Where are you from?

In the weekend thread, we got into a discussion about our family history and we found out that scaper is descended from a musician and composer who was in favour of Nicholas of Russia!

Scaper has kindly allow me to post the certficate of service for his grandfather. These are amazing documents. I hope that scaper can fill us in more on his families history in the comments below. And here is the certificate (you can click on it to expand).

That got us thinking, do any other blogocrats have an interesting family history.

I guess mine is fairly standard for an Aussie. My mother’s family is from England, where her great grandfather was supposedly the fourth Hollond brother who, if memory serves me correctly, settled in the foothills of the Snowy Mountains. And she is also related to the Goldspink clan of Tumbarumba.

On my father’s side we can trace back to the First Fleet. One of my cousins is also trying to prove or disprove that my great grandfather was aboriginal.

So, we ask – where are you from?