The heads of DIC (Dept of Immigration and Citizenship)

Two stories have emerged over the weekend that concern the Department of Immigration and Citizenship (DIC), and the involvement/comments of the two ministers in charge.

The previous PM famously said in 2001 that “We will decide who comes to this country and the circumstances in which they come”.

Well – it turns out that not only did they do that they also decided who will NOT come to this country to claim asylum and the circumstances in which we will send them to be killed.

An upcoming documentary on the SBS (A Well Founded Fear on 19th Nov) details allegations that up to 20 Afghans had their asylum claims rejected and they were sent back to Afghanistan where they were subsequently killed.

Philip Ruddock’s (who was the DIC head until 2003) and is a member of Amnesty International, said:

It is the case that Afghanistan is a dangerous place but the [United Nations] Refugee Convention does not say you cannot be returned to a dangerous place.

Well – that’s all right then! I hope his Amnesty pin pricks his conscience everytime he puts it on.

I just hope that the current government deals with aslyum cases a bit better than the Howard government, who seemed to use asylum claims for pure political advantage.

Also over the weekend, there were stories regarding the high immigration intake to Australia for 2009-09 where up to 190300 migrants will be accepted into Australia. The opposition spokeswoman, Sharman Stone, has asked for the levels to return to the 2005-06 levels.

The current DIC head, Chris Evans, has defended the intake saying that migrants:

“… consume, they buy property, and they’re a net positive to the budget”.


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  1. I just saw a snippet on this on SBS news, complete with undead Ruddock absolving the former government from complicity in the deaths of those they returned to Afghanistan.

    I am still seething with rage.

  2. And the opposition are at it again making out they are the government by proxy. They have DEMANDED the government act on immigration right now and not wait for midyear financial data that’s due in a few weeks.

    The Opposition is calling on the Government to scale back its migration program immediately, in response to the impact global economic problems are expected to have on Australia’s unemployment rate.

    Demand immediately, that’s all the opposition do. Their scatter gun attacks and headline seeking is really starting to get so very tiresome now and they can’t figure out why they are on the nose with the public.

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