Congratulations blogocrats

I just wanted to say that I am proud of the blogocrats. Over the last few days there have been some strong disagreements on the economic threads, and we have not seen anyone resort to name calling.ย  I accept that a few minor insults (but never directed at a blogocrat) where thrown, but overall I think the standard of the discussions has been excellent. Well done everyone.

Now where is briannie when we need him/her/it?


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  1. Hear Hear

    Nothing better than a good debate and disagreemtn with respect of the opposition. just as long as I win LOL ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Update on Riley:

    Riley is now actually walking around albeit somewhat shakily. He tries to run and falls. It appears his left side has been badly effected at this stage. his front left paw buckles backward and he ends up walking on the joint which cannot be good for it.

    Min I have been very quiet with him and let him do his own exercise.

    Now can someone guide me as to how to put a picture of him on Blogocrats for all to see. Maybe he could become our mascot for the site ? When your down never give up, just try, try again.

    EDITOR REB: That’s great news shane. You can email me pics of Riley (luv the name by the way) to and I’ll upload them..

  3. FFS! Shane! ๐Ÿ˜ˆ

  4. 2. Shane | October 27, 2008 at 5:10 pm


    Please please do not tough Rapid Share or Imagevue

  5. sorry that is touch not tough… just got home from a really hard (but rewarding) day at work.

  6. I stopped posting at Blogocracy…in fact I was turned off blogging because of the constant attacks on not only what I’m trying to achieve but also the namecalling that lowered the discussion to school yard standards.

    We all have differing opinions which is healthy and by engaging in mature debate we all learn a little something in this journey of life.

    Editor joni: I understand, scaper, reb and myself will try and keep the discussions above the petty name-calling.

  7. Reb, there is just no call for this behaviour and the quality blogs will progress in this direction…George has had enough and has put his foot on this and the quality of comments has improved.

    If the standard that you guys set here is maintained then your traffic and comments will not only improve.

    EDITOR REB: Noted, and thanks Scaper.

  8. Shane: Re an avatar, am still patiently awaiting advice re an avatar from joni (dob, dob). I have twice nay thrice nay quadruple tried the link and it doesn’t work.

    Perhaps joni is ashamed of me? Perhaps it’s because I am an elderly female hence not of interest?

    Shane, so pleased to hear that Riley is doing well. Keanu is still with us..he had a bad day Saturday and I gave me a thimble full of brandy and he is doing ok, sort of. Poor old bloke, just skin and bone.

    We are moving up to Banora Point 7th..from the country to the ‘burbs. Everyone (and that means you Joni and Reb and partners are invited to come up for a Min-style bbq). This means…you have better watch yourselves because one mention of being up near the Gold Coast then I’ll be questioning as to why you haven’t dropped around for a bikkie and cheese/bbq/bowl of icecream.

  9. you will draw some interesting people.

  10. min

    avatar emailed…. sorry


  11. Can’t make your barbie Min, I’m having a house-warming one of my own. Actually, perhaps we can have a progressive barbie. Mine in Canberra on the 8th and then we can all pub crawl up to Banora Point in time for yours.

    And Scaper, no name calling but your’e an **&^%$*)!

  12. And Scaper, no name calling but yourโ€™e an **&^%$*)!

    Much better than mine on Shane, Miglo! ๐Ÿ˜†

  13. I feel very comfortable on this site. I just wish i had some friends to direct to blogocrats, nevermind i have been looking all week to buy some.

    I havnt gone back to and i no longer read Piers.A its like a big pressure of sh*t off my chest.

    Theres about 8 people here whom i take a lot of info about subjects from and equally important is there is more than one author/moderator and thats good for me as my comments are often taken the wrong way or blocked in other blogs.

    This site is tops (Reb did not pay me $10 to say that).

  14. Reb

    Have emailed you a picture of Riley.

  15. Right on Hexx!
    We’re lucky that many of the commentors on here are generally objective & trustworthy sources of information/analysis. To me it seems that there is much more of an effort to be intellectually honest, biases acknowledged but often aside, than the tone found at most other blogs.
    I hope that over time many of the other quality participants (from Blogocracy) lend their nuance here, they just need to find us.

    More often than not my own comments are substanceless filler but it’s fun to join in & occasionally something worthwhile materialises.

    Reb, please forward my $10 to the Buffalo Lodge.

  16. Hexx

    I agree. Piers is so depressing and abusive that I stopped even reading his comments once I was alerted to Blogocrats.

  17. Oh yeah, I forgot to say…

    No loss Hexx, both & Piers have fierce, selfserving agendas.

  18. No loss Hexx, both & Piers have fierce, selfserving agendas.

    Yes. They are intent on appealing to the massing, mindless herds of morons.

  19. As an aside HD my old man was a Buffalo in England and Oz.

    Do they still exist I wonder?

  20. My dad was a Buffalo as well. It gave him an excuse to drink with his mates.

  21. I follow Buffalo in the NFL if that counts.

  22. I’ve eaten a buffalo burger!

  23. I used to like Buffalo Springfield!

  24. My sister-in-law once said in a dinner in LA “I didn’t know that buffalo’s had wings?!”

  25. I have a distinct feeling that TB and I are having the micky taken out of us.

    EDITOR REB: Surely not!! ๐Ÿ™‚

  26. I can take it, but I’m worried about TB.

  27. let me know if you need a little more of the pointed insult. I’ve been holding back.

  28. It’s alright thanks Tom. Just keep going forth and multiplying.

  29. Do they still exist I wonder?TB

    Certainly not in this town anymore, & near as I can tell haven’t been here for a while.
    I sure do think it’s cool to live in their Lodge though, a big old hall that was bought by the CES 20 years ago & converted inside to office space. Then bought by the family who owned it before us & renovated into a house of sorts, when we moved in we had a brand new kitchen installed & we’ve been here ever since.
    I enjoy creeping out my daughter & wife with tales of their “cultish ways” & the bodies which must be buried under the floorboards. Hehe.

    “My dad was a Buffalo as well. It gave him an excuse to drink with his mates”miglo

    Therein lies the crux of the matter. An excuse to exclude the women & get on the sauce, hehe. I’ve seen some of the odd ceremonial cufflinks, hats, medallions & other adornments that they used to wear….interesting.
    Somebody once told me that the Buffalos are the Catholics’ alternative to Masonic Lodges; I dunno how credible that is though.

  30. Somebody once told me that the Buffalos are the Catholicsโ€™ alternative to Masonic Lodges; I dunno how credible that is though. (Human Dividend).

    My Dad isn’t a Catholic, however he’d pretend to be the Pope if there was a drink in it for him.

    All I can remember about the “Buffalodge” was Dad coming home legless and late after attending club matters with his war mates on Kangaroo Island.

  31. Another milestone for Blogocrats.

    Did a Google search of Blogocrats this morning and for the first time it didn’t ask if I meant “Blogocracy’.

  32. I can take it, but Iโ€™m worried about TB

    Miglo, I just let joni and sreb indulge themselves (…its usually at my expense – sigh… but what can you do)…

    So, you’re old man was a chauvenistic, piss pot too? No wonder they didn’t survive…although the Freemason’s are still around…

    My next door neighbour knows I have a couple of friends who are Pooh Bas in the FM (she’s Catholic) and she was curious about the FM’s secret rites – told her it was run by men for men but they had their wives and girlfriends do all the work for them – only men could be in charge – bit like the Catholic Church – she hasn’t asked since…

  33. You know that me and joni both luv you TB..


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