV – when they can influence babies and children – THAT might make more sense…

    sreb, got a plastic version of the Titanic in my mouth until next April! December for the titanium screw then April when the new teeth will be “superglued” in :mrgreen:

  11. I hope they add this page to the top of the filtered list: using in that manner is disgusting. Did they have their consent? Oh wait … they’re too young to give it.

    (It was too wet for walking.)

  12. the most important word left out

    “using children in that manner is disgusting”

  13. I still believe this is a ploy by the government to secure Fielding’s support on another piece of legislation that will be before the senate…similar to Fielding’s backdown on certain elements of the budget just recently.

    I think I’ll reserve judgement until the legislation is passed on this.

  14. Here’s another interesting development:

    It seems that one way or another the Internet as we know is going to die a slow death.

  15. TB, I have doubts about Haneef’s innocence…I remember seeing him being interviewed in India and sensed something not quite right.

    This enquiry into his arrest has been dragging on for far too long and there could be more to it.

    Regardless of how it turns out I did not appreciate the way the government of the time handled it.

  16. scaper, didn’t you watch 4 Corners the other night?

    Evidence withheld proving Haneef innocent, investigating police officers refusing to charge because of insufficient evidence, even ASIO said he was innocent…charged by the senior AFP officer in Queensland under instructions from Canberra – highly unusual break in protocol…

    …Keelty is the one who needs investigating…quite the despot…

  17. TB,

    I have the same opinion of Keelty…now if you became the government would you call to question the suitability of this person to remain in one’s position???

    Same old same!

  18. “I’m getting really, really angry … and so should we all”sans

    If you’re even half as pissed of as me then you must be about to blow a gasket over this puritanical shit!!!

  19. HD,

    I thought I was going to have a stroke this afternoon (which I guess is like blowing a gasket 🙂 ).

  20. scaper, yep!

  21. Pretty much!

  22. Better get used to it:

  23. And how to do something about it (the nocleanfeed site):

  24. Is this shit really gonna go ahead?
    Surely they jest! As already noted it’s worse than Howardisation & I would make a point of voting against this alone as I feel strongly that it violates my basic discretion. Even with censorship aside, the requisite damage to an already third world broadband service cannot be tolerated!
    They aren’t that dumb are they?
    It’s a joke to massage the wowsers right?……..right???

    My speed here in the sticks is already despicable & it doesn’t need further impediment.

  25. One thing the Rudd Government seems to be overlooking is that is win has come on the back of net savvy people willing to look for information OUTSIDE of Howard fed right wing media where people realised the truth of the various Tampas.

    In fact, the possibility exists that to win an election, a government in power could censor content flattering to the opposition candidate and allow publication only of negative stuff about them.

    Or is that the idea behind this?

  26. The govt is going to be the big loser if it goes ahead with this. Just look at yesterday’s poll in Brisbane’s Courier-Mail (a NEWS Ltd paper):,23815,5036556-953-1,00.html

    (In case the poll’s gone:

    Do you support the planned internet filter?

    Yes 11% (335 votes)
    No 88% (2470 votes)
    Sum votes:
    Total votes: 2805 votes so far

  27. And the CM has come out against it in their editorial:,23739,24573877-13360,00.html

  28. Sorry to keep harping on this but I think it’s very, very important.

    The first sign I’ve of some opposition the idea coming from parliamentarians:

  29. And a poll at Melbourne radio station 3AW (Derryn Hinch’s station):

    Is the proposed internet filter for Australian users going too far in terms of censorship?

    Yes 94%
    No 5%

  30. “I will accept some debate around what should and should not be on the internet — I am not a wowser,” Senator Conroy told The Age. “I am not looking to blanket-ban some of the material that it is being claimed I want to blanket-ban, but some material online, such as child pornography, is illegal.”

    This statement is a bit of a worry – “…accept…some debate…” GMAB this is a democracy there WILL be debate. What an arrogant, condescending prig!

    …and did you know that “…child pornography, is illegal” ?

    So is speeding in motor cars – stop everyone driving!

    So is being drunk and disorderly – ban alcohol!

    So is robbery – cut off the hands of thieves!

    So is adultery – cut off the… mmmmmmmm…! Won’t go there…

    Conroy is as dumb as his bloody predecessor, Coonan!

  31. Seems the ministry position calls for an idiot. I can pretend to be one of them and earn their salary and allowances and super. Even prepared to take a 20% pay cut and save the government money.

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