Never Mind the Frolykz, here’s Weekend Wonderland…!

Well, what a crazy week it’s been.

The market, once again has been all over the place, leaving investors wondering whether to ‘hold the course’.   Westpac is eyeing a takeover of St George, and a number of Investment Funds have frozen withdrawals – apparantly this is in order to ‘protect’ Fund members. Sounds more like ‘self-preservation’ to me, but then what would I know.

Ken Henry gave a stellar performance while under the glare of Helen Coonan and Eric Abetz (man or machine?), and clinched quote of the week with “I’m sorry, was there a question in that?”

Anyway, this is the thread where we catch up on things we may missed over the week, share recipes and or anything else, and politics is ok too..


Due to unpopular demand I have changed the music clip!


Due to more unpopular demand I have changed it again…!!!


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  1. Happy frolykzes! One arvo shift to go & the bar opens at 11:00pm.
    Mmmmmm beer.

    Wasn’t Coonan horrifying?! Definitely reminded me of that link to Devine, uuuugh!

  2. HD,

    Coonan has that condescending headmistress stare down to a fine art. I thought it was pure theatre. If only she realised how ridiculous she looked, side-by-side with that robot Abetz.


  3. Now this is disgusting. Yet another “FAIL” for the NSW Government. As if the V* race wasn’t bad enough

  4. Oops, that should be V8. It certainly doesn’t deserve a star.

  5. *Groan*

    That’s unbelievable Pollytickedoff…

  6. So is anyone doing anything exciting this weekend?

    I’ve got quotes tomorrow and that BAS and communications to do on Sunday…some life at the moment.

    I’ve decided to take the rest of the day off…wait a minute, that’s what I did yesterday and the day before.

    I wonder how the charities are doing in these hard times and if the donation flow continues at a normal rate.

    I would like to think that in these times the people that are in a position to help, write bigger cheques.

    My favourite charity is The Smith Family…for as little as a dollar a day you can sponsor a disadvantaged Australian child by ensuring that they are provided with the extras in their education…school excursions, instruments to learn music and other activities within the school environment.

    I support a lot of kids…come on guys, what is a dollar or two going to do to your daily expenses…the letters are heart lifting that you would receive and it does make a hell of a difference for their futures.

  7. Well all I am finishing early today to take my mother to my fathers grave while down in Coona. Travelling home tomorrow and will be back online on Monday.

    Have a great weekend all of you.

  8. May I suggest that everyone buy some genuine indigenous artwork.

  9. “May I suggest that everyone buy some genuine indigenous artwork.”

    Is that advice of a financial or aesthetic nature ie why?

  10. I already have three genuine indigenous artworks Tom.

    The only thing that irks me is the gross markup done by the gallery owners. One guy here in Tassie doesn’t have anything for under $1000 and most are in the range of $3000 – $7000.

    I’m sure the artists don’t get paid that much.

    However I agree with your sentiment. There are some truly remarakable aboriginal artists around. I really like Jack Dale’s work, but it’s way out of my league at around $5000 – $25,000.

  11. Shane | October 24, 2008 at 2:05 pm. Hello Shane, I am certain that your mother very much appreciates your taking her to your Dad’s grave. It’s important to have these rituals.

  12. My future grand-daughter (due in about 6wks) is full blood indigenous on the other future granny’s side of the family. Bubs, currently named Bubbles is bound to be artistic. I promise, I will save all of her finger-painting.

    Buy indigenous art…hmmmphfff…try buying art because you like it.

  13. Has anyone here ever watched The Young Ones?

    It was my favourite show in the eighties.

  14. checking if the avatar thingy was successful or not….

  15. Earlier here there was a suggestion that we should kick in a little more to the more deserving end of the community, charities, worthy causes.

    My response was to comment that people support indigenous art.
    I see this has raised a question from Pollytickedoff – “Is that advice of a financial or aesthetic nature ie why?”
    And prompted a comment from Min- “Buy indigenous art…hmmmphfff…try buying art because you like it.”
    I’m by no means an art critic, far from it. Though I do take time to provide criticism of BS artists.

    The suggestion that we support/purchase the art that we “like” (presumably decorative, aesthetically pleasing, local etc) is a particularly irksome and uninformed one. An attitude often accompanied by a request along the lines of – “I like it, but is it possible to change the ochre to lime? You see my cushions are lime”. A description such as “It’s of the local surf beach, the sea gull represents our sense of local freedom”.

    Supporting indigenous art is support for a cultural heritage. Without support the heritage withers and dies.

    With support we preserve a culture. We are supporting self respect, encouraging role models and leaders for the indigenous people of Australia.

    It is the single action that can cause a change in the welfare and dispossessed mindset.

    In Melbourne (295 King St) we have the Koori Heritage Trust, with an outstanding museum and art collection. It also sells indigenous art ( have a look at

    People should get behind outstanding programs such as this. They deserve our full, unqualified support.

    The art is rich culturally and historically. It is the artistic form that is genuinely Australian.

    Whether you “like it” or not is a matter of the quality of your taste. But I do think that the contemplation of its context and community should be a little deeper than this.

  16. “Earlier here there was a suggestion that we should kick in a little more to the more deserving end of the community, charities, worthy causes.

    My response was to comment that people support indigenous art.
    I see this has raised a question from Pollytickedoff – “Is that advice of a financial or aesthetic nature ie why?””

    Funny, that you seem to think asking why you were offering this unprompted and out of context advice is some sort of criticism. Could have been investment advice as far as I know – probably as good as any stock tips.

    Maybe you should have contextualised your comment in the first place instead of taking umbrage at a simple question.

    “Whether you “like it” or not is a matter of the quality of your taste.”

    Talk about elitist bullshit. Different people like different things. Some like Monet, some like Dali, some like aboriginal art. It is not a matter of ‘quality’ of tastes as different tastes.

  17. My comment was directed to the other contributor. But to be called elitist is sensational. I’ve not been part of an elite for a long time. Thanks.

  18. I support aboriginal kids…they are the future.

  19. Tom of Melbourne Very much point taken Tom. Quite often the only sources of Indigenous pride are musicians, footy stars and other sports stars and to a lesser extent, Indigenous artists. That is, there is a hell of lot more negative written about indigenous peoples than positive publicity.

    I believe that it took the Poms viz a art exhibition not very many years ago to obtain recognition for our artists and the realization that artists were being ripped off..paid in food parcels or even worse paid in grog.

    When we were up in Cairns recently meeting the new rellies, we visited a very nice local gallery. Fantastic work. Hopefully the artists were being paid fair market value.

  20. “Has anyone here ever watched The Young Ones?”scaper

    Funny you should mention that scaper.
    Every time I see Neil of Sydney’s name I have that little voice in my head going “Neeeeiiiiiilll….”, usually with Vivian chasing after him belting him around the head for nuzzling Liberal Party arse.

    No offence Neil, it’s not my fault, I was subliminally programmed.
    BTW, you don’t have long, straight, unwashed hair do you?
    You sure don’t come across as a hippy in your comments.

  21. Sorry, but that music is b*awful!! Bang bang I shot you down..bang bang I hit the ground..bang bang that awful sound etc etc and etc for the entire song… It’s a mournful durge and I don’t like any more in ’08 than in ’67. It’s a depressive interpretation of a Sonny Bono tune, which says it all.

  22. Hi Min,

    I reckon the music is a rip off of a old Russian song that I remember when I was a kid.

    By the way…I’m full blooded Russian and how my family escaped genocide in the revolution is a story in itself.

  23. Is anyone looking to impress a partner this weekend but has only limited time/limited imagination, here is the solution, and it’s fan’b’tastic.

    For carnivores only. Simple: meat, peppercorn pate and throw in some veg…..basically it’s cover a piece of beef with pate, wrap it in puff pastry and cook in the oven.

    Beef Wellington (easy version):

    1 piece beef roast e.g. Topside
    1 tub of cracked black peppercorn pate
    3 sheets frozen puff pastry
    1 egg

    Semi thaw puff pastry sheets, place 1 sheet on bottom of a non-stick roasting dish (or line one with baking paper). Brown topside in a little oil in frypan (8 minutes). Remove from pan and allow to cool a little. Cover topside with the peppercorn pate and place in roasting dish on top of the sheet of pastry. Cover with the 2 remaining sheets of puff pastry. Seal the joins with the egg (beaten) and brush the remainder over the top (to brown and go crispy).

    After an hour, throw roast type veg e.g. Spud, punkin’, sweet potato, parsnip into the roasting dish. Cook until veg is crispy.

    Make gravy using Gravox and juices from pan (the juices have the peppercorn flavor).

    Steam some greens and serve.

  24. No good for my home, I’m afraid Min, I am living in a house of vegetarians.

    Politcially incorrect joke follows:

    What is the hardest part about cooking vegetables?
    Getting the wheelchair in the oven.

  25. The National Party will not support an ETS…that was to be expected in my opinion.,25197,24550137-12377,00.html

    I believe this a ploy to get concessions when this scheme is tabled.

    I still believe there is a possibility of achieving less pollution without the scheme but that has and will not be considered due to predetermined strategy.

  26. scaper..very interesting.

    I am pure Pom sigh…boring…but hubby has no Pom blood whatsoever, but is Italian/German/Irish. This makes me chuckle when I read about how we should have alliegance to Her Majesty the Q of E due to ‘our origins’. I should imagine that few except family historians realise how few 4, 5 and even 6th generation Australian may not have even one dram of English blood.

    Yes, I agree..if you listen it’s almost as if you can hear the balalaikas, but Sonny Bono (Italian origins) lays claim to be the composer.

  27. Young Ones

    In my family for a long while we called my Mum Neil, as in:

    “Neil – what’s for dinner?”
    “Neil – answer the phone”


  28. Oh – and this poor sucker is stuck at work, and probably will be until 9 or 10 tonight. Just waiting for the guys to get into the office in Manila.

    But at least I can sing out loud to accompany my bad music on my iPod…. hopefully I will have a Neil Diamond track coming up.

    I wonder if we should have a “Heritage” thread on here to find out about our origins?

    For me, I am part-Aboriginal (miniscule) from my fathers side and Pom (lots) from my mothers side.

  29. joni | October 25, 2008 at 12:52 pm Thank you joni..joke dutifully sent along to vegetarian daughters.

    I didn’t realize that C was vego. Perhaps we could send C and my daughters B and E to have a holiday together where they could ask, You haven’t cut any meat on this chopping board have you? Is it organic? Is it fresh? At least we would know that they’d be safe together ;-). And you and I could nip off down to the pub.

  30. Now I remember…it is the tune of my grandmother’s jewelry box!

    She was a famous singer and performed at the palace in St Petersburg for the Romanovs on many, many occasions.

  31. Yeah – he is… he’s not a militant vege, and the other roommate (the brasilian) has just converted to being a vege too! So it is just vege food at home – which is why I will be cooking Lekhni’s curry very soon.

    And yeah – I agree – we pop to the pub, line up some beers and cook some tasty dead cow on th BBQ.

    Politically Incorrect joke II follows:

    George W Bush is in the Oval office and Condi Rice comes in and says:

    “Mr President – six brasilians were killed in Iraq today.”

    Bush puts his head in his hands and sighs, and then says”

    “Remind me again – how many is a brasilian?”


  32. And scaper, St Petersburg is one city I definately want to visit. I want to spend days strolling around the Hermitage.

  33. The offer still stands. Anyone who wants assistance viz doing their family tree, just ask. We’re moving the 10th up to Banora Point, and so I won’t have time until after that date. A starter is names and places of birth/date, place of marriage of one’s grandparents.

    In the meantime, an excellent starting point is the National Archives at: – WW2 service records, immigration records all sitting there free of charge.

    That is so interesting scaper. Did your granny come to Australia? I believe that a number of the entourage of the Romanovs did. My great uncle was a violinist and he was a chamber musician for Queen Victoria.

  34. Noticed this neat little Anti_Obama trick while flicking thru web…

    Damn that leftist meeja bias to hell!
    Trying for a “Tampa MomentTM” perhaps?

    3/4 German & 1/4 English…happily(luckily) Australian by default.

  35. Min,

    I will email you the translation of his certificate of service.

    He was a composer and a fine musician and was in the favour of Nicholas.

  36. Wow scaper – those translations are fascinating!

  37. Condi Rice comes in and says:

    “Mr President – six brasilians were killed in Iraq today.”

    Yes joni have heard it before. But I thought that Bush misinterpreted it and what Condi actually said to Bush was.

    Six with Brazilians in Iraq today. Go for it kill’a. [Min original, but feel free to quote me]

    Seee, I can be politically/sexually incorrect too…I’m not always a straight laced middle aged prude. And speaking of which where is my Avatar?

  38. Didn’t I send it back??? bad joni bad bad joni!

  39. Check out the date of discharge…by the time it hit the fan my grandfather was in Manchuria where my father was born…but that did not stop the Bolsheviks from persuing him, they wanted us all dead.

  40. Received scaper. Absolutely amazing historical documents. And even more amazing from a genealogical point of view.

    Yes I should imagine that anyone with the surname Mihailov would be wanted dead given the time and the place.

    I believe that there is a very musical Mihailov family in the Sydney area circa 1926/then to Melbourne. Are these rellies?

  41. I don’t know Min…my father was very secretive about the past, if it wasn’t for Aunt Vera I would know nothing.

    Father told me once that our family name was changed to protect us.

    I’ll email Vera later to see if she will reveal more.

  42. Scaper: have you tried to find immigration records. Love to Aunt Vera, I’m certain that she is a living treasure.

  43. Forgot to ask how the shoulder is joni! Going OK hopefully?

  44. Umm yeah, the bar has been open here for a while.
    Hot as hell here in the deep south today, undeniable proof of global warming.

  45. HD

    I will find out the results of the scan next week… I have looked at the MRI’s and can see my shoulder, but I’d be buggered if I knew what I was looking for. All I know is that my shoulder hurts!

  46. Been quite cold in Brissy the last few days – must be the ice melting and the cold wind from the Arctic – bloody global warming alright and anthropogenic too 😈

  47. That’s a frighteningly satanic emoticon TB….swoon.

  48. Ta!

  49. Right – my work day is over, gonna head to Chinatown, meet the boyf and have some yummy food.

    And the first taste of the beer is gonna be sooooooooo sweet!

  50. Well we went to see Menopause the Musical yesterday. Little did we know that we were going to be surrounded by an audience of 99% menopausal (or past it) aged women.

    In saying that, it was clever and funny.

    But didn’t have a patch on Billy Elliott the Musical which was absolutely stunning.

  51. Is menopause like the period, get a group of women together for any length of time and they all synchronise?

  52. Eeeeeeh! Be careful what you eat !!!,27574,24552137-1242,00.html

  53. And Bolt is using his usual tactic – this time on the US election. Instead of accepting the Gallup Poll, he wants to refer to another poll.

    Just like how he wants to use certain graphs in support of his stance on AGW, and ignores all the others.

  54. joni | October 26, 2008 at 9:59 am

    And Bolt is using his usual tactic – this time on the US election. Instead of accepting the Gallup Poll, he wants to refer to another poll.

    Just like how he wants to use certain graphs in support of his stance on AGW, and ignores all the others.

    And he got it completely wrong. He said there were two groups of polls with one the Gallup poll used by Insiders being in one group, whilst the other group show a “substantial narrowing”, those were his words.

    Nothing shows how much he lives in an alternate universe and just makes up stuff to conform to his narrow ideological view of things. No other group of polls show a substantial narrowing, not a single one. In fact the couple of rogue and not very reliable polls that showed a small narrowing now show and expansion for Obama.
    Presidential election minus 10 days

  55. stuntreb | October 26, 2008 at 8:11 am

    please put some warning on the bloody thing FFS!!! I almost threw up my coffee!

    and just HOW do you manage to find these snippets of info??

    Other than that, How r u? 🙂

  56. lekhni that story made Sunday Sunrise this morning, which reinforced why I don’t watch the show much, not withstanding I like Samantha Armytage.

  57. What will they think of next?? Putting a “shit” story (literally anf figuratively) on a sunrise program!!

  58. Lekhni,

    Reminds me of a story by David Sedaris, about a very respectable looking, but foul-mouthed couple that were stting next to him on plane. They were complaing about the inflight music and the quality of the food:

    “First they make you listen to shit, and then they expect you to eat it!”

  59. Oh and I’m fine by the way…


  60. Just come back from lunch, haven’t read previous posts yet but I was wondering whether its just me but – does it look like there’s less traffic about where you are – my son mentioned it and The Minister and I commented on it yesterday…

    …seems a bit early for the “rot” to set in but…

  61. TB

    I commented earlier this week too that the pubs and restaurants in Sydney CBD are emptier than normal. I reckon that people are starting to tighten their grip on their money.

  62. I agree Joni and TB,

    Even in Hobart, there seems to be less people around. I think people are becoming cautious about spending or getting into debt.

  63. Well the BAS is done and the cheque is in the mail.

    My take on this is the people that have overextended themselves are tightening their purse strings and for the prudent ones it is business as usual.

    I’m taking bookings for Febuary now and when it hits March I’m not taking anymore.

    I believe the credit card interest rate has not moved down and this will cause harm to the vulnerable.

  64. Re music clip…better. But still dark and moody. What about a bit of optimism ;-)). If only for the weekend.

    But yes, it’s excellent, thank you. But umm a wee bit contrived re the gutteral tones. I am thinking of someone who could do the basso barritone tones without sounding as if he needed a trip to the loo.

    And re menopause..try it kiddies.

  65. scaper… | October 26, 2008 at 4:40 pm

    I believe the credit card interest rate has not moved down and this will cause harm to the vulnerable.

    Another lender has dropped their rates, Aussie Home Loans has dropped their base rate by 0.5%. This comes on the back of their previous drop just a week ago. The RBA will most likely drop by 0.5% on November 4, which means that if people are smart they should have a bit more money to first clear their credit card debts as quickly as possible and then look at clearing their mortgages earlier, then to never listen to a PM again who tells them they never had it so good so spend spend spend.

    With a bit of prudence you can still have you little luxuries every now and again, have a good time and not go into large personal debt to do it.

  66. Re Music clip!!

    Ok, I’ve changed it again – happy and optimistic!!

  67. Reb, next week it is my choice of music for the Wednesday thread!


  68. Ohh thank you stuntreb..that’s wonderful. Anyone else except you and me who knows the origins of this music.

    Must go, cos I gotta wash that man right outa my hair, gotta wash that man right outa my hair and send him on his way…

  69. Hubby relates that he has some nasty memories re this in being dragged into town to go shopping with Mum A and aunties and being taken to the pictures (aka movies). And then having to sit through a 2nd session of this movie that same day with Nana Coloretti.

    The next musical that I was able to drag him to was Cats in Melbourne which he (begrudgingly) admitted that he enjoyed.

    However, I did introduce hubby to classical music (I was a ballet dancer many decades ago) and he has been enraptured of this ever since…so hubby suggests Pavarotti. Or else Elvis.

  70. Must add. This was worth a dance in the kitchen, or several. You gotta have a dream, if you don’t have a dream, how ya’ goin’ to have a dream come true.

    …You an’ me are lucky to be us…

    Love MinXXX

  71. Keep it local.

    Josh Pyke: Make You Happy

  72. Anyone getting ready to watch the Kangaroos vs the Kiwis in the RLWC?

  73. No way, I’m about to watch the BBC drama about the gay gangster on the ABC – It’s bloody brilliant!!

  74. Oh dear, things aren’t getting any better for Peter Garrett.

    David Marr just described him as “piss weak” on the ABC Sunday Arts show…

    Poor old Pete’s way out his depth, I reckon…

  75. Ah reb, from the Jake Arnott novel. I love his stuff. Essential reading in this household.

    I wanna see boofheads doing what boofheads do best. I expect, nay demand(!), a full report on The Long Firm.

  76. On your desk first thing in the morning, officer joni, sir!

  77. So is anyone doing anything exciting this weekend?
    (Scaper, way back on post number 7).

    After my near death experience of the wife coming home to a pigsty after her interstate trip last weekend, I have found it necessary to have the activities of this weekend dictated to me.

    It keeps the peace.

  78. Miglo – well, at least you lived to tell the tale.

    I should find out early this week whether my shoulder will require surgery.

    Apart from that, the boyf finishes his uni – and so we are gonna have a nice meal out to celebrate.

  79. An article in today began with . . .

    “SELF-FUNDED retiree Greg Russell is the human face of the Rudd Government’s mishandling of its response to the global financial meltdown: he now has $5 in his bank account”.

    After that crap I didn’t read the rest of the article. Until I read that sentence I hadn’t even bothered to see who the author was. Surprise surprise. It was the dribbling Mr Milne.

  80. Miglo – well, at least you lived to tell the tale.

    It was very close.

  81. Miglo that story was mentioned on The Insiders but what it doesn’t say is that bloke is very well off and runs his own business and has had no problem at all continuing a high standard of living with just $5 in his bank account.

    Would be interesting to see just how many accounts this bloke has or his partner has, and just how much money he’s worth.

  82. Joni,

    “the Long Firm” is it based on fact or fiction??

  83. Min, just to continue your memries of SP – I was 10 years old when I hopped on a bus and took myself off into town in England to sit in the third row of Her Majestys in Huddersfield…absolutely entralled with Cinemascope!

  84. reb

    It’s a bit of both, a lot of the people are real and the situations real, but Jake weaves the story around the real parts.

    The books are great.

  85. Thanks Joni. I must get the books….The TV show is brilliant – especially the guy who plays Harry.

    You can’t beat the BBC for a good drama!

  86. UPDATE: The couple that ate the shitty ice-cream have another couple to back up their claims!,27574,24558737-421,00.html

  87. Hey reb, it’s been nearly 24 hours since you changed the music clip (hehe)… just wait until mine on Wednesday.

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