That’s what mavericks do

It seems that the infighting within the GOP has started already. Politico has reported that there are serious tensions within the Plain Palin camp because she is difficult to handle and keeps going “off message”.

Well, you know, that is what you get when you select a maverick.

And that is on top of the news that Plain – damn – I did it again, bloody fingers – Palin had $150,000 USD spent on her to outfit her after she was given the VP nomination. Now whether or not the money is well spent, it certainly does not look good in this economic climate, especially when she is trying to portray the “hockey mom” image.

And this morning on Insiders, both Adrian and myself noted how Andrew Bolt was doing his normal selective use of statistics when he said that there was a “substantial narrowing” of the US polls. When in fact, says that “the net impact on where the race stands is virtually nil”. Furthermore, the article goes on to say:

Movement on our current national trend indicates that any “narrowing” of the margin seen earlier this week was either temporary or an artifact of the brief lull in non-daily-tracker national poll releases just before and after the third debate. Having said that, Obama’s margin on our trend estimate (+8.7% as of this writing) is the largest we have seen to date.

Pity we do not get a chance to challenge Bolt on this. Then again, he’d probably just do what he did on Insiders, which is to ignore Andrew Marr’s question on what is the government “hiding” from – if in fact, they are hiding behind the public service officials?


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  1. The latest US polling gives Bolt and McCain little comfort. Take your pick from any of my Delicious Poll bookmarks. The story is the same at all of them. Little change in the last week.

  2. Yeah Kevin it doesn’t matter where you go you cannot find a narrowing let alone a substantial narrowing, yet Bolt distinctly said a group of polls (supposedly more accurate than Gallup and the group everyone else is using) showed a “substantial narrowing”.

    This is why Bolt has no credibility whatsoever on most things. He twists facts and information to match his current soap box topic, and won’t admit he has it wrong even when the real overwhelming facts are right there in front of him. He is of course playing to a narrow mindset, just as McCain but more so Palin play to just one narrow set in stone ideological demographic, even if many in that demographic are nasty and better left lie. But of course playing to these people gets Bolt an audience, lots of hits on his blog and a column in a right wing newspaper that’s more than happy to let him run his soap box on the evils of the left, looking after the environment, looking after the less well off, paying workers a minimum wage and giving them minimum conditions, going to war for oil or just being able to do it because you can, locking up innocent doctors, and it goes on in a long list of Bolt hates based on a very narrow right wing ideological view of the world, a view that has now proven to be a failure on just about every front.

  3. Well it looks like Obama’s going to win in a landslide, so I guess the republicans are already looking for a scapegoat. So Palin shall be it..

  4. Nah stuntreb they are actually setting up McCain to take the fall along with Bush and are setting up Palin for a run at the presidency against Obama in 2012. I can give you some links if you want.

    Do you believe that shit?

  5. Great commentary at Huffington Post from James Carville and Paul Begala:

    We need to hear, for example, from Karl Rove. Whom will he blame? We stipulate that Karl is a genius — albeit a genius whose advice took Pres. Bush from a 91 percent approval rating down to 26. With the House of Bush ablaze, Karl is going to have to do some quick finger-pointing before they change they change his nickname from The Architect to The Arsonist.

    The whole article is a good read.

  6. Palin for President?

    My God, she would just be a muppet for more sinister characters..

  7. They are beginning to turn on eachother in a fetid orgy of cannibalistic conservatism…

    Only a select few blockheads fall for Bolt’s slippery logic.

  8. Just via a Google search but Bolt said in September that Palin is smarter than Hanson. Well that’s a relief.

  9. Palin was obviously very very p’d off today/yesterday about being caught out about spending mega on her wardrobe, hairstylist and makeup artist. The latter person is Strozzi, Palin’s celebrity makeup artist.

    Strozzi is the highest paid person on Palin’s staff and is paid double of McCain’s foreign affairs advisor. Anyone else see anything wrong with this picture?

    What Palin doesn’t undertstand is that in order to be popular you have to be genuine, know, those sort of capabilities. Just ‘cos you’re pretty doesn’t get you elected.

    Anyway…interesting panic from Palin about how she is can’t afford clothes because she’s on Struggle Street, how she had to buy her own $35.00 wedding ring (why? what was the First Dude doin’???). Backed up by McCain who stated..Well, she’s not wealthy you know.

    Ummm, odd..I thought that Palin was a Governor of the State of Alaska. And Governors of the States of America cannot afford to buy their own clothes????

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