The Whole World Blogging: Voices without Votes

If you haven’t logged onto Voices without Votes yet, there’s still a week to go of world bloggers tackling the U.S. elections. A report from The Washington Post explains the context:

Voices Without Votes was born in early February — yep, in time for Super Tuesday — and it’s edited by Amira Al Hussaini, a 35-year-old journalist from Bahrain who currently lives in Canada. The site’s motto reads: “America votes. The world speaks.” Recent elections in Zimbabwe and New Zealand have attracted some attention online, Al Hussaini says, but not nearly to the extent that the battle for the American presidency has.
The Election That Has the Whole World Blogging

The coordinator, Amira Al Hussaini, has been doing a fantastic job!

Kevin Rennie
Labor View from Bayside


Turmoil-enomics X

I think we are up to number 10.

Yesterday the Australian markets lost around 1.6%. Overnight Wall St lost 2.4%. But the Australian futures are pointing to a gain on the markets today.

And it seems that the oppositions bluster is having no effect on their poll ratings. The latest Newspoll published in today’s Australian shows that the ALP still show a strong lead in the 2PP – 54-46, but the interesting on is that 65% are satisfied with Rudd’s performance (up from 56%), whereas Turnbull has only improved one point to 51%. And on the better PM question, Rudd leads Turnbull by 59-25.

Here is the link to the Newspoll PDF. And of course, Dennis tries to put his spin on the poll – seeing movement where there is none.

So here is today’s economic thread, keep it clean, keep it civil.

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