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  1. Thats my baby. Thanks reb for putting him on here.

    Pleasure Shane…

  2. Oh he is in his cart ( actually for kids) which goes behind the bicycle. This was around 1 week before his embolism.

  3. What a cutie!

  4. He is cute! He looks intelligent too…

    Are they smart dogs Shane?

  5. And he is trying to look coy and aloof.

    “yeah yeah – I’m cute – get that camera away from me – oh, if you must, get my good side”


  6. hee-hee!

    “Yes, you may take my photo if you must, just don’t expect me to pose…”


  7. Reb

    They are extremely intelligent dogs, amazingly placid and considered by Dr Harry to be one of the best family dogs. Riley picks up things after only a few goes, he has amazed me with his ability.

    Thanks all for the wonderful comments and support.

  8. Do they need lots of exercise?

  9. Actually no they do not. When Riley was well he would have short bursts of speed and they can only print short distances. Dr Harry was recommending retired greyhounds ( Riley is a whippet which is a mini greyhound) the other week on Better Homes and Gardens as very suitable pets for families. He recommnded them strongly because of their nature.He said they don’t need any exercise really and are happy to lay on a mat in the home. They are very clean dogs as well. It was so good for Dr Harry to recommend retired greyhounds because otherwise they are euthanased by the industry which is so sad when they are one of the best pets around.

  10. Happy to lay on a mat?

    Sounds like my kind of dog!

    I have a scottish terrier, y’know like the one on the Chum ad ‘ “So chumpy ye kid carve it!”

  11. reb

    I do know the one’s you are talking about.

  12. Riley would also like to thank Min very much for her advice and assistance and his master is now very quiet when he gets home so as not to excite him too much and rough him up during playtime.

  13. Thank you Shane. It’s a very tricky thing looking after a whippet (a mini greyhound), trying to keep them calm to allow recovery time. They can be very fragile much like a race-horse..lots of heart. In fact a heart of gold of course, not that I need to tell you.

    With my poor old bloke..well he’s just choofin’. Not much fun having to check whether he is still with us.

    I am certain that it’s nothing to do with the breed but to do with how they are br’ung up. Probably applies to humans too.

  14. Min, am I still in your bad books…. I have been down all day. 😦

  15. Joni: I wrote first thing this morning explaining that I am post-menopausal. Deal with it…nooo….don’t…no. I’m sorry.

  16. min…. have not been able to check my emails yet…. and so, now you get a big squishy hug!!!!! the biggest ever!!!!

  17. Sorry joni, I was being flippant. Not no-how, not no-way would I ever want to lose you as a friend. After all, who would I have for my little brother…if not for you…

    Love always….MinXXXX

  18. For heaven’s sake….


  19. Agreed stuntreb, we’ve gone all sookie.

  20. I wish there was a really rude emoticon for reb!

  21. what like this?

  22. Min

    I feel for you, are you able to send joni or reb a pic of your little bloke as well so we can see him as well.

    The main thing is you know he has had a good life and was loved as well. I thought that way with riley. If he had to go he had 7 years of being loved and looked after with his return of unconditional love.

  23. How do you get the other emoticons ?

    joni: Shane – go and have a look at the blogoFAQ for details on how to get the other emoticons, including some animated ones.

  24. The dastardly dog approves of Riley…he had a cyber sniff.

  25. Shane. You are very kind. My little bloke is in his extremities and is sadly just an old bag of bones. The prognosis was late August and here we are 2 months later, still choofin’..

    I would rather think of him as he was in his prime. Just looking at how he was only a couple of months ago is just so very sad.

    But he’s doing ok..still lots of cuddles.

  26. Hi Min, speaking of loved ones it is our nineteenth anniversary today…I got this whiz bang electric shaver that cleans itself, there is a underlying message there but the fact is I’m very hard to buy presents for because I’m content with what I have.

    This time of year I take stock on how our marriage is going…I believe that we have fallen in love deeper…can’t really put my finger on it but the feeling is mutual.

    Off to the Summit Restaurant on top of Mt Cootha tonight for a romantic dinner…we celerbrated our fifth there.

  27. Many congrats scaper – I hope that me and the boyf are like that in 17 years time.

  28. 17 years?

    People don’t go to jail for that long….

  29. Ahh you young’uns. After a small amount of conflab, it has been agreed between hubby and I that we met in late ’71. We married 1st March ’75 (have proof, as in a date on the wedding certificate).

    Wait for it…it’s 37 years since we met and and 33 years since we married. Bloody hell, and I still haven’t managed to train him to pick his jocks up from the bathroom floor.

    Scaps…exactly like hubby..happy with what you have and so, impossible to buy for.

    I still don’t have hubby dancin’ in the kitchen but I’m working on it…a work in progress…he’s shy.

  30. Happy Anniversary Scaper.

    That sounds like a fairly classy restaurant you’re off to. Do they serve duck?

  31. Thanks guys, I don’t eat duck but will report back later…the taxi should be here in twenty minutes.

    The next one has to be extra special…any ideas guys.

  32. I’m still waiting for my next one.

  33. Riley looks the goods Shane, dogs are great mates eh? I know I’d be lost without my shadow, she won’t leave my side & hates even being in a different room if I’m at home; on my lap right now.

    “I am certain that it’s nothing to do with the breed but to do with how they are br’ung up. Probably applies to humans too”min

    Excellent observation min! I agree, I’ve never had a “bad” or “nasty” pet & I reckon that’s just because they’ve always been lavished with attention & love. Positive reinforcement seems to work a treat with people too as you mentioned.

  34. Wasn’t there an old movie called The Life of Riley?

  35. I don’t eat duck (scaper).

    Neither do I.

  36. Ahh, Shane I’d forgotten what needle noses they are. He’s so handsome. Makes me feel very nostalgic for our whipster. She was grey and white and convinced she was a lap dog and got very offended if she was tipped off.
    When they run, they really are poetry in motion and a joy to watch. That’s when they’re at their exuberant best. My husband, our boys, Wig and a friend who had a whipster called Arnie used to go to the Coorong rabbiting. She’d come back after a week all feral and fey.
    I hope Riley keeps improving, Shane. I want to know when he snaffles his first leg of lamb from the bench top when your back is turned. I’d love to see a photo of the angelic look and the halo after he’s been an evil genius.
    Min, I hope your dear old puppy isn’t suffering too much. He must be quite a fighter.
    And congratulations on your 19th anniversary, Scaper. Hope you have a fabulous night.
    We’re coming up for #24 in January. It really doesn’t seem that long and we’re still good friends after 4 kids and all the other stresses that life has thrown at us. I guess you just keep beavering away.

  37. human

    Yes they are great mates and Riley is the same. The hound breed seem to suffer separation anxiety more than some other breeds and it is amazing how he knows the difference between cleaning my teeth at night when he gets up and goes to his doona for bed, or cleaning my teeth during the day when he starts to shake as he knows I am going somewhere and wobbles ( now ) to the door to make sure he is not left at home. Even the clothes you wear they pick up on.


    He is handsome, but then again i am yet to see an ugly whippet or greyhound, they are so photogenic and always smiling. You should get another one. I completely agree you worded it perfectly, when they run they are poetry in motion and an amazing joy to watch, it lifts your heart. Seeing him fly along the beach before all of this was a joy to behold and stopped poeple in their tracks to witness the bursts of speed. ONly thing is they try to trun corners full belt and come unstuck on many occasion rolling over and over again, but then up again and speeding off.

    I hope Riley keeps improving too Jane. He has already stolen all of the boned lamb chops from the bench LOL. I plan to do some more photos when I get the chance and will update his progress on Blogocrats as this is my extended family now.

    To all those celebrating anniversaries congratulations. it shows there are still people who love each other unconditionally and see past faults.

    This is my favourite saying. ” We come to love, not by finding perfection, but by seeing perfection in what we have”

    Too many give up after 1 argument and hold grudges, instead of seeing past the differences and finding and building on the similarities.

  38. Tee hee, Shane. I bet he looked extra angelic and offended at the same time when he was accused of the heinous deed! He probably feels very vulnerable since he’s been sick though, and gets extra anxious when you go out.
    I wanted to get another whipster, but the husband was too crushed by Wig’s death and now we have an ancient GSP, bequeathed to us by the owners as they were moving to Darwin.
    GSPs are quite the silliest dogs I’ve ever known-we had The Half-wit Hound’s son before we acquired him. Menaceful was blonde, completely mad and just vanished one day. We don’t know whether he was stolen or if a snake got him. At least his dad is more obedient, but he’s very insecure which I put down to being being separated from his wife and handed to new owners as an old dog, although he’s more spoiled than he was before.
    Give Riley an extra pat from us.
    Can’t wait to see more photos of him.

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